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X Nice Large Colorful Hyaenodon horridus 13.5” Skull 9” Agape Open Mouth Skull


Species: Hyaenodon horridus

Species description: This was the largest species of Hyaenodon in North America with massive high saggital crest in back of head, long narrow snout, short neck and long body and tail. It was the top single carnivore although a number of Terrible Pigs could drive one off. This was the largest carnivore for over 20 Million years called a Creodont and it hunted alone not in packs like its smaller 3 related species . These creodonts shared a specialized dentition commonly found in meat eating mammals with shearing structures called carnassal-teeth. This one species was the size of a bear and had 1000 lbs of pressure per bite , and was more dangerous and a lot bigger than any saber-tooth cat of its time a loner).Male specimens show grinding marks on their teeth which means tooth-grinding was used as intimidation with animals. The last creodont went extinct in America about 23 MYA but lasted to the Miocene in Asia . This is the rarest fossil of the 4 species of Creodont by far.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35- Early Miocene23 MYA

Item location: Shannon County ,Badlands of Western S. Dakota

Item description and rating1-10 *9* Pretty Colorful Highly Original Rare Largest 30 MYA COMPLETE Hyaenodon horridus Skull with Teeth Morphology. This skull is fine with great teeth with all original except a few does have repairs . The canines plus all the teeth are original. It was found whole with exception of zygos so no full breaks, and it is simply an amazing quality piece in all regards including bone quality, beautiful color , and an adult . It’s such great bone quality it was a specimen that was very healthy so it met a quick death somehow possibly by a number of terrible pigs which were bigger, however, no bite marks on the head are evident. These got as large as 15” and are extremely desirable as few are found. Some restoration on skull occurred but expertly prepped so it looks great. Back of skull, zygos and few others like back of lowers are rstored. Quality is still x fine. Since I can’t put in words how lovely this animal is even with retore it’s so nice. IM sending pictures of this specimen and some lucky guy will get a price at great cost .It’s for an investment as this piece will grow lots in value . The unusual color alone makes this a huge buy. I lowered priced wanted on this to close to cost. The great ones go for 7500 and I have one of those now if you want almost perfection . It is open mouth on a great display and it is so amazing. Don’t ask to lower price as it is worth much more to me. This is an amazing specimen for this price. These go for 8000 and I have one that is special almost all original . This one isn’t that much lower so if you want an hyaenodon this is the one. It has a great display. I need the funds for something is reason it’s so low for a quick sale These are gigantic animals , the next largest in Oligocene with terrible pigs at top.

Price : $5300 I paid wholesale 4500 on this with 1000 to prep it 2 times .

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