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Species: Coelodontia antiquitatis (Wooly Rhinoceros) ITS FOR SALE

Species description: An adult wooly rhinoceros was 14 ft in length and 12 ft high and 2 horns on the skull are made of keratin with the anterior horn larger than 3 ft long horn between its eyes. It had thick long fur, small ears, short, thick legs and a stocky body. It used its horns to sweep away snow from vegetation so it could eat in the winter and defensive purposes. It did survive the last glaciation period unlike most all other mammals of its time as it was hardy and could withstand most anything but man. Only found in a few countries in Europe and Asia, and now no one can get these anywhere with a horn.

Geological strata: Pleistocene Fauna

Geological period: 1.8 MYA - 9,000 yrs ago


Rating and item description: (1-10) *10* IMPOSSIBLE FIND-100% Original Unheard of VERY RARE HUGE 30” Russian WOOLY RHINOCERAS Complete Skull. It has w /All Natural Teeth except 1 molar missing PLUS an Amazing One-OF-A Kind Huge 39.5” HORN from same animal with Beautiful Brown – Red Color. This is my first ever as these are so rare and now even rarer as nothing out of Russia is coming out due to recent laws, so this may be the last one for sale. This was in my personal collection for many years and decided to sell recently .I was told in Tucson where none were found last year, even skulls anywhere and that no horns have been found and for sale for at least 10 years now from recent finds. Old collections are it folks. The horn has no resto at all as you can see cracks but its stable and no reason fill cracks on this one. So Poland is the last stronghold, but Rhinos only turn up one ever 5 years here so this is your chance as supply can’t meet the demand .I bought this just last week in USA as its part of a 10 year old collection. The skull measures 30 “ long by 14 “ Wide by 15” High for an animal that was at 14 ft long . The amazing thing it has different colors I checked thoroughly but it’s the same animal with size and color even though lowers lighter in some places. This skull as no restoration. The person wanted all natural so no one did anything to this skull, and I don’t have the heart to change anything. It has penetrant sealant on it to stabilize, and make strong the bone only. One side looks redder than the other but lowers and upper is from same animal, and horn is an amazing 39.5” around the curve. While this has the large horn, if it had both it would be the most valuable skull anywhere in the world but with one horn its worth a small fortune. I saw 1 in Tucson 5 years ago that had one horn for $70,000 from an old collection and it sold fast but no horns were found in last 10 years. Only a few ever have the smaller horn. It’s so beautiful this skull with reddish brown. If a small horn were found this could be the best investment of a lifetime as only a handful have ever been found in 100 years. At first I thought this had restore even though the seller said he bought it unrestored, but after up close inspection and also it has not small areas in back restored he was right. The lines and attributes are fine and the top, back, and front are perfect with all bone original. It displays well on its molars and I found out this year a dealer told me the horn alone is worth 25,000 , this could be worth up to 40,000. Anyway you decide as only the fastest can get this investment opportunity. Many know Russian rhinos are never found again, all the ones who used to hunt there but no more. I guarantee no one has a horn for sale. I will not sell the horn alone as it goes with this skull. What a deal, and if your smart you will buy this skull with the horn for the greatest investment you can have!!!!! It recently almost sold to a museum in Australia but fell threw so your luck brought this to you. I’m sure it speaks to many people ..c

Price: 35,000 $28

reduced 32,000

Sold 24,000 call 706-235-2694 Raphael

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