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X-Rare Large Camarsaurus Dorsal Vert(Centrum)8” x 5” Found Whole(One at top of Tail)

Species: Camarsaurus grandis

Species description: One of Largest Land animals that ever lived at avg of 75 ft long and 25 tons that lived 154-150 MYA. It was an early Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 90 ft long with a relatively small skull with small teeth which ate plants . These were so big we believe allosaurus did not go for these monsters due to weight as it could crush one easily. It had a long neck which could easily reach the tallest trees to eat. Some people feel they were too heavy to walk for too long on land but now it’s believed they did, even though they were sometimes in water .

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA

Item location: Big Horn County, Graybell, Wyoming

Item rating and description 1-10 9.5 This Camarsaurus Dorsal Vertbrae( 8’x5 ”) is whole ,100% original , and just amazing. These are fairly rare as mostly diplodocus are found . THis Caudal Vertebrae was found whole with only partial processes. Just crack fills on this 100% Original. These dinosaurs were huge and this piece shows you how big as these were. I’m sure it’s Camarsaurus as the top paleontologist in the world verified it . It was found on a layer 8 ft above a Diplodocus and it’s not a Diplodocus. This piece is so fine -just excellent bone quality . This piece is 140 MYA, and the centrum shape makes it a caudal. I regard this piece as the highest quality bone and it’s so sturdy also. Jurassic items are just so hard to get. Keep in mind this was whole no breaks so you will never find a bigger more perfect vertebrae. Whole Huge Vertebrae on Jurassic dinosaurs go for lots of funds so only over 1300 apiece but here you get one for only

Price : $999

Shipping : $59

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Beautiful Fantansic TREX Caudal Vert Complete 16” Long with Processess, Canal , & Zygapophyses

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description : Tyrannosaurus Rex was15 ft high that lived in western USA - largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata Found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Baker, Montana

Description and rating: 1-10 9.9 Beautiful Complete Large T-REX Tail CAUDAL VERTEBRAE with Open Canal Plus all Zygapophyses(Ear Processes). Many caudals(some do) do not have the side processes as tail is held up by chevrons especially on REX. This is an amazing find. I’m proud to own this as I did have a neck vertebrae before that went for 7500 that was so beautiful. The main transverse process was attached and not broken thru totally as only one small piece was glued back close to the base. It has very little restoration with a few holes and cracks. I prepped this and am so proud of it. This was verified by a number of experts all digging up many pieces in 2009-2012 as all present at a ranch so all these have been verified even though it was an easy one to tell. The centrum is 5“ x 5” also which is large for a tail . My last one way smaller close to end tail just the centrum went for alot. It is a way to get a fine example of the World’s Most Feared Predator of all time as this is worth a fortune . I love Rex and you never find anything Rex at this price is amazingly it’s position is higher on the tail. It does have distortions due to pressure on zygapohyses which is normal .

COA This was found in the 1990s by a Collector Rancher who had it unprepped for many years from 2009 -2012 until I purchased it unprepped .I immediately prepped it . It was almost 100% original with only crack fills and repair on upper part . Most of it was as is It is a top premium piece , and she dug it out outside Baker Montana on private lands and purchased legally . Many palenotolgists were present digging 10-15 % of a TREX out of it and this plus other verts sold here are from same TREX . Its an amazing piece of history , all obtained legally on private lands . The owner kept it so long because she is a true lover of TREX fossils , and only after many, many years was it parted with. TREX Dorsal , Neck, and caudal verts like this one have end centrums that are very round without side processes. Nothing like it exists in Cretaceous dinosaurs Very small TREX caudals look like struthomimus to a degree , but struthy is much smaller . These 2 ,I have are way larger specimens than any other carnivores . The Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at Denver Museum Tyler Lyson helped did this creature out . You have TREX verts as its the only Cretaceous creature with round larger centrums with sides inwards more than other dinosaurs of its time so it’s easy to ID Hadrosaurs centrums are trapoid -more square shape, Triceratops oval-oblong centrum shape , and TREX round is easiest way to tell This one has many many paleontologists that have seen it owner

Alan Stout

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