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Species: Beautiful Hoplophoneus Saber- Cat Skull

Species description: The long –legged Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of larger one)with razor –sharp sabers and the second earliest saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 35 MYA -23 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar and exact to Smilodon including famous saber-guards and similar sabers while smaller . They stood at over 2 ft tall the size of a large bobcat, and were more of a group predator with a close knit families as evidenced by some hoplos found together in death while overall very rare species hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack.

Geological strata: LOWER BRULE

Timeframe: 36-32

Item location : Pennington , SD

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 on Rarity Gorgeous 6” Rarer Hoplophoneus Early Cat Skull in Ecellent Shape . Some people say this species was combined into priveaveus species but White River Museum says this is actually not primaveus , and is a really rare oreodontis species with one original saber and one cast .This is an old cat and primeavus would be bigger . IT was owned even by Black Hills Museum back in the 70’s and was found in very early rock , which lower Brule is. It has only one premolar restored, some of back side of skull as well as one back of a lower, small part of sgital crest, and part of one cheek as wells 3 incisors restored . All the rest except the one saber is original so 85% original is reasonable to say for this cat. The darker color is very attractive with lines as compared to the white normal color. If you read some articles many scientists have combined this into primaveus but the institute says this is definitely a different very rare species as they have only had a few of these in over 40 years , and its guaranteed a new rare species oreodontis so this can’t be sold –just too valuable . A top paleontologist in cats and dinosaurs had told the seller t is was a very rare specimen. Also the top expert in world said it’s a oreodontis

Rarest of rare

Price : $9,999

Shipped overnite : $299

Call 706-235-2694 for payment 2 Checks

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Quality Highly Original Beautiful Male Machairodus Saber-Tooth Cat 16.5” Skull (Selling for someone


Species : Machairodus kurteni Largest True Saber-tooth Cat Ever

Species description : Largest Saber-tooth Cat of all time (Bigger than Smilodon ) with male members reaching 17-18” long and over 1 ½ times the size of a Bengal Tiger. They hunted in groups and were the most powerful killer of all time with large heads and 5 inch sabers from Europe , Africa and Asia or then Eurasia.

Geographical Area: 15-2 MYA Miocene –Pliocene

Item location: Eastern Kazakhstan

Item description & rating: 1-10 9.8 A person I know is selling this - Rare Unbelieveable 16.5 “ OF HIGEST QUALITY Male SABER-TOOTH Cat Called Asian Smilodon over 85% original including 100% of all teeth as Sabers are all original and 4.5”inches long . It does have some distortion which occurs a lot in larger cats This IM selling for another person as he need funds to help children and people in need. He is a very generous person . He is located in another state from me so a 2 week delay will occur to get it to you. Since it is not mine it’s a guaranteed sale so no refunds of any kind due to travel here. The seller will come and also the buyer must come to pick it up . The area is rare as many are from another area of Asia but not this one. Male had Sabers 4.5 “ Long and all teeth 100% original to this cat. And one of best saber-tooth cats you will ever find, and was found by a farmer many years ago, and has in the USA for 30 years at least. The person acquired this cat here in USA from a dealer from Turkey at an American show at least 30 years ago according to seller. The location is extremely rare. The bone is super color with beige throughout and the teeth are so magnificent with all teeth original. These are so rare now. There is a little restore on back of lowers, inside eye sockets, and back of skull . The distortion on one side cant be seen unless from above or straight ahead as one piocture shows It is a huge one .
It was prepped so well it’s not seen at all .It was done by the best prepper in the world. Pictures do not do this cat justice at all .This piece will be displayed at many events for true appreciation. If you want to talk about it please call 706-235-2694. Available for museums. Great ones are so hard to get anymore and decided to help a friend as I don’t personally have one. IM willing to travel to meet someone but shipping price goes to me for delivery or meeting someone somewhere . Again all sales final with no returns in any way as IM not the owner . AGAIN NO REFUND . ALL SALES FINAL . This is a top premium piece you would be happy with

Price : Call 706-235-2694

Shipping Varies a lot

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Largest Ever Found 10.5” NIMRAVUS Saber-Tooth SKULL AND PARTIAL 50%  SKELETON

Species: Nimravus brachyops

Species description: One of rarest of all sabercats . that lined in middle to late Oligocene , few in Miocene . They were up to 4 ft long and they were hunting csmall birds , and small mammals in ambush . The claws were sharp and thin and could be retracked. and these were ancestors to the modern caracal but larger looking more like a leopard with sabers . It competed with Eusmilus for habitat . It had smaller sabers than hoplophoneus and dinictis like the pogonodon

Geological formation: Whitneyan or Upper Sharps

Geological period: 31-24 MYA

Item Location : Shannon County, S Dakota

Item location: Description : 1-10 10 The Rarest of Rare Nice Open-Mouth Nimravus Saber-tooth Cat Skull with Skeleton .Specimen that few will ever see , let alone own . IT is the largest Nimravus ever 10.5” as most of these are never more than 8 inches. It is a real treat at 5.5” wide also . The slight upper distortion does not detract from this monster. The teeth are really good as both sabers are original and about 1 ¾ “ which does not sound like a lot but for this species its long. The sabers are 100 % original and one saber has a pathology –wider than other due to some abnormality unknown . The teeth original incude all moars and premolars and all the bigger incisors on the ends on top and bottom . These are rarely found . It’s a beautiful cat and it will display proudly close to by 10.5” Pogo which is also the biggest pogo known . The sabers are more conical than the dinictis saber cat which lived at that time also . It was expertly prepared and has many nice qualities . Most of lower jaw including teeth are original except the back of the jaws , and upper real bone approaches about 75% .It has nice lines and nice color . The size is so extreme it merits a paper about it , and hope to do one some day. With this skeleton and skull am amazing price . NO one has this

Price: $29,999 Firm Until July

Shipment Matrix Heavy in crate on pallet $750

Call 706-235-2694 for payment

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Very Old (Possibly 100,000 Yr Old-Plus Old Specimen) Large 17” Extinct Barbary Lion

AUCTION-Bound or Less if Bought now below

FULL EARLY SPECIES EXTINCT BARBARY LION –Possible 100,000 Years old (One of a Kind Fossil)

Species : Panthera leo leo early Species-

Area: Barbiary Coast Northern Africa

Species Description: The Barbary lion of North Africa evolved around 100,000 years ago from the African Species of Lion . There was single population of lions across North Africa Middle EAST . Western and Southern Asia ad this species most similarly is more like the Asian Lion . It is the most magnificent of all lions in history as these majestic cats were a massive size bigger than any other lion ,and same size as the American Lion(except not as tall at 3.5 ft) and had the best and biggest mane ever that covered over half the body. It roamed over Northern Africa ranging from Atlas Mountain where the later species only dies out in 1921 and in the west Morocco to Nubia. Or Sudan now .The species I have is yet to be found as it was an earlier one but later species were above .It weighed 550-600 average lbs on males, way bigger in length on today’s lion. The manes were on the belly and all around and darker than lions sub-Sahara, which gave it a regal look. These were the ones who fought in the Rome Coliseum with a great mane and the best specimen ever found of an earlier species. It was believed to be 100,000 years ago when first formed due to simple auditory bulba in the ear stated by American Natural History Museum .I believe this animal is one of the most complete skull if not the most complete of one of earlier lions ever found. These had heads 17 inches long like American Lion and this one is no exception at 17”. It differed as having a grayer shaggier coat, plus the skull and facial was unique. Plus inner ear was different. It says it possessed a higher occiput in back of skull plus more rounded cheek bones. These for thousands of years roamed undisturbed in woodlands and mountains plus desert over a vast territory of now days Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan today. Their decline started during Roman Empire due to massive use at game. I’m a lion man and I’ve never seen even 1 of this species.

which means there are very few and this is 100% Original

Geographic Period : Pleistocene Epoch

Geographic time: 100,000 -50,000 years ago

Item Location : Northern Africa

Item rating and description: 1-10 *10* WOW Unbelievable Entire Barbary Coast Early Unknown Extinct Lion Huge Skull 17” Long x 9.5” wide. This was thought to be an American Lion, and sent to American Natural History Museum to a paleontologist and due to size and simplier inner ear it was determined to be one of the only known full skull of an Earliest Known Barbary Coast Lions . No other complete skull like this has been found to all knowledge and google checks. Due to dark brown color it may be the oldest species of when it first arrived believed to be found in a cave as the skull is almost perfect. The specimen was bought in Mass. USA in a flea market many years ago so it is so close to an American lion as it wasn’t Ided until sent to museum. It looks so close to me to the American Lion except for slight shape difference as I have one. It is even rarer than the American Lion which I thought was impossible, if it’s a Barbary Coast early species from Pleistocene. This skull is amazing. It was an old animal so old its teeth are worn down in natural life but present. No resto on the skull and complete except for some upper incisors and two lower incisors that I prepped on from a cave lion but even those are real. 4 Bottom incisors are restored. The one side of the upper and lower is missinga back molar but you can tell they fell out in life probably due to fights or dental problems. Remember canines are all there natural just highly worn .The skull is so good it has zygos, condyles, and everything. Also a paleontologist said this was a man-eater or should I say hominid partial apelike creature(possible homo sapiens as they were around at this time ) walking upright due to age of this specimen. Remember Africa had early man way before USA by millions of years. Not only is this upper complete but due to dark brown color it is extremely old. Even American lions aren’t this color unless found in Florida, as Alaska ones never get this dark. No one in the universe has this as it’s the best and most complete of an unknown unnamed species of Barbary Lions if correct .It is worth far more than this as its Pleistocene for sure. No restore, not even touched or doctored or repaired in any way except some incisor teeth added. I’m really speechless on this animal. You can’t even put a price on this as its priceless, but everything is for sale. Simply Awesome and a hominid eater at 99% probablity as once teeth are worn they can’t kill game ,only humans to survive. Anyway it’s once in a lifetime as I have now one of oldest lions of Africa plus one from Europe which is even older. Great Price for a once-in-a lifetime find. An American lion and maybe it is would be at least 80,000 this good. Remember the entire skull except only a few teeth are all 100% natural . At auction I’d have to get more for this specimen. This specimen was never even broken in 100,000 years possibly.I may have it carbon dated.

Price : $19,000

Shipping : overnite UPS with insurance $478

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online ,

•Certified Check ,

•Money Order ,

•Personnel Check ,

•Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Payable to:

PO Box 3090

Rome, GA 30164-3090 ​ ​ ​

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Huge Rarest of Rare Deinosuchus Alligator Neck Vert w Processes 6.5” x 5” (None known private

Species : Deinosuchus rugosus

Species Description : Largest of all alligators in History reaching up to 30-40 ft long-(size of a house ) which roamed areas of USA(10 states) and Mexico 82-73Million years ago with fossils found rarely in Montana and Texas . The east coast species was much smaller and also rarely found. Only museums are known to have any of these bones. IT looks like modern alligators with broad snout and large teeth . The bite of a croc today has the strongest recorded bite of any living animal with force of 16,414 and these had bite of up to 100,000 N so 6 times stronger. These ate large dinosaurs ,fish, turtles, other crocs and alligators and anything it wanted as nothing can compete with this reptile . Only 4 states Utah, Montana, Texas , and New Mexico has the large one been recorded even though any fossils end up in museums . The largest have been found in Texas by far

Geological Formation: Campanian Stage of Late Cretaceous Aguja Formation of Texas

Timeframe: 82-73 MYA

Location of item: Brewster County , Texas Red Beds Channel River Deposits

Description of item: 1-10 10 This is so amazing words can’t state how great a find this is . It’s a Neck vert with processes of the largest alligator ever Deinosuchus that ever lived . NO one has this anywhere for sale as only museums have these fossils. This is complete whole with no repair. All detail is superb and shape is great on this with a beautiful red tint due to location found. So 100 % original Ided by a top paleontologist and a hunter who knows all animals in the area . It’s really easy for all dealers because shape is like an alligator with condyle like end plus a indented other end that no dinosaur or creature has on earth . It’s just the the ones we see are very, very small . So its an exact match but size is mammoth like 50 times the normal alligator we see from Cretaceous period. This is for a collector who wants everything known .l I promise you will never see this for sale anywhere . This is such a prize .I would be surprised if I have either one of 2 in over a week at this cost. So you understand Ive been in this business 15 years and v never saw anything Deinosuchus for sale . At this price it’s a giveaway . A complete Neck Deinosuchus Vert is unheard of and at this cost. Wow grab this one up –just see the pics and you will want it. This is my first and best one with another centrum also listed . This is complete , and never broken .

Price $799

Final Reduced Price $699

Shipping $59

Use the following methods of payment

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, •Certified check

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, •Personnel Check

, •Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Payable to:

PO Box 3090

Rome, GA 30164-3090 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Gorgeous One-Of-Kind 100% Original MEGALCEROS DEER (IRISH ELK)UPPER SKULL & Almost All ANTLERS

Species: Megaloceros giganteus (Irish Elk)

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just do not exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all

Geological strata: Pleistocene

Geological period: 400,000 -5,000 Years ago

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany ,Rhine River Private Gravel Pit in the Rural Area

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 Only due to partial but most Ive ever seen whole . Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megalceros Deer Upper Skull with Large Part of Antlers. Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than this piece. This is a huge male. Its 4.4 ft wide and skull is 22” long plus an extra 22 inches with an add on . WOW I’ve wanted one for many years, and this is the most complete and best I ever saw . This has no restoration and the only repair was the horns placed on the skull. Sure you could wait for 20 years to see if one comes and then pay 50,000 at auction plus 20% so $60,000 as the last full one went for or buy this at way better cost and get the easy parts later cheaper as parts to add. You see the upper skull and large rack is in place and only the ends and the lower jaw-the two easiest to find are not there. These would and could be bought over the years as they do come. Anyway it is perfect on what is there and so beautiful found in a gravel pit in Germany recently this year. This is the first I ever had-in fact the best ever saw. It is a treasure for you herbivore fans and deer lovers, plus the deer hunters to show a huge rack. It is 100% original as I can’t stress that enough .I can’t get any more of these so better buy this one. No restore at all on this animal. At all Anyway this is a must if you want a full collection and a hard one to get. The person I bought this from is the largest dealer in Europe and have bought many fine items , and he said in 30 years on the business this is the finest specimen he ever had including only 1 full one in 30 years as that had lots of restore and sold for 40,000 20 years ago. So even if one was found this is the best you will ever have a chance to buy . I added a 22 ” left side of deer at end so all you need for a complete one is animal right side from back to have a complete one I also can get a lower for $2000 more YOu get a great price now for almost all and I can get all .

Price: $18,999 without lowers Almost complete now .Complete these run $50,000 and up ,and now only end of right side and lowers which I can get for added low price

With lowers $Reduced $16,600 Cost Full these are so rare and worth $60,000


Shipping Varies $1400 minimum-2 skids

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online,

•Certified Check

, •Money Order,

•Personnel Check,

•Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Payable to:

13 Boulder Dr.

Rome, GA 30165

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Unknown Large Beardog Daphoendon Borocyon Species Full Skeleton 87"Long

Personal Collection Not for Sale

Species: DAPHOENDON BOROCYON Species(Unnamed & Never found before species )

Species Description: Unknown MORE THAN RARE (NON-EXISTENT except this one) Extinct Species of Bear- Dog of Miocene existing for a few million years from 23-19 MILLION years ago . It was assigned to amphicyonids. While initially related to bears it is now found they may be basal caniforms . This is one of the most unusual carnivore . They were as tall as a black bear , and moved here from Eurasia in early Miocene . It weighed 150 kg and combines features of canine and feline predators . It resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body . These bear-dogs with long limbs and specialized in chasing down prey on the open plains. To my knowledge nothing has been found yet until now on this .This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value. A similar beardog, Borocyon Robustum was described in 2008 only so very recent partial finds.

Geological strata: Early Hemingfordian

Geological period: Early Miocene 19 MILLION YEAR OLD STRATA

Item location: Dixie County , Florida

87Item rating and description:1-10 THis was found on private land over 20 years ago 10 Large Early Miocene All Original Male Beardog Family :Daphoendon Genus :Borocyon Unnamed Unknown Species of BEAR DOG Highly Original . The skull is 14.5” long. Skeleton is 87” long with tail . NO one on earth has anything of this animal and I have the whole skeleton with skull. Over 90% of skull is original bone and much higher total on the skeleton with only a few smaller upper foot bones are restored on each foot and one fibula. It has only a few replacements of material from different animals on more minor bones only, but 90% of it is beardog. The amount of bone is well over 95% on this which is unheard of even for a known species. The skull is 14” and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. It comes in sections like each leg, pelvis and tail, head and verts as well as ribs and screwed in into an almost invisible frame that makes it so appealing . This is an amazing find as no one has this anywhere, no head no skeleton and shows the size and usual bone structure Almost all of feet inner bones are from the same beardog . It was prepped well to show the creature in a highly original way . This has no papers describing it but we know it’s close to robustus which was only described from only a few pieces of skull -2 in Nebraska.. This is of extreme scientific value and highly original. This has all teeth –some placed in from another animal the same species .. Of course this is so rare this should not matter as you can’t get this anywhere .The teeth are fantastic and not even worn. Who has even another species of this? NO one is the answer. It was gotten from a friend, and it’s a treasure. It was professionally prepped with bone quality simply outstanding, and color great. You really can’t value THIS ITEM since not one exists. Beyond a museum piece, in my private collection. I’m so proud of this piece .I really can’t say anymore than here because nothing is known of this animal. You won’t find anything under this in google so here is your info. Before Auction which is coming soon to save money Lots of money. I need at least 119,000 at auction so for a few months $80,000 so it saves you 40,000 by buying now . I have many more pictures and its in parts only 6 except each rib for easy mounting . These were sleek running carnivores who ate anything in it’s path . This is so amazing and all bone It was found on private land in a cave


Overall length 87” Scapula 8” Front Femur 9.5” Front Ulna and Radius 9.5

UpperSkull 14.5” Rear Tibia 10.25” Length of feet 8” Rear Femur 12” Pelvic bone 11.5”


Lower Canines 2”

Lower Jaw 9”

Largest rib 12”


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One Of Kind -  Super Rare Eusmilus US Saber-tooth Cat with Saber

Species: Eusmilus olsontau

Species description: The Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of smaller ones)with razor –sharp sabers and after Dinictis and Hoplophoneus on geological chart which is believed to evolve from one line of hoplophoneus saber cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period for only a few million years from 30-27.7 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar to Hoplophoneus Sicarius except for size , as Eusmilus was the genus for that animal until a short time ago . All these are small saber cats only 5-6 inches long with large sabers and flanges for the size which makes it look like a barbourfelis and a hoplo except for much smaller size .It had only 26 teeth compared to 44 for most saber cats and it was lacking molar 1 talonoid and premolar 2 on the bottom jaw . It was bobcat sized with lynx sized head and was built like Barbourfelis for size (Of course Barbourfelis is much larger ). Long bodied and short legged compared to others, and they ate grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. They could open their jaws at a 90% angle . Most of the info on internet is incorrect as below is correct . It did not live 8 million years, just over 2 and did not have a large species in America (only this small one)at least and one in Europe was bigger .

Geological strata: Upper Whitneyan and Early Arikareean Age

Geological Time frame: 30-27.7 MYA

Item location: Pennington County , SD

Item rating and description:1-10 10 Gorgeous Small Ultra Rare Eusmilus Saber-tooth Cat 5.5” . This cat is so special I still can’t hardly believe I have one. Only a few in the entire world exist with a few museums in USA and Europe , and only 2 private collections exist as known and I’m one of them . Due to a friend I was able to obtain a dream and this is one of few which actually have a saber anywhere . It has one complete side with some bone missing on top but a beautiful back , and the other side is there –just need to prep it . It has excellent bone quality, and is one of the true Eusmilus Cats . I’ve been reading about this cat for years, and by the way now that Hoplophoneus Sicarius has been reclassified no large ones exist as the web says in America . Too many awesome words can’t fully describe this cat. This may be the only one with this much of one saber These are found in rock nodules This is beyond words Its been in my collection for years This is only for cat collectors that will never have another chance to buy . The owner is so lucky Ive been so proud for years but its time for someone else This is 100% original and the one saber is only one of this species that may exist . My friend had 3 as he is top cat specialist in the world , and only person who has one known in USA besides this one . He has no sabers , and I have this one

Auction value $35,000 plus 23 % premium Will be gone soon

Price : $28,000 rarest cat in the world No one has this in the world with a true real saber Only a few exist without sabers

Step up to plate cat lovers Temp Hold

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Species: Titanis walleri

Species description: Prehistoric Giant Flightless Birds that had a height of 7 ft and weighed at least 330 lbs .These extinct Birds came here from S America and are extremely rare in fossil History . In fact only 41 bones have ever been uncovered in the Universe . These birds had powerful predatory feet and enormous head and beak . They lived in open grasslands scattered with oak trees .These birds lived in Pliocene Period of Florida and went extinct about 1.5 million years ago. They were not successful here in USA . They ate small ridents ,mammals , reptiles and carrion .Running its prey down and holding it with its large feet and claws and using an axe-like beak to finish the kill was its way of killing .The only known bones of this bird are found in Texas and Florida

Geological strata: Blancan North American Stage 4.75 MYA - 1.8 MYA

Geological period: 4.75 -1.8 Million years ago

Item location: Dixie County-3 pieces , Suwannee County Co. -4 pieces Gilchrist rest

Item rating and description:1-10 ***10*** Amazing Terror Bird147 Pieces - 2 scapula-coracoid piece 3.5” long, 4 beak pieces -one over 5.5” long,1 piece of skull under eye orbit with partial eye orbit, and 3 skull jaw pieces , and 2 4” leg bone piece .These are all original and you can see the struts so typical of birds . I can’t even imagine owning these pieces so I can’t give them up . Whilenot for sale I wanted to show you how this bird looked . Out of a total of 41 bones and bone fragments officially known from the entire US including only 1 from Texas and the rest from Florida , I own 18% of all known bones . All the rest are in a museum at an university While only pieces I have many skull pieces and jaw plus the beak., so it’s simply amazing . You will never see these anywhere else . In so proud to own these .


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Sold to a Museum

Species: HYRACOTHERIUM or Eohippus ( 58-50)

Species description: This horse is so small it barely reached 14” tall or a small dog . These herbivores that lived from grazing on foliage, fruit, herbs and berries . This animal is very rare compared to other fossils in the world. They had 4 toes front and 3 in back. IT looked like a modern horse except a lot smaller. Forefeet and hind feet had pads similar to dogs .It had a short neck, back raised in slight arch and teeth had three incisors , one canine four premolars and three grinding molars on each side of jaw .

Geological strata: Willwood Formation

Geological period: Early Eocene Period 58-51 MYA

Item Location: Close to Powell, Wyoming in 1970’s

Item rating and description: 1-12 15
AMAZING FIND-one-of-a Kind Eohippus Dawn Horse Skull 7” Long Highly Original . While small great things come in small packages, this horse is the most sought after herbivore skull as its never found . And in this excellent condition is just so unbelieveable ,I count my blessings every day . It so amazing I can’t sell it since it’s so beautiful. While the top is compressed down, the entire top has original bone with only crack fills due the compression. It was unable to be inflated for fear of breaking the skull so I decided not to take a risk with nature’s spectacular splendor . The lower is original except for the incisors –as these are never found –too small and fragile plus the backs but so expertly prepared it looks 100% . Anyway no one should care about imperfections on an animal no one has. That is like saying well your dire wolf La Brea isn’t perfect so it can’t get huge bucks at 90% which is so ridiculous as these people really can’t appreciate anything. So hopefully your not one of those people who can’t appreciate ANYTHING AS NOTHING IS PERFECT IN NATURE ESPECIALLY AN ANIMAL that was during the Eocene when very few fossils survived . This period 50 Million years hardly any material is ever uncovered after the dinosaurs when Terror Birds ruled and ate these guys for snacks. This one survived for posterity, and for us to admire while Terror birds just aren’t found , so little horsey you made it through 50 million years. The beauty, detail, and bone quality of this animal is simply fantastic. I would say 90% of skull is original. This starts my horse bonanza as you’ll never see a line of horses as here as I have almost all that have been found in a line up so amazing Just one glance I had to have it as it is so outstanding. No one except one has this, and unless you wish to pay 2 million dollars , I dare to say there is nothing like this anywhere. Here it is fossil lovers!!!!

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