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Grade A Rare Pterodacyl Wide (Foot?)Claw 1 1/4” Around the Curve

Species: Pterodactyl (Winged-Finger) unknown species

Species description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 million years ago that had wingspans from 1 ft to 40 ft long. They had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground. They ate small reptiles, mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa and Australia. They had claws on their feet and wings to secure prey. This is very unique compared to any animal that ever existed.

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location: Morocco, North Africa – South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara.

Item Rating and Description: (1-10) * 9.8*– Claws like this 1 ¼” Just aren’t found anymore . This is either a large wing claw or more likely a foot claw from a smaller species of Pterosaur When they are found they sell right away , and have increased in price to 2000 per claw on the larger ones . However these are what is left of an old collection where the owner paid much less so I’ll pass the savings on to you . This one is amazing. No resto so claw is original that was found whole. All original claw from an unknown species 1 1/4 inch with beautiful darker color. It has a little matrix on it to keep secure. That what shows it’s an unknown rare species. I’d just put these on whenever I get one and they sell in minutes. They only know of a few species in Africa so this is unnamed. If you look close you will buy this. This should go for $1000. In USA small wing claws smaller than this start at $1000 apiece so here is your chance. This claw is worth at least $1500.

Price : $599

Final Reduced Price : $399 at cost

Shipping : with insurance $29

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check


Payable to:

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Gorgeous One-Of-Kind 100% Original MEGALCEROS DEER (IRISH ELK)UPPER SKULL & Almost All ANTLERS

Species: Megaloceros giganteus (Irish Elk)

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just do not exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all

Geological strata: Pleistocene

Geological period: 400,000 -5,000 Years ago

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany ,Rhine River Private Gravel Pit in the Rural Area

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 Only due to partial but most Ive ever seen whole . Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megalceros Deer Upper Skull with Large Part of Antlers. Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than this piece. This is a huge male. Its 4.4 ft wide and skull is 22” long plus an extra 22 inches with an add on . WOW I’ve wanted one for many years, and this is the most complete and best I ever saw . This has no restoration and the only repair was the horns placed on the skull. Sure you could wait for 20 years to see if one comes and then pay 50,000 at auction plus 20% so $60,000 as the last full one went for or buy this at way better cost and get the easy parts later cheaper as parts to add. You see the upper skull and large rack is in place and only the ends and the lower jaw-the two easiest to find are not there. These would and could be bought over the years as they do come. Anyway it is perfect on what is there and so beautiful found in a gravel pit in Germany recently this year. This is the first I ever had-in fact the best ever saw. It is a treasure for you herbivore fans and deer lovers, plus the deer hunters to show a huge rack. It is 100% original as I can’t stress that enough .I can’t get any more of these so better buy this one. No restore at all on this animal. At all Anyway this is a must if you want a full collection and a hard one to get. The person I bought this from is the largest dealer in Europe and have bought many fine items , and he said in 30 years on the business this is the finest specimen he ever had including only 1 full one in 30 years as that had lots of restore and sold for 40,000 20 years ago. So even if one was found this is the best you will ever have a chance to buy . I added a 22 ” left side of deer at end so all you need for a complete one is animal right side from back to have a complete one I also can get a lower for $2000 more YOu get a great price now for almost all and I can get all .

Price: $18,999 without lowers Almost complete now .Complete these run $50,000 and up ,and now only end of right side and lowers which I can get for added low price

With lowers $Reduced $16,600 Cost Full these are so rare and worth $60,000


Shipping Varies $1400 minimum-2 skids

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online,

•Certified Check

, •Money Order,

•Personnel Check,

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Largest Ever Found 10.5” NIMRAVUS Saber-Tooth SKULL AND PARTIAL 50%  SKELETON

Species: Nimravus brachyops

Species description: One of rarest of all sabercats . that lined in middle to late Oligocene , few in Miocene . They were up to 4 ft long and they were hunting csmall birds , and small mammals in ambush . The claws were sharp and thin and could be retracked. and these were ancestors to the modern caracal but larger looking more like a leopard with sabers . It competed with Eusmilus for habitat . It had smaller sabers than hoplophoneus and dinictis like the pogonodon

Geological formation: Whitneyan or Upper Sharps

Geological period: 31-24 MYA

Item Location : Shannon County, S Dakota

Item location: Description : 1-10 10 The Rarest of Rare Nice Open-Mouth Nimravus Saber-tooth Cat Skull with Skeleton .Specimen that few will ever see , let alone own . IT is the largest Nimravus ever 10.5” as most of these are never more than 8 inches. It is a real treat at 5.5” wide also . The slight upper distortion does not detract from this monster. The teeth are really good as both sabers are original and about 1 ¾ “ which does not sound like a lot but for this species its long. The sabers are 100 % original and one saber has a pathology –wider than other due to some abnormality unknown . The teeth original incude all moars and premolars and all the bigger incisors on the ends on top and bottom . These are rarely found . It’s a beautiful cat and it will display proudly close to by 10.5” Pogo which is also the biggest pogo known . The sabers are more conical than the dinictis saber cat which lived at that time also . It was expertly prepared and has many nice qualities . Most of lower jaw including teeth are original except the back of the jaws , and upper real bone approaches about 75% .It has nice lines and nice color . The size is so extreme it merits a paper about it , and hope to do one some day. With this skeleton and skull am amazing price . NO one has this

Price: $28,000

Shipment Matrix Heavy in crate on pallet $750

Call 706-235-2694 for payment

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Unknown Large Beardog Daphoendon Borocyon Species Full Skeleton 87"Long

Personal Collection Not for Sale

Species: DAPHOENDON BOROCYON Species(Unnamed & Never found before species )

Species Description: Unknown MORE THAN RARE (NON-EXISTENT except this one) Extinct Species of Bear- Dog of Miocene existing for a few million years from 23-19 MILLION years ago . It was assigned to amphicyonids. While initially related to bears it is now found they may be basal caniforms . This is one of the most unusual carnivore . They were as tall as a black bear , and moved here from Eurasia in early Miocene . It weighed 150 kg and combines features of canine and feline predators . It resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body . These bear-dogs with long limbs and specialized in chasing down prey on the open plains. To my knowledge nothing has been found yet until now on this .This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value. A similar beardog, Borocyon Robustum was described in 2008 only so very recent partial finds.

Geological strata: Early Hemingfordian

Geological period: Early Miocene 19 MILLION YEAR OLD STRATA

Item location: Dixie County , Florida

87Item rating and description:1-10 THis was found on private land over 20 years ago 10 Large Early Miocene All Original Male Beardog Family :Daphoendon Genus :Borocyon Unnamed Unknown Species of BEAR DOG Highly Original . The skull is 14.5” long. Skeleton is 87” long with tail . NO one on earth has anything of this animal and I have the whole skeleton with skull. Over 90% of skull is original bone and much higher total on the skeleton with only a few smaller upper foot bones are restored on each foot and one fibula. It has only a few replacements of material from different animals on more minor bones only, but 90% of it is beardog. The amount of bone is well over 95% on this which is unheard of even for a known species. The skull is 14” and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. It comes in sections like each leg, pelvis and tail, head and verts as well as ribs and screwed in into an almost invisible frame that makes it so appealing . This is an amazing find as no one has this anywhere, no head no skeleton and shows the size and usual bone structure Almost all of feet inner bones are from the same beardog . It was prepped well to show the creature in a highly original way . This has no papers describing it but we know it’s close to robustus which was only described from only a few pieces of skull -2 in Nebraska.. This is of extreme scientific value and highly original. This has all teeth –some placed in from another animal the same species .. Of course this is so rare this should not matter as you can’t get this anywhere .The teeth are fantastic and not even worn. Who has even another species of this? NO one is the answer. It was gotten from a friend, and it’s a treasure. It was professionally prepped with bone quality simply outstanding, and color great. You really can’t value THIS ITEM since not one exists. Beyond a museum piece, in my private collection. I’m so proud of this piece .I really can’t say anymore than here because nothing is known of this animal. You won’t find anything under this in google so here is your info. Before Auction which is coming soon to save money Lots of money. I need at least 119,000 at auction so for a few months $80,000 so it saves you 40,000 by buying now . I have many more pictures and its in parts only 6 except each rib for easy mounting . These were sleek running carnivores who ate anything in it’s path . This is so amazing and all bone It was found on private land in a cave


Overall length 87” Scapula 8” Front Femur 9.5” Front Ulna and Radius 9.5

UpperSkull 14.5” Rear Tibia 10.25” Length of feet 8” Rear Femur 12” Pelvic bone 11.5”


Lower Canines 2”

Lower Jaw 9”

Largest rib 12”


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Species: Titanis walleri

Species description: Prehistoric Giant Flightless Birds that had a height of 7 ft and weighed at least 330 lbs .These extinct Birds came here from S America and are extremely rare in fossil History . In fact only 41 bones have ever been uncovered in the Universe . These birds had powerful predatory feet and enormous head and beak . They lived in open grasslands scattered with oak trees .These birds lived in Pliocene Period of Florida and went extinct about 1.5 million years ago. They were not successful here in USA . They ate small ridents ,mammals , reptiles and carrion .Running its prey down and holding it with its large feet and claws and using an axe-like beak to finish the kill was its way of killing .The only known bones of this bird are found in Texas and Florida

Geological strata: Blancan North American Stage 4.75 MYA - 1.8 MYA

Geological period: 4.75 -1.8 Million years ago

Item location: Dixie County-3 pieces , Suwannee County Co. -4 pieces Gilchrist rest

Item rating and description:1-10 ***10*** Amazing Terror Bird147 Pieces - 2 scapula-coracoid piece 3.5” long, 4 beak pieces -one over 5.5” long,1 piece of skull under eye orbit with partial eye orbit, and 3 skull jaw pieces , and 2 4” leg bone piece .These are all original and you can see the struts so typical of birds . I can’t even imagine owning these pieces so I can’t give them up . Whilenot for sale I wanted to show you how this bird looked . Out of a total of 41 bones and bone fragments officially known from the entire US including only 1 from Texas and the rest from Florida , I own 18% of all known bones . All the rest are in a museum at an university While only pieces I have many skull pieces and jaw plus the beak., so it’s simply amazing . You will never see these anywhere else . In so proud to own these .


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All Original Never Broken Large ALLOSAURUS Caudal Vert Centrum 5.5” x 4.5” 5 ” High

Species: Allosaurus fragilis

Species description: Largest Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 35 ft long and as long as a bus . Its large skull with movable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long .It did hunt in groups and was probably the greatest predator that ever lived even greater than TREX. It had a S-shaped bulldog neck and each powerful arm having 3 clawed fingers and one large one only . These did not rejuvenate as teeth did. It weighed 2 tons at least . Allosaurus hands were way bigger than TREX .

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA

Item location: Big Horn River Basin, Cowley, Wyoming

Item Rating and Description :1-10 9.6 100% Original Allosaurus Complete Centrum 5.5” Caudal Vert that was never Broken .This is from one of the most aggressive ferocious terrible beasts to ever roam the earth. No breaks , no crack fills and no resto. It is high quality, and found with other allo items . How you can tell is size, and one side very high above the ridges and other side like a deep canyon from ridges. Only Allosaurus had this . I believe its adult tail ,higher up on tail . This is a rare piece and my first this size ever . Allosaurus material due to site closures is fast dwindling. This piece as a nice black color so usual for this area . I have dug in the area for many years, but it’s been awhile. It really is a great example of Allosaurus . It was prepped by me. . It turned out great but not much to do just remove outer layer.

Price : $999

Shipping : $49

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online ,

•Certified Check

, •Money Order

, •Personnel Check


Payable to:

​ ​ ​ ​

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Sold to a Museum

Species: HYRACOTHERIUM or Eohippus ( 58-50)

Species description: This horse is so small it barely reached 14” tall or a small dog . These herbivores that lived from grazing on foliage, fruit, herbs and berries . This animal is very rare compared to other fossils in the world. They had 4 toes front and 3 in back. IT looked like a modern horse except a lot smaller. Forefeet and hind feet had pads similar to dogs .It had a short neck, back raised in slight arch and teeth had three incisors , one canine four premolars and three grinding molars on each side of jaw .

Geological strata: Willwood Formation

Geological period: Early Eocene Period 58-51 MYA

Item Location: Close to Powell, Wyoming in 1970’s

Item rating and description: 1-12 15
AMAZING FIND-one-of-a Kind Eohippus Dawn Horse Skull 7” Long Highly Original . While small great things come in small packages, this horse is the most sought after herbivore skull as its never found . And in this excellent condition is just so unbelieveable ,I count my blessings every day . It so amazing I can’t sell it since it’s so beautiful. While the top is compressed down, the entire top has original bone with only crack fills due the compression. It was unable to be inflated for fear of breaking the skull so I decided not to take a risk with nature’s spectacular splendor . The lower is original except for the incisors –as these are never found –too small and fragile plus the backs but so expertly prepared it looks 100% . Anyway no one should care about imperfections on an animal no one has. That is like saying well your dire wolf La Brea isn’t perfect so it can’t get huge bucks at 90% which is so ridiculous as these people really can’t appreciate anything. So hopefully your not one of those people who can’t appreciate ANYTHING AS NOTHING IS PERFECT IN NATURE ESPECIALLY AN ANIMAL that was during the Eocene when very few fossils survived . This period 50 Million years hardly any material is ever uncovered after the dinosaurs when Terror Birds ruled and ate these guys for snacks. This one survived for posterity, and for us to admire while Terror birds just aren’t found , so little horsey you made it through 50 million years. The beauty, detail, and bone quality of this animal is simply fantastic. I would say 90% of skull is original. This starts my horse bonanza as you’ll never see a line of horses as here as I have almost all that have been found in a line up so amazing Just one glance I had to have it as it is so outstanding. No one except one has this, and unless you wish to pay 2 million dollars , I dare to say there is nothing like this anywhere. Here it is fossil lovers!!!!

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Being Sold

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12” corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and 15 ft high that lived in western USA – largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Baker, Montana and Metatarsal -Powder River , Montana

Description and rating : Find of the CenturyTREX TIBIA(3” )long, FIBULA, and RARE MIDDLE NARROW METATARSAL.THESE ultra rare bones are top of line bone quality , huge size and no restoration at all. IT has crack fills but these bones have been part of my collection for at least 7 years. I would say all 3 are perfect. The tibia and fibula are from the same REX , while the metatarsal is hardly ever found as this is the thin one down the middle and is so narrow it never survives except this one . It takes 2 persons to lift this one so it was difficult to work with as most bones this size has multiple natural breaks. All 3 you can’t say n enough about them . I will not sell these as they are the cornerstone of my collection, and can never replace them even though IM working on a TREX Tibia now I will sell and it’s a great one so ask about it. The bone quality on these is simply amazing. LOOK AT THESE . They are so awesome they literally bring tears to my eyes .

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Unbelieveable Death Scene - Juvenile Stegosaurus 21” Dorsal Plate w Juvenile Allosaurus Full Scapula

Species: Stegosaurus stenops & Allosaurus fragilis

Species description: Stegosaurus is an armored dinosaur and means “narrow faced roof lizard “ about 23 ft long noted for large dorsal plates used for temp regulation and mating , and tail spikes in back for defense . IT was a herbivore , and little known it is the longest living dinosaur over Jurassic and Cretaceous . It was found in late Cretaceous Indian soil. It is a weird looking dinosaur compared to others .It is considered the longest living dinosaur ever due to India having this creature up to 65 MYA so it is at least 100 Million Years Old since it first appeared.
Allosaurus was the largest Jurassic Therrapod Meat Eating dinosaur ever reaching up to 35 ft long –as long as a bus . Its large skull with moveable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest saropds over 65 ft long .It did hunt in groups It had an S shaped bulldog neckand each powerfularm having 3 clawed fingers with one large claw. It weighed 2 tons.

Geological strata: Morrison Formation ( Upper Kimmeridgian Stages)

Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA

Item location: Emery County, UTAH

Description and Rating : 15 Original One-Of A Kind Death Struggle with Stegosaurus 21’x13”Dorsal Plate & Juvenile Allosaurus Complete Scapula 13” (Shoulder Blade) So many imaginery ways these two could have died come to mind as both died together in a struggle of epic proportions . I wish I could have witnessed this myself . Oh wellborn to late I guess . Only dino nuts would say this . Bone Quality is top of the line. This may be the only one like this anywhere but know few like this exist in the world , and only one of its type I ever saw for sale It is dark gray-black,red which is typical from this area . The Dorsal Plate was glued back together but very little restoration except crack fills on either . The Allosaurus shoulder blade has some on top of bone, and dorsal plate is almost without restore . The plate shows the connection area ,and a design so typical of a very rare plate. It is complete and from a juvenile . I do not sell stegosaurus material because it is not found for private collections hardly ever and is much more valuable than REX, Allosaurus , or any other dinosaur so I’m gladly keep this if not appreciated . I have looked for stegosaurus items for years and have actually keeping this for now . It I have a tail spike, and a rare dorsal plate from its grandfather miosi , and consider this the most valuable of all . I don’t sell those pieces . The quality is so good with virtually no or minimal restore as crack fills but how many pieces tell a story . It is as unbelievable find.It also was in the hardest matrix I ever had to clean off , so it’s a labor of love . I appreciate this fossil so much it is at top of anyones’ collection. Just admire this!!!

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Unbelieveable Offer-Magnificient Rare 5 Set Great Quality Allosaurus Foot w Partial Leg

Species: Allosaurus fragilis

Species description: Largest Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 35 ft long and as long as a bus . Its large skull with movable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long .It did hunt in groups and was probably the greatest predator that ever lived even greater than TREX. It had a S-shaped bulldog neck and each powerful arm having 3 clawed fingers and one large one only . These did not rejuvenate as teeth did. It weighed 2 tons at least. Allosaurus hands were way bigger than TREX .

This foot was all found together from one animal

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic156-144 MYA

Item location: Dinosaur, Moffit County ,Colorado

Item Rating and Description :1-10 *10 *This is a great Extremely High Quality Allosaurus Foot w Partial Leg Complete with 2 Extra extremities with many more bones than Normal including 4 claws. Normally if your lucky to see one Allosaurus foot ,they have only 3 sets of bones as all therapods are named for . However, on this one set #5 has an outside ultra rare metatarsal which is the only bone part of this. Also it has set #1 that has a metatarsal, one phalanx, and one dew claw. These are normally never found . This means it contains 4 claws all large. So the foot has 17 original bones plus 2 casts for 2 small phalanges on #4 set close to claw . So it has 5 metatarsals, 4 claws , 8 phalages , astragulus, calcanum, 1/3 tibia , 1/3 Fibula for a total of 21 bones . It also has an astragulus plus a calcanum that goes between the foot and the tibia- alais the ankle. 1/3 the tibia and 1/3 the fibula plus the femur listed below this can be purchased if fast enough. The quality is so magnificient on this it only has a few crack fills. If seen other 3 set foots for same price, which much lower quality. The entire foot is magnificient –the best you will ever see. Remember low quality ones are around from time to time for maybe 40,000 that are actually worth no more than 20,000 with high restoration . The claws are impeccable the best I ever saw and over 3 inches some 3 ¾ inches. No resto on the claws at all . These are all from same Allosaurus as this is almost unheard of. Most are composite if you see anything at all .No one has a dew claw as they are never found . Ill let pics do talking .This is a treat for a fan of this animal, and I have many Allosaurus lovers. I doubt you would find another one except here from the earlier king of beasts. Great price and this is available since the person who ordered it can’t come up with money at all It’s even packed so I don’t have exact measurements but I do have pictures and what’s in each box plus pictures of how to put together . I don’t have a stand but do have part of one . The femur listed next does have a stand .Its separate and not from this animal. Call for price 706-235-2694

Use the following methods of payment

. • Wire -Ill send directions

, •Certified check

•Money Order

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