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Framed COA Picture Of HIgh Image Shell Structure Plus 3 Different Dinosaur Egg Fragments-Only 1exist

Species : Triceratops egg shell, Hadrosaur egg shell, and Therapod Egg Shell

Description :Triceratops Horned wonder, Therapod unknown, and Hadrosaur like edmontodaurus large but east target of REX

Formation: Hell Creek

Geological timeframe : Cretaceous 70-65.5MYA

Location : Glendive, Montana

Description: 1-10 10 This is a framed Letter of COA by a Noted Palentologists Findings of multiple egg shells form different dinosaurs including Therapod egg shell., Hadrosaur egg shell and Triceratops Egg Shell . No one has this anywhere as these are first discovered egg shell outside of Northern Montana close to Canadian border owned by the government where Maisauria Hadrosaur Full Eggs were found. So these are only known egg shell available for sale, and verified by a paleontologist that they are egg shell. It has a nice write up by the paleontologist as a nice display piece which includes shell electron microscope picture results. It can be hung on a wall or displayed.

Price : $599 One –of- Kind

Shipping : $49

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ENORMOUS ELEPHANT BIRD EGG-LARGEST EGG & BIRD EVER -100% Original -Plus 70% Original Same Bird

Species:: Aepyornis Maximus

Description : The elephant birds were giant ratites native to Madagascar became extinct around late 1600’s or early 1700’s . The bird was over 10 ft high, which was larger than the terrible bird of 50 Million years ago when they ruled and over 1000 lbs in weight. These could not fly like other ratites (ostrich, rhea) with eggs with a circumference of over 3 ft This egg is close to that. The change in climate dried up their environment and human activity caused its extinction. This egg hold a volume 10 times greater than that of an ostrich and is equivalent of 170 hens .

Timeframe : 9,000 years ago to 1600’sAD

Geological Period : Holocene Item

Location : Madagascar

Item rating and description: 1-10 9.9 Superb Quality Great Extinct Elephant Bird Over 13.5”’ Inch Long EGG by 9 inches wide –LARGERST EGG EVER from ANY ANIMAL. It also has a 32”cirumference at widest point of .This egg was found on the Southern Sands of Madagascar in fragments , and what truly defines this egg it is at least 70% from the same bird egg. It’s impossible to find all fragments from same egg so anything over 50% is considered very good to excellent so this is top premium as few known have ever been from the same egg. These take someone very talented and a long time to painstakenly put these together. There is only repair so all is original egg shell painstakingly glued together with many man hours to show a perfectly shaped egg. It is very, very solid and some color change shows how this is mostly the same egg. Color changes due to ground environment they are found .There are a few large fragments. This egg is one of the most amazing you will ever see. In fact now these are not found anymore as supply of egg shell has been taken away so values will just go up and up . Madagascar is an island and only place these were found. This is one of best I ever saw even though I did see a non -broken one for $50,000 at auction years ago. Not a dinosaur but related. Placed in dinosaurs also but it’s not of course since no bird category. This egg is so huge it’s amazing. Be one of few in the world who has one . You can’t buy these anymore as no one but people who are collectors have them, and they don’t want to sell these . Investment in these will only increase and quality like this I will increase expodentially. Buyers can’t get them anymore as company in France who worked there folded due to no more found. This was appraised at $4500 -5000 and in a few years it will be $10,000.

Price : $3659 Firm

Shipping: $199

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