Fossil Fish

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Unknown Fish Jaw 100 Million years Old in Middle East

Species: Unknown Species of Fish

Description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 million years ago that had wingspans from 1 ft to 40 ft long. They had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground. They ate small reptiles, mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa and Australia. They had claws on their feet and wings to secure prey. This is very unique compared to any animal that ever existed. This was a carnivore fish from what I can see

. Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location: Morocco, North Africa – South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara.

Item Rating and Description: (1-10) * 9 Its an almost complete Jaw fro fish lovers totally unknown I cant find anything about it either so for fish lovers Ill sell at my cost $200 It was ided as fish from an expert

Price : $199

Shipping : $9

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Monster 6.06” 100% Natural Black-Gray Megalodon Shark Tooth!!

Species: Carchardon megalodon (shark)

Species description: This shark was the largest in history reaching up to 70’ long with up to 7 inch teeth which means every inch of a tooth was 10 ft of length. It lived about 5 million years ago. It ranged over large areas of the ocean. It looked similar to a great white shark but larger - MUCH larger.

Item Location: Sapelo Sound fed by Sapelo River, South GA

Item description: (1-10) *10 Gigantic 6.06” Megalodon Shark Tooth from a 60 ft Monster. The largest tooth found is around 7.25” and they go for as high as $7,000 for ones just an inch longer than this. This is an amazing tooth, as it has great color, and super serrations with no nicks on sides. Its only negative is it has some wear on the tooth on both sides-back of the tooth has the most and could have been natural wear. While not perfect, all items to measure it are great except some wear which is the least important thing. This tooth is for someone who wants a very good huge tooth. If this was perfect, it would sell for $3500-4000 so it is a super tooth for someone on a budget. It is very detailed and an excellent ultra large example of the species. It was sold to me as a museum grade so I have a lot in this tooth. Its color and serrations are amazing and the best I ever had. No repair, no restore on this tooth for sure. Both sides are fine with some wear at the edges only but edges are uniform. I decided to sell close to my cost just to get a new customer. It’s for the person who wants a big one but doesn’t want to spend for perfection, considering $4000 plus for a tooth like this. I’ve sold many of these and this is very fine!!


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