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Rarest Lion -Beautiful 15” Russian Beringian Lion Skull Highly Original

RAREST LION – Beautiful 15” Russian Beringian Lion Skull Highly Original

(One of a Kind Fossil)

Species : Panthera leo vereshagini(extremely rare) few skulls know Beringian Lion or East Siberian

Species Description: This species evolved from spleaea Panthera but it is extremely rare as no skeletons exist of this except now last summer 2 lions were discovered with hair and intact organs and entire skeleton . They actually have parts found in Alaska and western Canada, and that’s it. Various studies report varying sizes as some report it’s bigger than Spelaea and smaller than American lion , which makes since Cave lions of Europe never made it this far, however most report smaller lions at 1.8 meters long with tails of 37 inches and height of 44 inches with weight of over 550 lbs which still is large . Mine is smaller than atrox by a lot, but while some skull differences of European Cave lion and American lion , the American Lion can be traced to this species Actually DNA is exact on all so all could be one species just found in different parts of the world . These migrated across the land bridge to USA in Alaska and Canada so it’s the only Lion to do so thus divergence into American Lion . In fact in early studies vereshagini is mentioned as American Lion Atrox . Skeletal remains are space with no full skulls found and only 2 baby lions in Russia known . These were found with hair, skin , organs due to all in permafrost . This is the rarest lion anywhere as I have a collection of rare older lions also .

Geographic Period : Pleistocene Epoch 320,000 -12,000 years ago (Mine est at 30,000 )

Geographic time: 320,000 years ago -12,000 years ago

Item Location : Yakutia-Eastern Siberia – Found in Clay profile of the Indigirka River Downstream(South) well into Siberia

Item rating and description: 1-10 *10 plus * WOW This may be the only one out there –Russian Lion Skull 15” Long. If you google it it says no skeletons found just a few skulls but you have the chance to get a genuine skull . The only part not real is the 2 upper canines but I will find some for you as I do get them. This is my first Russian Lion ever as these are the rarest . I’ve had now all extinct species of lion at one time or another now . This is one of rarest items I have and will go at great sums at auction. It’s worth much more than asking due to rareness. Its not real light so uincddicates at least 30,000 years old . It was found in the river at a location that no others are known to be found at all. It’s so close to American Lion this needs studied or in a collection that will be honored forever as a one-of-a-kind piece . remember this are is close to Alaska and Anerican Lion came from this lion across the Bering straight .It looks so close to me to the American Lion except size smaller , which it is supposed to be . It is even rarer than the American Lion which I thought was impossible even though all are grouped together by many scientists . NO resto and don’t think it was broken . One-of-a-kind

Price: Call 706-235-2694 all lion lovers

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Extremely Rare Gorgeous Entire Leg-Foot of CAVE LION 100% Natural w Sheaths, Claws Wounds

EXTREMELY RARE Entire 46”Leg-Foot CAVE LION 100% Natural w Sheaths, Claws , Knee & Wounds

This entire Leg-Foot was carbon dated at 47,000 years

Species : Panthera Leo Spelaeus (Eurasian Cave Lion)

Species Description : This is the extinct Cave Lion that was larger than African Lions with skulls up to 15-17 inches long (About 10% larger) . Only American Lion is larger but many people believe they are one in the same . It roamed Russia and all over Europe . It was massive with a large sturdy body with a shoulder height greater than 5 ft high and a body length of more than 8-9 feet with tail .

Geographic Period : Pleistocene Epoch

Geographic time: 47,000 Years ago

Item Area: Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Item rating and description : 1-10 10 BEAUTIFUL ENTIRE Leg & Foot 46” MOUNT with all the accessories including Sheaths , Claws, Knees and 2 puncture wounds from a hyena . This leg-foot has a huge number of bones throughout. EUROPEAN CAVE LION is so rare now with all caves closed to private diggers –all government loaned. The seller said this is one- of- a- kind item now. It is so complete and all real bone. The puncture wounds shows it was bitten in life thru a struggle or on death after animal went down. They are huge puncture wounds and no doubt a hyena chewed on him or her. This is very valuable as it shows this animal was extremely large at 46” long . You won’t see another one for sale anywhere. Most authorities agree American Lion and European Lion were actually the same species even though they were given different names due to location DNA testing shows the same animal . This bone here- quality is supreme with little wear and multiple colored bone .Just a beauty all around . This one is rarer than Smilodon material, and it separates the true collectors from the pretenders. This is my first one since my whole lion was put together from 4 animals which is really small as most lion skeletons are so rare to have told by the LaBrae Tar Pits paleontologists . These won’t be found any more so don’t wait or you lose. IT is truly a prize. I never had a leg only a whole foot that sold for $6000. This has the leg and knee also plus it has all 4 sheaths with claws Each sheath with claw sells for $700 each in this great condition as sheaths are amazingly complete except one . This is 3000 alone just sheaths at tip. Just don’t ask for a discount as this is so low now for this much of an lion that died out 10,000 years ago and this is much older as it was carbon dated at 47,000 years old . A whole skull now go for 50,000 and up so this is dirt cheap .One hasn’t been found in a long time. No country in Europe any more has new material only owners in Europe who will never sell. I can get 2 more of these also- arms. It’s the last of the best fossil animals in Europe has to offer so don’t delay. Im happy to keep this forever just like my whole skeleton if no one appreciates this to buy it also. The metal mount is easy to do and makes it look so great . This leg foot was carbon dated at 47,000 and Pleistocene within 1 million years this method is very accurate so its an old lion way before 10,000 years ago when they died out . You can tell from the darker color also

Price: $8619 call 706-235-2694

Shipping : $345

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online ,

•Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

Payable to: call for address at 706-235-2694

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A Special Fossil -100% Original Walrus Skull w Huge Art Worked 22” Tusks

Species: Odobenus rosmarus divergens

Species description: The Walrus is a large flippered marine mammal that lived and do live in Artic temperatures. It is the sole surviving member of the Odobenidae. It’s noted for its prominent tusks, whiskers, and bulkiness. It was a contemporary with the wooly mammoth, and can weigh up to 4500 lbs which is amazing. It was able to survive the extinction event due to finding ice areas away from prehistoric peoples. The males and female have tusks, with males usually bigger. Pacific species are larger by about 20% as is this.

Geological strata:

Period: Holocene

Item location: Gambell, St Lawrence Seaway Alaska N of Nome Close to Russia

Item rating and description: 1-10. 9.8 This is an Amazing Mammal with Partial Skull with all teeth including huge 22 “ Tusks into the cavity. The art work on both tusks is amazingly beautiful done by an artist in Sitka, Alaska at a recent trip. This one is from Alaska found in water, and what is so spectacular I bought it because it’s 100% original with a repair on a crack . All teeth, skull with original and the tusks were intact even though you can remove them and would be shipped removed for safety. The tusks are truly amazing in width and color with 22” long tusks. The last skull I sold only had 14 inch tusks-these are pure ivory at 22” long a male. He said many skulls, people elongate the tusks by putting modern ivory or putting other tusks in the upper jaw, with not original lower jaws. This animal was totally original with no substitutions. It was bought from a person in Sitka , Alaska and with the beautiful art of eagles, moose, glaciers etc this is just amazing in all regards for a great display piece. This is an adult specimen. Prices have skyrocketed in recent years on these due to the fact that they are so attractive and rare. Check on the web or any store. You can’t find these and if you do they want huge prices. Not this one 2 tusks and plus partial skull for way under wholesale due to price provided. If you’re a high end collector… You really want this specimen. This specimen with ivory is worth close to $8000 Here it is for

Price: 3699 Firm Yes only 3699

Shipping : $129

Use the following methods of payment .


, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

, Payable to: call 706-235-2694 for address

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Mammal Didelphodon Vorax Tooth with Root 9/16” Long

Species: Didelphodon Vorax

Species description: Small mammal during the dinosaurs with short legs and sharp teeth

Geological strata: Hell Creek Formation

Geological period: 70-65.5 MYA

Geological period: Cretaceous Period

Item description and rating : 1-10 9.6 Gorgeous Beauty of The Past World -Mammal Didelphodon Vorax Tooth . This was ides also by the founder of a new species of Didelphodon. It is fairly rare also It shows the little mammals who where during the dinosaurs. It is a great tooth for a great price. Its very inexpensive / Open display box provided.

Price : $99

Shipping $9

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified Check

, •Money Order

, •Personnel Check

, Payable

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One-of Kind Early Miocene Unknown Male Beardog Skeleton with Great Skull Highly Original


Species Description: Unknown MORE THAN RARE (NON-EXISTENT except this one) Extinct Species of Bear- Dog of Miocene existing for a few million years from 23-19 MILLION years ago . It was assigned to amphicyonids. While initially related to bears it is now found they may be basal caniforms . This is one of the most unusual carnivore . They were as tall as a black bear , and moved here from Eurasia in early Miocene . It weighed 150 kg and combines features of canine and feline predators . It resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body . These bear-dogs with long limbs and specialized in chasing down prey on the open plains. Only two partial mandibles have been found in Nebraska , and a part of a lower jaw in Florida . This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value . It was described in 2008 only so very recent partial finds.

Geological strata: Early Hemingfordian

Geological period: Early Miocene 19 MILLION YEAR OLD STRATA

Item location: Dixie County inland, Florida on private ground in 1980’s

Item rating and description:1-10 9.7 (10 for rareness) (Only 1) Large Early Miocene All Highly Original Male Beardog

Family :Daphoendon Genus :Borocyon Unnamed Unknown Species of BEAR DOG Highly Original. No one on earth has anything of this animal and I have the skeleton with skull. Its been in my collection over 15 years. Over 85% of skull is original bone and a beautiful highly original skeleton with only a few smaller upper foot bones are restored on one foot and one fibula. It doesn’t get much better than this -a mounted beautiful skeleton of an I unknown beardog. This is of great scientific value also besides the great beauty it shows. The head and all the inner bones(femurs, tibias, ulnas, humeruses, fibulas, radiuses, metatarsal and metacarpals ) except the shoulder blades are all from one beardog found on private land. These weren’t even repaired as they were whole. Many of the foot and hand bones were from this animal , with some foot bones from other beardogs. The shoulder blades, ribs, and some verts were from another animal all stained to match color of original beardog. We believe another beardog animal was amongst these bone also due to different colors-maybe female with male. The skull is 14” and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. It comes in sections like each leg, pelvis and tail, head and verts as well as ribs and screwed in into an almost invisible frame that makes it so appealing. This is an amazing find as no one has this anywhere. Again only 3 small foot upper bones are not bone , which is amazing in a large skeleton amount . This is why we think another mate lived with this one and between the 2 provided one mount . It was prepped well to show the creature in a highly original way . This has no papers describing it but we know it’s close to robustus which was only described from only a few pieces of skull -2 in Nebraska.. This is of extreme scientific value and highly original. This has all teeth –some placed in from another animal the same species found with it. Of course this is so rare this should not matter as you can’t get this anywhere .The teeth are fantastic and not even worn. Its far from perfect but it is a great piece mounted so well. Who has even another species of this? No one is the answer. It was gotten from a hunter, and it’s a treasure. It was professionally prepped with bone quality simply outstanding, and color great. You really can’t value THIS ITEM since not one exists. Beyond a museum piece, in my private collection. I’m so proud of this piece .I really can’t say anymore than here because nothing is known of this animal. You won’t find anything under this in google so here is your info. It was found in a cave inland on private ground.

Its been in my private collection for many many years . Above is best I know.

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Quality Highly Original Beautiful Male Machairodus Saber-Tooth Cat 16.5” Skull (Selling for someone


Species : Machairodus kurteni Largest True Saber-tooth Cat Ever

Species description : Largest Saber-tooth Cat of all time (Bigger than Smilodon ) with male members reaching 17-18” long and over 1 ½ times the size of a Bengal Tiger. They hunted in groups and were the most powerful killer of all time with large heads and 5 inch sabers from Europe , Africa and Asia or then Eurasia.

Geographical Area: 15-2 MYA Miocene –Pliocene

Item location: Eastern Kazakhstan

Item description & rating: 1-10 9.8 A person I know is selling this - Rare Unbelieveable 16.5 “ OF HIGEST QUALITY Male SABER-TOOTH Cat Called Asian Smilodon over 85% original including 100% of all teeth as Sabers are all original and 4.5”inches long . It does have some distortion which occurs a lot in larger cats This IM selling for another person as he need funds to help children and people in need. He is a very generous person . He is located in another state from me so a 2 week delay will occur to get it to you. Since it is not mine it’s a guaranteed sale so no refunds of any kind due to travel here. The seller will come and also the buyer must come to pick it up . The area is rare as many are from another area of Asia but not this one. Male had Sabers 4.5 “ Long and all teeth 100% original to this cat. And one of best saber-tooth cats you will ever find, and was found by a farmer many years ago, and has in the USA for 30 years at least. The person acquired this cat here in USA from a dealer from Turkey at an American show at least 30 years ago according to seller. The location is extremely rare. The bone is super color with beige throughout and the teeth are so magnificent with all teeth original. These are so rare now. There is a little restore on back of lowers, inside eye sockets, and back of skull . The distortion on one side cant be seen unless from above or straight ahead as one piocture shows It is a huge one .
It was prepped so well it’s not seen at all .It was done by the best prepper in the world. Pictures do not do this cat justice at all .This piece will be displayed at many events for true appreciation. If you want to talk about it please call 706-235-2694. Available for museums. Great ones are so hard to get anymore and decided to help a friend as I don’t personally have one. IM willing to travel to meet someone but shipping price goes to me for delivery or meeting someone somewhere . Again all sales final with no returns in any way as IM not the owner . AGAIN NO REFUND . ALL SALES FINAL . This is a top premium piece you would be happy with . Its at someone elses location as it’s not mine . IM only selling this for him

Price : Call 706-235-2694

Shipping Varies a lot

Use the following methods of payment

. •Wire

, •Certified check

•Money Order


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Gorgeous Smaller Wooly Mammoth 18.5” Alaskan Tusk -A Wonder of Nature

Species: Wooly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius)

Species description: The largest of the mammoths here in North America in Alaska and Asia . It had size of up to 15-17 ft at shoulder and had tusks up to 16 ft .They weighed about 20,000 lbs. Hairy elephant-like creatures who prospered in the Ice Ages. It was a favorite target of Smilodon and we also know cave men ate them .They were the largest elephants that ever lived during very cold times

Geological strata: Pleistocene epoch

Geological period: Pleistocene 150,000-10,000

Item location: Fairbanks (Closest big city), Livengood ALASKA

Item rating and description:1-10 10 While not large this Blue Light Tan 18.5 “ Tusk of an all Original Wooly Mammoth is just beautiful . The magnificient color in contrasting light cream, and tan, and blue add to the extreme beauty of this tusk . Even the natural wear on the tusk makes it more appealing. It was a young one. Completely unrestored , unbroken, and unrepaired pieces are rare. It does have a coating to bring out the shine. Remember most I’ve seen has at least 15 -20% restoration but not this one. I don’t see any. Also the price is reasonable . I saw recently most 35 inch reg size tusks sell for $9000. Some went for over $30,000 What an opportunity to get a tusk for under $2000 so everyone’s budget can afford. A great display also for a firm low price of

Price : $1899 firm

Shipping $149 with 2 boxes

Use the following methods of payment

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, Payable to: call for address

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Amazing Mammoth 19” long 14” Wide LOWER Wooly MAMMOTH JAW (Most of it)w perfect Teeth NaturesMarvel

Species: Wolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius)

Species description: The largest of the mammoths here in North America in Alaska and Asia. It had size of up to 15-17 ft at shoulder and had tusks up to 16 ft .They weighed about 20,000 lbs. Hairy elephant-like creatures who prospered in the Ice Ages. It was a favorite target of Smilodon and we also know cave men ate them .They were the largest elephants that ever lived during very cold times .

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: Pleistocene 150,000-10,000 This one approx. 60,000 years old

Item location: North Sea

Item rating and description:1-10 9 Amazing Wooly Mammoth Most of Jaw of a HUGE MAMMOTH with two huge molar teeth. These are the most desirable mammoth items at the most desirable location, the North Sea . This is due to size of the Mammoths there. What is amazing is it’s one piece –never broken. The upward of jaw ends are missing and resto in back of jaws is 4” on one side and 7 “on the other side. This piece is so heavy it weighs probably 100 lbs. Collectors just dream about his but here it is. This is one 30 years old in a private collection. The molars are about 9” x 5” and both completely encased so I’m sure they are pristine root and all.

Price : $ 2499

Shipping with Crate and pallet : $650 No box would hold this

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check dinolandplus​ ​ ​

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Nice Hoplophoneus Saber-Tooth Cat 7 3/4 ” Skull w Amazing Originality of Teeth Inc Sabers

Species: Hoplophoneus primaveus

Species description: The long –legged Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of larger one)with razor –sharp sabers and the second earliest saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 35 MYA -23 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar and exact to Smilodon including famous saber-guards and similar sabers while smaller . They stood at over 2 ft tall the size of a large bobcat, and were more of a group predator with a close knit families as evidenced by some hoplos found together in death while overall very rare species hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological Timeframe: 30-23 MYA

Item location : Pennington County, SD

Item rating and description:1-10 8.5 10 for teeth Hoplophoneus Saber-Cat Skull 7 ¾” long with 2.25” Sabers. This skull also has the first 2 neck verts atlas and axis , which I have never had .The most important part of any skull is how are the Teeth . The teeth are all original except for one small incisor This never happens especially the incisors as they are always molded. The sabers both are huge and part of cat. Also 2 real sabers are just amazing. The skull itself as has some restoration in the front of the nasal area , zygos, little at very top of saggital crest, backs of lowers. It displays well in all regards . It was found by a hunter this year. While the upper has had work you will love this cat It can be mailed safely also. This was so welcome to get this cat. This is for someone who wants a cat for a reasonable price. These go now for 12,000 all the time. The light color is very appealing .This cat is the most highly desired vertebrate fossil in the world due to its resemblance to Smilodon and old age. There is a slight distortion at front but the teeth more than make up for any imperfection .Prices to get these have risen as few are found anymore. It has a great open mouth display for you also. With this great of teeth including sabers the price is

Price :Call 706-235-2694 for payment instructions

Shipping: $238

Use the following methods of payment Nothing online Too much fees

Wire preferred

•Certified check

•Money Order ,

•Personnel Check

-Can pay monthly $1000 by check call 706-235-2694 for address

​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Complete American Lion 9.5” Jaw with All Org Teeth except Canine for Investment or Collection

Species: Panthera Atrox (Giant American Lion)

Species description: Extinct Largest Species of Lion ever to exist a full 25% larger10-12 feet and 840Lbs closely resembling the current species in Africa . It was the largest carnivore except the Giant short –faced bear which are virtually nonexistent in the fossil records . It was much larger than the Smilodon Saber-tooth cat. There has been 100 specimens in La Brae found but only a handful elsewhere.

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 1.8 MYA -10,000yrs ago

Item location: Vero Beach , Florida

Item rating and description: 1-10 9 WOW Rarer than Smilodon Largest US Pleistocene Predator Ever Giant American Lion 9” Right Jaw with all lower teeth except the Canine is casted. The jaw is 100% original . This is a huge find, and I’m one of only a few to have had even one of these. The other teeth are original and jaw is beautiful . Its from Florida found many years ago. These are so rare. It provides an opportunity for someone to get a American lion at value due to no real canine .This one is so special as it has never had the teeth out of the sockets. It hasn’t been restored at all that I can see as its from an old collection which means it saves you money . This animal is much rarer than Smilodon which complete skulls if you can find one which I never had go for hundreds of thousands as I have a perfect one above ..It has a metal display also that looks fantastic . These really set it off so you can see both sides . IM just amazed to have such a jaw from the same animal with all teeth intact after maybe 50,000 or more years . This is a great investment. I may be able to get you a f real canine also at some time Ill sell you at cost .Buy missing this front tooth it saves you ½ the price and with a canine at a cost of about 1000 you can have a 6000 jaw for only maximum payout of $3500 . I’d get this while you can as I don’t expect it to last long. This one is worth much more than this but I sell under retail as much as I can. This is a beautiful piece , that is so rare and for this price is simply amazing . I’ve had so few of these in my lifetime.

Price : $2499 FIRM (Absolutely no discounts)

Shipping : $89 with insurance

Use the following methods of payment .

•Online ,

•Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

,Payable to:

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Beautiful Rare Amazing 1 Million PLus Old Extinct TIGER Entire Lower Left Jaw 7.5”

Species : Panthera tigris soloensis

Species description : Tigers evloved a long time ago about 2 million years ago There evolutionary path starts in China and Java Many older tigers are smaller but this tiger is about size of todays species Its of extreme scientific value as Tigers are today like they were millions of years ago . One of most feared predators which ever lived . This species had a long M1 and a typical narrow occiput .They went to Java from China .

Geographical Area: Punung or Ngangdong

Location: Origin :Sangarin Dome, JAVA

Item description & rating: 1-10 9.8 This find is so magnificent of a Entire Lower Jaw of a long ago species of Tiger 7.5 inches long.

While not huge it was an earlier one and I did tons of research on this . My cat expert said its one of three lion jaguar or tiger . Since no Jaguars or lions where here in fossil history or today it was a Tiger I got the species name from Grant doing research on papers as this is the old species . You can tell from hardness that this species was very very old and this is only 1. Also from research no other species existed a long time ago . It was a little larger than todays species. It was smaller than todays by a little . It has the back restored also but all the teeth are amazing. From reading no entire skulls of jaws exist from here-just teeth and small partial jaws so this is only one exists as my other tiger jaw . The teeth are great here as is the jaw except well prepped in back of jaw. Amazing piece .

Final Price :3999

Final Reduced with canine $2999 The teeth alone is worth well over this

Shipping with insurance $199

Use the following methods of payment


•Certified Check,

•Money Order,

•Personnel Check,

Payable to:

​ ​

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The Rarest Cat on the Planet - SMILODON POPULATOR Back of SKULL 8 ½” Long –

Species: Smilodon Populator Saber-tooth Cat

Species description: The LARGEST Smilodon genus sabercat from South America with 12” canines . These animals looked like smildon fatalis but much bigger .It was 9 “ long and massive with height at least 4.5 FT . It was the largest of all machairdontants .These cats weigh 1000 lbs at least .

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 1 MYA -10,000yrs ago

Item location: COLON, URUGUAY

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 100 % All Natural Beyond Rare & Beautiful Smilodon POPULATOR BACK OF SKULL 8.5” LONG –the real king of beasts –the Smilodon .It is also 7 ½” H and 6” Long The rareness alone of any Smilodon material make this a top collector piece, but to have a Populator is just amazing. Populator material is not coming anymore but here a few are No restoration, beautiful color, and no repairs so totally natural .Almost all the the bone is there ,and most of you will never see another in a lifetime . One of a kind piece of history that IM so happy to own . While no teeth no one has this so 20,000 at auction will do fine unless 706-235-2694

Price: $12,999

Shipping: $89

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