Business Policies

Our organization takes no responsibility for accidents related of any kind to use of items sold including bones due to improper handling or accidental occurrences by seller or buyer. At any time in sales or after sale no responsibility exists for the company or personal to me or my wife. Under no circumstances for any reason personal or business does anyone associated with personal or business assume any responsibility for accidents at any event, on the road with the van or car, at the home office , or at any storage areas for welfare of anyone. Of course we try to look after the well being of any person who is in contact for us at all times .

  • Our catalog is our list of items on each internet page and you can get a hard copy by printing our items by page with a category for the item .
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed on all items shipped in USA only.If not completely satisfied you may return shipment within 5 days for a credit only for same value item or items -keep in mind the items must be in same condition you received them or partial payment will be required and also your original receipt. Please contact me before any item is returned. You will only be charged for shipping no matter what on that item sent . All international sales are final due to higher shipping costs . In USA person can trade for another equal valued item only and you pay shipping. No cash refund ever in USA or International .
  • We have an “encrypted” secure order form to accept Paypal charges. We also accept money orders, bank transfers, and Western Union transfers for purchases. Personal checks can be used but will delay shipping until check clears, usually 4-8 business days. My business is licensed and registered.
  • Look through the website and click basket under each picture which will roll up totals for your convenience with shipping costs and when finished go to order form to check item or items cost, Shipping will be reduce by multiple purchases.
  • Most shipments will be made within 72 hours of placement of order and receiving payment. All shipments within or out of USA and are shipped via UPS ground or US Mail with insurance provided for damages or loss. A minimum charge of $9 shipping on all orders in USA will occur. Any items overseas will be added in future before items paid for. If shipment is damaged please contact me immediately. Re-glueing works fine on some occasions.
  • Specimen identification will be done as accurately and completely as possible on each item from all knowledge available at the time and based on many years experience in collecting and others expertise. You will receive actual specimen shown and will have all information known provided listed on the website, and will supply a COA if asked for on the item. While it is possible to be incorrect on something, we will go to every extreme to have total accurate complete information.
  • We regard your privacy highly and will never use your information for any other purpose or provide to any other person.
  • You are able to trade an item purchased from us which we will provide retail prices plus 10% handling fee for item being returned for any upgraded sale or similar item that is at least 50% higher priced than original item. Also if you wish to trade a completely different type of animal you can as long as it is at least double the price and in that case will get retail pricing on other animal traded back to me. Trade upgrades and different specimen double value trades are one time per specimen and not included in our 5 day return policy. The return policy means replacement of item sent with another item if discounts involved plus many unnecessary shipping costs to the buyer. Any other upgrades must be approved and done with items higher priced.
  • We use a grading scale of 1-10 with one being lowest quality and 10 being one of best ever found known plus rarest(A+++) as the best known will be used for very rare and very extra large specimens.. Our business will always tell you of any restorations or current defects when known to help in your decisions of each specimen.
  • Our business will work totally with all schools and museums that purchase with a purchase order. We will sell on discounts on multiple purchases for these operations and ship on purchase orders and require payment in 30 days. If not paid then a 15% penalty will be assessed and after 60 days 30% and legal means will be pursed to recover payment as well as additional penalties per month as deemed needed by organization.
  • We will provide COA and stands with cases free of charge with items needing them and others will be available for purchase.
  • All international sales are final as no money be returned.
  • All international sales need to have full insurance and exact details written on documents to disclose all items truthfully
  • On any items on hold monies are never returned if you decide to stop but equal reimbursement in fossils . Once a commitment it is important to continue no matter what circumstance comes
  • I DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS INTO PAYPAL-only cash from paypal


Dinoland Plus
PO BOx 3090.
Rome, GA 30164-3090

phone: 706.235.2694