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Many Reptile Items Including Croc Teeth, Croc claws, Samll Raptor Bones & Raptor teeth

Species : Some species of Crocodile , Unknown raptors small items (dromo teeth)

Description : Varied description on size from small to one larger than many dinosaurs including the largest Deinosuchus which was 40 ft. long during the Cretaceous . Both of these are at least 65 million years old and evolved for over 200 million years. These could withstand everything including the asteroid to live today as one of longest living creatures like turtle

Timeframe-Cretaceous Period 65 MYA

Formation: Hell Creek Items

Item area: SE MOntana Description : 1-12 10 Microsite Dinosaur &Crocodile Small Material which you can have for your collection . It has over 20 items as it comes from a 65 Million deposit microsite that fragments ended up at. I don’t sell these much but get them while I am. One tooth is large and many little claws and teeth . Did you know crocs are the oldest living reptile as they do back to Permian –one of few animals to survive a mass extinction. Anyway these are cheap at

Price : $139

Shipping $9 Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified Check , •Money Order , •Personnel Check , •Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) Payable to: 13 Boulder Dr. Rome, GA 30165 ​

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Ultra American Nessie Plesiosaur Huge Complete Dorsal Vert- #4 13” x 11” w CanalUpperFlipper Bone

Species Name: Elasmosaurus platyurus

Species description: A long swimming marine reptile rarely found in western US mainly Kansas from Lower and Upper Cretaceous Period, about 146-70 million years ago. They had a flat broad body and shorter tails than some marine reptiles with huge necks with this species having 71 neck vertebrae about 46 ft long. They had 33 dorsal verts and I have almost all of them .They had limbs that evolved into long 4 flippers. These reptiles had long necks and ate fish mostly so it was a meat eater and is actually almost identical species to the Lock Ness Monster except it was in found in Montana which is so rare. It probably lives before Rex as the seaway was there or this could have been a lake with plesiosaurs during rex as timeframe of Pierre Shale goes a long time.

Geologic strata: Pierre Shale Formation (700 ft tall)

Geologic timeframe: Alzada- Upper Cretaceous (Est 90-65.5 MYA)

Item location: Carter County, Montana USA

Swimming reptile like the Mosasaur in Jurassic World

Item rating and description: (1-10) * 9.8* Due to rareness and quality#4 Vert. Nessie look -alike Ultra Rare Elasmosaurus Dorsal Vertebrae(#4) 13”x11” Plus Upper Flipper Bone that are Huge . This was verified by the nation’s top paleontologist from Hill City, and is the only one known found in Montana this complete as it has at least 60 some bones mostly flipper, ribs, pelvic bones, and almost all dorsal verts. This is so amazing as I got most of the dorsal pelvic area of an American Lock Ness Monster, and this is the first offered. The dorsal vert. is complete with canal and processes with the canal not cleaned out due to stability on a not as large vert. There is no restoration of any kind just crack fills. These bone is 100% natural. Quality is very high. If you are looking for a completely authentic rare swimming reptile vert plus a part of the flipper it is known for, this is it! This is from an adult animal about 35 ft long. If you wish with both containing processes and open canal. It has a beautiful mostly dark brown-black color. This is absolutely a rare find with everything intact. I decided to sell separately so many can get a part of the American Nessie. It has at least 30 of the 33 dorsal vert; plus most of the ribs; plus flipper bones; plus pelvic ischia. This is a fantastic buy for 2 rare bones. Keep in mind hardly any material is found in Montana as this area is almost all Hell Creek but this could have been the same time as rex if a lake was there which is possible but more than likely it was during the seaway about 75 million years ago . No one will have this for sale especially from Montana. A few partials have been found in Kansas with one fairly complete so this was one of more complete finds of any American Nessie. A great price for ultra rare item. If you wish more of them I’ll do a discount on a number of items but here you get two for less than 1000. I sell triceratops verts for 2000 each and they are not rare like this reptile. This is in the large part of the reptile. Keep in mind only one Jurassic Elasmosaur-this one is Cretaceous- complete molded Elasmosaur and all the bones molded they want $27,000 so the part I have is worth at least as a one of a kind $100,000 plus This is under wholesale price for rare items

Price: $1199

REDUCED Final Price $599 yes half price On hold David

Shipping $89 with foam to protect

Use the following methods of payment

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13 Boulder Dr.

Rome, GA 30165 ​ ​

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Unbelieveable Offer-Magnificient Rare 5 Set Great Quality Allosaurus Foot w Partial Leg

Species: Allosaurus fragilis

Species description: Largest Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 35 ft long and as long as a bus . Its large skull with movable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long .It did hunt in groups and was probably the greatest predator that ever lived even greater than TREX. It had a S-shaped bulldog neck and each powerful arm having 3 clawed fingers and one large one only . These did not rejuvenate as teeth did. It weighed 2 tons at least. Allosaurus hands were way bigger than TREX .

This foot was all found together from one animal

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic156-144 MYA

Item location: Dinosaur, Moffit County ,Colorado

Item Rating and Description :1-10 *10 *This is a great Extremely High Quality Allosaurus Foot w Partial Leg Complete with 2 Extra extremities with many more bones than Normal including 4 claws. Normally if your lucky to see one Allosaurus foot ,they have only 3 sets of bones as all therapods are named for . However, on this one set #5 has an outside ultra rare metatarsal which is the only bone part of this. Also it has set #1 that has a metatarsal, one phalanx, and one dew claw. These are normally never found . This means it contains 4 claws all large. So the foot has 17 original bones plus 2 casts for 2 small phalanges on #4 set close to claw . So it has 5 metatarsals, 4 claws , 8 phalages , astragulus, calcanum, 1/3 tibia , 1/3 Fibula for a total of 21 bones . It also has an astragulus plus a calcanum that goes between the foot and the tibia- alais the ankle. 1/3 the tibia and 1/3 the fibula plus the femur listed below this can be purchased if fast enough. The quality is so magnificient on this it only has a few crack fills. If seen other 3 set foots for same price, which much lower quality. The entire foot is magnificient –the best you will ever see. Remember low quality ones are around from time to time for maybe 40,000 that are actually worth no more than 20,000 with high restoration . The claws are impeccable the best I ever saw and over 3 inches some 3 ¾ inches. No resto on the claws at all . These are all from same Allosaurus as this is almost unheard of. Most are composite if you see anything at all .No one has a dew claw as they are never found . Ill let pics do talking .This is a treat for a fan of this animal, and I have many Allosaurus lovers. I doubt you would find another one except here from the earlier king of beasts. Great price and this is available since the person who ordered it can’t come up with money at all It’s even packed so I don’t have exact measurements but I do have pictures and what’s in each box plus pictures of how to put together . I don’t have a stand but do have part of one . The femur listed next does have a stand .Its separate and not from this animal. Call for price 706-235-2694

Use the following methods of payment

. • Wire -Ill send directions

, •Certified check

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Great w Processess Tylosaur Tail 72” long 100% Original w display Oak Backboard

Species : Mosasaur Tylosaurus species(Proriger probable)

Description: These swimming reptiles breathed water, and were powerful swimmers which were adapted well in warm shallow seas to hunt fish mollusks , fish, birds , other reptiles and anything it wanted in the sea including animals that were close to water as it was amazingly agile . They were a large species up to 39 ft

Geological Time frame 85-65.5 MYA

Geological Era- Late Cretaceous

Item Location: Gove, Kansas

Item Description 1-10- 9.3 Rare 72” Tail of an Adult Tylosaur seen in Jurassic World . This piece is amazing. It’s 70 plus” Long with all naturally articulated plus many processes which were very fragile. There is no restore and very little crack fills many were naturally articulated. It took days to do due to many fragile processes, but now all are so stable as lots of penetrant sealant was used. You will love this. The board is 81 inches long also –only 20 inches wide. The prep work took lots of time to complete to do a great job if I say so myself. I put this in multiple categories even therapods as it’s a meat eater but not a therapod but it’s there anyway as only dinosaurs were land reptiles . This lived in the sea. It is displayed so well on an oak wooden board so it’s able to bone taken off the wire pegs as it’s in 4 sections. Wire to put in location and a border will be added this week to make the display complete. You can hang on a wall or lean against a wall to display it. The detail to do in this was so much. This would look great in your living room. These go for a lot normally, but not here. My small tail 24 inches was not a lot less. This is so nice for the price, and then to have the hero of Jurassic World hanging up on your wall .Wow.

Price : 2799 Shipping Mount UPS $125

Final Price $2599 Oleg

Tail usps express overnite $125

Use the following methods of payment

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, •Certified check

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, •Personnel Check

, •Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Payable to:

PO Box 3090

Rome, GA 30164-3090 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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