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This is a selection of some of the fossils previously sold by Dinoland Plus.

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Second Dog Ever Daphaenus  felinus Dog Skull& Partial  Skeleton in  Original Matrix

Species: Daphaenus felines 

Species description:  This was the second species of dog  in North America  that lived millions of years ago in western USA  and  had nice size canines in which to hunt prey on the plains . Not large but cunning and able to bring down prey larger than itself.

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35-23 MYA

Item location: Western South Dakota, Pennington County

Item rating and description: 12 +++++++  What a Vicious Rare Carnivore-The Extinct Second Wild Dog of the Plains Daphaenus 7.5 “  Skull plus Skeleton Parts in Original Matrix .  This is a beautiful piece almost 100% complete with top premium bone quality. The detail and with skeleton pieces makes this a one-of-a-kind piece so only for top collectors who want the best. The only non-original part is not on skull but on the shoulder blade. This is such a site to behold in person . Anyway the animal is so rare , and to have this much is amazing . I’ve seen skulls 50% restored go for $3900 alone so this can be yours for the low ,low price but it is firm . Again I sold it for less than this the first time around and these are so rare to find now. Get a deal on this one for atop quality piece.



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Tyrannosaurus REX (King of the Dinosaurs) Ilium Blade 65 plus MYA Old

Species: Tyrannosaurus  Rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and 15 ft high that lived in western USA - largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Buffalo, S. Dakota

Description and Rating: 12  :  T REX Ilium Blade (Part of Pelvis) 23" Long x 9" H x 7" wide. Probably about 50% of  the bone - Definite REX.  Color is dark brown and even the narrow end of blade of the king of the dinosaurs. It is in great shape with bone quality mostly great with some areas very good and others good as an underground find. This is a rare piece and priced to sell quickly for someone's collection of REX items. Very few bones of REX are found intact and this bone is very rare. This is about 40% of the entire bone. If complete it sells for $9000.

I do have a tibia, fibula, middle metatarsal and a femur of a REX , and been offered over 9000 for them  for them. This is heavy and due to undulations of bone hard to clean off as many areas are fragile and thin so this is rare to have this blade, as usually this side is lost. It was sealed well and is now very stable with penetrant sealant. Anyway this pelvis large piece will see fast as all TREX items do but this is at a discount so hurry or lost. I have sold at least 20 TREX items this year alone so you better be fast on this one.

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Monster 7 3/4"  Huge Spinosaurus 100% original Hand killer with huge curve -Larger than REX

Species: Spinosaurus aegytiacus

Species description: Largest Ever Therapod Meat-Eating Dinosaur from North Africa up to 60 ft long and larger than TREX which ate fish often and had a key sail on its back for temperature regulation. Some of spines were more than 6 ft high. They large teeth instead of curved like many meat-eaters.

Geologic strata: Tegana Formation

Geologic timeframe: Mid-Cretaceous 110 -80 MYA

Item location: Kem-Kem Basin (sandstone deposits) close to Erfound and Rossani South of Taouz, Morocco, North Africa.

Item description and rating: 12 + All Original 100% Monster 7.75" Long Spinosaurus Therapod (2nd Largest Therapod Ever - Bigger than REX) With No Breaks in 100 Million Years. I've had some big claws but nothing like this, and in very good condition. While grooves are not deep they are present and tip is absolutely perfect. The larger they are the harder it is to not have breaks and this one has that. No resto of any type anywhere. I would call the claw very good , and great for a big one. This one is such a treat. Bone quality is premium also. The back is considered average. For those of you who want a massive one this it it. It is 3" wide and 1.5" wide which is unheard of. If you want one of largest claws of any species of therapod anywhere this is it. Anyway here are pics and wow this will sell fast.



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Large 25" Triceratops Horn with 21" Base from a Predated Animal Eaten by a TREX

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek formation

Location: Brusett, Montana Private Ranch –bought from land owners

Item description & rating: 1-12- 12 Very Nice Quality 95%original  Triceratops 25.5" Brow Horn with 21" Diameter at base.  What a nice horn with all outer bone. This horn has it all with a  perfect sharp tip, nice connection area break off, and underground find with beautiful brown color. On one side part was exposed but not long as condition is at least very good . It has  very nice bone lines  and was professionally prepped by myself. It only has crack fills where it broke but highly stable horn now, Slight amount of restore in the back of horn.  It is probably a subadult Trike losing its life to a REX since it definitely did not make it to maturity. This is close to perfect and has the added story as it was killed by a REX and eaten by a TRex and Nanorex as 5 predator teeth were found embedded in the bones including 2 REX. This is a keeper. It had many bones with it with teeth marks in some. What a find. Brown color and very good bone quality helps to make it a prize piece I'm selling piece meal as many parts of skull were found so if you need any other parts like brain case let me know.

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Magnificent Detailed Death Assemblage of 18 Specimens of Crinoids, Starfish, Brachiopod Feeding on Crinoids and Blastoid

Species: Criniods with18 Different Species - some rare Cyathocrinites multibrachiatus, Jarocrinus varovensis PLUS 2 Starfish - ultra rare and a Brachiopod eating a dead crinoid.

Species description: Invertebrates with many tentacles from USA, with 350 MYA Starfish and brachiopods

Geologic strata: Edwardsville Limestone

Geologic timeframe: Mississippian Period 320-350 MYA Devonian Period 380 MYA

Item Location: Crawfordsville, Montgomery County IN.

Item rating and description: 12++++ This is Magnificient Crinoid, Starfish, blastoid, and Brachiopod Plate 14" x 8" It consist of up to 18 specimens on one plate all detailed so finely with multiple individual tentacles all wrapped in a neat bundle together with many species all in excellent condition. This piece is so great everyone should save and get this for a top premium piece in their collection On the lower right a Brachiopod is eating a crinoids and has a death pose so an extreme natural calamity occurred to provide a story mural that is beyond most anything found at this time frame 350-380 MYA. The detail is really beyond belief and you can't take your eyes off this plate. All the invertebrates are named and will be provided on request.

Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 1
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 2
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 3
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 4
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 5
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 6
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 7
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 8
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 9
Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana pic 10
High Res - size 1.40M

High Res - size 1.14M

Very Nice X-Large Maiasaura Hadrosaur Dinosaur from Remote Area in Montana

Species: Maiasaura pebblesorum (Duck-bill Hadrosaur)

Species description: Duck-bill dinosaur 18' tall and 30 ft, flatheaded, toothless beak but behind beak many rows of teeth with long tail like a Iguanodon and was a herbivore that lived on course and found in herds so social animal . It was called the "good mother" dinosaur since many nests were discovered each about 23 ft apart and 10 ft in diameter.

Geologic strata: Two Medicine Formation

Geologic Period: Late Cretaceous 80-70 MYA

Item Location: Bynum, Montana

Item description and rating: 12 Very nice x-Large Rare Adult Maiasaura (Hadrosaur)Tibia that is a beautifully colored and structured bone. IT is over 40" long so from an extremely large Maisasaura. They were smaller than EDmontosaurus and was the forerunner to this animal. The dark brown color make it an exceptional find. This is for someone who wants perfection and top quality. The dark brown natural underground color is distinctive and make the pristine shape accentuated. This was found close to nests so such a good mother watching eggs of Maiasaura babies . These are only found at one location in the US in upper Montana at a formation that only stretches in one area . It has less than 10% restore with a number of breaks crack filled . While 40" it weighs 24 lbs . What a museum piece and first one of this animal I ever saw.

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Species: Beautiful Large 8.5" Ultra Rare Pogonodon cismontamus (Platycopis) Saber-Cat Skull

Species description: One of earliest Nimravidae endemic to North America and Eurasia .A Nimravid  
saber-tooth cat  that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene  Period 30.8 MYA - 7.2MYA. They stood at least 2 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet, and were solidary predators  hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels  and oredonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack. Their sabers are smaller than a dinictis as shown with this specimen  and estimated weight was around 70 lbs. This fossil is so rare it has little written about it. It lived at least 23.6 Million years

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: 30.8 MYA - 7.2 MYA

Item location: White River Badlands - Shannon County, SDakota

Item rating & description: 12  WOW !!!!  SUPREME RARE  COLLECTOR ITEM  8.5" POGONODON SABER-TOOTH CAT with 100% Original SABERS.   While it has a fair amount of skull restore: all teeth except the lower front are original to this animal. A rare cat you will never have a chance for. It has been IDed by a knowledgeable authority. This comes along once in a lifetime, and no one has one of these for sale. The last one I saw sold for $50,000 with skeleton. This was over-all a pretty good specimen considering few are found of this animal anywhere. The sabers and almost all teeth are exceptional which is the most important item, and the prep work was fantastic as it is well done. The species has the patented the upper diamond shape frontal and usually are missing the lower molar 2 which this is on one side. It has a distortion laterally, has part of cheeks and top restored.  With something this rare these are minor flaws. If this was perfect it would sell for $20,000. Anyway try to even find a picture of a skull and you'll be searching all day so save time and money by buying this one. Not sure I want to sell this at this point. I've been wanting this species for awhile.

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Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary. It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Glendive, Montana

Item Description and rating: 12 This is a Gigantic 41" Diameter Rare TREX Coprolite. It has scattered bones throughout the mixture and was found next to TREX pelvic bones last year. I purchased from a nice rancher, and was not sure of the correct title of the item even though we had thought it had to be this due to formation. It was a surface find so outer normal layering was not all present. IT has been sent for confirmation and your welcome to wait until final confirmation. It was my understanding it was confirmed, however not yet. The piece is absolutely outstanding and a must for a collector. It is heavy and many bones are seen throughout in all different directions. Certain spots due to elements created holes throughout which allows you to see the inner items. he value this hard on this since so few ever existed but since its probably TREX it is a great piece. Anyway I decided to keep it low so many collectors can get it. NO discounts apply to this piece. You could believe POOP can last 65 Million years. If you wish to a wait until final confirmation please do. I lowered price. If known 100% it would go for $3,000-4000.

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Unbelieveable Beautiful  MONSTER Excellent Serrated   X- Large TREX  Over 5 1/4”(Around the Curve ) POINT   TOOTH

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: SE Montana  

Description and rating 12 :  Beautiful One- of- a Kind X LARGE Dark Brown POINT TOOTH with Excellent Serrations, Original Tip and High Originality with excellent enamel . Remember these large ones are hardly ever  found.  The enamel and color are so beautiful as a dark brown so typical of Hell Creek .  For a tooth this size an estimated  close to 90% Original is fantastic. The entire back and tip of tooth are original with no repairs except crack fills. While this was broken originally  at 3 spots only , it was well prepped  and  glued back with some restoration one  side only  for about ½” past the tip   and farther down in  middle  for a  section . All the serrations were told to be original but I believe a few in middle of one side were well – prepped and placed there. Even so the amount of serrations is so amazing I can’t hardly believe it .  I have had over 10 of these 5 inches in 5 years and none of them had this great of serrations  as the big ones rarely have them .  My last one had only a few serrations and little enamel and sold for an amazing  $5000 at 80% original and this is much better of a tooth . This tooth even has a natural  tooth morphology with  indentation of tooth next door which does happen often  , and maintains all the enamel  everwhere . I would classify this large tooth as very good as I know how tough it is to find perfect large teeth . The others I’ve had don’t compare to this .You can never find these more original and if you do  it costs 2000 per inch plus so $9000 at least so take a half priced that k looks beautiful that is not perfect but so well  -prepped  it looks like it’s perfect .  The lighter color pictures are just how light reflects as tooth is dark brown. Simply amazing to get a tooth this size at this price . I hunt this area yearly but it was found by a friend who regularly hunts the ranch .




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Species : Ankylosaur Ankylosaurus
Description: 15-20 ft long herbivore dinosaur eating plants, roots, and had spikes, scutes protecting its body from carnivores such as TRex

Formation: Hell Creek Formation
Geological time frame: 70-66.5 MYA

Area found: Glendive, Montana on private land with permission of landowner

Description of item :   Beautiful  Very Rare Long 25” X5” Wide Complete Juvenile  Ankylosaurus  Ischium  Pelvic Bone 98% original  with a  few crack fills and wider end rounded off due to rough edges . This is without a doubt the only time I ever saw this bone but books are an amazing source .This one is so rare it’s my first ever . Anklyosaur material even scutes are rare but bones are almost unheard of. This is an underground find, and bone quality and color are just fabulous . I can’t say enough about this bone as I can honestly say you will never find another so if you want something no one has except maybe a museum then here it is for a great price . Not only are any bones are but one this fragile and small in width to be found in this good condition is simply amazing ……………………… I paid a fortune for this bone, and will sell it only a little higher than I paid. If you ever see another like this better priced tell me , and I’ll never believe it until I see it . 25” long RARE  bone for under a $1000.




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