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This is a selection of some of the fossils previously sold by Dinoland Plus.

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AMAZING ONE-OF-A KIND MANATEE  BEST EVER 125,000-200,000 Year Old 100% Original Skull 

Species:  Trichechhus manatus bakerorum new subspecies

Species description:  A Large Extinct Subspecies of Manatee at least 125,000 years old that evolved from T. manatus which began about a million years ago. They are believed to me originally  from Africa and migrated here over a million  years ago but this species was evolved from manatus species  . It died due to cooler weather . They look similar to todays manatees but differ in body morphology.

 Timeframe : 200,000 -125,000 years ago   

Geological Period :  Late Rancholabrean

Item Location :  Sinkhole in  Marion Co., Fl    125,000 to 200,000 years old

Item rating and description:  13   Totally Original ONLY COMPLETE MANATEE  SKULL with Lower Jaw T. manatus bakeorum   . This is so unbelieveable as no one has this anywhere, This is 100% with no restoration . All teeth are perfect and present. It even has the natural lines of time on this so nothing was done except sealed. Only 4 manatee Pleistocene manatee skulls have even been recovered and this is the only one of this species that is perfect and has its original jaw found in a sinkhole. It is much older than today’s species and looks so great as the skull is a must have . I was so impressed as this skull is magnificient and its 200,000 years old . The condition is the most natural piece I ever had that is complete. Bone quality is just amazingly great –top premium has all the details of the skull shown . You can’t stop looking at this piece . Thisis for someone who wants entire skull not touched  and doesn’t mind paying for perfection and wants to own the best one ever found by far. No persons even owns any manatee as the person I got it from has the only 4 ever found and parted with this  so here it is so own a one-of-a-kind skull.




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Fantastic Huge Nice 38" Triceratops Lower Jaw with Tooth Grooves

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek formation

Location: Powder River, SE MONTANA

Item description & rating: 12+++++ Unbelievable  Large 38" Triceratops Lower Jaw  in fine condition with all the supporting  structures. No teeth are included from this animal but I will add some nice teeth for you. It was found by a ranchers hand this year, and is a amazing piece in structure and fully prepped. Crack fills with little restore (less than 3%) and this is very long so a large very old animal. Many people do believe these animals lived over 100 years old The detail including contours and ridges make this complete piece a nice piece with excellent bone quality. It was an underground find thus the nice brown color. All of you know I love Trike items and here is another. This is a good year for Trike bones except horns with few found this year. These large jaws are so rare I sold a small one for $800 this year. If this piece had teeth due to size and quality it would be worth over $3000 so I'm asking under ½ that at $1,279 including at least 3 nice teeth. I can sell a display also for $65 for this piece.

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Monster 31.5" Archaeotherium Entelodont Terrible Pig - Largest Known of Species

WOW Nothing Like this in the World! - HUGE MONSTER TERRIBLE PIG! – Archaeotherium Top Carnivore of its Time! - This could be the largest one ever found or a possible!


Species description: Carnivore Pig ARCHAEOTHERIUM Species of Entelodont. It was a relative of the ungulates and was a predator with large canines. They ate camels, sloths, oreodonts, brontotheres, and horses on the Oligocene. It could also dig for roots and tubers. It had an elongated skull with long bony knobs beneath the eyes and on the lower jaws. It also had long spines on its thoracic vertebrae over the shoulders and a small brain, and often obtained lengths over 7' long. It was 5-6 ft tall at shoulder. Its jaw could snap shut quickly and kill any animal during its time and was highly successful. It hunted in packs and could run off a huge hyaenodon. It also was a 1000 km mass. This species is so rare few exist anywhere. It could open its jaws very wide and snap down on prey.

Geological strata: Brule Formation White River Badlands

Geological period: Oligocene Period 34- 23.5 MYA

Item location: Badlands of Western South Dakota

Item rating and description: 12 – MONSTER Rarest of Rare Archaeotherium "Terrible PIG" Entelodont 27.5" Long X 14.5" wide w Neck Verts. It has an extra hood which is never found so it measures an unreal 31.5". This extremely large for its species with known archaeotherium largest length 24". It is the animal highlighted in BBC Prehistoric Beasts DVD, which is a must for interested parties. A copy is provided free with this. This is simply amazing. The quality is absolutely top premium for an animal that no one can find hardy anywhere, and it has and has almost all original teeth and only a small section of the cheek restored. It is so top quality for the species and also possesses 3-4 original cervical vertebrae attached as well as a few other bones. IT is a complete on side and other side embedded in matrix.This is for only top collectors who want an item you can't get anywhere. This is the animal shown in BBC Walking with Prehistoric Beasts so this creature alive. Just so you know what you have- archaeotherium can be found very occasionally and this hardly exists in fossil records let alone one this size. The last one was 20" long and sold for a fortune and was way undervalued. The canines are 4 inches on top long and 3" on bottom, and most teeth original. This is truly amazing and a top treasure, and if not sold will be with me forever. No one but myself offers this for sale in this condition. This is from a museum that closed. If you read this far you want it, so look at pics and buy quickly or lose it. Top collectors will appreciate it so get it. Before someone else. I do not expect to ever get one this quality and size again This is probably a record size Archaeotherium so what are you waiting for!


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Gorgeous Black Rare Jurassic Allosaurus 3 5/8” Foot Claw


Species: Allosaurus fragilis

Species description:  Largest Therapod Meat Eating  Jurassic dinosaur  ever often reaching up to 35 ft long - as long as a bus . Its large skull with movable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long .It did hunt in groups and was probably the greatest predator that ever lived even greater than TREX. It had a  S-shaped bulldog neck and each powerful arm having 3 clawed fingers and one large one only . These did not rejuvenate as teeth did . It weighed 2 tons at least . Allosaurus hands were way bigger than TREX .

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA

Item Location : Bone Cabin Quarry , Carbon County , WYOMING

Item description and rating:  12 ++++ ++++Unbelieveable  Beautiful 100% Original  Allosaurus  Foot Claw . This is the first foot claw I ever had , and its 100% original with a perfect tip and connection area  It’s so beautiful and  words really can truly explain this claw. Its average size for an allosaurus toe . No one really has these for sale just like the allo hand claws . I have had allo hand claws through the years .Its a beauty you can appreciate . Its solid black and was found many years ago . You just don’t find any allo claws for sale so here are the pictures.  The matrix was removed professionally but that is all that was done . This is only for top collectors who want to have something few others have . Now and then foot claws are found but these come along  once in a lifetime for you . It truly is so nice it is a dream come true for me and now for you.Again as a few other items. If not sold I will gladly keep it.   



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PERFECT 2.3” TREX MAXILLARY TOOTH  (KING of All Beasts EVER)  w Great Serrations and Enamel

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Jordan NMontana                     


Description and rating:1-12   15  Special Best TREX TOOTH 2.3 Inch Wide Maxillary Tooth that is the Best you’ll Ever see at this Size. It is so beautiful with the dark Brown Color and will impress even the best of admirers so if you don’t have perfection- this is it . Great serrations on both sides –almost all 95% of them present, great enamel. This tooth is about average size for a maxillary shed tooth.  This is a keeper and a top tooth for anyone’s collection. It has no restoration and no breaks I can see. Enamel and serrations are just amazing and its thick .     Close-up pictures show how super this is. This was found by a dinosaur hunter who finds the best stuff .  I paid top dollar for this tooth so I’m firm at




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Monster  Rare Triceratops  Femur 50”  Long & 16” Wide

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Location: Glendive ,  Montana

Item description and rating:  11   Nice   X -Rare  Monster  Compressed  50” Long  Triceratops Femur  found by a  rancher. It was an underground find so color of bone is dark brown , and bone quality is overall very good even though highly compressed . Millions of years caused compression of bone as all bone is present , just pushed in . Only crack fills make this piece highly original . I prepped it as naturally as possible with a heavy bone with 4 breaks . I decided to leave a break in the bone close to the middle that is aligned perfectly for only someone to receive all necessary for an easy glue back plus crack fill. It was so heavy if I put it together it was almost impossible to pick up so whoever buys it just put it close  to where re you want to display  or on a flat surface and Ill provide glue, filler and penetrant sealant to make hard. That way I can mail easier , and I promise its easy to do with easy instructions  .  If you do want me to try to mail together I will but then you will need 2 people to carry it on arrival . It displays so well  and ungulations and bumps on ends are there  . This is only the second trike  femur I ever , and the best one by far . It was the hardest prep job with hardest cover of solid stone to remove , and it took me months to prep this . The quality of bone is really good with one end fair  For a bone that is almost 100% original, the price is amazing ; THIS TRIKE was a Male and HUGE , I would doubt you will ever find a bone like this with this famous dinosaur .It displays well on opne side , other side  has tons of bumps thus only one picture of that side. Its really quite good


Price: $2473


Shipping: $365

Use the following methods of payment...

  • Certified Check,
  • Money Order,
  • Personnel Check,
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Payable to:
13 Boulder Dr.
Rome, GA 30165

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Nice Oreodont  Merycoidon  Large Upper in matrix

Species : Oreodont  Mery. Culbertsoni

Species description:  Oreodont that roamed the grasslands during the Oligocene period  that resembled  in function   and appearance of a smaller cow. They were short-legged, blunt-headed herbivores that had 5 toes on each foot They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years. They belonged to a group of artiodactyls related to camels  and had a full set of teeth . They did have canines and molars were used for grinding vegetation .

Geological strata : Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 34-23 MYA

Item Location :  Niobrara County , Wyoming


Item rating and description: 12  Large Fine  Oreodont  Culbertsoni  Skull  10“ Almost all Original. Nice   bone Quality with all beautiful original teeth. It is a beauty with excellent color and attractive with matrix as its base. The size alone makes this a prize piece since this species is usually around 8” .  This is a chance for someone who want to start a collection with the most important part of skull  for an economical price   



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Famous George Lee Collection Superb  Highly Original  Mesohippus Horse Skull  with Skeleton  

Species:  Mesohippus bairdi  (Oligocene Horse )

Species description: Horses  were small about size of a greyhound  with a body 4 ft long , 2 ft high at shoulder and Larger than its predecessor Eohippus . They were short-legged, herbivores that lived from grazing  This animal is very rare compared to other Oligocene animals. They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years. They had 3 toes front and back. IT looked like a modern horse except a lot smaller.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 34-23 MYA

Item Location:  Pennington County , South  Dakota
Item rating and description: 1-12  13 - Beautiful X-Fine  Large 8 1/2” 3/4 “ Oligocene Mesohippus  Skull with Skeleton almost 100% original . This was in the George Lee Collection who I admire, and have many and have had  so many of his pieces .The skull is really amazing with almost 100 % original including front small incisors and all the teeth original.  I can’t find any restore on the skull and the rest of the piece except for crack fills which is not restore but repair.  It is 19 “ long with skeletal parts all over the slab including the side  . It has a few feet bones with hooves, but whole front legs with the bulk of the verts with processes, and one back leg femur and misc bones . The beauty, detail, and bone quality of this animal is simply fantastic. I would say 70% of skeleton is there.  Just one glance I had to have it as it is so outstanding. The prep work is so extremely good. It displays well on the matrix and bone quality is one of best I have ever had. This is an adult horse  and is the top horse I have ever owned  so all you horse lovers  line up for this one  .These are hard to get so completely original as most have the front completely restored due to saber cat attacks,  so you will not find a better one .  I will not take less for this as I will gladly keep it. Why discount top premium items any more than I already did. It was the best item I saw in the entire show in Tucson this year by far  . 



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Chocolate Upper Large 8" Daphaenus Second Wild Dog Skull from Nebraska

Species:   Extra Nice Chocolate Second Dog Ever Daphaenus Upper   

Species description:  This was the second species of dog  in North America  that lived millions of years ago in western USA  and  had nice size canines in which to hunt prey on the plains . Not large but cunning and able to bring down prey larger than itself.

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35-23 MYA

Item location:  Crawford , Nebraska

Item rating and description: 12 ++  What a Vicious Rare Carnivore-The Extinct Second Wild Dog of the Plains Daphaenus 8” Upper Skull  95% original . This piece is s beautiful as it comes from the plains of Nebraska where chocolate color is the norm . The color shape completeness of this upper jaw is fantastic . One side is lighter including the teeth as one side was found exposed to sun. The other is underground and pure dark brown. The completeness is exceptional with one canine original and one restored .The skull is over 95% original  with only a partial zygo restored . I just had to have this in a trade with a novelist friend who knows all about these creatures. I so lucky to have some of the brightest  and most knowledgeable fossil friends in the world , and am blessed . This is a treat to someone who wants a rare find and beautiful color which are rare in the fossil world . The normal color of this animal is white but the strata makes this treasure dark brown. The back of this skull is exceptional in all regards. If this animal had the lower the value would be doubles at least so this is a huge buy



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Exceptional Beautiful Marvelous 38 Million Year Old First Dog Skull & Skeleton (Hesperocyon)

Species: Hesperocyon gregarious - First Dog

Species Description: Extinct genus of canids  - first dog endemic to North America for 4.1 Million years from 38 MYA to 33.9 MYA  Late Eocene 2.5 ft long with small heads. It looked more like a small civet or raccoon than a dog. It was a carnivore.

Geological strata: Duchesnean North American Land Mammal Age

Geological timeframe: Late Eocene  38- 33.9

Item location: Shannon County, S Dakota

Item rating & description: 12  Exquisite  Extra Rare Complete Hesperocyon First Dog  Skull and Most of Skeleton with no restore known 100% original from 38-33 Million Years Ago with Perfect Bone Quality. It is the earliest dog ever found and just a site to behold. This is my third this month but try to find another anywhere especially with a skeleton and the mostly complete skeleton is premo, top notch, #numero uno. All the leg bones are there with most of vertebrae which are hardly ever found due to brittleness of bones. It is a rarity and hardly ever seen. While in matrix all teeth on one side as well as all other components are present. All teeth, zygos, both of lower jaws and the back  are there in beautiful shape, which is not normal. The detail, color and completeness is  just phenomenal. This is a pristine piece and can be yours as great things come in small packages. What an attention getter and conversation piece. You can show everyone that all dogs descended from this animal.
Here are pics.  YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER so look no farther. First one I ever saw in 20 years.

Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 1
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 2
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 3
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 4
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 5
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 6
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 7
Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat pic 8
High Res - size 1M

High Res - size 1.48M

Rarest of Rare Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat

Species: Adelphailurus kansensis saber-tooth cat

Species description: This the rarest of all saber-cats found in USA that lived from early Miocene 6-8 MYA that were the size of a modern cougar or puma. Its body also had same shape as a puma except long and compressed upper canine they were a hunting cat hunting small birds, mammals in ambush.  This cat was a false – saber-tooth cat and had retained a upper second pre-molar, which is unusual for a cat. It was the second largest of late Miocene cats and was an Eurasian immigrant. It was a metailurus  animal, which besides this species and one other was only found in Asia and a few in Europe. It is not one of top 6 saber-cats found and has only been found in partials with top of skull never been found according to all known documents. It was identified by Hilbert in 1934. Only a few skull pieces and few partial bones namely a humerus,  radius, ulna, first phalanx have been found even though named after the state of Kansas. Most bones and skull pieces have been found in Arizona including this one. One was found in Bone Valley Florida also.

Geological formation: Milk Creek Formation

Geologic period: 8-6 MYA  Miocene Early Hempghillan Tribe-Metailurini Genus: Metailurus

Item location: Congress Junction, Arizona

Item description and rating: 12++++ 11" long x 7" agape Adelphailurus kansensis saber-tooth cat. This is about 40 % original but actually one of more complete skulls found. This is unreal and you will never find another. Original parts include 3 jaws with 3 of 4 molar teeth groupings original and back of cat including condyles and strip of skull with one saber original and both lower end canine incisors. No complete of top of skull as ever been found as last picture shows parts found but since metailurus we could reconstruct. This saber-cat you will never see for sale anywhere since it is the rarest of all saber-tooth cats with only a few partial skulls found. This is a real beauty and professionally prepped. This cat is so amazing words can’t describe it and you will not be able to stop looking at it. Complete skulls or even 50%  skulls do not exist and even though percentage low of originality it is an accurate representation of the species and is just like finding a smilodon in my opinion. Anyway this is a chance to own the rarest of rare saber cats  and much larger than earlier saber-tooth cats.

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Premium Perfect Oligocene 35 MYA Second Dog Daphaenus Dog with Skeleton

Species: Second Dog Ever Daphaenus  Dog

Species description: This was the second species of dog in North America that lived millions of years ago in western USA  and  had nice size canines in which to hunt prey on the plains. Not large but cunning and able to bring down prey larger than itself.

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35-23 MYA

Item location: Western South Dakota Pennington County

Item rating and description: 12 +++++++  1 What a Vicious Rare Carnivore-The Extinct Second Wild Dog of the Plains Daphaenus 7.5"  Skull plus Skeleton Parts in Original Matrix.  This is a beautiful piece almost 100% complete with top premium bone quality. The detail and with skeleton pieces makes this a one-of-a-kind piece so only for top collectors who want the best. The only non-original part is not on skull but on the shoulder blade. This is such a site to behold in person, and was a bit at the largest fossil show on the planet recently. Anyway the animal is so rare, and to have this much is amazing.

Fantastic Large Triceratops Articulated Neck Multiple Vertebrae pic 1
Fantastic Large Triceratops Articulated Neck Multiple Vertebrae pic 2
Fantastic Large Triceratops Articulated Neck Multiple Vertebrae pic 3
Fantastic Large Triceratops Articulated Neck Multiple Vertebrae pic 4
High Res - size 1.60M

Fantastic Large Triceratops Articulated Neck Multiple Vertebrae

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek formation

Location: Glendive Private Ranch, Montana

Item description & rating: 1-12-  12  Unbelieveable Articulated Triceratops Neck Vertebrae w/ Back of Skeleton attached. I doubt anyone has seen this piece-actually comes in two pieces- at all. It measures both pieces together 28" by 9" high and very heavy from an adult Trike.  It comes from same huge animal the horn is from , and I also have a huge piece of frill. The bone is of very nice quality and size and detail is magnificient. The back of skull with condyles has been attached to one large first Neck Vertebrae and two others are easily attached but not done so due to weight with perfect attachment point. It was professionally prepped with almost all matrix removed. IT has nice color due to underground find and is complete  to a high degree except latter two vert. processes. This unit has large amount of pieces provided  prepped and would make an awesome display in anyone home or museum. The rareness of this piece alone is amazing since neck vertebrae from large dinosaurs are hardly ever found.

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