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This is a selection of some of the fossils previously sold by Dinoland Plus.

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The Largest Triceratops Skeleton Known to The World  -7’2” Skull with 26 Ft Total of Skull & Skeleton

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill which ate grass, tree bark –Herbivores

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA


Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation


Location: Bowman County, North Dakota

Item description and rating: 1-12  14.  Yes the Whole Triceratops  Skeleton –Mammoth 7.2 Ft Long Skull and 26 Ft Long Skull w Body. It has 21 of 24 of Largest Bones Original or 90% with little restoration. It has over 70% of all bones original which is unheard with this species. The bone quality is fantastic in all regard. It can be shipped and mounted and will be mounted. It also can be mounted.  The one femur is 4 inches longer than the other but from same animal so it has character. This is a labor of love because the owner will not make money on this animal due to costs. It was found on private land and the owner gets 50% of this so the cost is so reasonable for this type and size of animal.   This was sold and the person who held it delayed payments so it’s yours with 25% down and rest within 3 months .  Skulls unprepped not this good or size sell for 100,000 and prepped 500,000 so 1.3 million is cheap for the whole skeleton. Once deposit sent you will work with owner of this to coordinate efforts to ship once total payment received. This skull is one of a kind as no mold anywhere so it’s for someone who wants to own all rights to the animal


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GORGEOUS TOP BONE QUALITY MONSTER 17” x 13.5”   Complete Dorsal Vertebrae with Neural Canal and Processes

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around a 6.4’  head and 1 nose
horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek formation

Item Location :   Perkins County , S Dakota

Item description and rating: 1-12 14 Gorgeous Top Premium Brown Monster 17.5” Complete Dorsal Vertebrae with Neural Canal Plus Processes. This piece is excellent in   color, size, shape, and completeness. Few verts with canal and processes are found. The Canal is almost open but rock is in the middle and unable to open up but complete . It has mostly crack fills and few spots of resto but its one of nicest verts you will see. I have 9 of them , most will be sold to another but this one is yours if you wish it .The quality of the bone with all the verts is outstanding as the color dark brown is so appealing to collectors.  Im selling this for more than normal due to quality. 100  Hadrosaur verts are found to every trike vert and this one has all the processes. It is stable and will mail well so it should be fine. This is a rare treat for an avid bone collector. Wow what a find  . Many bones of this trike were found including the skull with this . It was prepped by yours truly and am proud of it.




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x-Fine Rarer Ural Mountain Russian 18" Cave Bear Skull

Species: Ursus  spelaeus - European cave bear

Species description: Large Bear from Pleistocene that was previously only known in Europe but this which was larger than size of a grizzly and lived 20-25,000 years ago in Europe with large jaws and large bodies similar except bigger than modern bears.  It lived in Europe at height of last Ice Age  and hibernated in European Caves to survive the winters. One cave Dragonhohle in Austria contains remains of more than 30,000 bears and many died in their sleep. It was hunted by Neanderthal people and was a vegetarian despite the size of teeth. They were found a a few locations also in Russia.

Geological strata: Pleistocene 300,000-10,000  This one is 50,000 from strata found

Item Location: Ural Mountain Cave; Western Russia found close to Asian-European border

Item rating and description: Very Good  Rarer 18" Russian Cave Bear (Ursus speleaus) Skull. These skulls are getting harder and harder to find. This one is a 20 year old specimen that was recently obtained.  What is special about this skull besides size is it has all original teeth and lower jaw when these were more plentiful to find, Now most are of poor quality. The color of teeth show this and only 2 small incisors are broken  in the front as all others are present in full. I can put teeth in there but did not want to affect the originality of the piece . IT is very nice with approximately only  5-8% restore including small part of back-one condyle, upper lower jaw, and small section on top .The prices now on one this good as shown from many websites starts at $5000-7000 but I can offer a huge deal to anyone who acts first . I've always wanted one and this is my first.

Russian Ural Bears are much less common than the European countries and actually this is an Asian Bear as the Ural Mountains divide Europe from Asia. This is a prize piece just dying to part of yours. As an item gets rarer to find it gets much more expensive but since this one was an older one here it is a huge discount.  Grab it fast before you realize how great a price and piece compared to others.

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MAGNIFICIENT Large 12” DIRE WOLF COMPLETE SKULL from ONE OF Most Famous Fossil Sites in the World  

Species:   Canis Diris (Dire Wolf)

Species description: It was closely related to Gray wolf in many features but it is not direct ancestor  of any species
 today . IT became extinct 10,000 years ago with wooly mammoth . IT was larger than Gray Wolf averaging 5 ft in
 length  and weighing 150-175 lbs . Legs of Dire Wolf was shorter and sturdier than those of gray wolf and the
 brain case was smaller to than the gray wolf .This was the largest wolf ever and ate anything it wanted as it
traveled in packs also to obtain food.

Geological strata:

Geological period: Pleistocene  100,000-10,000

Item location:      FAMOUS VERO BEACH SITE , Indian River County, Florida

Item rating and description: 13 SPECTACULAR DIRE WOLF 12” COMPLETE SKULL from The Famous  Vero Beach 
Site where the recent mammoth engraving and Vero Beach Man is from . This skull while not perfect , I would
 describe as an outstanding specimen of such a rare mammal that few even see let alone can own . I debated to
 sell this one or not , but I do have another upper skull in my collection . AS you know only Florida, Alaska , and
LaBrea have these animals , and the University of Florida has only one exhibited . It was IDed initially by
 Richard Hulbert  from the University of Florida , however its length of 12” alone Ids the species for sure . No  other
 species  of wolf over 11 inches long ever existed so for you doubters, it’s true . This specimen has the most
spectacular teeth you will ever see. The entire upper are all original teeth , with only  repair to both canines .
The lower has all original except 4 smaller incisors in the middle , which were restored so the teeth are at 95%
original  and great . The skull has the  original entire snout area , and the cranium totally original , the most
critical parts of any animal . It was expertly prepped and in the middle behind and in front of eyes has
 restoration as a smaller  section was not there . The color difference is due to lower jaws being found a short
 distance from the upper but matching in color except the teeth , which are darker . The lower jaws are simply
outstanding with spotted teeth . The color change can easily happen due to matrix shifts animals are found in .
Even the back is much darker with black than the front of the upper skull on the same piece so it happens .
 It makes this piece very special by this . The prep is so well done you will never see the restored areas as its
done by the world greatest prepper.  Any item especially one this rare and special  is to be seen by the who
le and  not the parts.Imagine this creature about the pounce on a mammoth as this site is famous for.
Take a minute to visualize this Specimen or go to the internet  
I still can’t believe I have this piece , and you won’t either whoever buys it . The canines are 1 5/16 inches
 and lowers are original totally  with no repair . One of these from LaBrea has and does now go for double
this price .It comes with a beautiful open mouth mount so enough talk –just look at pictures .




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Unbelieveably Rare Early Pleistocene Perfect Giant Beaver Lower Jaw

Species: Castoroides leiseyorum

Species description: Giant Pleistocene Beaver was the largest rodent in North America beginning 1.5 MYA. They were about 8 ft long and weighed 132-220 lbs. They have a flat tail and large feet and large canines up to 6" long to use in falling trees and large canines. This fossil species is only found now in Florida.

Geological strata:

Geological period: Early Pleistocene 1.5 MYA -130,0000 yrs ago

Item location: Gilchrist Co., FL

Item rating and description: 12+++ A Ultra Rare Perfect Adult Giant BEAVER Lower Jaw with no restore 100% original These Giant Beavers are the early ones before the well known Giant Beaver and really much rarer than any others. None outside Florida have ever been found. It sports 4.5 inch incisors and a 11 inch jaw. Yes 11" for a Beaver. The details of this lower jaw are great and you will not find one this complete and good anywhere. This is like finding a Giant Lion, and I'm so excited to have this piece. I'll let the pictures do the talking. No reductions for a perfect jaw from nature. This happens so little that the quality is top premium.

Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 1
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 2
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 3
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 4
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 5
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 6
Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol pic 7
High Res - size 989K

High Res - size 846K

Rare Black Powder British Calvary Flintlock Pistol

Original Black Powder Flintlock Pistol that was made in the late 1700's into the 1820's. This one took hours and hours of research but is so rare I could not find another one like it.

The web site,, will give you a little background information about this type of gun. It is a British New Land Pattern Cavalry Pistol used in the Napleonic Wars. As the site linked above outlines, this gun was produced in 1796 and had widespread production by 1802. It was made by the famous East India Company for British Calvary serving in India who brought them here to America during the War of 1812.

These were effective weapons as evidenced by the Battle of Assaye in 1803 where 6,000 British Troops faced a Mahratta Army of at least 40,000 men. This gun was found in North America in New England and was definitely used in the War of 1812 as this is the only time British would have brought these pistols to America. These were handmade, screws barrel, walnut wood handle, 50 or 55 caliber and used by others after they traded with the British. Pistols were used by colonists, Indians, Trappers, and Traders, and Frontiersmen. The British had axes, rifles, and pistols and they traded for furs to take back to Europe. THIS IS AN ULTRA RARE GUN with NO original guns that I can find anywhere on Internet or elsewhere.

Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 1
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 2
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 3
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 4
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 5
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 6
Giant American Lion Lower Jaw pic 7
High Res - size 771K

High Res - size 731K

WOW Extinct Rarer than Smilodon Giant American Lion Lower Jaw - Larger than Bengal Tiger

Species: Panthera Atrox (Giant American Lion)

Species description: Extinct Largest Species of Lion ever to exist a full 25% larger10-12 feet and 840 Lbs closely resembling the current species in Africa. It was the largest carnivore except the Giant short-faced bear which are virtually nonexistent in the fossil records. It was much larger than the Smilodon Saber-tooth cat. There has been 100 specimens in La Brae found but only a handful elsewhere.

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 1.8 MYA - 10,000yrs ago

Item location: Eagle River, Yukon River in Yukon Territories in Alaska in a Gold Mine.

Item rating and description: 12+++++++ WOW?? Rarer than Smilodon Largest US Pleistocene Predator Ever Perfect Giant American Lion Lower One Sided Jaw with all Teeth. With my desire for only the extreme rare ITEMS, I have to admit I outdid myself this time. This is an unreal find but perfect with all teeth perfect and the entire jaw with no restore protected by the Yukon permafrost for at least 10,000 years. This animal is much rarer than Smilodon which complete skulls if you can find one go for $300,000. You get one quarter of the animal for only the middle 6 thousand range, and I have never seen one for sale before. Many paleontologists never have seen this one either and the last one at auction went for $295,000 just a year ago so you don't even have to be in the big leagues for this one. This is simply too amazing for words so here are the pics. This is like selling an entire Smilodon lower jaw so what are you waiting for.

Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 1
Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 2
Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 3
Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 4
Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 5
Wolly Mammoth Tusk pic 6
High Res - size 1.40M

High Res - size 1.72M

Wolly Mammoth 43" Siberia Tusk - A wonder of Nature

Species: Wolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius)

Species description: The largest of the mammoths here in North America in Alaska and Asia. It had size of up to 15-17 ft at shoulder and had tusks up to 16 ft They weighed about 20,000 lbs. Hairy elephant-like creatures who prospered in the Ice Ages. It was a favorite target of Smilodon and we also know cave men ate them. They were the largest elephants that ever lived during very cold times.

Geological strata: Pleistocene

Geological period: Pleistocene 150,000-10,000

Item location: Siberia Once Russia

Item rating and description: 12 + 43" Total Original Wooly Mammoth Tusk complete from an animal who took great care of it's tusks. The magnificient color in contrasting cream, white, and brown coloration add to the extreme beauty of this tusk straight from a Museum in Germany which closed its doors so their loss is your gain on this one. Even the natural wear on the tusk does not detract from this piece but adds to the story of this animal . Complete unrestored, unbroken, and unrepaired pieces are rare so this pristine piece is ultra nice . The main feature of this is an amazing curve that usually only exists in ultra large one which makes this a fine conversation piece and knowing it is a full tusk for sure. It is yours for...


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One of KindNever Found Before or Recorded Daphaenus Dog Species w Perfect SXhull 30 MYA

Species: Daphoneus hartshornianus or Protemnocyn dog (Only one known for private collection)

Species description: This is one of early dogs, and this species was a carnivore on the Oligocene Plains which ate most anything it wanted including squirrels, small deer, rabbits and sickly larger animals. These dogs are believed to hunts in packs but this species so rare little is written about it . It was reclassified by Hardy as Protemnocyon in 1902 as its features looked different to him as temporal crests looked like foxes so it's either a one–of-a-kind protemnocyn because it does have crests that look like a fox or a ultra rare species of Daphoenus only found in a few locations. The other species is known for sure to hunt in packs from locations of individuals found but since no one finds this animal since it appears 1902 we do not know.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 33.2 MYA

Geological period: Badlands of Western S. Dakota Pennington County

Item description and rating: 13 Rating  Out of the famous George Lee collection: Awesome Unbelieveably  Rare Species  Perfect Daphoneus Dog  Adult 8.25" Skull that you will never find anywhere. The man who owned this explains to all as he only collected top-of-line items and this is one of the supreme premium animals anywhere. I mistakenly mis-Ided this as a Hyaenodon which are close but the smaller size of area upper skull to eyes made it a rare animal I never saw before after further research and a friend who is an expert. I used to think perfection in nature on prehistoric beasts was impossible but this proved me wrong. I can't find restoration for sure on this animal even though a thin layer on saggital crest is possible even extremely well done if so. The color, lack of any distortion, and total teeth originality with beautiful darker colors is just something to behold. Mere words can't do this animal justice. Just to think 34 million years and this animal can look this good. I'm extremely lucky to have this creature as no one can find this in any collection except a museum. This is some find so if you're a top collector and want an item no one anywhere has this is it.  I kept it at the same price even though due to rareness this animal is so much rarer and so much more valuable. What is amazing this animal is perfect yet few skulls of this species of dog exist anywhere. IT fooled me until a top multidecade hunter mentioned it was a form of dog and after research determined it was this rare species. It is not a  daphoenus felinus which I also have and characteristics make this 95 % conclusive. The teeth of both hyaenodon and this animal are almost the same except the molars which also make this a dog. Remember hyaenodons had dog characteristics also. Join a very small group who own this and probably only museums as few people have ever witnessed this animal Since I made the mistake take advantage to get this one.


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100% Original SMILODON Saber-tooth Cat Toe Bone with CLAW from Florida

Species: Smilodon gracilis

Species description: This is the earliest and smallest saber-tooth cat first appearing in America about 2.5 million years ago. It died out earlier than other 2 species about 500,000 years ago  and was the successor to megantereon  in North America . While smaller it still weighed 220 lbs and evolved into the larger fatalis and populator.

Geological strata: Pliocene & Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 2.5 MYA-500,000

Item location: Gilchrist Co, Florida

Item rating and description: 12 +++  Beyond Rare & 100% Original Smilodon Toe bone with Claw. All in excellent shape and no restoration and no repair natural 2 bones from AMERICAS'S FAVOTIE  Mammal.  No one has Smilodon material  for sale so why not buy from someone who loves and studies cats. While only 2¼ inches long, this is the only smilodon real claw I ever saw so zap this one up fast I know you'll have years of enjoyment. I'm a true collector and don't mind if you don't want one of nature's wonders - I'll gladly keep it in my collection of saber-tooth cats. This can be yours for a low price of...



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Perfect Hesperocyon First Dog Skull with Most of Skeleton

Species :   Hesperocyon  gregarious- First Dog

Species Description: Extinct genus of canids  -first dog endemic to North America for 4.1 Million years from 38 MYA to 33.9 MYA  Late Eocene 2.5 ft long with small heads. It looked more like a small civet or raccoon than a dog. It was a carnivore.

Geological strata :  Duchesnean North American Land Mammal Age

Geological  timeframe :  Late Eocene  38- 33.9

Item location : Shannon County , S Dakota

Item description : 12  Exquisite  Extra Rare Complete Hesperocyon First Dog  Skull and Most of Skeleton  with no restore known 100% original from 38-33 Million Years Ago with Perfect Bone Quality. It is the earliest dog ever found and just a site to behold .Try to find another anywhere  with a skeleton  and the mostly complete skeleton is premo ,top notch, #numero uno. All the leg bones are there with most of vertebrae which are hardly ever found due to brittleness of bones. It is a rarity and hardly ever seen. While in matrix all teeth on one side as well as all other components are present. All teeth, zygos ,both of lower jaws and the back  are there in beautiful shape , which is not normal. The detail, color and completeness is  just phenomenal    . This is a pristine piece and can be yours as great things come in small packages. What an attention getter and conversation piece. You can show everyone that all dogs descended from this animal.  This piece is dirt cheap and again selling less than before.
Here are pics.  YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER so look no farther. First one I ever saw in 20 years .



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Spectacular  Almost Complete  56” Skeleton with Complete 8.5”  OREODONT SKULL  On Matrix 


Species:  Merycoidodon  culbertsoni  oreodont

Species description:  Oreodont that roamed the grasslands during the Oligocene period  that resembled  in function   and appearance of a smaller cow. They were short-legged, blunt-headed herbivores that had 5 toes on each foot They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodonsre food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodonsfor millions of years. They belonged to a group of artiodactyls related to camels  and had a full set of teeth . They did have canines and molars were used for grinding vegetation . modern day turtles .

Geological strata:  White River  Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 34-23 MYA

Item location:   Shannon County , South Dakota

Item rating and description: 15 Top Ultra Fine 8.5” Oreodont Skull with Almost complete  56” Skeleton from S Dakota .These come along only once in a lifetime as it’s the most complete skeleton I have seen to date . It was the hit of a recent show I attended as everyone had to have a picture . I just love this fossil . The skull is at least 90% with only a few upper teeth lacking . The quality is what makes this specimen so cool. I’m torn even to sell it but I will .The bone quality is so fine with skeleton that has most everything except a few of the feet but most of all legs . It is a beauty with super quality which I insist on for my clients . If you look at other websites all are 70-80% at most original , but this is almost all original but does have a few parts of a few bones restored. This  one is so fine it puts many to shame so get an almost perfect oreodont  plus most of the animal including hooves , all toe bones on 2 legs , and all the verts with processes including the tail for your collection.
. Since it is  common you should go for the best . It displays well laying down with skeleton raised on original matrix . It shows how this animal lived grazing on open grasslands like a small cow. Color is so spectacular also . I will not lower price on this one as I’dprefer  to keep it but still offering a reasonable price for such a piece . If you got a cat which looks similar you pay $20,000 for this one minimum . Remember it is almost 5 ft long wrapped around In beautiful fashion to show an animal 30 MYA


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T REX 43” TIBIA – Top Premium   BONE QUALITY   

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and 15 ft high that lived in western USA – largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location:   Powder River County  , Montana      

Description and rating : Wow “The King of all Beasts” Gorgeous TREX 43”  TIBIA. This gorgeous bone is also 11.5” wide and11.5” high also. This ultra rare bone was found by a dino hunter and my dear  friend , and Id classify it as top notch on bone quality. Look at the natural shiny bone so typical of REX .The bone was so shiny and hollow as one end had large cracks and was compressed due to outer bone breaking down into the hole as you can see. This piece was actually was found in one piece, and it never broke the width of the bone even in prep but pieces of bone on one end were glued back on one side-not at very end but towards the end  . It is a Huge Tibia for the species overall and shows all the characteristic forms –one end perfect shape, hollow middle , and massive bone. Tetonic forces did on one  end  crush the 3 smaller bone prongs into the end , however it is complete and only crack fills as no actual restore was done .  7/8s  of the bone is actually perfect except for some compression  on a small part. , and  so few TREx bones anywhere are this good . The bone is so smooth, and dark brown color  is so beautiful this bone is a must on any serious collector’s list  as it’s a top premium piece prepped whole , which rarely occurs in any larger bone, no matter what species  . It is a  super great  representation of the most feared creature to ever roam this planet.  Who else has this for you to meet your dreams. It’s extremely heavy and displays well on 3 different sides  even though it has  the standard  Tibia twist only found in Rexes . It takes 2 persons to lift and can be crated in foam to send anywhere. This is my first one I prepped or had for sale and it was so good in nature it was an easy prep job. I have a great tibia, fibula and metatarsal in my collection but this is so big it needs a person who can put it in a nice display case or lie it flat as now  , and give it its proper due.


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X-LARGE 3” x 4 1/8” Circumference  T-REX PREMAX  TOOTH with Excellent Serrations and Top Premium Enamel

Species : Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description : One of Largest carnivores during the dinosaur age with 12” Corner teeth with roots and up to 49ft long and USA own species in western USA . Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed prey with surprise attacks through use of the jaws

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5” MYA

Geographical strata found : Hell Creek Formation Area

Found : Glendive, Montana

Item description and Rating1-12 14 RATING:  Huge TREX PreMax 100 % Original with Super Detail on Enamel and Serrations .This TREX tooth is so bulky for a premax it is amazing . It  also has a small amount of root at end . The serrations are the best I ever saw on any tooth no matter what size . I don’t think even 2 serrations are missing . Its phenomenal . It was found in 2 pieces and glued back for a perfect match .It was prepped but no restore has occurred anywhere efept sealant used to keep firm forever as all preppers do. The pics will do the talking on this one 



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Top Premium Large TREX FOOT CLAW pic 1

Top Premium Large TREX FOOT CLAW pic 1

Top Premium Large TREX FOOT CLAW pic 1

Top Premium Large TREX FOOT CLAW pic 1

Top Premium Large TREX FOOT CLAW pic 1


Top Premium Large  4 3/8”  T-REX FOOT CLAW (KING of All Beasts EVER)    What a treat for someone

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period:  Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Glendive , Montana                   


Description and rating:   13 This is an AWESOME  Large 4 3/8”   TREX FOOT CLAW  From HELL CREEK  . It is in excellent condition .  The articulation point is beautiful and the entire claw is in pristine shape. The length is measured around the curve.  It is possible it’s a Nano rex also , but it would have an awfully  big one, and not likely  . It was Ided by me and confirmed with Pete Larsen of Hill City Museum  as tyrannosaur, one of top paleo men in the world. I can’t really find any flaws . It did have one break and a small sliver of restore back from the tip to unite them occurred. One of blood grooves is great ,and  other one average  and not very deep.  It’s such a beautiful claw , it’s hard to describe . Connection points are never this good . The picture are the best way to show you .I’m selling at less than the standard $1300 per inch so real bargain also. I promised Pete I would mold it for him so whoever buys it has to wait until that is done or they do it for me after receiving it .




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