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X Rare Huge Almost 3” Camarasaurus Tooth 100% Original with great Enamel Both Sides

X-Rare Huge Almost 3” Camarasaurus Tooth 100 %Original

Species: Apatosaurus

Species description: One of Largest Land animals that ever lived at avg of 75 ft long and 25 tons that lived 154-150 MYA. It was an early Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 90 ft long with a relatively small skull with small teeth which ate plants . These were so big we believe allosaurus did not go for these monsters due to weight as it could crush one easily. It had a long neck which could easily reach the tallest trees to eat . Some people feel they were too heavy to walk for too long on land but now its believed they did , even though they were sometimes in water .

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA

Item location: Bone Cabin Quarry , Albany County , Wyoming

Item description : 1-10 10 Ultra Rare for Sale Apatosaurus Huge Tooth almost 3 Inches from Wyoming Morrison 100% original .This is a very rare huge tooth -in fact one of largest I ever saw . This is my only 2nd large one in 20 years.. Its so rare one this large as I’ve had many smaller ones I can’t find any for sale anywhere . It’s such a great patina with super enamel . . Its for someone who wants a collection of rare big items mainly teeth , and can appreciate the variance in Jurassic Teeth . This was a bigger animal and these were 60 ft animals average. It’s a beauty and it can be yours for a reasonable cost $. .Jurassic stuff this rare is much more expensive than Hell Creek.

Price : $1499 John T

Sale 1 week $1278 call 706-235-2694

Final Price under cost : $1148

Shipping : $19

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Beautiful Top Premium Ultra Rare (nonexistent actually ) CERATOSAURUS Hand Phalange 2 1/4”

Beautiful Top Premium CERATOSAURUS Hand Phalange –Never found One-of-Kind who Roamed the Jurassic with Allosaurus

Species: Ceratosaurus nasicornis

Species description: Large Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 23 ft long. It had a horn in front of head by nose, and was in Jurassic Park when it decided not to tangle with a Spinosaurus which is much larger. Its large skull compared to rest of body also IDs this dinosaur .It was called this name as Horned lizard .It could bring down Sauropods included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long . It did hunt in groups.

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 156-144 MYA

Item location: Bone Cabin Quarry, Albany County, Wyoming

Item Rating and Description :1-10 *10* Exceptional Find –Rare Ceratosaurus Hand Phalange 2 ¼ inch Long in Jurassic Park as a Meat Eater from Jurassic Times who roamed with Allosaurus . This is my first one I ever had and only one other-a claw Ive ever had. This is from my personal collection Ive had for 20 years . It’s a beautiful 100% hand phalange with no restoration at all Ided from a top paleontologist .These are hardly ever found, and it’s highly original from the ultimate adult hunter. The patented Black color from this area is so nice. This is the first one I’ve ever seen for sale ever, as Ceratosaurus anything doesn’t come up for sale-just museums get these. Ceratosaurus material due to site closures is fast dwindling. I‘m sure someone is out there that would appreciate a Ceratosaurus anything that few private collectors have. This is a top
piece for anyone who wants a rare item. You decide as I show pictures over to the side. This is a treat for a fan of this animal as you won’t find another. Don’t ask for a lower price. This was only for my clients who want everything from this dinosaur, or a supreme Therapod collection that is missing this .

Price : $999

Shipping : 39

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