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Amazingf First One Triassic Coelophysis Therapod Early DInosaur Shown in Jurassic Park-Vicious little Guy

Amazing Rarest of Rare  First One Triassic Coelophysis Tibia 8” -Never had any of these- Early Therapod in Jurassic Park 1st Movie 


Species name :  Coelurus bauri

Description of dinosaur: Therapod carnivore deadly lived 222-196 Million years ago so one of easrly dinosaurs  It was a small slenderly built ground dwelling bipedal carnivore  that got to 9 ft long with tail  Hunted any animals that  the groups could take down like in the Jurassic Park Movie Parts found in USA southwest 

Period  Triassic 

Timeframe  221-196 Million years ago 

Location of Item :  Chinle AZ found on private ranch owner and finder 


Destscription of item1-10  Rating 10  This 8 “ Tibia is so rare in 20 years I never saw one bone of this amazing dinosaur.  It is 100 original , has a little compression on one end but I just had to have this gray piece . These are smaller therapods that started the dinosaur revolution . Comes with metal display  This is a must for true dino collectors  I talked to person I got it from and this animal just isn't found normally 



Price: $799 

Shipping $19 

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Amazing find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus (CarnivoreTherapod) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8” w Great Serrations and Patina -Just before Rex

Amazing Find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus(Carnivore) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8  ” with Great Serrations & Enamel -Cretaceous Meat Eater Before Rex


Species :  Gorgosaurus libratus


escription : Large  Tyrannosaur Therapod before TREXs that lived only about1.5 Million years ago in Montana and Canada. It was a bipedal predator that was huge weighing up to 2 metric tons and close to Albertosaurus only differing by differences in teeth and skull. It was at top of food chain just as TREX was during its time. It lived in a lush floodplain.  It was 30 ft. long and fierce. It was about as large as Albertosaurus.




Geologic time:  Late Cretaceous  (75 -70) MYA Normally 


Geologic Strata:  Judith River  


Item Location: Mc Cone County, Montana (Upper)



Item rating and description: 1-10 * 10*Fantastic  Especially Rare Large 2 5/8” Maxilla Tooth from a Large Carnivore like Rex -Gorgosaurus , which is highly collectable . First its rare - Next as you can see it has not even 1% repair or resto  One picture shows few  mm maybe . These are found so sparingly in a Formation that is harder to find fossils. It never was broken in 75 Million years also. This is an amazing find at this quality/ Just look at the patina  and serrations are amazing and complete . It holds it’s own on value not like many earlier tyrannosaur. It was ided by a top paleontologist, however I knew it also well as Ive had a few through 20 years . They are a little thinner than rex teeth with finer serrations. This tooth is almost perfect. It’s color is so beautiful as dark brown and the serrations on both sides are outstanding with almost all seen.   Once more it’s perfect and large for a maxilla.  First the enamel is perfect only a couple spot fills.  When I saw the quality of this tooth I had to have it. It has great serrations and enamel.  It is a beauty and you never will find a better tooth, and one this size is unheard of, and this is only my third Gorgosaurus tooth ever, and beautiful in all ways. This is for top collectors who can’t find one anywhere. It’s close to a perfect tooth. So anyone who wants a tyrannosaur tooth to fill a collection of Tyrannosaur this is a must if you seek close to perfection. You may never find another one this good.  It is a great nice representation of the largest Tyrannosaur of its time before TREx. I will not get another this good for low price as TREX teeth now are ridiculous . This tooth would go for $7000 for a REX and also at auction for 20,000. It’s a  tooth from10- 5 million years before Rex. This is only for someone who appreciates rareness, gifts of nature in usual ways , and beauty to thousands of degrees .I will not reduce price on such perfection. It’s the largest and best I ever had .I will only sell this to a knowledgeable collector who wants greatness. Everyone I ever saw had more resto.   My last one I sold for more than this many years ago and prices have gone way up but not this one . 


Price :   $2999 firm Call 706-235-2694    wire or check only 


Shipping $89 with insurance  actual shipping is more than this so a gift on shipping 



Shipping with insurance $69 

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Gorgeous Huge 4 7/8” Almost Perfect Deltadromaesaurus Hand Claw

Species:  Deltadromaeosaurusraptor

Species Description:  Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lived with Spinosaurus.

Geologic Strata:  KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic Timeframe:  Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location:  Morocco, North Africa – South of Taouz, Moroccan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10        9 – This Huge Deltadromaeosaurus Hand Claw almost 5 inches is the largest and best Hand claw I ever had. Normally these claws are around 3 inches but this is amazing. There were 2 species of deltadromaesaurs in Africa and this was the big rare one. I only see a few spot fills. This is the best claw you will ever find  Many African claws do have resto but this was from an old collection as these aren’t found in many years . Only 2 reputiable companies sell great items and this was one . It comes with certificate of authenticity as I stand behind this claw . It shows a huge American replica of a huge Chirostenotes claw that comes with it in a display case . That American real claw that the replica was made from would sell for an easy 10,000 now in the condition of my claw. Claws are hot now and seeing this was exciting as you can get a massive huge claw at least ½ the price.  Not only that but a hand claw is much more valuable id classify this as at least 97% original maybe 99 %m as repairs don’t count .This claw was never broken .It’s rare to see a whole claw hard touched by human hands. The detail of this claw including tip, grooves and the outside has no wear as edges are pristine. The reddish color is so typical . Raptor claws are the most highly desired dinosaur part available and Hand claws are so desirable over foot. It has a great shape w nice tip , articulation point ,and middle . There were few in Tucson this year except this one I immediately had to buy. I saw only 4 raptor claws in whole show and no American ones. This is a way for you claw nuts to get one real reasonable . So a top quality claw all from same raptor with a species that little is written about. US claws are nonexistent anymore.  I was there at start of show also. These have increased in price but not like American claws so here it is.   These are adults as claws don’t get that big normally for this species.  The completeness is awesome.  A USA claw of a dromaeosaur this size would sell for double to triple this if you could find one . It comes with a nice display also. This is so cheap it’s a giveaway You don’t get raptor claws for this price ever no matter what size so here they are at 

Price:  $4999 Only wires and checks accepted here call 706-235-2694  or paleoman@dinolandplus.com  email  sold Todd

Shipping    $159 w insurance

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Just a Killer Ultra Rare Complete 98% Original Deinonychus 3.5” “Terrible Claw) Claw 120-105 MYA

BEAUTIFUL(Killer) Ultra Rare Complete 100% DEINONYCHUS 3.5” “TERRIBLE CLAW” CLAW -120 -105MILLION YEARS OLD -SIMPLY THE RAREST & MOST OUTSTANDING DINOSAUR ITEM YOU WILL EVER SEE– Species : DEINONYCHUS Antirrhopus Species description: The most fearsome raptor under dromaeosaurid and a close relative of the veliciraptor but found millions of years before in present day Montana and Wyoming . This rare animal was so fearsome any nonmeat eater was on the menu like Tetontosaurus. It was 30 million years before other raptors , and had large eyes, long legs was over 11 feet long with tail , had famous claws with 3 fingered hands like allosaurus , and clawed feet with 5 inch long sickle –shaped retractable claw on second toe called the killer claw , for which it is noted. It had a bite force greater than any living animal today. It shared its life with Saurpelta, Zephrosaurus, and therapod Acrocanthosaurus . Yes these are so rare none of you know of these. These animals lived in subtropical climate like Louisiana today . Geological formation: Cloverly Formation Geological period Late Aptian or Albian Stage Geographic Timeframe: 122 MYA -108 MYA Early Cretaceous Item Location: Near Shell ,Wyoming (One area on Earth all Geographical Eras are on display) on private ranch w COA Item rating and description : 1-10 10 Unbelievably RARE and Beautiful HIGHLY DETAILED DEINONYCHUS Huge 3.5” (Around the Curve ) Killer Claw . Simply no one-no private collector and few museums have this rarity in the world. It is 99% Original with a millimeter restore on tip. However it was missing it in life due to stress so these were never found sharp as a tac so it’s by all respects 100% original . It never had that tip . Can you imagine a dinosaur not small running and actually having a tip . They are all worn off in life . I’ve only had one ever 20 years ago. What nature sometimes allows us to see is truly a marvel .The proximal end shows the characteristic projections and size color and quality is just so magnificent . The quality is amazing with blood grooves and fine detail everywhere. The color is medium gray which is typical of this area-tad lighter. These claws are almost never found so it’s a treat . It has one spot of compression but not worn on left side Few museums have complete ones. It’s my specialty to bring you ultra rare items. The pictures tell the story This is a COA as I verify this is accurate . It was found by a finder on private land on leased land directly to me. The owner leases the land for yearly fee and by all rights the lessor is owner of all fossil rights. These people are not found Here is your chance to own a rare dinosaur in Early Cretaceous and their are so few early Cretaceous sites to look -only a few I have been to this site before to work on a skeleton It was found on private ranch with a lessor of land controlling all fossil diggings Price :  This claw is so awesome Must call to know where to send checks or wire which are only methods of payment Its sold so no one call Being paid off in few months Makoto Shipping $145 UPS 2 day
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Part2-Best of Best Beautiful HUGE 6.25"100% Original (Never Broken)TREX TOOTH All Great

Best of Best – Beautiful HUGE 6.25” 100% Original (Never Broken) TREX TOOTH w Super Enamel, Variable Colors, Size, and Slight Serrations Species : Tyrannosaurus rex Species description : One of Largest carnivores during the dinosaur age with 12” Corner teeth with roots and up to 49ft long and USA own species in western USA . Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed prey with surprise attacks through use of the jaws Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5” MYA Geographical strata found: Hell Creek Formation Area Found: Slope County, North Dakota (Famous Ranch)Private Land Item description and Rating 1-10 10 HUGE GREAT Never Broken 6.25 Around the Curve Plus 6.25 ” Base Circumference TREX POINT TOOTH with Great Patina and many Pluses . First and most important this is a totally natural tooth with only cleaning, buffing with resistant wax, stabilization and 1 crack fill. It was found whole and stabilized so never a Break which is simply amazing for a huge tooth . Next the color assortment is just amazing on all levels with, Blue, Black, Reddish Brown on root, Dark Brown, and Lighter Brown, and slight Gray . Its by far the most colorful tooth I ever had . Now the Size . There is 5 Plus inches of actual tooth and a little over a 1” root. This is unheard of . Most large teeth 4” of Tooth rest root. The ridge shown is on one side is not real noticeable.IN order to make is go away the tooth would have had to be taken apart in this area and fitted . Since this is all natural I didn’t have heart to do that and adds credibility. The location is famous for a huge find written about in books which will be disclosed to buyer only. The enamel is so beautiful I can’t hardly believe it. The serrations can be seen but are naturally worn as this is an old Huge Male who ate many dinosaurs in his lifetime . Tip is so beautiful with again natural wear with still patina. A friend just sold a tooth with some restore for $57,000 , and at auction this tooth is appraised at $55-60,000 so this is a buy . When have you ever seen an all natural tooth. I can’t say enough about quality, color, size and originality with overall appearance . I can say this -You would never get a tooth this size for this price. IT was found last year. WE know serrations are naturally worn since small points do exist in most areas. Almost all big teeth have this on serrations especially one this old .Very few teeth exist with this much tooth plus some root but this point tooth is totally complete. I haven’t had an all original one ever. I just can’t believe I havethis as this is not only large but an excellent tooth. Words can’t describe how nice and large this tooth is. I saw at auction 2 years ago at 5.5” go for 57,000 plus commission that looked horrible, but this one makes that look like a rookie. Sold 48000
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Species: Titanis walleri Species description: Prehistoric Giant Flightless Birds that had a height of 7 ft and weighed at least 330 lbs .These extinct Birds came here from S America and are extremely rare in fossil History . In fact only 41 bones have ever been uncovered in the Universe . These birds had powerful predatory feet and enormous head and beak . They lived in open grasslands scattered with oak trees .These birds lived in Pliocene Period of Florida and went extinct about 1.5 million years ago. They were not successful here in USA . They ate small ridents ,mammals , reptiles and carrion .Running its prey down and holding it with its large feet and claws and using an axe-like beak to finish the kill was its way of killing .The only known bones of this bird are found in Texas and Florida Geological strata: Blancan North American Stage 4.75 MYA - 1.8 MYA Geological period: 4.75 -1.8 Million years ago Item location: Dixie County-3 pieces , Suwannee County Co. -4 pieces Gilchrist rest Item rating and description:1-10 ***10*** Amazing Terror Bird 14 Pieces - 2 scapula-coracoid piece 3.5” long, 4 beak pieces -one over 5.5” long,1 piece of skull under eye orbit with partial eye orbit, and 3 skull jaw pieces , and 2 4” leg bone piece .These are all original and you can see the struts so typical of birds . I can’t even imagine owning these pieces so I can’t give them up . While not for sale I wanted to show you how this bird looked . Out of a total of 41 bones and bone fragments officially known from the entire US including only 1 from Texas and the rest from Florida , I own 18% of all known bones . All the rest are in a museum at an university While only pieces I have many skull pieces and jaw plus the beak., so it’s simply amazing . You will never see these anywhere else . In so proud to own these .I also have a full toebone that cost me a fortune as one of only 2 whole terror bird whole bones This has been in my collection for 20 years I want to share with someone else Only ones available for public sale ever THis is the rarest of all fossils . Since a skull hasn’t been found in North America no casts exist except 1 found in S America This one is 2 times the size Price $8999 Sale $6999 Decided to sell call 706-235-2694
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