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Rarest of Rare 100% Original Bone From MEGALOCEROS ( Irish Elk ) Right & Left Antlers w Skull

100% ORIGINAL MEGALOCEROS Entire Antlers with Skull (Giant Deer ) with 10 ft Antler Spans (Irish Elk ) 

Species: Megaloceros giganteus 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man mostly at end of last ice age .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just don't exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all . They are deer totally  Antlers are just amazing up to 12 ft long This one is a 10 ft long male .

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -7,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany Gravel Pit - Skull Ukraine (Dnieper River Kamianske(Formally Dniprodzerznsk)

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 

Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megaloceros Deer Antlers with Skull . The skull is from Ukraine and the antlers Manheim Germany . The antlers had one real large section over 4 ft  (Each org. section org close to 5 ft)with many spikes and with a few  parts that fitted perfectly at end - all others added in prepping. They are amazing and total length around the curve of both over 10 ft . Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than these piece. This is a male,as females had no horns or antlers as deer today. These are highly prized and so rare you can’t get a whole one anymore WOW I’ve wanted one for many years. It has no restoration at all. These skulls are very expensive . One of rarest fossils in the world . What a rack . Unbelievable as IM a collector and love this piece . It is 100% original bone as I can’t stress that enough but repaired from end parts thru gluing .I can’t get any more . IN 20 years this is only my second one and best one by far  so feast your eyes on this .  The last picture shows the one under the top one which is the right antler by itself . ALL spikes are on these as it was The ones close to skull is called the tine. One side has little horns other the the 2 horns as one which looks like a sunflower The width is an amazing 43 inches straight line These antlers are just awesome . What a display this makes and so proud of it .  The skull is complete now . I've always wanted a great one and this is it -a dream come true  An original picture of 2 females and one male is on the wall behind it with great scenery 

NOT For SALE  Personal Collection Piece 

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Almost Non-Existent Prehistoric Oligocene First True Peccary Perchoerus

AUCTION ITEM Species: Perchoerus Platyops Species description: Hardly no record of this animal exists except it looks like a large peccary and belongs to Artactyla. This is so rare hardly anything has been written about it but it was named by Cope of the famous Cope- Marsh duo. It is smaller than later Platygonius compresses but looks a lot like it. It was a browsing animal and very few bones have been found, At All!! Read about this animal here and you will know more than 99% of the population. You can look this up and get so little it is amazing!!!! Geological strata: White River Formation Geological Epoch: Upper Oligocene Geological Timeframe: 28-23 Million Years ago Item location: Shannon County, S Dakota Item rating and description: (1-10) *9.5* RAREST AND OLDEST of ALL PECCARIES – ULTRA RARE PERCHOERUS. Beautiful Large 10.5” SKULL. Wow this is so rare little is known about it. My friend from whom I purchased has hunted 30 years and this is only the third one he ever found. I’ve only seen 2 other ones in 20 years ever. My prepper said this is the most complete one he ever saw even better than the other one I sold. It’s over 90% original and these, if found, are usually very partial. While this is compressed, it’s complete and does not take away the beauty of this piece on a stand. Also, the entire back including the sagittal crest with condyles is original and one of the zygos. The teeth are very fine with all original except 3 of 4 of tusks, 4 of 6 uppers, and one premolar. The value of this is extreme and they sell immediately for those people who know how rare these are. Restore is only on one zygo of the peccary plus some spots to fill holes on the top and bottom. You just don’t find these never in this condition!!!! The upper skull is extraordinarily great for any skull let alone this rare animal. The prep was so well done that it is difficult to ascertain exact original of restore. But look at it as a whole and you will be so pleased. I was so happy to get this find, and only a true collector will appreciate this one as actual value is priceless!! You will never find a better one for the money. The pictures will show you how original this is. I will gladly keep this as I appreciate it so much. Anyway, here it is at the same price I sold the last one which was two inches smaller so this is a big one and highly original!!!! Its almost at cost   
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Great Humungous Kubanocheros Entire Skull 30” x 12 ” Wide by 17.5 Inches Tall

Great Humungous Kubanochoerus Entire Skull 30” by 12” Wide by 17.5” Tall Species: Kubanochoerus Gigas Species description: Suidae which pigs belong, and this species was the largest genus of pig on earth except Daedon . These are 4 ft high at shoulder and with head well over 6 ft tall and weighed well over a thousand lbs. Some of these got well over 20 ft long .They belong to Artidactyla order and vary in size from small 60cm long in case of pygmy hog to this one at 30 “ throughout time .The heads were unmistakeable with small eyebrows horns, and a separate horn emanating from this forehead of the males. Besides Daedon this was largest pig ever . This was an aggressive pig with large front lower canine type teeth for rooting in leaves and grass for all types of food including insects and berries .er cats also . These are found in Euroasia and Africa and are old and very rare These are one of coolest animals of all time Geological strata: Middle MIocene Geological period: Miocene 15.9 MYA -7.3 MYA Item location: Euroasia Item rating and description:1-10 9.9 This is an Beautiful Entire30 “ Skull of a Rare Fossil Miocene Huge PIG Kubanocherus that was so huge and heavy it looks so formidable . I only saw one 20 yeas ago and sold it so had to have another .Its in great shape has had preliminaryprep and will be prepped fully . Its just amazing with such high quality you just cant believe it is so real -a pig These are bigger than archaetheriums that were meat eaters, but these are not meat eaters The bone quality is great . The part of zygo needs glued on and only one eye socket on side needs some resto only in back which will be done but just had to show this animal. Few people have ever heard of this animal . The rest is all original over entire face. These animals are a REAL TREAT and extremely rare In fact you cant get them anymore but this was from a 20 year old collection in usa found by a farmer . They are not available anymore . It was bought in USA so see a rare piece from about 20 years ago that is at least 7 million years olf It takes 3 people to carry this animal at least About 200 lbs Anyway I have a friend probably will purchase it p but I want you to see it I may sell if it doesn’t occur but something this good I don’t usually put on site as I have buyers if I want to sell so Its worth a fortune because you will never see another . The teeth are 5 inches long =bigger than the biggest sabercat so I promise this will be prepped this year entirely soon but just had to show you Once done ILl do more pics but it will probably be sold This is so big I can hardly get entire skull in the picture . See the photos and the teeth .Simply amazing . Not for sale now and probably wont be but you can call 706-235-2694 Shipping would be $1000 on pallet if ever sold