Triceratops and Torosaurus

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Amazing Huge 42” Long Psittacosaurus with 5.25” Skull Highly Orig(even ribs)Mounted

Species : Psittacosaurus(Forerunner to Triceratops ) Description : An extinct species of Certopsian dinosaur and forerunner to Triceratops . They were obligate bipeds at adulthood with high skull with beak with males having horns on side of face. Adults range in size from skeletons 25 inches long skulls 3 inches up to 5 ft long –small in size for a ceratopsian but they were the first . Formation: Geological timeframe : Early Cretaceous 125-101 MYA Location : Asia Description: 1-10 9.9 They don’t get any bigger than this This is the largest you will ever see by far .This dinosaur was bought in USA over 25 years ago . This is a huge massive one- a 42 inch long skeleton with head 5.25 “ x 4.5” 15” wide with teeth. It has horns off the cheek area on both sides which makes it a male. They don’t get much larger than this so it’s also so original with the entire body real bone from same dinosaur -even most of ribs are real which is amazing. The color is amazing with no repair on any bone except a little on ribs . No restoration of any type . It was mounted on a large board with scenery for astetic value . It is just beautiful . You will never see a better one. This was bought many years before any laws in any countries occurred . The USA has no laws on items purchased here in any way. This is such a fantastic piece, and is a whole dinosaur. Rarely does anyone get a whole dinosaur this reasonable . Must be driven or picked up at my friends home in Texas. I’m doing this selling on consignment for another . Across country parties like California or NY can meet in Arizona at the show in Feb. This is so reasonable just above cost . This head was $5000 according to my friend This is a whole huge pssit dinosaur so say you own one for a great cost. It cost me 2000 to mount and 8000 for this specimen so its under cost $13,999 email me please call 706-235-2694 or Covid special $9999 plus shipping on pallet of $599 International $999   Sold for $9000
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