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Monster Almost Non-existent Highly Original SABERCAT Pogonodon Species(11.75”)-Great Find

Species: Pogonodon cismontamus(Platycopis) Species description: One of earliest Nimravidae endemic to North America and Eurasia .A Nimravid saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 30.8MYA -7.2MYA . They stood at least 4 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet , and were solidary predators hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack. Their sabers are smaller than a Dinictis normally but not this specimen as shown with this specimen and estimated weight was around 70 lbs . This fossil is so rare it has little written about it .It lived at least 30 million years ago .This one weighed hundreds of lbs .This specimen is so big the sabers are much bigger than a dincitis , and one of rarest fossils on earth. Geological strata: Uppermost Brule Formation Just below uppermost nodules in the White Zone Just at bottom of Sharps Formation Geological period: 32-24 MYA This one 32-30 MYA –Top of Layers so a later more advanced one - Item location: White River Badlands -Shannon County , S Dakota on private land Item Rating & Details :1-10 10 This is one of most greatest finds in America on Sabercat world . I would say with teeth its at least 85% Original. Its just as large as a Smilodon except the sabers at a fraction of the price, even though its rarer. It’s a POGONODON HIGHLY ORIGINAL SABER-TOOTH CAT I have sold many cats but only had 1 in past that was smaller at 10.5 inches but this is huge at almost 12 “. What makes this such a great find is originality of the bone skull is an amazing 95% and these just aren’t found . Both sabers have over half original on each with one the tip back and other base up. Restored are incisors and part of saber with some work to make sabers astetically pleasing . This is a Highly original Extremely Rare saber -cat. It has been IDed by a knowledgeable authority. Skull, sabers and almost all teeth are exceptional which is the most important item, and the prep work was fantastic as it is exceptionally done . The zygos are even real worth just a little restored . The lowers are amazing even with most of back original and not same cat. The color , shape and rareness is just unmatched and have only seen a few of these my entire life . I have one in my collection but this I hate to sell but will if price is right WHAT A Great cat. THIS IS ONE OF TOP POGO SPECIMENS ANYWHERE ON EARTH and ONE OF LARGEST. A LIFETIME KEEPER and one of a few that exist including museums . BONE QUALITY unmatched anywhere . These are believed to be developed from the dinictis genus which is the smallest of the American cats but just look at this one My only 1 I ever had except my private collection piece which I still have, was another I sold . This is one of the largest USA species sabercats , with the others having only a few found and not available to public . Smilodons sell at auction over $300,000 and only a few ever offered . Homotheriums in USA only in Texas museum, and xenosmilus only 2 in existence privately held . This is just too magnificent to sell Now I only have 1 in my private collection
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