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Extra Nice Second Dog Ever Daphaenus felinus Skull in Matrix!!!

Species: Daphaenus felinus

Species description: This was the second species of dog in North America that lived millions of years ago in western USA and had nice size canines in which to hunt prey on the plains. Not large but cunning and able to bring down prey larger than itself.

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35-23 MYA

Item location: Shannon County, South Dakota

Item rating and description: (1-10) 8 What a Vicious Rare Carnivore - The Extinct Second Wild Dog of the Plains Daphaenus 6.5” Skull. This is a beautiful fossil, even though it has some restoration, it still is 80% original and complete. The detail of the skull is magnificient for top collectors who want a superb piece. The skull has a few small parts restored such as back of one lower jaw, zygos, a little in the sagittal crest area plus some on top but the teeth are very very good with most original. The color is so amazing it makes a room light up. These go for up to $4000 or more but this quality piece is much less for someone who wants a high quality piece without paying $4000. Buy this while it lasts because this is the lowest i have ever priced this species!!!!

Price: $2599

reduced quick sale $1999

Shipping: $29

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