Dogs, Wolves, and Hyenas

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Extra Nice Second Dog Ever Daphaenus felinus Skull in Matrix!!!

Species: Daphaenus felinus

Species description: This was the second species of dog in North America that lived millions of years ago in western USA and had nice size canines in which to hunt prey on the plains. Not large but cunning and able to bring down prey larger than itself.

Geological strata: Brule Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 35-23 MYA

Item location: Shannon County, South Dakota

Item rating and description: (1-10) 8 What a Vicious Rare Carnivore - The Extinct Second Wild Dog of the Plains Daphaenus 6.5” Skull. This is a beautiful fossil, even though it has some restoration, it still is 80% original and complete. The detail of the skull is magnificient for top collectors who want a superb piece. The skull has a few small parts restored such as back of one lower jaw, zygos, a little in the sagittal crest area plus some on top but the teeth are very very good with most original. The color is so amazing it makes a room light up. These go for up to $4000 or more but this quality piece is much less for someone who wants a high quality piece without paying $4000. Buy this while it lasts because this is the lowest i have ever priced this species!!!!

Price: $2599

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Shipping: $29

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Species: Canis Diris (Dire Wolf)

Species description: It was closely related to Gray wolf in many features but it is not direct ancestor of any species today . IT became extinct 10,000 years ago with wooly mammoth . IT was larger than Gray Wolf averaging 5 ft in length and weighing 150-175 lbs . Legs of Dire Wolf was shorter and sturdier than those of gray wolf and the brain case was smaller to than the gray wolf .This was the largest wolf ever and ate anything it wanted as it traveled in packs also to obtain food.

Geological period: Pleistocene $30,000 years old this one 1 Million-10,000 species survived

Item location: LEVY COUNTY , FLORIDA

Item rating and description: (1-10) **10** SPECTACULAR DIRE WOLF 12.5” COMPLETE SKULL Over 96 % Original With Lowers just found recently close to where Upper was found over a year ago . I waited on this hoping the lowers would be found and it came true. Now presenting one of only a few in existence for top Perfectionist collectors only “the DIRE WOLF”-One of the most sought after fossils in the world and complete. This skull is really fantastic as the Upper is at least 95% original and one side of lower is entirely original with only a few repairs anywhere .The back of the upper is all there as you can tell by the lines and color of a little lighter brownish tint . The back of one lower is the only item that is restored except for a few spots on upper and one spot of front of one lower . I would describe this as an outstanding specimen , and with this species even 70% is very good as this is one of top specimens ever found . Only one in Florida exits, and it’s in a museum but not this quality. I debated to sell this one or not , but I do have two LaBrea wolves and will keep one for myself . This gives you a great opportunity AS you know only Florida, Alaska , and California LaBrea have these animals, and the University of Florida has only one exhibited . No other species of wolf over 11 inches long ever existed so for you doubters, it’s true . This specimen has the most spectacular teeth you will ever see that are an extremely high % of original teeth . The entire upper are all original teeth including all incisors and the one canine shows it broke off just a small amount in life so it tells a great story . This is an old male wolf with many fights under its belt . It is a spectacular color of dark brown, black and even a tincture of light spotted teeth like the incisors The lower has all real teeth except 5 incisors in the middle. It was found 10 months later close to the upper at same area and it matches as you can tell on size and color . Its mounted on a beautiful display well and I doubt if even 4 exist in the world today of Dire wolves from Florida . This is so special I will not discount as I’d gladly keep it . It does just stir me to see this creature just as much as my bear dog from Florida and Short-face Bear in my personal collection . Even the zygos are original which unheard of in any extinct mammal. The wolf id fully inflated at 6” across also .It was expertly prepped .Remember there is always a color difference in some areas due to matrix it was found . Even the teeth aren’t completely black but most all are. Anyway for you who can’t appreciate this you never will but for the few who really know this animal this is an amazing find . Just because it isn’t La Brea even though its actually even rarer it goes at a discount already as my La Brea ones will go for over $60,000 with skeletal pieces . I’m a very fortunate person to have this, and only one who feels the same will have a chance to get this or I will not sell it. 40,000 plus Appraised at Auction for 65,000 so its funny People love paying 23 % premium on top of this so you save half by getting it now Only a few months and gone for large money

Price: $48,000 Firm call 706-235-2694 Possible by July $35,000 Keith

Shipping: $295