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Famous Unbelievable From One Publication 10 years ago TREX STOMACH Contents w Raptor Jaw, Mammal etc

Famous Unbelieveable FromOne Publication(Only Place-One Rex) TREX STOMACH CONTENTS 26” x 10” Heavy Fullof Bones w Raptor jaw and mammal skull .

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12” corner teeth with roots
and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful
and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Glendive, Montana

Description and rating:1-10 10 This is the main piece that is famous -written by palentologists and research experts in 2009 . It is huge at 26” long by 10 inches high . IT is one of a kind . It has a raptor jaw and mammal skull with thousands of bone chunks . The partial lower jaw and has a 2 cusped-like molar tooth on anterior border(Pics enclosed) .This is one of a kind piece that only occurred under ribs of one dinosaur in ne location . On skull it has a palate, incisive foramen, 2 auditorybullae, many teeth you can see . I also have a closeup picture taken with paper . I had 5 other pieces that all sold as I was there 10 years ago. This is the biggest most famous and had had electronic microscope pictures of this and many others. IT comes with a book of 21 pages with writeups and proof of what it is .This is so valuable as one paper on this specimen from one animal is only 1 been found to date . IT comes with the paper describing this amazing part of TREX . So many questions enter your mind on this but it comes from the rancher in the paper who has many jaws in his piece. It was covered quickly so bacteria could not work on it and it died just after a meal of course so thousands of things had to go right to obtain this massive great find. Research also shows the TREX died by drowning and it ate a small mammal just before death. You need to read this publication of CPSQ 2013 Article which comes with purchase Since none exists for sale, and I kept one piece this is priceless. The rancher is a friend and sold only to me these pieces. I also gave a small piece to a dear hunter friend. This is the second largest piece found as I sold one earlier last year before conclusive paper was done so that piece is worth lots more now. It was a surface find so layering was so great even with on the surface. The details this is so great. The piece is absolutely outstanding and a must for a collector who wants everything found of a TREX .It is heavy and some bone material are seen throughout in all different directions. Certain spots due to elements created holes throughout which allows you to see the inner items. The value on this is so hard on this as it’s one of a kind again. The owner kept the largest piece and will never sell. NO discounts apply to this piece. It can be shipped safely. Talk about DNA-this is better and can be yours .Some of papers and electronic microscope pics are included . It is hard to see but can be seen in this contents. The main items are under 1 and 2 and also closeups are shown from publication . This will attract buyers for years to come as this is a dinosaur center piece. Value is limitless to me just to see it for years . email me call at 706-235-2694 NO one in world has this There is tons of documentation and a treat for anyone who is lucky enough to own it You can see bone throughout. This is a very heavy item Very famous- one- of- kind piece. Its amazing

Not For Sale currently Museum UK

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Framed COA Picture Of HIgh Image Shell Structure Plus 3 Different Dinosaur Egg Fragments-Only 1exist

Species : Triceratops egg shell, Hadrosaur egg shell, and Therapod Egg Shell

Description :Triceratops Horned wonder, Therapod unknown, and Hadrosaur like edmontodaurus large but east target of REX

Formation: Hell Creek

Geological timeframe : Cretaceous 70-65.5MYA

Location : Glendive, Montana

Description: 1-10 10 This is a framed Letter of COA by a Noted Palentologists Findings of multiple egg shells form different dinosaurs including Therapod egg shell., Hadrosaur egg shell and Triceratops Egg Shell . No one has this anywhere as these are first discovered egg shell outside of Northern Montana close to Canadian border owned by the government where Maisauria Hadrosaur Full Eggs were found. So these are only known egg shell available for sale, and verified by a paleontologist that they are egg shell. It has a nice write up by the paleontologist as a nice display piece which includes shell electron microscope picture results. It can be hung on a wall or displayed.

Price : $599 One –of- Kind

Lowest Price : $399 this below cost These just aren’t found

Final Price : $299 Way below cost

Shipping : $49

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