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Framed COA Picture Of HIgh Image Shell Structure Plus 3 Different Dinosaur Egg Fragments-Only 1exist

Species : Triceratops egg shell, Hadrosaur egg shell, and Therapod Egg Shell

Description :Triceratops Horned wonder, Therapod unknown, and Hadrosaur like edmontodaurus large but east target of REX

Formation: Hell Creek

Geological timeframe : Cretaceous 70-65.5MYA

Location : Glendive, Montana

Description: 1-10 10 This is a framed Letter of COA by a Noted Palentologists Findings of multiple egg shells form different dinosaurs including Therapod egg shell., Hadrosaur egg shell and Triceratops Egg Shell . No one has this anywhere as these are first discovered egg shell outside of Northern Montana close to Canadian border owned by the government where Maisauria Hadrosaur Full Eggs were found. So these are only known egg shell available for sale, and verified by a paleontologist that they are egg shell. It has a nice write up by the paleontologist as a nice display piece which includes shell electron microscope picture results. It can be hung on a wall or displayed.

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