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ONE-OF-A KIND Astonishing REPENOMAMUS Skeleton -Largest Mammal in Dinosaur Ages Which ATE DINOSAURS 125 MYA-3 ft

Astonishing REPENOMAMUS SKELETON-High originality -Famous Killer of Baby Dinosaurs -Largest Mammal during the Age of Dinosaurs

Species: Repenmamus giganteus 

Description : Badger-sized mammal -only one known to eat dinosaurs  . Recently on TV as having one with stomach contents of 2 baby dinosaurs . This was the largest mammal known throughout all dinosaur period as dinosaurs kept them at bay the entire time, and almost all others were size of mice . It was larger than several known adult dinosaurs also .It was a carnivore -one of few mammals that were that also ate other vertebrates like reptiles and birds . Only 2 known and this the only one in private hands . A non-placental mammal which means it laid eggs that hatched like modern marsupials . It’s a member of the triconodonts an early mammal even though they started about 230 MYA. IT came from reptiles as we all did . Its teeth are very sharp and between a dog and a cat . That's why I put in cats and dogs.  More a cat and may be one of forerunners of Sabertooths even though Miacis -like a weasel is given that honor  

Time: Early Cretaceous 125-123 MYA 

Area : Euroasia  There is video about this mammal  Repenomamus the Mammal that Ate Dinosaurs  


Description : Rating 10 of 10 . To me this is the find of the entire dinosaur period.  Rarer than any dinosaur it is one of my most exciting specimens. Most people only think of dinosaurs but to get a whole specimen with only ribs and part of shoulder blades restored is so amazing . The head has all real teeth to this animal and is 6” Long with the whole animal 36 “ long exactly 3 feet . I do have ribs but they are in pieces so unable to mount but could put some on eventually on top of others.   Expertly mounted  and just a sight to behold . Mammals are my thing now and wanted one for quite awhile. It was found in prep shop in matrix with contents unknown for decades and recently prepped.   One of a kind - IM keeping this  . If I did sell it would take a lot and will take names for the distant future with health permits  I cant say enough about this. IT leaves me speechless almost ,which you know is hard to do on my website. This is so great when you consider almost all mammals were size of today's mouse all just trying to stay alive and not get crushed by dinosaurs . This one could handle small adult dinos and babies .   Its teeth are so sharp thats why I believe its a forerunner to sabercats -they say Miacis is the forerunner which is a  weasel type animal . Miacis was later so Miacis probably came from this mammal . The teeth are so sharp.   A Baby pssitacosaur is under it as we know it ate this due to one specimen in the belly   THis specimen is better  

Call 706-235-2694 or 706-802-7894 Not for sale Its my favorite piece except my Fox 53,000 years old 

  thanks  You may give me your name if interested some day or Ill just enjoy it  while IM  healthy. I don't know the true value since no one has this.  To me it has tremendous value . Amount I paid is well worth it. 

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Beautiful Large 6.25” Straightline (8” ) Around the Curve each Egg -HADROSAUR NEST100% Original Complete on 3 sides Rest in Matrix

Beautiful Large 6.25” Straightline (8”) Around the Curve HADROSAUR 2 EGG Nest  100% Original with All Topside shell 

Species :  Hadrosaur Species  

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: Euroasia

Item Rating 1-10   9.6  Top Premium Large 6.25” Straightline measurement for each of 2 huge eggs . Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell Present with no repair or restoration. Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see.  You can’t find these anymore so pricing has risen but I kept it at only a 20% margin . You will never see a better eggs anywhere except the nest I have.  This is the first Hadrosaur nest I’ve seen in 8 years  This egg is larger than anmy I saw before of this species maybe because it is a new species unknown .  100% Original with no restoration at all on shell or rest of Egg. One side it’s all shell which never occurs  and the sides Other side is in matrix . Again no one has ever seen any eggs better. This by far are the largest Hadrosaur eggs I ever saw as before they were normally 5 inches straight-line . These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person . You won’t get another chance.   This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago) and recently found and prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and then rest is restored. This one is over 99% egg shell on one side on both eggs so its so  natural - its spectacular.  few spots no egg shell nothing has been done.   This is two of the most supreme eggs  you will ever see except my nest .    Im selling way  less than even small  oviraptor eggs What a deal     WOW WOW  I sold one Oviraptor Egg for way more than this so discounted alot for you 


Price  :2899  

Reduced $2600  at cost   

Shipping : $159 Very Heavy  

Call 706-235-2694 if you wish this please  wire only or check or email