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Rare Large Cycad Tree Fossil 10 x 8 x 7 - One of a Kind

Rare LargeCycad Tree Fossil 10 x8 x7 Petrified-)one of a Kind

Species: Cycadeoideadacotensis (Cycad)
Species description: Extinct Genus-species of TREE very rarefound in North America very rarely . It was a large
tree endemic to NorthAmerica. It went extinct millions of years ago during Cretaceous Period. It resembles a Giant Palm Tree. Geological strata: Lakota Sandstone Formation
Geological period: 90 Million years approx. Lower Cretaceous
Item location: Minnekahta, Fall River County ,S Dakota
Item rating and description: 1-10—10 Beautiful Rare 10 x 8 x7” Petrified Cycad Tree. I’ve only seen ones from one tree
Anywhere anytime in 20 years of this business and I bought it. It was a lot but its worth it Its been in my collectionfor 15 years with no thought of selling until now as you can’t replace it. Anyway you can tell it’s a tree and hasfine detail in all regards You will never see this again .The others I saw this size all were selling 5-6 thousand . This is a giveaway Price : $ 2499 Shipping : Its heavy $289

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Holy Bibles - All except one rebound at great cost 1/2 Price

All these bibles are huge and all in the 1800’s with many leather bound and also gold leaf with pictures from the 1800;s and illustrations plus a info sheet on books of the bible .They are listed in order of best and largest to 1 not rebound

1890 Pronouncing Bible with each book recaps -$1299 -$600

1888 Complete Holy Bible with illustrations now $900 $500

1873 Complete Domestic Bible $800 now $500

1867 Family Bible $450 now $250

1841 Holy Bible $450 now 250

1869 Holy Bible not rebound rough shape $175

Shipping : Starts at $79 More pics coming for this page for bibles

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Clearance 1838 Land Office Grant under the Martin Van Buren Administration Signed by Him or His Son

After the Trail of Tears in 1831 Indian Lands were being granted at $ 1 per share as long as persons took at least over 80 acres. This land grant was signed in 1839 in May for just over 80 acres by Martin Van Buren Himself or his son Martin JR . From 1937-1941 Martin Van Buren was President . He appointed his son Abraham as his secretary for the entire time but also had his son Martin Jr as a personal aide, secretary and editor of his father’s papers sign land grant documents . Huge amounts of land was granted and he delegated his sons to sign many grants , however he did sign some as well as his son Martin Jr. Martin J died at a young age while with his father in 1855 in France from tuberculosis . At first I believed this was definitely Martin Van Buren’s himself as it looks almost identical . Keep in mind many other lines do have Martin Van Buren’s name signed but by other people in his administration . The details are excellent in this document , and a lot of research went into this to determine this is indeed real and signed either by the President himself or his son as a Jr. appears to be at the end of the main line at the bottom left after BY with Martin Van Buren himself signed a few and it looks so close as his Ms are V’s just as this is so values are shown on historyforsale.com


Find A Grave - Martin Van Buren, JR


It shows Abraham’s signature at $3900 and Martin Van Buren’s signature at $7900-9900 value and if you do close-ups you can see they match . I don’t know value for Martin Van Buren’s Jr signature but there are fewer of these than Abraham’s maybe only a couple but this makes it more valuable than Abraham’s . My feeling is the President brought many home with him on visits to have someone else sign besides Abraham which would be his son. It still may be his then the value is well known at almost 10,000. It was to a landowner in Alabama and found in a book dated 1840 so with the presidential seal this is undoubtedly a authentic document that has major historical significance . This land was taken from the Creek Indians, and also I have tons of written proof of all I say above with documents . One look at this document seals any doubts a person could have . It has the presidential seal , and all writing can be read . It’s yours at a fraction of the value


US $957

Clearance $199 under cost

Shipping: $34

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Large OLD 1800’s Wooden Mallet -Very Rare

Found in Georgia. 15” Long and 8inches wide

Price : $89

Price $50

Shipping: $57

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1965 FORD MUSTANG HIGHLY ORIGINAL With AIR and only90,000 Miles – Automatic

What a beauty this is . It is highly original with entire interior equipment original except the radio which looks original but has FM in addition to Am. The interior has original seats of a Mustang 65 but not this one , and with exception of regular maintenance swaps the entire under the hood except the radiator is original to the car and the engine is original. It runs so well with all equipment working . It was in a barn for 20 years without use …. It has air all 3 speeds , automatic transmission ,original rear view mirror plus one for safety added on passenger side. It is a 289 so very powerful car . It’s a great car with even paint obtained from the original color but it was repainted with original 65 paint –cream yellow . The tires are not original but great tires for use as all cars of this age are . I could go on and on about this but call if interested. I really don’t want to sell this, but will if price right. Just make me an offer but it must be over normal value due to condition or I won’t sell so unless you want to pay a lot forget calling me please.

Price: Call 706-235-2694 $26,000 Must be paid before pickup

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Alan Stout