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Beautiful 100% Original TREX CERVICAL Centrum Vertbrae 6” x 5” x 4.5”

Beautiful 100 % Original Huge TREX CERVICAL Centrum Vertebrae 6” x5 “ x4.5” High

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex was15 ft high that lived in western USA - largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Powder River, Montana

Description and rating:1-10 9.8 What A find - TRex (Neck)Cervical Vertebrae 6” x 5 “ wide x 4.5”. This had a small amount of repair on one side of centrum and crack with spot fills. This centrum is very high quality with little to no wear so bone quality is outstanding. All sides have excellent quality, This bone was unexpected and found with many other verts. Do you see how it goes concave inward plus both sides have a hole close to canal area at top . Only Rex has this or nano rex and this is too big Id say this is a large juvenile animal -very large juvenile maybe even a sub-adult . I’ve only had a few neck verts ever of this animal and this is one of the best If it had the canal and processes its worth 7000 as Ive sold 2 of them at 8000 but this is a little smaller . It is lacking the processes or Id sell it for that I’ve had 2 with lots of wear not like this that sold for 3500 each. This is amazingly nice It has nothing wrong on this just no processes. This is a way to get a great TREX piece and not go broke also. The bone quality as I said on sides is outstanding which still make it valuable.Rex was the the Most Feared Predator of all time and TREX large bones are so hard to get now. There is nothing like this on the market except here. I sold a perfect one this with processes for $8000 so this is a gift and much cheaper than my smaller TREX cervical centrum with canal only 4000 . I just can’t say enough about this piece, so I’ll let you see for yourself , and see if see l how great of a purchase this is at a very

low price.

Price :$1999 No discounts This is an amazing price You cant get anything under 2000 on anything on REX Shipping : w Insurance $129

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Huge Exceptional 6.5” Around the Curve TREX Point Tooth Highly Original w Serrations & Great Enamel

HUGE Exceptional 6.50” Around the Curve TREX TOOTH Highly Original w Nice Serrations & Super Enamel

Species : Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description : One of Largest carnivores during the dinosaur age with 12” Corner teeth with roots and up to 49ft long and USA own species in western USA . Very powerful and massively built dinosaur
which hunted solitary . It easily downed prey with surprise attacks through use of the jaws.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5” MYA

Geographical strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Area Found: Baker, Montana

Item description and Rating1-10 9.5 HUGE Extra Nice “6.5” LONG Around Curve (6” Circumference) TREX POINT TOOTH with Great Serrations on 1 Side , Many on other side but worn. The
enamel is excellent . This tooth is very very large and quality wise it has a tip from another Rex but it aligns almost perfect including serration , with great enamel. Only for ¾ “ a small ridge exists to show the tip which was from another Rex that fit almost perfectly .The enamel is so beautiful I can’t hardly believe it. It was mailed and unfortunately my 1 large whole section broke but was painstakingly put back together with glue as repair. A slight of amount of restore in middle of tooth exists but none outside on tooth at all . A tooth this large. I’ve received 38,000 before on same TREX so this is an opportunity to get a huge tooth at great price just because tip was from another. I can’t say enough about quality, color, size and serrations , circumference, and overall appearance .I can say this -You would never get a tooth this size for this price . Its real just not perfect . Serrations on one side are all there and crisp. At auction this tooth goes for extreme funds so here is your chance. IT was found in 2008 with other rex parts and was able to get it after wanting it for years . So 35-40,000 at auction or here ¼ that price. Color is brown to black color and shows some root intrusion still with almost all enamel. Very few teeth exist with this much tooth plus total root but this point tooth is totally complete. I haven’t had one in many many years but only 2 larger in 20 years . I just can’t believe I have this as this is not only large but an excellent tooth. It was smashed on sending for prep but repaired expertly and put back together This is one of larger teeth you will ever see. The prep work was great but it looked great when I got it natural also. Words can’t describe how nice and large this tooth is. I saw at auction 2 years ago at 5.5” go for 57,000 plus commission that looked horrible, but this one makes that look like a rookie. Most large teeth have bad serrations but this has one great side. This was so good I was willing to pay a huge amount for this tooth as I knew the value on this. This tooth is worth much more but hoping for someone who appreciate quality for a quick sale . You will see some brown long sections -its perfect enamel which you don’t see much .Rest is enamel also with little resto- but has some root exposure and cracks . If not sold quickly it I decide to keep this one to show my classes I teach. You will not have a chance to gt another one at this price . My first big 6 plus tooth 10 years ago I sold for same amount and it had 15% resto This one has nothing on outside only a few % inside / Keep this in in mind If interested let me know if money available THis is way below value. If person who desired it cant pay within reasonable time this will be sold .

Price : $12999 this is worth 25,000 its a gift

Shipping : $389 with insurance overnite Possible hold

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Ultra Rare Wide Pterodactyl Jaw 5” x 3” w 1 Complete Tooth 100% Original of Unknown Pterodactyl

Ultra Rare Wide Pterodactyl Jaw 5” x 3” with 1 Complete Tooth 100% Original of Unknown Pterodactyl Flying Reptile

Species: Pterodactyl(Winged-finger)

Species description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 Million years ago that had wingspans from a ft to 40 ft long, which had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground . They ate small retiles, mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa, and Austrailia . They had claws of feet on wings to secure prey also which is unique among all animals ever.

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10 9.3 Not complete, however all original , Rare Large Pterodactyl 5” x 3”Section of Jaw with Tooth. While only a section it is an unknown species that may be one-of-a-kind. ad one almost complete No restore ,no breaks on this section and no work done. This is a section of one of rarest pteradactyls ever found For sure. This is a prize . If an American one it would go for huge money so here is your chance. I love it . This piece is amazing . I can’t say enough so here are the pictures for you .This was found last year . Since not complete you get a bargain. If complete it would be a fortune . I really paid more than this so this is under wholesale to get your business.

Price: $999

reduced $799 THis is so rare jaw with teeth

Final Final $699 under my cost these are so rare YOu wont find any

Shipping $ 39 with insurance

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

,Payable to: Dinolandplus.com ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Famous Unbelievable From One Publication 10 years ago TREX STOMACH Contents w Raptor Jaw, Mammal etc

Famous Unbelieveable FromOne Publication(Only Place-One Rex) TREX STOMACH CONTENTS 26” x 10” Heavy Fullof Bones w Raptor jaw and mammal skull .

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12” corner teeth with roots
and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful
and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Glendive, Montana

Description and rating:1-10 10 This is the main piece that is famous -written by palentologists and research experts in 2009 . It is huge at 26” long by 10 inches high . IT is one of a kind . It has a raptor jaw and mammal skull with thousands of bone chunks . The partial lower jaw and has a 2 cusped-like molar tooth on anterior border(Pics enclosed) .This is one of a kind piece that only occurred under ribs of one dinosaur in ne location . On skull it has a palate, incisive foramen, 2 auditorybullae, many teeth you can see . I also have a closeup picture taken with paper . I had 5 other pieces that all sold as I was there 10 years ago. This is the biggest most famous and had had electronic microscope pictures of this and many others. IT comes with a book of 21 pages with writeups and proof of what it is .This is so valuable as one paper on this specimen from one animal is only 1 been found to date . IT comes with the paper describing this amazing part of TREX . So many questions enter your mind on this but it comes from the rancher in the paper who has many jaws in his piece. It was covered quickly so bacteria could not work on it and it died just after a meal of course so thousands of things had to go right to obtain this massive great find. Research also shows the TREX died by drowning and it ate a small mammal just before death. You need to read this publication of CPSQ 2013 Article which comes with purchase Since none exists for sale, and I kept one piece this is priceless. The rancher is a friend and sold only to me these pieces. I also gave a small piece to a dear hunter friend. This is the second largest piece found as I sold one earlier last year before conclusive paper was done so that piece is worth lots more now. It was a surface find so layering was so great even with on the surface. The details this is so great. The piece is absolutely outstanding and a must for a collector who wants everything found of a TREX .It is heavy and some bone material are seen throughout in all different directions. Certain spots due to elements created holes throughout which allows you to see the inner items. The value on this is so hard on this as it’s one of a kind again. The owner kept the largest piece and will never sell. NO discounts apply to this piece. It can be shipped safely. Talk about DNA-this is better and can be yours .Some of papers and electronic microscope pics are included . It is hard to see but can be seen in this contents. The main items are under 1 and 2 and also closeups are shown from publication . This will attract buyers for years to come as this is a dinosaur center piece.Value is limitless to me just to see it for years I would sell at $40,000 email me call at 706-235-2694 NO one in world has this There is tons of documentation and a treat for anyone who is lucky enough to own it You can see bone throughout. THis is a very heavy item

Price $39,999

Price Final $29,999

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Premium Quality Large Raptor Hand Killing Claw 4.65”

Highest Quality Large Raptor Killing 4.65 Killing Hand Claw

Species: Raptor possible but species not confirmed- possible Rugops

Species description: Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10 9.7 10 on size While most don’t know names for these foreign Raptors this is Truly an Amazing Huge Claw 4.65” around the curve, and a hand killing claw that is so rare .It has a great curve so typical of killing claws . This claw is slightly compressed but the groove and details are x-fine .I see very little restore with some repair. It is much wider than most raptors nothing done on this so it cost me a lot on this one . I only a have a few big ones this year, and this is the largest. I don’t even see a break .The bone quality is supreme on this one .These raptor never showed up until this year with a batch of them and these are from a collection found within a year . WE know there was a raptor called Rugops but so little has been found I can’t say for sure it is this , but little is written of this raptor. Its possible it’s unknown species also. My friend sold a number of them this year , and this is one of the best of the 4 large claws I have . These top premium claws like this don’t come around often so grab these fast. Hand claws are so desirable and ones this size just don’t exist hardly even in America. Remember Cretaceous Raptors in USA where much smaller Troodons and dromaeosaurs as only true raptors. I had only one USA Dromaeosaurus killing claw claw 3.35 inches and it sold for 8000 years ago. I see some spots of repair of a broken claw with some wear- no doubt but the size and quality make this a treasure . This is widest raptor claw I’ve seen but an expert on claws confirmed it’s a rare raptor hand claw for sure . It was classifies a A claw . Wow . Remember this claw is one of a kind as I’ve never seen it before of almost nonexistent . The expert said it was his first also. It doesn’t get any better than this ever . I have more calls for raptor claws an than anything so here are some large ones and high quality . No one else has these anywhere. All the claw is real bone with great brown-beige color from this dinosaur so typical in this area. You can tell from a velociraptor these are killing claws with a picture at end also which makes them extremely valuable. No one has these for sale in any way and this big for this cost is unheard of Only one person buys these for me and I didn’t even see one at show other than these . A small velociraptor claw goes for $7000 only 2.5 inches. . Just look at size in my hand. Wow. These are from 1 of only 2 reputable firms still hunting in Africa as some are artificially put together. .This is not –it’s the same dinosaur as you can tell from the lines. Anyway here it is for you to enjoy the pictures and buy. I can’t say enough about this claw. This claw is extremely valuable even with one side having compression due to very thick shape , and a killing claw that’s huge . This claw should be way higher than the other one but due to what I paid -here it is very reasonable for one this size . I have 3 close to this size but you may not have the chance to get another one except here .

Price: $4379

Final Price : $3733

Shipping: 89

Pay by wire , or check

Call 706-235-2694 or email paleoman@dinolandplus.com

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Beautiful Top Premium Ultra Rare (nonexistent actually ) CERATOSAURUS Hand Phalange 2 1/4”

Beautiful Top Premium CERATOSAURUS Hand Phalange –Never found One-of-Kind who Roamed the Jurassic with Allosaurus

Species: Ceratosaurus nasicornis

Species description: Large Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 23 ft long. It had a horn in front of head by nose, and was in Jurassic Park when it decided not to tangle with a Spinosaurus which is much larger. Its large skull compared to rest of body also IDs this dinosaur .It was called this name as Horned lizard .It could bring down Sauropods included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long . It did hunt in groups.

Geological strata: Morrison Formation

Geological period: Late Jurassic 156-144 MYA

Item location: Bone Cabin Quarry, Albany County, Wyoming

Item Rating and Description :1-10 *10* Exceptional Find –Rare Ceratosaurus Hand Phalange 2 ¼ inch Long in Jurassic Park as a Meat Eater from Jurassic Times who roamed with Allosaurus . This is my first one I ever had and only one other-a claw Ive ever had. This is from my personal collection Ive had for 20 years . It’s a beautiful 100% hand phalange with no restoration at all Ided from a top paleontologist .These are hardly ever found, and it’s highly original from the ultimate adult hunter. The patented Black color from this area is so nice. This is the first one I’ve ever seen for sale ever, as Ceratosaurus anything doesn’t come up for sale-just museums get these. Ceratosaurus material due to site closures is fast dwindling. I‘m sure someone is out there that would appreciate a Ceratosaurus anything that few private collectors have. This is a top
piece for anyone who wants a rare item. You decide as I show pictures over to the side. This is a treat for a fan of this animal as you won’t find another. Don’t ask for a lower price. This was only for my clients who want everything from this dinosaur, or a supreme Therapod collection that is missing this .

Price : $999

Shipping : 39

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Amazing Beautiful 100% Original (No breaks) Massive TREX Caudal vert 10” Long w Canal & Processes

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Species info :Tyrannosaurus Rex was15 ft high that lived in western USA - largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geographic strata Found: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Baker, Montana

Description and rating: 1-10 10 Beautiful Complete 10”x 9 “ High Early in Tail at Top Huge CAUDAL VERTEBRAE. This caudal was never broken and all the processes retained completely over 65 Million years ago. This has a canal I could not clean out due to size and stability, but it was cleaned out at least half way. It was whole so it didn’t have any breaks. It was crack filled only with no resto. This is an amazing piece for all your natural lovers. This never happens I can assure you. It has all the process which is quite large at 7 inches by 4 inches. This natural process is so nice, and with size and also quality with all processes makes this very valuable. Just a small one I have goes for over 2000. This was verified by a dinosaur expert so this is amazing and accurate. It was from a top dinosaur hunter who has connections with the paleontological experts in the field. It was found with many paleontologists digging out. Not only is it a complete high quality centrum with little or no wear. You can also tell from size and shape as the centrum curves substantially inward on sides. It is sideways a some compressed-both centrum and processes. It’s not symmetrical exactly but its close . Remember compression makes sides not perfect in shape but all natural it is worth it . Most verts are missing 20% and restored but not this one. This vert has only one crack fill but again it never broke all the way at all, which is amazing and no restoration. It is a way to get a fine example of the World’s Most Feared Predator of all time without spending a fortune. It is guaranteed one of past middle tail verts on end .I love Rex and you never find anything Rex at this price is amazing. Remember TREX bones are naturally shiny . The indentation of the centrum and the butterfly look show it’s TREX no doubt . It was IDFed by pete Larsen also –the top paleontologist in the country. It doesn’t get more natural than this one . Perfectionist need not apply. You can get a 20% restored perfect shape unnatural one.

Price : $4495 Its big

Reduced Low Price :$3999 this is a priceless gem 100% natural

Final Price :$3699

Shipping : $139

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check


Payable to:


​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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High Quality Anklyosaur Light-Colored Body Scute


Species : Ankylosaurus

Description: 15-20 ft long herbivore dinosaur eating plants, roots, and had spikes, scutes protecting its body from carnivores such as TRex

Formation: Hell Creek Formation

Geological time frame: 70-66.5 MYA

Area found: Northeastern Montana

Description of item :
1-10 9 Very Good Quality Ankylosaur Body Scute 4.5” x 4. This is a complete scute and most scutes go for $400-$600 .Very Rare Ankylosaur Body Scute don’t come around often . It has great shape, ungulations, lines, and overall pattern with only crack fills. It was from same dinosaur , had many breaks and reput back together . It will add value also as none are found. This is a real deal . Its very secure and fine light color THis scute cost me 300 dollars

Price : $299 firm

Final Price $199

Shipping $29

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Spectacular 23” x 13 ” Complete Triceratops   HUMERUS Arm Bone(Thick and Heavy)

Spectacular 23” x 13”Triceratops Gorgeous HUMERUS Arm Bone (Thick and Heavy ).

Species: Triceratops Horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill. It ate plants and grew to over 25 ft .

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Location: Powder River, Powderville, Montana

Item description and rating:1-10 9.8 Amazing piece from a Top Area in Montana for Bone Quality a 23” x 13” Triceratops Humerus. It was found this year by a
rancher whole and I brought it home to prep it . To pieces did fall off quickly repaired with some wear also corrected with pieces of this triceratops I had .I’d say maybe 99% original . After prepping the bone quality was spectacular in all regards. The great shape, bone quality , smoothness makes this an almost perfect piece . I just love this bone. It is such a super find for this trophy bone. I’ve only had a few and now have two Triceratops Humeruses. While it was whole some repair on ends had to occur from a few pieces but never broken all the way thru. It has many crack fills but came out beautifully . It is dark brown so typical of this area that has best quality bone anywhere . It appears it just died. It is heavy, and it has the right price , way less than value. It is gorgeous bone, and top quality. The distal non-paddle bulbous side had wear but outer bone was repaired by putting back on in some areas right at end . My other Triceratops humerus was eaten by a REX but did not add for this . I’ve had one 31 inches before as largest so this is huge -probably a male. I saw a small juvenile Triceratops Humerus only 15 inches in Denver sell for 3700. This is way bigger. Bone quality is so great. It probably needs a crate due to size but if I can find a heavy duty box I’ll try to send cheaper. It is so well-prepped , IM very proud of finished product . Now it’s so stable and a prize. It is complete in it’s entirety. The finder is a dear rancher friend. It had hard rock to remove and was quite a task but inner bone wasn’t much mineralized which happens alot. The bones in this area all sell over retail but not this one . It was a complete underground find and exhibits all the qualities you want in a bone from a ceratopsian. What a piece. IT is so large it’s not easy to pick up but can be done . It is a piece for a trike nut as it really is so beautiful.

Price : $4999

Final Price: 4499

Low clearance price :$3599

Shipping Crate $500

Shipping : With crate ,
foam, and pallet $500 I will try to find a box also to send cheaper USPS

International 1500

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A Treasure -High Quality Large EDMONTOSAURUS 34” Tibia Leg Bone w Great Twist

A Treasure- High Quality HUGE Edmontosaurus 34” Tibia Leg Bone w Unreal Great Shape Incl Twist

Species: Edmontosaurus annectus

Species description: Large 30-35 ft Herbivore that was a favorite target of TREX 18’ tall with flat-head and a toothless beak but behind beak many rows of teeth with a long tail like an Iquanodon and was a herbivore.

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic timeframe: 70-66.5 MYA

Item Location- Powderville, Powder River, Montana

Item rating and description:1-10 9.3 Highly Original repaired Edmontosaurus 34” x 10” Tibia Leg Bone. The bone quality is minimum very good quality from an area noted for high quality bone. What is so amazing
many do not have what I call the Tibia twist with ends tilted through middle contour , plus the 3 pronged side is present after heavily repaired. It some wear on ends with minimal restoration with crack and spot fills as it was broken but repaired professionally. Its dark brown color is so appealing. Even though excellent repair does not lower value a lot, I decided to sell at a low price so someone can get a big bone at reasonable inexpensive cost. It has different dino bone at a few spots placed to avoid restoration. I have a larger one for $4000 top notch but Ill do this half that price, which allows everyone to purchase thru time or immediately. All the outpockets are present and well shaped. This is highly unusual and makes it much more valuable. I’M very proud of this one and the prep job done. Anyway you can’t go wrong on this one. I don’t get a lot of these but in area that provides some of best bone in Cretaceous this is a treat. The bone quality is very good and haven’t had very many this caliber. This is heavy with wide ends. It is very transportable in foam as I pack well in foam and a crate so it’s safe to ship, and guarantee delivery with no large breaks. The shape of both ends are at minimum very good. It is just a beautiful specimen. I did have assistance on prepping by Big Lee . Anyway it is so special it’s a site to behold so let the pictures do more talking. I might have a metal stand with it but not sure any fit so if interested I can check that so it stands up but don’t buy it for that. These tibias go for large dollars but I’m very inexpensive for this size Tibia. You can purchase over 1 year with payments of $225 per month . I do have a metal display that will work but you have to adjust the metal prongs on side to make it fit. It can work fine

Price : $2199

Final Low Price $1999

Final Low Low price Covid sale $1599

Shipping : $699 includes crate foam and shipping intact Guaranteed no breakage

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Great High Quality Huge 50” TRICERATOPS Ischium Pelvic Bone

High Quality Massive Huge 50” TRICERATOPS Ischium Pelvic Bone

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Location: Jordan , Northern Montana

Item description and rating: 1-10 9.8 Great Rare & Monster 50”Long 15” wide Pelvic Triceratops Ischium found by a top dinosaur hunter-rancher which is excellent in color, shape ,length and bone texture with
color fairly dark brown . The pelvic bone was found this year 2019 .It was an underground find -the best type due to excellent condition which results from protection under the ground . It does have crack and spot fills with no restoration. It was repaired with a few clean breaks on the bone but now you can’t hardly tell. I put a double coating of sealant to make the whole bone very sturdy. It’s so long only one way exists to ship it on a pallet in a crate so shipping is higher but I guarantee safely arriving this way. These go up into the air a lot so they need packed very well with foam at pressure points but in the home are fine stationary. It does have an original large curve . I’ve only had a few of these type bones as they are rare . This bone is what makes this reptile a dinosaur as these are the only reptiles that had pelvic bones over the feet. For you trike enthusiasts this is a keeper. I love trikes and this is a piece you must have. NO displays but it doesn’t need one. This is a huge deal if you want quality and a rare bone. I would suggest a large order of larger bones
to offset shipment cost on this one. Why not save on shipping on many other bones. It happens a lot as I send many pallets. This is worth at least 1800 dollars so don’t wait or its gone . I dont expect to have another one ever .

Price: $1249

Price : Sellout below cost $999

Shipping : $699 No box will work on this one. Pallet with crate and foam

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Spectacular Beautiful High Quality HUGE EDMONTOSAURUS ANATOTITAN 42’’ TIBIA Leg Bone w Display


Spectacular BeautifulHigh Quality HUGE Edmontosaurus 42” Tibia Leg Bone

Species: Edmontosaurus anatotitan or gigantic annectus

Species description: Large 30-35 ft Herbivore that was a favorite target of TREX 18’ tall with flat-head and a toothless beak but behind beak many rows of teeth with a long tail like an Iquanodon and was a herbivore.

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic timeframe: 70-66.5 MYA

Item Location- Powder River , Powderville SE Montana

Item rating and description:1-10 9.7 Simply-the Best, The Largest 42” x 13” x 13” Edmontosaurus Tibia The bone quality is simply amazing. I believe due to due size this is anatotitan species .The Monster Tibia( my largest ever -largest before was 39”) was broken in 2 areas with some repair on a 2 of knobs, however it is complete with all bone little to no restoration, and prep came out beautiful. IT has some dark brown, almost black spots . The pics show a lighter brown due to light but its darker brown so typical of this area . This area produces some of best bones and this is no exception. I get very few tibias this quality as it has all the right parts including 3 pronged end and two projections on other side. While not perfect it is a keeper for anyone who wants a large bone. This Edmontosaurus was a monster in every way. Normally 32 inches is about it on these. This is so wide, so long, and so high. I CAN’T HARDLY Believe I’VE I GOT A TIBIA THIS LARGE AND GREAT Quality . Usually certain parts are worn heavily like 3 pronged end but on this they were present plus all other outcroppings. Yes it has crack fills and spot fills with repair. Also some wear on end but it’s normal on that . These go for huge money , and Ill never get a bigger one, but this is reasonable priced for quick sale . It is very transportable in foam as I pack well in foam and a crate so it’s safe to ship, and guarantee delivery with no breaks. The shape of both ends is simply remarkable. It is just a beautiful specimen. Tibias are hard to find this good . Anyway it is so special it’s a site to behold so let the pictures do more talking. This should be $5000, and in Tucson AZ one this good goes for $7500 so this is cheap for quality.

I do have a large metal metal display but you have to adjust it to fit yours It was from another large bone

Price : $3999 pay by wire only not here at w site call 706-235-2694 or email paleoman@dinolandplus.com please

Blowout Price $2999 this piece is worth 4500 easy is so good

Shipping : $779 with foam
and crate on pallet

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