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Amazing Beautiful Ultra Rare European Cave Hyena 12.75” Almost 100% Original w Small Cancerous Lump on Lowers

Gorgeous  Reddish Brown RAREST- of- RARE  EXTINCT Highest Quality& Original 12.75” CAVE HYENA  Skull  from Germany -Nothing from Europe has come in 20 years 

Species:  Crocuta crocuta spelaea


Species description:  These hyenas were known as the Ice Age Spotted Hyena and was a subspecies the second largest Hyenas of all time and was a carnivore who stalked and killed animals in packs it was about 6 ft long and looked similar to a modern hyena except much bigger including the head was much wider and different shaped possessing a long body and short legs. This species once ranged from Iberian Peninsula to Russia .This hyena was a highly specialized animal.  These weighed over 250 lbs .They ate wild horses , steppe bison, and wooly rhinoceros that was so ruthless it could kill almost anything with its progressive and regressive features being more developed than the modern African species.  Its extinction was earlier than other Ice age mammals with last one dated 11,000 years ago with most gone 14,000 years ago. This helps explain the only few specimens like this one in Middle Asia . Its extinction was due to climate change, and an inability to compete with lions and humans, and loss of grasslands which they hunted. These though did likely kill wolves which roamed with them due to being more powerful.


Geological strata: Pleistocene epoch


 Geological period:  2 million -10,000  years old closer to first due to color 


Item location: Rhine River, Germany   


Item rating and description: 1-10    10   Look at the Color and Quality of this 12.75 Long Cave Hyena  “ long with Super Teeth . This is so amazing as there is nothing done on this and nothing out of Europe has been found in 20 years. This was in an old collection of one person for 30 years .  IT doe s have just a little work on thin bone above the huge canines , You can tell no restore as even a hole in left eye socket was not prepped . The lower is also from this animal which never happens until now. All teeth original A few were broken off in life and you can tell from healing of socket  It also has a cancer polp on lower jaw . This guy was an old one . Keep in mind I’ve only had 2 my entire life and the other was very good . That’s all I buy .  Most dealers in Europe have only seen pieces of this animal . The top European dealer I asked only ever had two in 30 years that were decent , which in itself for such a rare animal . This is probably the last great one I’ll ever see . . In fact the entire lowers are 99%  original  with just a small piece in back of 1 lower placed in . I would call this 99% original with all the skull compartments present and even the zygos are all original .You wont see a  better one  in the future . In fact you won’t see another .  I paid much more than normal due to quality . No other dealer has even seen one whole. Pieces and parts but no full skulls. And what a skull. This is the Rarest find in Europe  This  was cleaned off only basically  IM very blessed  . It was sitting in a fissure just above the river Rhine . The gorgeous color Id say its at least 30,000 years old .  This is brown I had one Russian one that was reddish .These caves were only recently discovered so not even Europe knows about these. So few people in the world know of these they don’t even know how to price –that’s how rare they are


.  Darker the color the older they are. Next to Bonecrusher hyena this was one of 5 top carnivores at its time including sabercats, lions, bonecrusher hyena and this. This is perfection to top degree. IT attacked huge animals like wooly rhinos, horses, wooly mammoth babies etc.  Its huge 12.75 inches and 9 inches wide so no compression. It has a beautiful stand also.  While nothing is perfect-this is as close as it gets - this will sell so fast to Europeans or Americans .  One tooth from upper is stuck on lower part of it . What a specimen .If no one buys this that’s fine it will stay with me as find another. It’s for someone collection who has most everything but they don’t have this. Only accept wires or Cashiers Check . What a specimen . If this doesn’t go to right person I wont sell it   For those of you are perfectionist and want very little or no resto this is it .  Some front teeth are broken with partials present ,at least 2 in life and one missing for sure in life . The collector loved this for 30 years and he has high expectations as I knew him well.  


Price:       $16,999 . IN this case you have to convince me its going to a great home well appreciated or Ill keep it 


Shipping: USA $299 overnite International $450  .Must call to talk over 706-235-2694 

Not for you .


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Unusual priced 2.75” TREX Maxillary Tooth Low priced as 70% Original

Unusual TREX  2.75” Maxillary Tooth  with Serrations  on one side  -70%  Original 


Species: Tyrannosaurus rex


Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.


Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA


Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation


Geologic location: Glendive , Montana                    



Description and rating: 1-10  9 Maxillary Trex Tooth with Some  Serrations. This has some resto but tip is great ,and one side with serrations is amazing ack TREX. I found the parts as it wasn’t complete years ago  It is lower jaw Dentary Attractive tooth with extra nice enamel  for someone who doesn’t want perfection  and due to low price  can tolerate some resto . It really is asthetically very attractive  IT was prepped by best prepper in world . This is for someone who wants to show to their friends a real TREX tooth and pay little  One this size perfect goes for at least $4000   .4 Inch TREX teeth now go over 50,000 I saw 2 at shoe , and I saw one over 5 inches for 115,000 . Its amazing to get the chance   to have a TREX tooth at this price and size . Not for a large collector but someone who wants to pay next to nothing for a tooth . It’s a maxillary shed tooth and has beautiful dark brown and one of best color and  some serrations I have ever had.   This was found by myself years ago when I hunted .  THis will go fast 


Price :   $799  Having trouble with paypal so please email me at astout.rga@gmail.com or call 706-235-2694 on payment  with instructions 

check is fine 


Shipping   $69 

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Amazing Very Early Neolithic Man Humerus 10”(Between Cro-magnon and Late Neolithic )from Museum w Stalactite

 Amazing Very Early Neolithic Man  Bone Humerus 10” (Between Cro-Magnon and Neolithic )Around 5,000 -6000 BC From a Museum  with Stalactites (Calcium Carbonite emissions) with  Found in a Cave in France -One- of- a- Kind -Complete Left Humerus  

Species :  Early Homo Sapiens Neolithic (12,500 -3700 Years ago ) 

Description- Cro-Magnon Man was in Europe 40,000 -to 10,000 and was an early Homo sapiens who lived at same time  with Neanderthals from about 40,000 to 30,000 when Neanderthals died off . This homo sapiens species was between called Early Neolithic who did cave paintings Neolithic man lived from 7500-3700 years ago 

Time frame Dated 5,000 Years ago.  Same cave Cro-Magnon Man Early Holocene but consider these early Neolithic 

Area Found :  Stated on COA in detail 

Found in cave close to other Neolithic  Man items well known and purchased from Original Finder’s Family  who did have in museum with many bones and museum closed

Formation: Franco-Cantabrian region 

Item rating and description : One of a Kind  Neolithic bone Humerus  with stalactites  made up of calcium carbonite. This is a Complete Left Humerus 10 “ long  Its complete. Amazing find . This is the only area in Europe these have ever been found in same cave. The calcium carbonite binding these together was formed by dropping water in the cave deposits.  So this is so rare. I’ve never seen this anywhere anytime . Most are in museums and very few at that. This is priceless . Its no resto total 100 % original from a great source in Europe. I’m so happy too keep this but will offer it.  You will never see this again. I saw a old skull from Africa once that was so valuable I could not afford it or would have purchased it.  This is so great it makes me cry. Always had a soft spot for our lineage.  These are famous prehistoric men who did art on caves and this cave is the most famous in the world.  Here are some links to explain value  Prehistory of France - Wikipedia  and  The best prehistoric sites in France (about-france.com)    This comes with COA from me and all details where found when interested  . One end present  Other beginning of end 

You wont see this anywhere in private hands 

Price :$ 3999  Reduced for quick sale 2999

Only wire accepted or check  call 706-235-2694 please 

Shipping $ w insurance $179 overnite 

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AMAZING 53,000 Plus Years Old POLAR FOX in Its Entirety 100%- Skin, Hair , Organs, TEETH, CLAWS all Intact thru recent Freeze- Drying Technique


Species: Vulpes lagopus(Polar Fox)

Description : Small Fox that’s a mammal  with males reaching 22 inches-exactly what this specimen is . Its native to Northern Hemisphere  in artic tundra biome.It is well adapted to living in cold environments and known for its thick, warm fur  also used for camouflage. It has a large fluffy tail . Most don’t live past it’s first year hearty ones can live up to 11 years  as this one did as it’s an adult . They preys on small creatures as lemmings, voles, seal pups, fish, waterfowl and more. It eats berries, insects , and carrion also. Natural predators include  eagles, wolves, polar bears, wolverines , and grizzly bears . This guy made it not only 11 years but thru 53,070 years intact. 

Time Frame : Dated 53,070 by Carbon dated C14  in Japan in 2019 by body tissue 2 different ways : One with 8,13 C Correction which showed 53,070(+-1060) and without 8,13 correction & C14 age without rounding off 53,073(+-1058) Pleistocene .

Preparator: From Austria by Stephen Grazer thru vacuum freeze drying for 53 days  at -54 degrees  with certificate in 2022.  Its 100% Natural. 

Area Found :  At base of Belaya Gore(White Mountains) in the Indigirka River Basin  Siberia within Yakutia outside a Small Tribal Community found by a poor villager providing to the selling  person ,who was there with a work team  directly in 2019 . This hunter barely ekes out a living as all community residents deep in Siberia.

Description Rating 10  To me this is the ultimate treasure -a fox that lived 53,070 years ago totally intact with hair, Skin ,bones and all organs intact. After a career with only bones to actually have a creature intact that long ago is so rewarding words really don’t accurately describe an animal frozen in time under the perma-frost for 53,070 years, and due to climate change the permafrost melting to see so few animals as they existed tens of thousands of years ago . I have read 2 stores only in all my years of others and only know of 2 others- a baby cave lion , and a wooly rhino baby -both of which I have pictures . Both were on national TV-this hasn’t been .  To my knowledge this is the only polar fox ever found frozen. I do have a picture when they started to unfreeze in preparation with partial ice showing. It was dirty black.  Now we have a treasure that I still can’t believe.  IM the owner of an beautiful creature that will last the ages the same way it died -all the hair , organs, bones, and skin . It has a small bald spot where skin died and no hair resulted, but skin is present . Its mounted beautifully under glass . The dry-freeze process takes almost 2 months of temperatures of -54 Celsius as it says . I just can’t find the words beyond this except behold this miracle .   This  little guy will live forever  .Keep in mind this fox is has to be covered quickly so aerobic bacteria can’t strip it , and since it was very deep no anaerobic either .  It was carbon dated with hair in 2019, and kept frozen for years until they found the right person they wanted to prep or could prep. This is new business  and few exist in the world .The permafrost is melting due to global warming .  

To my knowledge this is the only adult mammal ever found completely original , a few babies . Not for sale now

Price Value is limitless.. IT gives me great joy . It comes with complete write up certificate with all steps for this masterpiece from Preparer. Also hair samples were done early and sent to Japan for testing  and was done a second time by the preparer. Both certificates come with it plus a display case with light and instructions to keep humidity 65  or under . It was kept in same shape as it  maintains its shape  as stated above due to no water in body thru process of freeze drying so its really light as no water is in the skeleton at all ,which is normally 98% of body  as us .  Also I send pics of animal frozen just before preparation it is black . If found it takes years  asometimes to get it done ,and lots of cost. Adults aren’t done because the cost would be 100,000 just to freeze dry . If any interested contact me but IM not sure Id sell unless the right person . You will never see this againy   . Its about 14 inches and its an adult .  I saw a few feet only(skin, Hair)  of a few  wooly rhinos that were 100,000 .This is a whole mammal  and while it exists today its extremely rare . Only Norway, Asia , Alaska , Upper Canada and Tibet a few exist.

 Call 706-235-2694 to talk only.  Not for sale Maybe someday  This person has to really appreciate an adult mammal that is in this condition 17 times the age of Moses Egyptians.  That's why they hardly exist . A great friend told me to put it out there . I really don't want to sell this but someday we all sell everything . Not for sale . Personal collection 

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Amazing Beautiful MASSIVE 8.75”  OVIRAPTOR EGG Almost all Original Egg Shell

Beautiful  Huge Massive  8.75 ”Egg Citipati (8.75” x 4” egg)  Giant Oviraptor  Almost all Shell 95% Plus Original 

Species : Oviraptor citipati  Largest ever so may be another unknown species

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: EuroAsia

Item Rating 1-10  10 Top Premium Monster Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell 8.5”Oviraptor  Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see . You will never see a better egg and is  almost twice the size of normal oviraptor eggs.   95% Original with hardly any but spot fills  on shell or rest of Egg. Again no one has ever seen such a splendid egg. This by far are the largest oviraptor egg I ever saw in my lifetime as before they were normally 5-6 inches .These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person. You won’t get another chance.  Very High Quality egg .   This one is for a high perfectionist. You can’t get these eggs anymore . This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago and in someone’s collection for years) and recently prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and  ,then the rest is restored. This one is over 95% egg shell with just a few  small spots of restore natural so its spectacular.   This is the most supreme egg you will ever see. Its so heavy and way wider and longer than any egg r. I’ve never seen any this size   except a Tyrannosaur egg , which are now not available . This oviraptor may even be a new species as I’ve seen Citipati years ago, and these are so huge they appear to be much bigger.   Look at these pics of this egg and one as a whole . WOW WOW 


Price  $2999      Call 706-235-2694    wire or check only 

Shipping : $89 -International $155 

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Top Premium Great Grade A Quality Large Raptor 2.75” KIlling Claw

Top Premium Great Grade A Plus Quality Large Raptor 2.75” Killing Hand Claw( At auction )

Species:  Deltadromaeosaurus  

Species description: Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus 

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION 

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period  98-93 MYA

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz  Morrocan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10  9.0    While most don’t know names for these foreign Raptors this is A fine quality large hand killing claw 2 ¾’” around the curve. It has a great curve so typical of killing claws. The  entire claw is amazing with maybe one break close to tip glued back .It’s also ¾” inches wide at base also.  The color is beautiful tan brown . No resto and no anything except real killing claw . These raptor claws never showed up until this year with a batch of them and this is from that collection . Definitely a therapod raptor killing hand claws. WE know there was only 3 raptors in Africa at this time from different shaped claws . These claws like this don’t come around often so grab these fast .  Its my only one .Hand claws are so desirable and ones this size just don’t exist anywhere including  in America. Remember Cretaceous Raptors in USA where much smaller Troodons and dromaeosaurs as only true raptors. I had only one USA Dromaeosaurus killing claw claw 3.35 inches and it sold for $8000 years ago. I have more calls for raptor claws an than anything so here it is .  And you can get it at 1/4 the price and much  bigger than USA claws , if you can ever get one . This is a top claw and no one else has these anywhere. All the claw is real bone with great red-brown color from this dinosaur so ypical in this area. You can tell from a velociraptor these are killing claws with a picture at end also which makes them extremely valuable. No one has these for sale in any way and this big for this cost is unheard of .  A small velociraptor claw goes for $7000 only 2.5 inches. It has pretty good grooves also so detail is stunning . Just look at size in my hand.  Wow.   These are from 1 of only 2 reputable firms still hunting in Africa as some are artificially put together. Not this one. I see no breaks in this claws but it may have one. This claw is extremely valuable. You will never find a great killing raptor claw this size except here for this low price. This claw should be way higher than listed . So here is the chance to get one except here.   Great Price at …

Price:  $1999

Reduced $1499 Shipping: 69w insurance 

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Almost NOn existent 2 Neanderthal Large Femurs (One 12”) from Area cave known for Neanderthal Finds with COA from Owner in 1978-Found 1975

Almost Non-existent 2 Neanderthal Large Femurs( one 12”) From Known Area for Only Neanderthals w COA from Owner of Original finder over 50 years ago   

 Found Almost 50 Years ago  & at least 30,000 years old -Ultra Rare Amazing Early Man  -

Species :  Homo Neanderthalensis

Description-  Extinct Species of humans who lived in Eurasia until about 30,000  years ago . They originated generally thought about 500,000 years ago. Society was quite sophisticated  with fire making abilities  , building cave hearths, and making of stone tools.  They could make clothes  and ate a  wide variety of food mainly hoofed mammals , plants, birds and some aquatic  animals. They could make use of medicinal plants and were apex predators but competed with  cave bears, cave lions  and hyenas , and sabercats .

Time frame Dated Pleistocene est. 50,000-35,000 years ago 

Area Found :  Cave in region of Austurias 

Item rating and description 10  10 : These are so rare everyone can only dream of having a piece of our history. One femur has one end  that is worn  12 inches long and other has neither end . Normally these are real ,real expensive from my European contacts because only a few dozen exist in the world in private hands but here they are so reasonable  These are 100% Original and not only come with COA  about finders before  any caves became public .  These were probably found in 1975 and purchased in 1978 when it was purchased from finders in Europe. These were adult.   A map where found also comes with each piece and they were found deep inside the cave.  Few people ever have anything even if you want one  ,and due to amount of pieces known , IM offering these very cheap. Even small pieces way smaller than this would sell for this price.  This cave only Neanderthal have been found, and it’s famous. It’s was the best area for Neanderthal bones and these were found 1n 1975. All were found by paleontologists and collectors. Last chance to ever see one let alone purchase it. Neanderthal sections to my knowledge don’t exist in USA, and Europe probably a few museums but that is it. But something this rare period are amazing pieces . I had a femur with one end many years ago for 30 years and it sold for $6000   Not these.  Always I have a soft spot for our lineage so able to obtain after years of trying. To my knowledge no one has this in private hands in USA and few in Europe anymore.   No carbon dating has been done but is at least 35,000 years old and suspect older. In fact in 1994 13 individuals were found, and they were older and cannibalized in this same cave. IM not sure these were cannibalized or not. . This cave is extensive and people allowed in until late 1990s COA from owner about finder and location in cave  provided  So you get 2 for price of one .

 Price  $5999 Close out 

Closeout $4999  Neanderthal is so rare its a chance of a lifetime and you will never see this again  

Shipping    $149 w Insurance  International 199 

Been in personal collection for years  Call 706-235-2694  Only paid by check or wire email paleoman@dinolandplus.com This is the deal of the century . IN Europe just one teeth a whole museum is built around so you understand .

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Amazing Wonder of Nature -Huge Spectacular & HUGE 36” Wooly Rhino with Real True100% Nose Horn -Never seen in 35 years

Amazing Almost Perfect Wooly Rhino Skull 36” Around the Curve with Unheard of Real100% 13” Nose Horn -   a True Wonder of Nature

Species:   Wooly Rhino (Coelodonta antiqitatis ) 


Species description:  The largest of the rhinos which dies out 10,000 years ago. It was all ,over Euroasia and ate shrubs and grass weighed over 2 tons 


Geological strata:  Pleistocene


Geological period: Pleistocene  150,000-10,000


Item location:   Siberia 


Item rating and description: 1-10   10   Total Original Huge  Wooly Rhino Skull with Almost Non-existent  smaller horn.  It was found in early 1990’s.  The magnificent color of dark brown is amazing and so typical of rhinos in Siberia. This has a horn I’ve never seen in 35 years in the business.  I had a large horn but never ever saw this horn . The horn alone due to rareness is worth 25,000 according to  A person from Siberia who has everything.  He has  only ever had one in 25 years  .  He offered me 20,000 but it’s on my collection piece. The large resin horn matches well .  The entire rhino with horn is just awesome. The Upper is perfect, and only 1 side of lower had repairs in back . 36” for a skull is also huge .  Completely unrestored are rare as lowers all backs have work done but here only 1 side  . It appears almost perfect on all regards. I sold my big horn 12 years ago for 35,000  Now the big ones aren’t found either.  What a great piece .  IN my personal collection for years . This is a for a top collector who wants a piece that will never be seen again .  It also comes with small amount of wooly rhino hair , tendon, and skin also which is so rare also . This horn is rarest item in fossil world so one in many peoples lifetimes to get truly one of a kind at decent price . THis price will never come down. Its not only fair but its a chance of the century for someone who wants something truly no one has in USA and maybe only a few  in the entire world . I haven't even seen a large horn in 20 years anywhere and only a few Presidents were provided with one from Europe Nations  Even rhinos now have n ot come out of Europe in 30 years or more . The lower matches upper in color and also rhino upper . Its one of very few from same animal and with one side of lower not even broken. If you ever do find one lowers never match   

Price :  $ 36,500 This was in personal collection for a long time .

Shipping  $1800 with insurance in states  You can pick it up  Horns are removeable  Not glued 

International -Depends on country if sold  but at least 2500 


This is from Alan Stout-  Owner of dinolandplus.co I bought it here in USA  15 -20 years ago 

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Rarest of Rare 100% Original Bone From MEGALOCEROS ( Irish Elk )w Right & Left Antlers w Skull10 ft Large Rarest of Rare

100% ORIGINAL MEGALOCEROS Entire Antlers with Skull (Giant Deer ) with 10 ft Antler Wide and Long Spans (Irish Elk ) (2 Skulls ) I really don't want to sell this Its too great   

Species: Megaloceros giganteus 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man mostly at end of last ice age .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just don't exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all . They are deer totally  Antlers are just amazing up to 12 ft long This one is a 10 ft long male .

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -7,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany Gravel Pit

Rating and description1- 10 9.9  IM happy to keep this forever  ,If you actually put this on a wall 10ft Long and Very Wide Would Amaze You .I don't have the room . You would never in million years have an opportunity to get this 

Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megaloceros Deer Antlers with Skull . The skull is from Ukraine and the antlers Manheim Germany . The antlers had one real large section over 4 ft  (Each org. section org close to 5 ft)with many spikes and with a few  parts that fitted perfectly at end - all others added in prepping. They are amazing and total length around the curve of both over 10 ft . Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than these piece. This is a male 22" Long x 10" wide as females had no horns or antlers as deer today. These are highly prized and so rare you can’t get a whole one anymore WOW I’ve wanted one for many years. It has new teeth repaired and side zygos and under eye repaired with a small amount of restoration . These skulls are very expensive and antlers. One of rarest fossils in the world. What a rack . Unbelievable as IM a collector and love this piece . It is 100% original bone as I can’t stress that enough but repaired from end parts thru gluing .I can’t get any more . IN 30 years this is only my second one and best one by far  so feast your eyes on this .  The last picture shows the one under the top one which is the right antler by itself . ALL spikes are on these as it was. The ones close to skull is called the tines. One side has little horns other the the 2 horns as one which looks like a sunflower. The width is an amazing 43 inches straight line These antlers are just awesome . What a display this makes and so proud of it .  The skull is complete now . I've always wanted a great one and this is it -a dream come true  An original picture of 2 females and one male is on the wall behind it with great scenery so admire this .  I have two skulls but lighter colored one goes with this antlers for my viewing pleasure  and other one is amazing from Ukraine. Ukraine God Bless you and survive and come out stronger after your bout with a monster.  . This was purchased in USA and was an old old collection .Decades ago as most everything is as nothing found in decades . The skull alone is worth at least 12,000 . It has all real teeth and has some restore only on front extensions . This is a chance of a lifetime as you wont find these anywhere . I do have another great skull that if available can be switched but its a dark color.

Price: Decided to sell (personal collection )- $39,500   This includes skull , and all antlers . Most I've seen start at 50,000  Both antlers have one piece whole for  over ¾ of piece and rest  repaired from  this Irish elk sections 

all in place where it was with a only 2 small pieces from another irish elk so its all Irish elk bone.  Prepped well .   

Shipping  with supplies : In a huge pallet with head mailed separately with insurance $2900   UPS has raised rates and this is my discounted rate  International $3900 


Must call 706-235-2694 or email me at paleoman@dinolandplus.com.   Only wire excepted 

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Special Rare Nose TRICERATOPS 7.5” HORN w Stand

  Special Triceratops Nose Horn 7.5” Long with Great Detail on Stand 100% Original 


Species: Triceratops horridus


Species description:  Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA


Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation


Location:  Perkins County , SD


Item description & rating: 1-10- 9  Enjoy this  Triceratops Nose Horn 7.5” noce horn with great detail like lines 

,grooves, and outer bark  . It has a nice base with great tip. This has all the ingredients of a great nose horn 

With no repair or resto and 100% natural  .It was found by a dino hunter .  These are rare to find  and especially 

At reasonable pricing . Nose horns are now going to 7-10,000 just reg ones . This one is priced to sell . Its average

 size - really nice specimen. Nose horns are rarer than brow horns . Most of it found underground with dark brown 

area all found underground with tip on surface. There is hardly any wear either . Beautiful Horn . 

The detail is amazing on this with all the blood grooves.  Nothing but cleaning was done to this horn for you

 natural lovers as I am .Anyway Trike nose and brow horns are getting scarce and this will be last one for awhile 

. Super price as I’ve sold many for more. These are going up so fast. Its like putting money in the bank . Its my

 first in a long while .The stand is super and presents a nice  way to show off. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Super low Price


Price: - $ 3499  Only pay thru check or wire please call 706-235-2694  

   $2999      Lowered price for quick sale  Have you ever heard in todays world of any horn being so cheap 

shipping  free

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ONE-OF-A KIND Astonishing REPENOMAMUS Skeleton -Largest Mammal in Dinosaur Ages Which ATE DINOSAURS 125 MYA-3 ft

Astonishing REPENOMAMUS SKELETON-High originality -Famous Killer of Baby Dinosaurs -Largest Mammal during the Age of Dinosaurs

Species: Repenmamus giganteus 

Description : Badger-sized mammal -only one known to eat dinosaurs  . Recently on TV as having one with stomach contents of 2 baby dinosaurs . This was the largest mammal known throughout all dinosaur period as dinosaurs kept them at bay the entire time, and almost all others were size of mice . It was larger than several known adult dinosaurs also .It was a carnivore -one of few mammals that were that also ate other vertebrates like reptiles and birds . Only 2 known and this the only one in private hands . A non-placental mammal which means it laid eggs that hatched like modern marsupials . It’s a member of the triconodonts an early mammal even though they started about 230 MYA. IT came from reptiles as we all did . Its teeth are very sharp and between a dog and a cat . That's why I put in cats and dogs.  More a cat and may be one of forerunners of Sabertooths even though Miacis -like a weasel is given that honor  

Time: Early Cretaceous 125-123 MYA 

Area : Euroasia  There is video about this mammal  Repenomamus the Mammal that Ate Dinosaurs  


Description : Rating 10 of 10 . To me this is the find of the entire dinosaur period.  Rarer than any dinosaur it is one of my most exciting specimens. Most people only think of dinosaurs but to get a whole specimen with only ribs and part of shoulder blades restored is so amazing . The head has all real teeth to this animal and is 6” Long with the whole animal 36 “ long exactly 3 feet . I do have ribs but they are in pieces so unable to mount but could put some on eventually on top of others.   Expertly mounted  and just a sight to behold . Mammals are my thing now and wanted one for quite awhile. It was found in prep shop in matrix with contents unknown for decades and recently prepped.   One of a kind - IM keeping this  . If I did sell it would take a lot and will take names for the distant future with health permits  I cant say enough about this. IT leaves me speechless almost ,which you know is hard to do on my website. This is so great when you consider almost all mammals were size of today's mouse all just trying to stay alive and not get crushed by dinosaurs . This one could handle small adult dinos and babies .   Its teeth are so sharp thats why I believe its a forerunner to sabercats -they say Miacis is the forerunner which is a  weasel type animal . Miacis was later so Miacis probably came from this mammal . The teeth are so sharp.   A Baby pssitacosaur is under it as we know it ate this due to one specimen in the belly   THis specimen is better  

Call 706-235-2694 or 706-802-7894 Not for sale Its my favorite piece except my Fox 53,000 years old 

  thanks  You may give me your name if interested some day or Ill just enjoy it  while IM  healthy. I don't know the true value since no one has this.  To me it has tremendous value . Amount I paid is well worth it. 

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Simply Amazing Never Offered Before TOROSAURUS NOSE HORN(Triceratops species)Huge 14”  w Underneath Patented Curve Highly Original w Scientific Importance (Selling out )

Simply Amazing  Never Offered Before  HUGE 14” Around Nose w Patented Curve underneath  MALE TOROSAURUS NOSE HORN  Highly Original  of Scientific Importance 

Species: Torosaurus latus

Species description: One of largest skulls in all dinosaurs many measuring 9 ft  Large 15 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill. Frill has two holes on back so frill goes from thick to thin 

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA

Geological strata : Hell Creek Formation

Location :  Newell, S Dakota  

Item Rating and description : 1-10  10 Very Very Rare . In fact almost any Torosaur bone is so Rare .I’ve only had frill from this dino before .    Nice Very Special Highly Original Torosaurus Nose Horn with Large Circumference . If you don’t know nose horns of Torosaurus are different that trikes . The top is not as pointed and tall as Trikes . These are so rare and quality amazing . Just sone wear on top and only crack fills. This is my first one ever as I’ve had a fair amount of Trike nose horns but those are rarer than brow horns as this dino nose horns .  This is very distinguishable from Triceratops.  Its from a huge Torosaurus  Some people believe  this was original one but not me -it’s an offshoot evolved species of Triceratops only much rarer . IT has great character with great detail on b ark as I call it . I have not seen anyone have a Torosaurus horn so I had to have this . I never saw one for sale Its an underground find . This is so rare you will not find another for sale as Torosaurus horns are hardly ever found. Anything Torosaurus is very costly 5 times that of trike but I try to keep my prices down for you to own this rare piece.  It’s not perfect but nothing is, but it’s very good at least. You trike nuts this will provide hours and hours of viewing pleasure.  I really only see a little repair NO breaks . It’s an economical price for someone who wants a collection of a rare species but doesn’t have huge money.  Any collector of Torosaurus this is a must. Quality, color, and detail is so great on this one. It’s a lighter brown than normal. I expect this to only be on for days as everyone wants horns.  Hurry on this one or it’s lost .The pictures will show you how valuable this is. Simply amazing piece at amazing piece at amazing price.  I do sell triceratops nose horns for more  Brow horns are now selling for 25,000  Underneath pic is including showing great detail 


Price :  $6999 Firm

Reduced for quick Sale at cost $4999

 Shipping w Insurance $149 without ins 39   

Call 706-235-2694 check or wire only way to pay 


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