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Almost Perfect Wooly Rhino Rhino Juvenile 14” Brow Horn -Wonder of Nature

Almost Perfect Wooly Rhino Juvenile 14” Brow Horn Wonder of Nature 

Species: Wooly Rhino 

Species description: The largest of the rhinos which dies out 10,000 years ago. 

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: Pleistocene 150,000-10,000 

Item location: Siberia , Russia 

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 

Total Original Wooly Rhino Juvenile 14”Horn . NO Wooly Rhino horns are available, and juveniles I have never seen until now and I have 2 of them . Diggers don't find juvenile horns hardly at all  but the person I got it from works on his own and removes everything . Wooly Rhino horns are about the rarest fossil in the world . Few have them and ones who do never sell. Heads of state sometimes are presented to them so general public never sees these  .  Remember  a few whole babies have been found and their horns are just nodules . This is a rare chance to get a wonder of nature in 100% original condition with maybe one or two breaks re-glued . The magnificent color of dark brown is amazing and so typical of rhinos in Russia .The horn is worth a lot even as a juvenile and is 100%. natural. Completely unrestored, with few breaks and repaired are so rare on top of that . It appears almost perfect on all regards. The horn is stabilized and shipped from Russia . I've only seen 3 horns my whole life ,and I bought them all . I will provide a  low price for this amazing piece.  Whole ones now sell for over 30,000 apiece .  No one sells these for years . SO someone holding out for a big one will never get one even 

 Price $8500  Remember a 37 incher doesn’t even exist anymore and if it did goes for at least 30,000 

Final Fast sale Price $6999  call 706-235-2694  for payment information  by wire or check 

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Rarest of Rare 100% Original Bone From MEGALOCEROS ( Irish Elk ) Right & Left Antlers w Skull

100% ORIGINAL MEGALOCEROS Entire Antlers with Skull (Giant Deer ) with 10 ft Antler Spans (Irish Elk ) 

Species: Megaloceros giganteus 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man mostly at end of last ice age .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just don't exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all . They are deer totally  Antlers are just amazing up to 12 ft long This one is a 10 ft long male .

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -7,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany Gravel Pit - Skull Ukraine (Dnieper River Kamianske(Formally Dniprodzerznsk)

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 

Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megaloceros Deer Antlers with Skull . The skull is from Ukraine and the antlers Manheim Germany . The antlers had one real large section over 4 ft  (Each org. section org close to 5 ft)with many spikes and with a few  parts that fitted perfectly at end - all others added in prepping. They are amazing and total length around the curve of both over 10 ft . Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than these piece. This is a male,as females had no horns or antlers as deer today. These are highly prized and so rare you can’t get a whole one anymore WOW I’ve wanted one for many years. It has no restoration at all. These skulls are very expensive . One of rarest fossils in the world . What a rack . Unbelievable as IM a collector and love this piece . It is 100% original bone as I can’t stress that enough but repaired from end parts thru gluing .I can’t get any more . IN 20 years this is only my second one and best one by far  so feast your eyes on this .  The last picture shows the one under the top one which is the right antler by itself . ALL spikes are on these as it was The ones close to skull is called the tine. One side has little horns other the the 2 horns as one which looks like a sunflower The width is an amazing 43 inches straight line These antlers are just awesome . What a display this makes and so proud of it .  The skull is complete now . I've always wanted a great one and this is it -a dream come true  An original picture of 2 females and one male is on the wall behind it with great scenery 

NOT For SALE  Personal Collection Piece 

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Rare Large Cycad Tree Fossil 10 x 8 x 7 - One of a Kind

Rare LargeCycad Tree Fossil 10 x8 x7 Petrified-)one of a Kind 

Species: Cycadeoideadacotensis (Cycad) 

Species description: Extinct Genus-species of TREE very rarefound in North America very rarely . It was a large tree endemic to NorthAmerica. It went extinct millions of years ago during Cretaceous Period. It resembles a Giant Palm Tree. 

Geological strata: Lakota Sandstone Formation 

Geological period: 90 Million years approx. Lower Cretaceous 

Item location: Minnekahta, Fall River County ,S Dakota 

Item rating and description: 1-10—10 Beautiful Rare 10 x 8 x7” Petrified Cycad Tree. I’ve only seen ones from one tree 

Anywhere anytime in 20 years of this business and I bought it. It was a lot but its worth it Its been in my collectionfor 15 years with no thought of selling until now as you can’t replace it. Anyway you can tell it’s a tree and hasfine detail in all regards You will never see this again .The others I saw this size all were selling 5-6 thousand . This is a giveaway at…

 Price : $4499 

Shipping : It's heavy $289 

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Splendid High Quality Rarest of Oligocene Sabercats 9.5” PogonodonSkull w 6 Verts w Atlas

Splendid High Quality Rarest of USA Oligocene Sabercats 9.5” Pogonodon Skull w Verts& Atlas Species: Pogonodon cismontamus(Platycopis) Saber- Cat Skull 82-85% Species description: One of earliest Nimravidae endemic to North America and Eurasia .A Nimravid saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 30.8MYA -7.2MYA . They stood at least 2 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet , and were solidary predators hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack. Their sabers are smaller than a Dinictis normally but not this specimen as shown with this specimen and estimated weight was around 70 lbs . This fossil is so rare it has little written about it .It lived at least 23.6 Million years This specimen is so big the sabers are much bigger than a Dincitis, and one of rarest fossils on earth Geological strata: Uppermost Brule Formation Just below uppermost nodules in the White Zone Just at bottom of Sharps Formation Geological period: 32-24 MYA This one 32-30 MYA –Top of Layers so a later more advanced one - Item location: White River Badlands -Shannon County , S Dakota Item Rating & Details :1-10 10 To have two of the rarest of Oligocene cats -a Pogonodon Skull is so amazing when I have had 2 total in 25 years as the catman. It also has 6 neck verts including an atlas that is so appealing. The color is so great darker tan which is so unusual. This is one of most greatest finds in America in the Sabercat world. This one is darker, and just so magnificent. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. The rareness of this cat plus the high quality make this the ones Ill remember most even though I’ve had hundreds of cats over 25 years. It’s a POGONODON HIGHLY ORIGINAL SABER-TOOTH CAT that has such high actually bone quality . The molars. premolars and carnasials are original however,the upper and lower front teeth are casted with a few repaired. I have sold many cats but these 2 take the cake. What makes this such a great find is originality of the bone skull is an amazing 95% and these just aren’t found. All the teeth are pleasing even though some casted. On a Dinictis or Hoplo that effects value but not near as much on an animal that is huge for Oligocene cats and so rare only a few have been found. It has been IDed by a knowledgeable authority as well as myself who has been around the cat world. Keep in mind other sabercats of this timeframe are much smaller by a few inches . If you get a 60% one your excited and that has extreme value . I recently sold a Nimravus not as rare for $20 thousand and not as big by far. The prep work was fantastic as it is exceptionally done . The zygos are even real and well as almost all the upper except small section in back of worth just a little restored . The lowers are amazing even with most of back original. The color, shape and rareness is just unmatched and have only seen a few of these my entire life. I have one in my collection but this I still hate to sell but will if price is right I will WHAT A Great cat. A LIFETIME KEEPER and one of a few that exist including museums. BONE QUALITY unmatched anywhere I know of only the 2 I have now for sale . These are believed to be developed from the dinictis genus which is the smallest of the American cats but just look at this one. To get one with an atlas and 5 other neck verts attached on a display is so awesome . Price $24,995 (Great price for a great cat that has 6 verts attached call 706-235-2694 Only paid by wire or checks 

Shipping $500 overnite with insurance UPS
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Gigantic Monster 36” Male Adult WOOLY RHINO Entire Skull 100% Natural w All Teeth Present

GIGANTIC Monster 36” ADULT WOOLY RHINOCEROS ENTIRE SKULL 100% Natural WITH ALL Real TEETH Species: Coelodontia antiquitatis (Wooly Rhinoceros) Species description: An adult wooly rhinoceros was 14 ft in length and 12 ft high and 2 horns on the skull are made of keratin with the anterior horn larger than 3 ft long horn between its eyes. It had thick long fur, small ears , short ,thick legs and a stocky body. It used its horns to sweep away snow from vegetation so it could eat in the winter and defensive purposes. It did survive the last glaciation period unlike most all other mammals of its time as it was hardy and could withstand most anything but man Geological strata: Pleistocene Fauna Geological period: 1.8MYA -9,000 yrs ago Item location: SIBERA , Ural Mountains RUSSIA Rating and item description : 1-10 10 VERY RARE HUGE 36” WOOLY RHINOCERAS Whole SKULL w /All Natural Bone and Teeth with Gorgeous grayish- Brown Color. IT is 19” High and also 14.5 Inches Wide. The Back connection area on one lower was only item repaired. The upper was perfect. I waited for 2 years to get the perfect skull with upper and lower matching as this just doesn’t happen until now . I commissioned a painting a of a wooly Rhino mother and baby to place over it so this is a keeper for me The rest is 100% whole and natural . This is only my second ever in 20 years with my last one having a horn. These are found only in Russia now, as none in Europe have been found in many years due to caves being now controlled by governments. While this has no horn , if it did it the value would be huge m but the skull is about as perfect you can ever find which makes it high value . Only a few ever have the smaller horn real as only a handful have ever been found. All 5 molars on each side are present. It’s a great representation of the species. The lines and attributes are fine and the top, back, and front are perfect with all bone original . The top upper in front have little projectiles called protuberances that sometimes don’t have near the detail as this one . I picked this out of thousands of them and it gets no better -2 years of looking at a number of rhinos . Keep in mind only Russia has these now , and you can get it in USA . IT displays well on its molars and I’ve seen these on ebay for $20,000 with fake horns so step up to the plate and hit a home run and buy this. It is heavy but can be carried or mailed on .This is for your viewing pleasure I’d consider selling at $12,000 Through early next year payment NOT FOR SALE sale but may call at 706-235-2694 $12,000 plus 1000 for pallet shipping  

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One Of Kind -  Super Rare Eusmilus US Saber-tooth Cat with Saber

Species: Eusmilus olsontau Species description: The Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of smaller ones)with razor –sharp sabers and after Dinictis and Hoplophoneus on geological chart which is believed to evolve from one line of hoplophoneus saber cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period for only a few million years from 30-27.7 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar to Hoplophoneus Sicarius except for size , as Eusmilus was the genus for that animal until a short time ago . All these are small saber cats only 5-6 inches long with large sabers and flanges for the size which makes it look like a barbourfelis and a hoplo except for much smaller size .It had only 26 teeth compared to 44 for most saber cats and it was lacking molar 1 talonoid and premolar 2 on the bottom jaw . It was bobcat sized with lynx sized head and was built like Barbourfelis for size (Of course Barbourfelis is much larger ). Long bodied and short legged compared to others, and they ate grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. They could open their jaws at a 90% angle . Most of the info on internet is incorrect as below is correct . It did not live 8 million years, just over 2 and did not have a large species in America (only this small one)at least and one in Europe was bigger . Geological strata: Upper Whitneyan and Early Arikareean Age Geological Time frame: 30-27.7 MYA Item location: Pennington County , SD Item rating and description:1-10 10 Gorgeous Small Ultra Rare Eusmilus Saber-tooth Cat 5.5” . This cat is so special I still can’t hardly believe I have one. Only a few in the entire world exist with a few museums in USA and Europe , and only 2 private collections exist as known and I’m one of them . Due to a friend I was able to obtain a dream and this is one of few which actually have a saber anywhere . It has one complete side with some bone missing on top but a beautiful back , and the other side is there –just need to prep it . It has excellent bone quality, and is one of the true Eusmilus Cats . I’ve been reading about this cat for years, and by the way now that Hoplophoneus Sicarius has been reclassified no large ones exist as the web says in America . Too many awesome words can’t fully describe this cat. This may be the only one with this much of one saber These are found in rock nodules This is beyond words Its been in my collection for years This is only for cat collectors that will never have another chance to buy . The owner is so lucky Ive been so proud for years but its time for someone else This is 100% original and the one saber is only one of this species that may exist . My friend had 3 as he is top cat specialist in the world , and only person who has one known in USA besides this one . He has no sabers , and I have this one Auction value $35,000 plus 23 % premium Will be gone soon email me at call 706-235-2694 Price : $28,000 rarest cat in the world No one has this in the world with a true real saber Only a few exist without sabers but this has one except small area at tip
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Amazing Monster(8.5” x 3.5” )10 Egg Citipati OVIRATOR Egg Nest w 99% Shell Coverage

Beautiful  Huge Massive  10 Egg Citipati (8.5” x 3.75” eggs)  Giant Oviraptor 100% Original Almost all Shell on Each Egg 

Species : Oviraptor citipati 

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: EuroAsia

Item Rating 1-10  10 Top Premium Monster Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell Oviraptor Egg 10 Egg Nest. Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see . You will never see a better nest anywhere and these eggs are almost twice the size of normal oviraptor eggs at 8”plusx 3.5”wide .  100% Original with no restoration at all on shell or rest of Egg. Again no one has ever seen such a splendid nest. This by far are the largest oviraptor eggs I ever saw in my lifetime as before they were normally 5-6 inches .These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person . You won’t get another chance.   Just one egg- 2 inches shorter than this one are now selling for 2500 each so an entire 10 eggs for around 3000 per egg.    Egg nests normally go for way higher per egg by double than 1 single egg but this one is lower per egg with much higher quality eggs. This nest is worth $40,000.  This one is for a high perfectionist. You can’t get these nests anymore . This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago and in someones collection for years) and recently prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and  ,then the rest is restored. This one is over 99% egg shell natural so its spectacular. Its 100 % natural only cleaned so a few spots no egg shell nothing has been done. A custom stand is included. This is the most supreme egg nest you will ever see.  Its so heavy and way wider and longer than any egg cluster. I’ve never seen any this size   except a Tyrannosaur egg , which are now not available . This oviraptor may even be a new species as I’ve seen Citipati years ago, and these are so huge they appear to be much bigger.  I will have the nest middle of February  so I take offers now ,and won’t sell until the nest is secured.  It is mine now but due to shipping needs can’t be received now as its safe in a friends hand .   Look at these pics of a few eggs and one as a whole . WOW WOW   Its sold  I really wanted to keep this one but decided to sell to a friend 


Price  Make an offer   Lance 

Shipping : $1089 -International $1550  Requires a pallet 

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Beautiful One-Of-a Kind HOMOTHERIUM Saber Cat 13 ” Long

Beautiful ULTRA-RARE Adult HOMOTHERIUM Saber-Cat Species Homotherium Species Description :This cat evolved from Machairodus and appeared at Miocene –Pliocene border about 5 MYA and lived in Africa as well as Euroasia and died out lastly in Asia and North America about 10,000 years ago so it was highly successful . It was a scimitar cat built built like a modern lion that had about 13 “ skull but much longer teeth called sabers . It was larger than average saber-tooth cat that was very successful yet hardly ever found in fossil records .Complete Skeletonshave only been found in Texas . It looks like megantereon, however much shorter sabers and less sized lowersaberguard and sabers reached to end of lower jaw as this one does. It reached 1.1 meters at shoulder . As said as compared to megantereon,and gripping force . The skull was longer than smilodon, and machairodus its sabers were relatively short. It provided a great punchuring and gripping force. This jawhas turned down flanges to protect the scimitars. It has large canine teeth that were crenulated and designed for slashing rather than purely stabbing ..Some of the physical appearances were unusual for a big cat as it had limbs that were hyena –like . Forelegs elongated while hind legs were rather squatwith feet plantograde causing back to slope down towards a short tail similar to a lion. It had a large nasal cavity opening like a cheetah which allowed greater oxygen intake with brain visual cortex large and allowed it to hunt during the day instead of night like many cats . IT lived 5 million years longer than megantereon . It hunted in packs and not only killed mammoths but also rhinoceros juveniles . Geographic Time frame: possible Early Pleistocene Item description: and rating : 1-10 10 X-Ultra Rare Beautiful Complete AdultFemale Homotherium Scimitar Sabercat Skull 13 “ long . It is 98% original bones and 100% Org Teethwith one incisor absent but naturally missing as it probably broke off in a kill or fight (per noted authority who wrote a book on scimitar cats ). The socket was filled with natural bone, and the lower matching tooth as less wornindicating the cat lost it long before it had a chance to wear down the opposing incisor so the pathology tells a story while this sabercat was alive .I have wanted a whole one for years and the opportunity was afforded from from a friend who is a top expert on these creatures , and this will be admired byme and ones who read this and never sold . Another owns this now and I’m selling for them . IT was originally from a German dealer a year ago . Most were about 13-14 inches long so this is an adult . This has shoter and wider sabers than a megantereon, as they go well past the saber guard in size. This is one of most complete skulls you would ever find with lowers. Only a number of them have been found in a Texascave and 2 in Florida and a handful in China and Europe . The great thing about this species it is a form ofcrenatidens but a different unclassified species that needs researched even more so we can safely say only a few exist . I have never seen another for saleanywhere in 20 years . AS someone who knows a lot on cats said the species is close to Xenosmulus but different so no species has been classified to date , .Anyway its so rare has been classified under crenatidans for now . Wow what a sabercat IM selling this for a friend soI don’t have it myself , but can get it to mail quickly  Not here owned by someone else . Price: $45,000 call 706-235-2694
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NOT FOR SALE Species: Beautiful Large10. 75” Ultra Rare Pogonodon cismontamus(Platycopis) Saber- Cat Skull Species description: One of earliest Nimravidae endemic to North America and Eurasia .A Nimravid saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 30.8MYA -7.2MYA . They stood at least 2 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet , and were solidary predators hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oredonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack. Their sabers are smaller than a dinictis as shown with this specimen and estimated weight was around 70 lbs . This fossil is so rare it has little written about it .It lived at least 23.6 Million years This specimen is so big the sabers are much bigger than a dincitis , and one of rarest fossils on earth Geological strata: Uppermost Brule Formation Just below uppermost nodules in the White Zone Just at bottom of Sharps Formation Geological period: 32-24MYA This one 32-30 MYA –Top of Layers so a later more advanced one - Item location: White River Badlands -Shannon County , S Dakota Item Details : 16 WOW !!!! SUPREME RARE COLLECTOR’S Dream Huge 10.75” POGONODON HIGHLY ORIGINAL SABER-TOOTH CAT with Original SABERS and almost all teeth except a few incisors . This is a Highly original Extremely Rare saber -cat. It has been IDed by a knowledgeable authority. This comes along once in a lifetime , and I know of only one for sale now but never this one . This one is DYNAMITE . The skull, sabers and almost all teeth are exceptional which is the most important item, and the prep work was fantastic as it is exceptionally done .The species has the patented the upper diamond shape frontal and usually are missing the lower molar 2. The sabers are big as is the entire cat . The zygos are even real with only a small part of back of skull –sagittal crest and condyles restored . WHAT A SPE IMEN . THIS IS ONE OF TOP POGO SPECIMENS ANYWHERE ON EARTH and ONE OF LARGEST . A LIFETIME KEEPER and one of a few that exist including museums BONE QUALITY TOP NOTCH . These are believed to be developed from the dinictis genus Not for sale ever
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FAMOUS DRAGON Cave AUSTRIAN Monster Extinct 21.5”  MALE CAVE BEAR w 100% Original Teeth Best of Best

FAMOUS MONSTER Extinct 21.5” Highly Original MALE CAVE BEAR Skull From Drachenhohle In Austria Species: Ursus spelaeus Species description: Large Bear from Pleistocene that was previously only known in Europe but this which was larger than size of a grizzly and lived 2.5 Million years ago -25,000 years ago in Europe with large jaws and large bodies similar except bigger than modern bears It lived in Europe at height of last Ice Age and hibernated in European Caves to survive the winters . One cave Dragonhole in Austria contains remains of more than 30,000 bears and many died in their sleep. It was hunted by Neanderthal people and was a vegetarian despite the size of teeth. They were found at many locations also in Russia , but now very few –only Romania . This specimen is from that famous place Geological strata: Pleistocene1.5 Million Years OLD Item Location: Famous Drachenhohle(The Dragons Cave) near Mixnitz, Austria Item rating and description : The most famous Monster Cave Bear ever offered from Drachenhohle near Minitz Austria. This is a Monster Cave bear -Largest Ive ever seen by over an inch with COA . This Cave Bear was found in 1902 in the Drachenhohle(The Dragons Cave ) Near Mixnitz, Austria by first owner Herr Heinrich Fischer. It was excavated legally and belonged to several private Austrian collections until it found its way in Nov 2019 to The MIFO Mineral and Fossil Exhibition in Austria at Korneuburg bought by aperson who bought it from . I have the COA with all info signed by him . SO this skull until a few years ago never left Austria in 120 years . It was also carbon dated and is $35,000 years old . NO bear ever was this large and I’ve had many. Its mammoth. Top Premium European Austrian Male Bear with Super Bone Quality. All Teeth with x-Nice Canines are original and an amazing 2.5” without root . Cave Bears are no longer found as this species is from a old old, collection and no more for years have been discovered. It is almost22” Long and an amazing 12 inches wide. They used to be found in caves all over Europe, and Russia, Austria but now all caves are closed to public. These have gotten very rare as only the old collections have them . Not many of these people will sell them so now demand is high, and supply very low. This means prices will be going up and up so this is an investment . This one has hardly any restoration just a little above teeth in front of bear and the best I’ve seen ever . It was done so well .I can’t see any restoration at all. The prices have doubled in the last 2 years, and this one is even better and the largest one I ever had . They go so fast I expect this will be gone in a very short time . The great ones16-18 inches go for 10,000 now, so this one is worth 20,000 easy being out of Drachenhohle( Austrian German Name , and this is better than any I’ve seen on size and quality . The color, no wear on teeth, and natural completeness is really amazing on this skull. I will not come down on this. These are such a great investment as the values will keep on rising and soon they will be like so rare only old collections will be sold. This species is the rarest of the entire lot of cave bears so you will only ever see a few of these ever and they are earlier bears but even larger than European ones. If you want the best it has to be paid for because I did pay a lot . I found out only 1 dealer has a few left on these so better get it quick or it will be much more .No Cave Bear anywhere in any collection is better and greater than the original location many bears were found . It’s a must for top collector and you will never see a bear Bigger . It doesn’t get better than this for bear lovers like me Ill gladly keep it if not sold but it will be quickly. IT will go to auction soon to get maximum value well over 20,000 .No one has this big and from Dragon Hole. This is one of a kind most famous bear of all r found 120 years ago . NO one I mean no one can get cave bears anymore so this is one of a kind from top collectors for years . Even if you have a Bear you don’t have this one but you can . Price : Call (no discount) Only done by wire so call 706-235-2694 $15,999 Gary Shipping: $249 with insurance
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