Sea Mammals

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Rare Basilosaurus Whale 3” Molar

Species: Basilosaurus isis

Description of species Large Early whale that was the supreme carnivore in the seas at the time of the eohippus .It was found first in USA and is a mammal even though at first thought to be a reptile . It is very large many exceeding 40 ft long and was thin whale very very long.

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION

Timeframe: Middle Cretaceous 98-93 MYA

Item Location: Morocco, South Africa – South of Taouz Moroccan Sahara.

Rating and Description- (1-10) Rating 9.2 Rare and Remarkable Giant Early Whale Basilosaurus isis 3” Tooth. This is only the second molar of a Basilosaurus I have ever seen. This molar has a very small amount of repair and a little stain. Featured in Prehistoric Beasts as one of most powerful carnivores at any time. Items from this animal are very rare and difficult to come across, especially molars. This tooth is in very good condition with a very special and complete root. The entire tip is also complete with most of the enamel The prehistoric whale Basilosaurus was incorrectly identified as a marine reptile—hence its name, Greek for “king lizard. Again, it will be difficult to find this tooth for sale anywhere as only a few have been found. This amazing creature was as large as a megalodon and ate everything in the seas. However, they are much rarer than megalodon. This is a prize for your collection at wholesale pricing. The pictures will show you. Also, this comes with a beautiful display mount.

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100% Original Pleistocene (10,000-20,000 years) Walrus Skull w Huge Tusks

Species: Odobenus rosmarus divergens Species description: Pleistocene Walrus definitely found in that time. The Walrus is a large flippered marine mammal that lived and do live in Artic temperatures. It is the sole surviving member of the Odobenidae. It’s noted for its prominent tusks, whiskers, and bulkiness. It was a contemporary with the wooly mammoth, and can weigh up to 4500 lbs which is amazing. It was able to survive the extinction event due to finding ice areas away from prehistoric peoples. The males and female have tusks, with males usually bigger. Pacific species are larger by about 20% as is this. Geological strata: 20,000 - 10,000 years ago Geological Period: Pleistocene Item location: NE of NOME, Alaska in Bering Strait in Water in Sediment Item rating and description: (1-10) 10. Attention Mammal Lovers…100% Original!! NO restoration or repairs. Found in water in sediment in Alaska’s Bering Strait preserving one of earths premier fossils!! This is an Amazing Pleistocene Mammal with Full 15” Skull, 12” Height with Tusks 14” long. This one is from Alaska found in water, and what is so spectacular I bought it because it’s 100% original never touched by a prepper in any way. All teeth, skull with original lowers and the tusks were intact, never repaired, or even placed back in skull. As it stands is as it was found. The skull is so firm it didn’t need penetrant sealant or bringing out color of any type. The tusks are truly amazing in width and color with 14” long tusks. The skull was identified as a male by an expert. He said many skulls, people elongate the tusks by putting modern ivory or putting other tusks in the upper jaw, with not original lower jaws. This animal was totally whole with original jaws plus original tusks in the skull just as they are today. It was bought from a very respectable European dealer who found this animal. I saw two skulls in Tucson, both long tusks – one asking $80,000 and eventually sold. Another sold also way over my price. This is an adult specimen. Prices have skyrocketed in recent years on these due to the fact that they are so attractive and rare. Check on the web or any store. You can’t find these and if you do they want huge prices. The colorful ivory tusks makes this so attractive with black, tan, rust-red, white areas intermingled. Anyway here are the pics. If you’re a high end collector… You really want this specimen!!! I’m not even a walrus lover but this one caught my attention!!! This fossil is perfect on all regards with great stand Goig to auction Apraised at $28,000 plus 23% premium so people wove to pay more than they have too Price: $29,999

Reduced Low Price $24,999

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These go for over 50,000.

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