Anklyosaur, Thescelosaurus, and Other Plant Eaters

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Amazing Huge 42” Long Psittacosaurus with 5.25” Skull Highly Orig(even ribs)Mounted

Species : Psittacosaurus(Forerunner to Triceratops )

Description : An extinct species of Certopsian dinosaur and forerunner to Triceratops . They were obligate bipeds at adulthood with high skull with beak with males having horns on side of face. Adults range in size from skeletons 25 inches long skulls 3 inches up to 5 ft long –small in size for a ceratopsian but they were the first .

Formation: Geological timeframe : Early Cretaceous 125-101 MYA

Location : Asia

Description: 1-10 9.9 They don’t get any bigger than this This is the largest you will ever see by far .This dinosaur was bought in USA over 25 years ago , and I’M selling for a friend in another state . This is a huge massive one- a 42 inch long skeleton with head 5.25 “ x 4.5” 15” wide with teeth. It has horns off the cheek area on both sides which makes it a male. They don’t get much larger than this so it’s also so original with the entire body real bone from same dinosaur -even most of ribs are real which is amazing. The color is amazing with no repair on any bone except a little on ribs . No restoration of any type . It was mounted on a large board with scenery for astetic value . It is just beautiful . You will never see a better one. This was bought many years before any laws in any countries occurred . The USA has no laws on items purchased here in any way. This is such a fantastic piece, and is a whole dinosaur. Rarely does anyone get a whole dinosaur this reasonable . Must be driven or picked up at my friends home in Texas. I’m doing this selling on consignment for another . Across country parties like California or NY can meet in Arizona at the show in Feb. This is so reasonable just above cost . This head was $5000 according to my friend This is a whole dinosaur so say you own one for a great cost

$13,999 email me please

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Spectacular Beautiful High Quality HUGE EDMONTOSAURUS ANATOTITAN 42’’ TIBIA Leg Bone w Display

Spectacular BeautifulHigh Quality HUGE Edmontosaurus 42” Tibia Leg Bone

Species: Edmontosaurus anatotitan or gigantic annectus

Species description: Large 30-35 ft Herbivore that was a favorite target of TREX 18’ tall with flat-head and a toothless beak but behind beak many rows of teeth with a long tail like an Iquanodon and was a herbivore.

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic timeframe: 70-66.5 MYA

Item Location- Powder River , Powderville SE Montana

Item rating and description:1-10 9.7 Simply-the Best, The Largest 42” x 13” x 13” Edmontosaurus Tibia The bone quality is simply amazing. I believe due to due size this is anatotitan species .The Monster Tibia( my largest ever -largest before was 39”) was broken in 2 areas with some repair on a 2 of knobs, however it is complete with all bone little to no restoration, and prep came out beautiful. IT has some dark brown, almost black spots . The pics show a lighter brown due to light but its darker brown so typical of this area . This area produces some of best bones and this is no exception. I get very few tibias this quality as it has all the right parts including 3 pronged end and two projections on other side. While not perfect it is a keeper for anyone who wants a large bone. This Edmontosaurus was a monster in every way. Normally 32 inches is about it on these. This is so wide, so long, and so high. I CAN’T HARDLY Believe I’VE I GOT A TIBIA THIS LARGE AND GREAT Quality . Usually certain parts are worn heavily like 3 pronged end but on this they were present plus all other outcroppings. Yes it has crack fills and spot fills with repair. Also some wear on end but it’s normal on that . These go for huge money , and Ill never get a bigger one, but this is reasonable priced for quick sale . It is very transportable in foam as I pack well in foam and a crate so it’s safe to ship, and guarantee delivery with no breaks. The shape of both ends is simply remarkable. It is just a beautiful specimen. Tibias are hard to find this good . Anyway it is so special it’s a site to behold so let the pictures do more talking. This should be $5000, and in Tucson AZ one this good goes for $7500 so this is cheap for quality.

I do have a large metal metal display but you have to adjust it to fit yours It was from another large bone

Price : $3999 pay by wire only not here at w site call 706-235-2694 or email please

Shipping : $779 with foam
and crate on pallet

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Raptor-Like Beautiful Juvenile Struthiomimus(Bird Mimic)9” METATARSAL from Montana

Raptor-like Beautiful Struthiomimus(Bird Mimic ) 9” METATARSAL from Montana

Species: Struthiomimus altus

Species description: 6 ft high raptor that was 11 ft long that was called bird mimic due to some resemblance of certain parts as birds that existed earlier than Ornithomimus and hunted small mammals, insects, lizards , and ate leaves also.

Geological formation: Hell Creek Formation

Geological period: Late Cretaceous 70-66.5MYA

Item location: Powder River Powderville, SE Montana

Item description and rating:1-10 9.5 Juvenile Dark Black STRUTHIOMIMUS (Bird Mimic Dinosaur) 9” Metatarsal from Montana. This is a large example of the running dinosaur’s placement of normally a foot bone but this is part of lower leg attached to first foot bone -it stands upright. It is very dark in color due to soil, and top quality with little wear and perfect structure. It was found on private land with their permission. It has repairs in the middle and at one end , which were glued back in repairs. It was bought from rancher friends who sell the best quality items on ebay way over retail all the time and great dinosaur hunters. It’s a great price also for quality, shape and quality of bone. I have only had a few of these and been awhile since I had one. The color is evident of a underground find. Here are the pics. Dirt cheap for this bone. I perfect one goes for $700 .

Price : $299

Shipping : $59

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Pretty x-Nice 4.75” x 4.5” ANKYLOSAUR BODY THICK SCUTE -Super Priced

Species : Ankylosaurus

Description: 15-20 ft long herbivore dinosaur eating plants, roots, and had spikes, scutes protecting its body from carnivores such as TRex

Formation: Hell Creek Formation

Geological time frame: 70-66.5 MYA

Area found: Powder River, Montana -private land with permission of landowner

Description of item : 1-10 9.5 Pretty Large Black Ankylosaur Body Scute. I don’t get many iof these any more and found this which needed repairs but ¾ of it was whole . ¼ was put back into scute to make it whole from another ankylosaur which is why its so cheap . However its still a great scute undervalued . This Ankylosaurus Body Armor Scute that was found underground . Due to reapirs I bought it inexpensive , and passing on savings to you . It was prepped well and came out beautiful. This will be sold so fast due to niceness and also price . I have many loyal followers so this will go to a client who follows unless someone else acts very very fast. It’s a pleasure to view. Both sides are x-fine. These are always found in pieces, but this had ¾ of it whole .It was prepped well with sealant used to bring out color and protect it. What a work of nature’s art. It comes with a large display box also so what a deal

Price : $299 firm This normally would sell for $499

Shipping : 15

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

, Payable to: Call for check for address 706-235-2694

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Nice Ankylosaur Body Scute 3” x 2”

Species : Ankylosaurus

Description: 15-20 ft long herbivore dinosaur eating plants, roots, and had spikes, scutes protecting its body from carnivores such as TRex

Formation: Hell Creek Formation

Geological time frame: 70-66.5 MYA

Area found: Glendive, Montana

Description of item : 1-10 9 Fine Quality Complete Ankylosaur Body Scute 3” x 2”. This is a partial large scute and most scutes go for over $400 .Very Rare Ankylosaur Body Scute don’t come around often . It has great shape, ungulations, lines, and overall pattern with only crack fills. It will add value also as few are found. This is a real deal .

Price : $199 firm

Final Final Low Price :$99 Under cost

Shipping $9

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