Camels, Deer, and Other Ungulates

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Rarest of Rare 100% Original Bone From MEGALOCEROS ( Irish Elk ) Right & Left Antlers w Skull

100% ORIGINAL MEGALOCEROS Entire Antlers with Skull (Giant Deer ) with 10 ft Antler Spans (Irish Elk ) 

Species: Megaloceros giganteus 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man mostly at end of last ice age .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just don't exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all . They are deer totally  Antlers are just amazing up to 12 ft long This one is a 10 ft long male .

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -7,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany Gravel Pit - Skull Ukraine (Dnieper River Kamianske(Formally Dniprodzerznsk)

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 

Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megaloceros Deer Antlers with Skull . The skull is from Ukraine and the antlers Manheim Germany . The antlers had one real large section over 4 ft  (Each org. section org close to 5 ft)with many spikes and with a few  parts that fitted perfectly at end - all others added in prepping. They are amazing and total length around the curve of both over 10 ft . Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than these piece. This is a male,as females had no horns or antlers as deer today. These are highly prized and so rare you can’t get a whole one anymore WOW I’ve wanted one for many years. It has no restoration at all. These skulls are very expensive . One of rarest fossils in the world . What a rack . Unbelievable as IM a collector and love this piece . It is 100% original bone as I can’t stress that enough but repaired from end parts thru gluing .I can’t get any more . IN 20 years this is only my second one and best one by far  so feast your eyes on this .  The last picture shows the one under the top one which is the right antler by itself . ALL spikes are on these as it was The ones close to skull is called the tine. One side has little horns other the the 2 horns as one which looks like a sunflower The width is an amazing 43 inches straight line These antlers are just awesome . What a display this makes and so proud of it .  The skull is complete now . I've always wanted a great one and this is it -a dream come true  An original picture of 2 females and one male is on the wall behind it with great scenery 

NOT For SALE  Personal Collection Piece 

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Partial Big Horn Sheep Horns found in Dinosaur Country

Big Horn Sheep Horns Partial Skull From S Dakota Species : Ovis canadensis Description : A pair of Horns might weigh 30lbs These are in West of of USA as far as Mexico BY 1900 they pummeled to only a few thousanddue to disease and overhunting . Not many are around anymore especially in area found Geographic timeframe Holocene probably few hundred years old Area found: Buffalo , S Dakota Item decription: 2 partial Horns with partial skull of Big Horn Sheep . One side 15" -other side 13" These are so rare especially in this area Only a few thousand live ones exist and in this area none seen in many years . It’s a nice specimen found in dinosaur country 

Price : $199 

Shipping $89 

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Species: Coelodontia antiquitatis (Wooly Rhinoceros

Species description: An adult wooly rhinoceros was 14 ft in length and 12 ft high and 2 horns on the skull are made of keratin with the anterior horn larger than 3 ft long horn between its eyes. It had thick long fur, small ears , short ,thick legs and a stocky body. It used its horns to sweep away snow from vegetation so it could eat in the winter and defensive purposes. It did survive the last glaciation period unlike most all other mammals of its time as it was hardy and could withstand most anything but man 

Geological strata: Pleistocene Fauna 

Geological period: 1.8MYA -9,000 yrs ago 

Item location: SIBERA , RUSSIA 

Rating and item description : 1-10 10 VERY RARE HUGE 34” WOOLY RHINOCERAS Whole SKULL w /All Natural Teeth with Beautiful Reddish Brown Color. IT is 20” High and also 15 Inches Wide. Only as thin strip on lowers at bottom was repaired for a short distance. The rest is 100% whole and natural . This is only my second ever in 20 years with my last one having a horn . These are found only in Russia now , as none in Europe have been found in years due to caves being now controlled by governments. While this has no horns , if it did it would cost over 30 more . I saw one with a horn in Tucson 4 years ago with a horn which went at $70,000. Only a few ever have the smaller horn real as only a handful have ever been found. All 4 molars on each side are present. It’s a great representation of the species. The lines and attributes are fine and the top, back, and front are perfect with all bone original . Ther top upper in front have little projectiles called protuberances that sometimes don’t have near the detail as this one I picked this out of a number of them . Keep in mind only Russia has these now , and you can get it in USA . I will not send this to Europe IT displays well on its molars and I’ve seen these on ebay for $20,000 with fake horns so step up to the plate and hit a home run and buy this. It is heavy but can be carried or mailed on a skid . I see huge upside investment in this piece for any of you and hope you see it too. 

Price : 

Shipping $289 pallet ground 

No international sales Payment Wire or Checks only

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Unimaginable Gorgeous 100% Original Rarest of Rare 1st Giraffe Larger at 30” Long 20” High

Unimaginable Gorgeous Rarest Of Rare Ist Giraffe Larger at 30” than Todays Giraffe Species : Samotherium sinese Species description: Named for the Beast of Samos is an extinct genus of Giraffes from the Miocene and Pliocene of Eurasia and Africa . Samotherium had 2 ossicles on its head and also had long legs Its neck were long but not as long as todays giraffe . The ossicles were curved backwards and also pointed upwards , as males had much larger ones These are 12 inches high. These are almost nonexistent but that is my speciality is finding one of kind items and this is it . Geographical Area: 13.82 -2.58 MYA These lived over 11 million years ago Item location: Euroasia Item description & rating: 1-10 10 This is so magnificent I added to my collection a One of a kind large 30 “ skull by 9 inches by 12” Ossicles so 20 inches high . This specimen is magnificent. Only a little repair where ossicles were broken and a few crack fills on rest . I did have one 20 yeas ago but not near as large or as good. It sold in days. I’m not sure I can sell it but you may call but it would take a huge number to wrestle this from me as this is the third nicest display piece I have ever had . This was purchased 25 years ago, and in a warehouse for many years unprepped until recently . I have seen one in 25 years,and always was sorry I sold the last one so I had to have it. You can’t find anything wrong with this. All teeth are original and they are huge grazing teeth. Id put this up over a value of a large saber cat . First it’s much bigger 30 Inches and higher. What a treat. These just don’t come around. None exist now so it’s one of a kind. In fact only one whole one is known to exist now in a museum in London and I took a picture of a highly restored specimen. If you want it call and the number will be high, as you will never see this again. It comes with pictures of the animal. This is the one before the giraffe, and only animal that started larger than the giraffe of today , All animals start small but this was related but very different that earlier animals that really didn’t look like this one .Wow look at this . The pictures will amaze you. The giraffe has no front teeth only bottom front and side ones .Just so you know its complete . Call 706-235-2694 to dicuss with me AlanStout This is exciting Wow Wow Wow
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Great Humungous Kubanocheros Entire Skull 30” x 12 ” Wide by 17.5 Inches Tall

Great Humungous Kubanochoerus Entire Skull 30” by 12” Wide by 17.5” Tall Species: Kubanochoerus Gigas Species description: Suidae which pigs belong, and this species was the largest genus of pig on earth except Daedon . These are 4 ft high at shoulder and with head well over 6 ft tall and weighed well over a thousand lbs. Some of these got well over 20 ft long .They belong to Artidactyla order and vary in size from small 60cm long in case of pygmy hog to this one at 30 “ throughout time .The heads were unmistakeable with small eyebrows horns, and a separate horn emanating from this forehead of the males. Besides Daedon this was largest pig ever . This was an aggressive pig with large front lower canine type teeth for rooting in leaves and grass for all types of food including insects and berries .er cats also . These are found in Euroasia and Africa and are old and very rare These are one of coolest animals of all time Geological strata: Middle MIocene Geological period: Miocene 15.9 MYA -7.3 MYA Item location: Euroasia Item rating and description:1-10 9.9 This is an Beautiful Entire30 “ Skull of a Rare Fossil Miocene Huge PIG Kubanocherus that was so huge and heavy it looks so formidable . I only saw one 20 yeas ago and sold it so had to have another .Its in great shape has had preliminaryprep and will be prepped fully . Its just amazing with such high quality you just cant believe it is so real -a pig These are bigger than archaetheriums that were meat eaters, but these are not meat eaters The bone quality is great . The part of zygo needs glued on and only one eye socket on side needs some resto only in back which will be done but just had to show this animal. Few people have ever heard of this animal . The rest is all original over entire face. These animals are a REAL TREAT and extremely rare In fact you cant get them anymore but this was from a 20 year old collection in usa found by a farmer . They are not available anymore . It was bought in USA so see a rare piece from about 20 years ago that is at least 7 million years olf It takes 3 people to carry this animal at least About 200 lbs Anyway I have a friend probably will purchase it p but I want you to see it I may sell if it doesn’t occur but something this good I don’t usually put on site as I have buyers if I want to sell so Its worth a fortune because you will never see another . The teeth are 5 inches long =bigger than the biggest sabercat so I promise this will be prepped this year entirely soon but just had to show you Once done ILl do more pics but it will probably be sold This is so big I can hardly get entire skull in the picture . See the photos and the teeth .Simply amazing . Not for sale now and probably wont be but you can call 706-235-2694 Shipping would be $1000 on pallet if ever sold
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Wonderful Early Horse Mesohippus Skull Large 8 5/8” Highly Original (95%)on Natural Matrix Display

Wonderful Early Horse Mesohippus Horse SKULL 8 5/8” Highly Original on Natural Matrix Display Species: Mesohippus bairdi (Oligocene Horse ) Species description: Horses were small about size of a greyhound with a body 4 ft long , 2 ft high at shoulder and Larger than its predecessor Eohippus . They were short-legged, herbivores that lived from grazing This animal is very rare compared to other Oligocene animals. They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years. They had 3 toes front and back. IT looked like a modern horse except a lot smaller. Geological strata: White River Formation Geological period: Oligocene Period 38-32 MYA Item Location: Shannon County , S Dakota Item rating and description: 1-10 9.8 Beautiful Large Oligocene Mesohippus Skull 8 5/8” on Nice Display Natural Matrix. The skull is really amazing with virtually no restore incisors in front and small ¾ segment of front jaw .m They don’t get better than this . I’ve had some but this is second best one ever . Its been awhile . My last one went for 4500 . The quality you just can’t get this good Bone quality is amazing. Backs of lowers and zygos are all original plus sagital crest . Its such a pretty darker color for this area . It was found close to Indian land but on private property of a rancher . I’ve been to this location before and amazing quality is what you get. It is missing its front teeth which are so small anyway hardly any survive . All other teeth on both sides are not only complete but amazing quality with no repairs. It is open mouth with matrix holding it up . I guarantee if you find one better than this please tell me as I would not believe it . Anyway great price on magnificiently displayed horse . All horses were small at this time but this is a big one. Quality is simply fantastic. Just one glance I had to have it as it is so outstanding. IT displays well .. I priced it to sell quickly as this will sell so fast my head will spin . This is an adult horse and second in line after Eohippus . Ive only seen a few last 3 years .These are hard to get original like this so completely original as most have the entire front completely restored due to saber cat attacks, so you will not find many better . It as I said does have just a slight amount missing in front but virtually no restore. The rest of teeth are all original to this animal also . I will not take less for this as I will gladly keep it. Why discount top premium items any more than I already did. These all go for over 3800 now this good , but someone gave me a great deal , which Ill pass on to you . Price : $3499 Final Price : At cost $2999 Sven Shipping : $59 ,
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Gorgeous One-Of-Kind 100% Original MEGALCEROS DEER (IRISH ELK)UPPER SKULL & Almost All ANTLERS

Species: Megaloceros giganteus (Irish Elk) 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just do not exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all 

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -5,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany ,Rhine River Private Gravel Pit in the Rural Area 

Rating and description1- 10 9.9 Only due to partial but most Ive ever seen whole . Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megalceros Deer Upper Skull with Large Part of Antlers. Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than this piece. This is a huge male. Its 4.4 ft wide and skull is 22” long plus an extra 22 inches with an add on . WOW I’ve wanted one for many years, and this is the most complete and best I ever saw . This has no restoration and the only repair was the horns placed on the skull. Sure you could wait for 20 years to see if one comes and then pay 50,000 at auction plus 20% so $60,000 as the last full one went for or buy this at way better cost and get the easy parts later cheaper as parts to add. You see the upper skull and large rack is in place and only the ends and the lower jaw-the two easiest to find are not there. These would and could be bought over the years as they do come. Anyway it is perfect on what is there and so beautiful found in a gravel pit in Germany recently this year. This is the first I ever had-in fact the best ever saw. It is a treasure for you herbivore fans and deer lovers, plus the deer hunters to show a huge rack. It is 100% original as I can’t stress that enough .I can’t get any more of these so better buy this one. No restore at all on this animal. At all Anyway this is a must if you want a full collection and a hard one to get. The person I bought this from is the largest dealer in Europe and have bought many fine items , and he said in 30 years on the business this is the finest specimen he ever had including only 1 full one in 30 years as that had lots of restore and sold for 40,000 20 years ago. So even if one was found this is the best you will ever have a chance to buy . I added a 22 ” left side of deer at end so all you need for a complete one is animal right side from back to have a complete one I also can get a lower for $2000 more YOu get a great price now for almost all and I can get all . 

Price: $18,999 without lowers Almost complete now .

Complete these run $50,000 and up ,and now only end of right side and lowers which I can get for added low price With lowers $Reduced $16,600 Cost Full these are so rare and worth $60,000 

Shipping Varies $1400 minimum-2 skids 

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