Dogs, Wolves, and Hyenas

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Amazing 16” x 11” Giant Dinocrocuta-Largest Dog Ever -These are so rare

Amazing Extremely Large 16” Top Premium Ultra Rare 10 MYA Extinct Male Dinocrocuta (Giant Hyena Bonecrusher) Skull Species: Dinocrocuta Species description: Giant Hyena –looking animal which was a carnivore who stalked and killed animals in packs that was huge with adult skulls over 17” Long. They ate anything it wanted as it was huge. IT was a carnivore and was the top carnivore of its time. This genus had many species and all are very rare in fossil records. Geological strata: Geological period: Late Miocene 10 MYA-5 MYA Item location: EurAsia Item rating and description1-10 : 9.9 Largest Dog 18” Ever BONE-CRUSHER Dinocrocuta Hyena ever - Mammal Fossil From Eurasia - Highly Original 10 Million year Old Giant Hyena skull. The other one I had 15 years ago was 15 inches and another now 18 “-largest I ever saw by far. It was purchased in USA 25 years ago and recently prepped by the best in the world. It was obtained in USA and it’s a top premium skull. In fact what is so fantastic is the teeth are all real whole teeth with a few incisors repaired on upper skull . The teeth are absolutely huge 4 cannines 2” long . Imagine facing this monster. The skull is at least 90% original with a great prep job. It has metal stand that exhibits it so well that is so sturdy. It displays well on both sides. The entire skull is beautiful and natural. It’s simply an amazing piece. Pics will tell the story. No other dog in history has ever been bigger. You can’t get these anymore at all I haven’t even seen one in 15 years. This is one-of-a kind , but right now I have 2 even though these are my first in 12 years . This will go so fast it will make your head spin. The pics will do the talking on this one My last one sold at $27,000  Price :  Call 706-235-2694 This is an amazing skull It doesnt get better than this except my other 18” one wire accepted or checks
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Magnificient One-of-Kind Early Miocene Unknown Male Species Beardog Skeleton

One-of-Kind EARLY MIOCENE Unknown Male BEAR-DOG Skeleton


Species Description: Unknown MORE THAN RARE (NON-EXISTENT except this one) Extinct Species of Bear- Dog of Miocene existing for a few million years from 23-19 MILLION years ago . It was assigned to amphicyonids. While initially related to bears it is now found they may be basal caniforms . This is one of the most unusual carnivore . They were as tall as a black bear , and moved here from Eurasia in early Miocene . It weighed 150 kg and combines features of canine and feline predators . It resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body . These bear-dogs with long limbs and specialized in chasing down prey on the open plains. Only two partial mandibles have been found in Nebraska , and a part of a lower jaw in Florida . This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value . It was described in 2008 only so very recent partial finds. 

Geological strata: Early Hemingfordian 

Geological period: Early Miocene 19 MILLION YEAR OLD STRATA 

Item location: Dixie County , Florida 

Item rating and description:1-10 10 Large Early Miocene All Original Male Beardog Family :Daphoendon Genus :Borocyon Unnamed Unknown Species of BEAR DOG Highly Original . NO one on earth has anything of this animal and I have the whole skeleton with skull. Over 90% of skull is original bone and the skeleton is almost all bone with only a few smaller upper foot bone casts from a relative . Keep in mind this is one of a kind . No casts have ever been made so all inner bones and almost all foot bones are original beardog bones from 2 animals - male and female in a cave of the inner main bones all are from one beardog . Only one fibula had some restore . bula. The head and inner main bones with feet are beardog from this cave . This was a 2 year project and of extreme value to museums or someone who wants something unknown at super price . The quality, shape color is remarkable The ribs and verts were not found, and are bear, however ,we found from a similar species at American Natural History Museum that all ribs are just like beardog . Generally all items at top look like bear and all feet and lower plus tail are like dog hence Beardog . Resemble bear so much its an accurate portrayal . Since no casts exist its better to have bone that is almost exact to represent . Remember most skeletons anywhere including dinosaur rarely approach 70% . I estimate this over that .It has stain to match colors especially on bear ribs and verts, which match exactly rest of the beardog . The head and inner main bones are all one beardog with feet some of that beardog and others from it’s mate The bulk of it is one beardog. The skull is 14” and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. It comes in sections like each leg, pelvis and tail, head and verts as well as ribs and screwed in into an almost invisible frame that makes it so appealing . This is an amazing find as no one has this anywhere, no head no skeleton and shows the size . It was prepped well to show the creature in a highly original way. This has no papers describing it but we know it’s close to robustus which was only described from only a few pieces of skull-2 in Nebraska. This is of extreme scientific value and highly original. This has all teeth –some placed in from another animal the same species. Of course this is so rare this should not matter as you can’t get this anywhere .The teeth are fantastic and not even worn. Who has even another species of this? NO one is the answer. It was gotten from a friend, and it’s a treasure. It was professionally prepped with bone quality simply outstanding, and color great. You really can’t value THIS ITEM since not one exists. Beyond a museum piece, in my private collection. I’m so proud of this piece .I really can’t say anymore than here because nothing is known of this animal. You won’t find anything under this in google so here is your info. So you understand this species is unknown and its one of a kind No skeleton is complete and at most -most skeletons are 60-70% with casted parts. All but 3 bones are original on this so what you have here is a very complete almost all beardog which in unknown and its huge .The skull alone is worth $45,000 minimum 

It cost me a fortune over $60,000 in costs to mount , prep and pay for item. One auction house it was valued at 110-120,000 . Will deliver free in eastern part of USA $84,000 either thru driving or UPS pallet what a deal email me at call 706-235-2694 This is an amazing find. Any museum it would be the highlight of its mammal collections Most beardogs were size of dog and only 1 named is bigger than this species. It died out 18 million years ago .This is being sold just above cost and was years of work. I THis is not rare-it doesnt exist anywhere on earth .
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Rarest-of-Rare Extinct 99% Original 13.5” CAVE HYENA SKULL from Rare Location(

RAREST- of- RARE EXTINCT Perfect 100% Original 13.5” CAVE HYENA Skull from Rarest of Locations 

Species: Crocuta crocuta spelaea 

Species description: These hyenas were known as the Ice Age Spotted Hyena and was a subspecies the second largest Hyenas of all time and was a carnivore who stalked and killed animals in packs it was about 6 ft long and looked similar to a modern hyena except much bigger including the head was much wider and different shaped possessing a long body and short legs. This species once ranged from Iberian Peninsula to Russia .This hyena was a highly specialized animal. These weighed over 250 lbs .They ate wild horses , steppe bison, and wooly rhinoceros that was so ruthless it could kill almost anything with its progressive and regressive features being more developed than the modern African species. Its extinction was earlier than other Ice age mammals with last one dated 11,000 years ago with most gone 14,000 years ago. This helps explain the only few specimens like this one in Middle Asia . Its extinction was due to climate change, and an inability to compete with lions and humans, and loss of grasslands which they hunted. These though did likely kill wolves which roamed with them due to being more powerful. 

Geological strata: Pleistocene epoch 

Geological period: 2 million -10,000 years old closer to first due to color 

Item location: Eastern Kazakhstan –largest Country in Central Asia Altai Mts in caves –only recently found 

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 Perfection on an extremely rare animal Cave Hyena 13.5 “ long with Super Teeth and Totally Original 99% Skull . I checked with all European dealers and only 2 ever sold a skull, and those 2were only 80%. No other dealer has even seen one. Pieces and parts but no full skulls. And what a skull. It was never broken not even zygotes. This is the Rarest find in Europe and probably the best ever found from searching all literature in history . This was cleaned off only no sealant. It does have just a few spots of restore with silly mm in palate, and one eye socket Thats it Id call that as close to perfect as you get One hole fill in an eye socket is amazing perfect . You can’t even tell in any way but Im a prepper . I have never even seen a complete skull as people in Europe and Asia have never seen . It was sitting in a cave protected from thousands of years / These caves were only recently discovered so not even Europe knows about these. So few people in the world know of these they don’t even know how to price –that’s how rare they are . All animals in this area are dark and this was lightest of all animals found but still darker reddish brown. Most animals are black from here only . The ones in Europe are light. This could be the areas of first ones due to color 500,000 years old . Darker the color the older they are. Next to Bonecrusher hyena this was one of 5 top carnivores at its time including sabercats, lions, bonecrusher hyena and this. This is perfection to top degree. IT attracted huge animals like wooly rhinos, horses, wooly mammoth etc. Its huge 13.5 inches and 9 inches wide so no compression. It comes on a sturdy stand also . Where can you get a top predator this good. It’s amazing .This specimen displays so well with 98% originality This is worth a fortune. People in Europe are different from USA –they like totally natural 100% but will take partial animals more than prepped animals but this is so good it can be owned by anyone who wants to premium bone . While nothing is perfect this will sell so fast to Europeans or Americans as it perfect. One tooth repaired. That’s it. 100 % original and so rare you will never ever see another. I’ll be getting more animals from this region including lions so be ready or these will go so fast it will make your head spin .These go for way more than I want especially from an area that never found them If no one buys this that’s fine it will stay with me as find another. It’s for someone collection who has most everything but they don’t have this. Even poor ones in Europe go for more than I’m asking Call on this one. Keep in mind only 2 dealer has even seen one in Europe and Asia until now .Only accept wires or Cashiers Check . Mounted I on beautiful display . You can find an upper or something that has lots of resto but not one like this This is for a perfectionist and probably the best skull of this rare species in the world . This is a premium skull not like a few that are missing many parts so you cant compare this to any other . 

Price: $ $14,999 Final Price : Reduced

Shipping: USA $229 overnite International $450 Wires only accepted no paypal so call 706-235-2694

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Gorgeous Huge Rare Hyaenodon (Under creodont)12” Skull

Gorgeous Rare Huge Hyaenodon(Under creodont )12 “ Skull Species : Hyaenodon horridus Species description : This is the largest of the species of Hyaenodon in North America with massive high sagistal crest in back of head , long narrow snout , short neck , and long body and tail . It was the top carnivore for over 20 million years even with many sabercats running around . Called a Creodont and it hunted alone not in packs like terrible Pigs , which could drive these off due to in groups of at least 3 / These are rare . These creodonts shared a specialized dentition commonly found in meat eating animals with shearing structures called carnassial-teeth . This one is close to size of a bear and had one of highest pressure per bite about 1000 lbs which exceed almost all animals of now or past Male specimens show grinding marks on their teeth, which are big . This means they used to grind their teeth for intimidation with other animals. The last creodont went extinct about 23 million years ago but in Asia later for their species . This was only ever found in USA and is huge. Geographical strata : Scenic Member , Brule Formation ,White River Group Geographical period : Middle Oligocene 27-35 Million years ago Orellan Item location: Custer County S Dakota Private ranch with COA Item rating and description 1-10 9.7 What a vicious creature of Oligocene -The Extinct Largest Hyaenodon , and next to largest carnivore with a colorful 12 + inch skull from private landowner directly . The skull is exceptional on bot lowers and upper , with amazing teeth so natural It appears to be over 90% Anything 75-80% Oligocene is mighty fine . This is going for an amazing price for you true collectors . Its on a fantastic display of mineral on base and the tan color makes it appear so beautiful. The shape , color , and quality is exceptional . ILl let pics do the talking Price : $7779 call 706-235-2694 only wire accepted Shipping overnite for safety is $285
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Beyond Fantastic- LaBrea Dire Wolf 12.5 From an Old Collection Highly Original

BEYOND FANTASTIC - Most Desired Fossil on The Planet -LARGE LABREA TAR PITS DIRE WOLF 12.5” Skull with Tar pit Ooze and Bones Direct From California Species : Dire wolf (Canis dirus) Description : It was closely related to Gray wolf in many features but it is not direct ancestor of any species today . IT became extinct 10,000 years ago with wooly mammoth . IT was larger than Gray Wolf averaging 5 ft in length and weighing 150-175 lbs . Legs of Dire Wolf was shorter and sturdier than those of gray wolf and the brain case was smaller to than the gray wolf .These were mainly found in California and Florida. Geological timeframe : Pleistocene 2 MYA -10,000 Location : La Brea Tar Pits , LA California USA Description : SPECTACULAR AMAZING LA BREA TAR PITS HIGHLY ORIGINAL DIRE WOLF 12.5” Skull with Tar with an assemblage of Dire Wolf Bones . This is one-of-a-kind and now own this masterpiece. I haven’t seen a La Brea Dire Wolf in 10 years and never saw one this good. This is so wonderful I can’t find the words to express my amazement at the quality of this specimen, so it goes into my personal collection. It is highly original and would estimate 90% with all teeth real teeth, and a few from other Dire Wolf La Brea parts. The skull is amazing. It has only restore at thin section at middle of the skull , and part of back above the condyle area., little on back of lower jaws , and that’s it . The condyles are real. The teeth are amazing and 90% from this animal including incisors except 3 upper. Words just can’t describe this piece. It was so difficult to prep because normal air compression work would have caused caused the color to change as it was so fragile and the most difficult prep job a top prepper ever did . It does have stain .It took one year to complete . The assemblage of bones is original with toe bones, verts and others full and partial in the matrix which was a part of the unprepped animal . It is just spectacular . Even the zygos are original on this animal. It has repair but teeth were full, and little need repair on these. They are wonderful . Imagine even real incisors in the front. This was of course from an old collection and was laying around for probably over 50 years before the government took over ownership of laBrea . I’m so pleased to own this and regard it as in a league of its own. LaBrea just isn’t available anymore , and if anyone does have one they don’t sell it . Notice the patented dark brown color. This is the original color in an area of high concentration of oil as some are lighter. Well I can’t say more on this as words are not adequate to do this justice so maybe the pictures will. This skull with dire wolf bones is valued at $45,000-60,000 ,and would sell at auction for this amount .Get your dream and save lots now for 1 month only Price: $ Value 43,000 email call 706-235-2694 Final Low Price Call 706-235-2694 May decide to keep this .Only a few are in private hands and went at auctions for over 40-60,000

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Premium Hyaenodon Horridus11.5” Skull Agape Open Mouth Skull

Special Premium Hyaenodon horridus 11.5” Skull Agape Open Mouth Skull Species: Hyaenodon horridus Species description: This was the largest species of Hyaenodon in North America with massive high saggital crest in back of head, long narrow snout, short neck and long body and tail. It was the top single carnivore although a number of Terrible Pigs could drive one off. This was the largest carnivore for over 20 Million years called a Creodont and it hunted alone not in packs like its smaller 3 related species . These creodonts shared a specialized dentition commonly found in meat eating mammals with shearing structures called carnassal-teeth. This one species was the size of a bear and had 1000 lbs of pressure per bite , and was more dangerous and a lot bigger than any saber-tooth cat of its time a loner).Male specimens show grinding marks on their teeth which means tooth-grinding was used as intimidation with animals. The last creodont went extinct in America about 23 MYA but lasted to the Miocene in Asia. This is the rarest fossil of the 4 species of Creodont by far. Geological strata: White River Formation Geological period: Oligocene Period 35- Early Miocene23 MYA Item location: Pennington County , S Dakota Item rating and description: 1-10 9.5 What a Vicious Rare Carnivore- The Extinct Largest Oligocene Hyaenodon11.5” Great Skull. This is the largest species sometimes getting to 14 inches. It is an adult due to teeth , probably a female one of largest Carnivores during the Oligocene Period. The skull has spot restore including back of lower jaws –just a small section is nice with some restore. It’s estimated at 85% but teeth are amazing . Upper Incisors restored and lowers are real . It shows a beautiful spotted color with light areas with dark spots There was some repair but overall bone quality is extremely high . This is a fine specimen. Anything 80-85% original in Oligocene soils is a find . Even small crucians species go for 4000 now and my last one I sold for 8000 recently so this is a screaming buy at below normal price . If you stand back this looks so amazing ,but it’s not perfect . Great display also . Price : 7000 Ben Shipping : $159 w insurance 2 days Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified check •Money Order , •Personnel Check , Payable to: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​