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Oreodont Upper Skulls- Adult Front Skull and Fairly Complete Baby Upper Skull

Species: Merycoidodon culbertsoni

Species description: Large Oreodont that roamed the grasslands during the Oligocene period that resembled in function and appearance of a smaller cow. They were short-legged, blunt-headed herbivores that had 5 toes on each foot They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years. They belonged to a group of artiodactyls related to camels, and had a full set of teeth. They did have canines and molars were used for grinding vegetation.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological period: Oligocene Period 34-23 MYA

Item location: Shannon County , S. Dakota

Item rating and description: 1-10 8 2 Oreodont Upper Skulls –Adult and Baby. The baby is 3.5” and most of upper is intact whole. The adult is only the front of upper skull with one side containing teeth and part of other side in front. The baby has most of teeth also as does the one side of the adult frontal area. Both are found right next to each other on the only private land I know of in this county. Anyway a great price for two Partials just to get you started Whole skulls go for $600 apiece

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