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Unimaginable Gorgeous 100% Original Rarest of Rare 1st Giraffe Larger at 30” Long 20” High

Unimaginable Gorgeous Rarest Of Rare Ist Giraffe Larger at 30” than Todays Giraffe

Species : Samotherium sinese

Species description: Named for the Beast of Samos is an extinct genus of Giraffes from the Miocene and Pliocene of Eurasia and Africa . Samotherium had 2 ossicles on its head and also had long legs Its neck were long but not as long as todays giraffe . The ossicles were curved backwards and also pointed upwards , as males had much larger ones These are 12 inches high. These are almost nonexistent but that is my speciality is finding one of kind items and this is it .

Geographical Area: 13.82 -2.58 MYA These lived over 11 million years ago

Item location: Euroasia

Item description & rating: 1-10 10 This is so magnificent I added to my collection a One of a kind large 30 “ skull by 9 inches by 12” Ossicles so 20 inches high . This specimen is magnificent. Only a little repair where ossicles were broken and a few crack fills on rest . I did have one 20 yeas ago but not near as large or as good. It sold in days. I’m not sure I can sell it but you may call but it would take a huge number to wrestle this from me as this is the third nicest display piece I have ever had . This was purchased 25 years ago, and in a warehouse for many years unprepped until recently . I have seen one in 25 years,and always was sorry I sold the last one so I had to have it. You can’t find anything wrong with this. All teeth are original and they are huge grazing teeth. Id put this up over a value of a large saber cat . First it’s much bigger 30 Inches and higher. What a treat. These just don’t come around. None exist now so it’s one of a kind. In fact only one whole one is known to exist now in a museum in London and I took a picture of a highly restored specimen. If you want it call and the number will be high, as you will never see this again. It comes with pictures of the animal. This is the one before the giraffe, and only animal that started larger than the giraffe of today , All animals start small but this was related but very different that earlier animals that really didn’t look like this one .Wow look at this . The pictures will amaze you. The giraffe has no front teeth only bottom front and side ones .Just so you know its complete .

Call 706-235-2694 to dicuss with me AlanStout This is exciting Wow Wow Wow

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Beautiful Rarest of Rare Species uge Monster 16.5” MESOREODONT Skull of Oreodont Family

Beautiful Rarest Huge Monster 16.5” MESOREODONT Skull

Species: Mesoreodon major

Species description: Largest Oreodont ever that was larger than a modern cow but exhibited characteristics it could swim, graze on land of any type . It appears they were cosmopolite not like other oreodonts which exited only in grasslands . They have been found very rarely as most are broken in pieces in deserts of California, praries of S Dakota , Nebraska, and Wyoming. They were huge with a rather robust jaw with sharp teeth that makes them appear to be carnivores but ate grasses and other vegetation This animal is very rare compared to other oreodonts and the Largest and a real prize. They lived in the American West later 33 Million -20.6 Million which makes them during the Whitneyan Stage of Oligocene -Miocene epochs 35-20.6 MYAMiocene). They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years, much longer than cows have existed.

Geological strata: Whitneyan stage

Geological period: Miocene -Later Oligocene Period 33-20.6 This one is Miocene

Item location: Badlands of Western South Dakota Penning County :Shannon County This area only had only Miocene Mesoreodon and few people hunt Miocene because these are broken in pieces almost always

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 X -Special Rare Large(16.5) Mesoreodont 90% Original Complete Skull 9.5” wide skull . This is so pleasant to look at due to high originality . The teeth are all real with some repairs . This is the rarest of rare h super huge oreodont . This area only has Miocene animals and few people hunt Miocene in S Dakota because so little exists so this is a real treat This is the rarest oreodont of and rare among all animals . It’s my first top species and just superb bone quality . Its just amazing to realize this is so huge as it ends the oreodonts which makes sense since as they evolve animals get bigger . This one could swim and possibly climb trees so it was also the most versatile. It can survive even in deserts. Its amazing skull with great teeth. Yes some repairs and some resto in only a few areas You just can’t get these . Someone who hunted his whole life never found one in S Dakota but did find someone who did and sold both for more than offered here . Most people who hunt aren’t even aware of this species .Even though some expert say there were many more species, but this is the rarest also. The animal has under 10 % restore. The color is beautiful on both sides. It displays well mounted on metal stand . This is a great opportunity to own a real favorite and most oreodonts are more common but this one is very, very rare and one of the LARGER MAMMALS of the OLIGOCENE and MIOCENE. You will never see a nicer or larger Oreodont anywhere. You will love this animal. It’s all yours and wont see another ever so better grab it. It appears to be a carnivore due to teeth and size , so its impressive . These are huge and keep in mind so rare even most hunters never find one . Then to get one this good is amazing. This is one-of-a-kind and so rare . Ive seen these go over 6000 easy This is huge Anyway here it is at

Price: $ 5599 Firm These just dont exist Its a chance of a lifetime to have a huge carnivore looking grazing herbivore thats bigger than smilodon saber cats

Reduced Final $4999 Only wire or check can be used to pay so call please This will go so fast. use email John

Shipping $189