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Largest Of Pachcephalosaurus Skull Spikes4.75”)Long w 5.5” Base circumference Complete& Beautiful

Gorgeous The Largest Pachycephalosaurus Huge Skull SPIKE 4.75” Long with 5.5” Base Circumference Species: Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis Species decription: 15’ long giant among bonehead dinosaurs with a thick 10”, high-domed skull which denotes head-butting habit between rival males and last member to exist before the extinction event- mostly known from skulls . Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation Geologic Period: Late Cretaceous 70-66.5 MYA Location: Glendive , Montana Item Description and rating: 1-10 10 UnbelievableThe Largest Pachy Spike located behind the skull dome. I checked the size with one at the Glendive museum right where this was found and this is the largest one a Pachy has on any head . I must say this is largest spike you will ever see . Its perfect Only a few crack fills and has great detail. It’s simply an amazing piece all dark brown color with no restore. It doesn’t get better than this. The depth, length, bone quality, and structure are simply amazing this exhibits bone patterns throughout while being an underground find.I doubt you will ever have the opportunity to buy at a great price this piece .It is fairly smooth all over it so it looks like animal dies yesterday . I normally don’t sell much pachy material but domes that sell for 15,000 or more . This is much rarer actually as only small pieces are found normally but decided to part with this piece in my collection. I really don’t need to tell you what a super price this is as you won’t find this big a spike anywhere. It was from a huge pachy that was very, very old on death and color is amazing. Price: $1995 Shipping $49 w insurance