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Amazing Large One -of- Kind Extinct Javan Hippopotamus Est 1-1.5 MYA 

Species : Believed to be Hippopotamus sivalensis  sivajavanicus However one of a kind 


Description : These originally had ancestors 55 Million years ago which evolved to similar hippos of today 35 million  years ago originally in Europe and then Africa  then ASia  . The earliest known of this species found (only parts and sections-this is only know complete skull  ) was 1.5 Million years ago in same area Javan man is discovered which is 1 million years old . Aside from elephants and rhinos , hippos are the largest land mammal IT is also the largest extant land artidactyl. Deespite their physical resemblance to pigs and other even-toed ungulates they are closely related to cetaceans like whales and diverged on land 55 million years ago.  Hippos have barrel shaped torsos, wide opening mouths with large canine Tusks with almost complete hairless bodies  and weigh about 3300 lbs  IT is capable of running 19 miles per hour over short distances and are the most deadly animal in wild -responsible for more deaths of humans than crocodiles or tigers  in Africa . ON modern hippos called H. amphibius only 67 survive in Java with some in W, E,  Congo and Cape  Africa . Close to extinction in Java . These were smaller species so approximately 2000 lbs (1 ton) so still huge 

Geological Age : Early Pleistocene Fauna) found with Trinil Tiger and  Stegodon that has this age also 

Item  area found : Area known for Java Man Trinil on Banks of Solo River in East Java (This species also found a few partials in West Java . This one was earliest known species with man as all other areas earliest known like Europe and Africa is at least  160,000 years ago . This probably is a million year old Hippo  

Only a few parts like a palate with incisors and a few other pieces and one upper found before this 

Description and Rating 10  This is a find of a lifetime . The probability of this being at least 1 Million years old is high . It’s the only known entire skull of an extinct Javan Hippo of this species that exists. The Skull is 23 inches long with incisors and 21 inches without and the width is almost 14 inches. The upper had lots of iron embedded in bone and on bone and it was cleaned off with a resulting reddish dark brown color .This is the only known complete set.   Also look at the dark color and amount of iron was massive so highly mineralized which means 1 MYA .As I said these actually have cetacean relatives(whales) but went to land 55 million into off shoots of current hippos so they are older than all large mammals except with exception of rhinos . This is so amazing and is the oldest species known as well as only skull of that species   . NO one has this and it’s in great condition.  IT has some wear as due to age and a hard mineral formed in skull mostly iron and had to be removed just like a Jurassic dinosaur. While highly mineralized on outside which shows age alot  time. It would be great to have a skull of Java man as a lifelong dream but just not available .  4 Canine Tusks are present, with all side teeth plus many of incisors. Only 1 incisor restored. There is a little resto around the nasal area, inside one zygo for an inch and a few spots with repair on crack fills but it’s at least 97% complete.   Upper and lower skull is amazing . Anyway I had to show you this nonexistent but here piece .  Only a few pieces of hippo have been discovered in Java over 1 MYA so this is more likely ½ million years old 

Orginal  Price: $29, 999       One of A Kind   Valueless Todays estimated $35,000 -40,000 call with questions 706-235-2694 Only one known anywhere 

Reduced Price : $24,900 this creature has uppers and lowers , which means it may be the only 1 in existence 

Only wire accepted  call 706-235-2694    Check could be also but wire less risky in todays world ASk for Alan  or write 

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100% Original Pleistocene Fossil Walrus IVORY 23” Long

100% Original Pleistocene Fossil  WALRUS IVORY TUSK 23” Long

Species: Trichechus rosmarus names 1766 

Species description:  Early Walrus in Pleistocene   times that looked similar to Walruses today, except for size including tusk size. The Walrus is a large flippered marine mammal that lived at that time in many temperate zones in the Artic.  It’s noted for its prominent tusks, whiskers, and bulkiness.  It was  a contemporary with the woolly mammoth but also before in Miocene 8-10 million years ago . It could weigh many lbs but was half the size of modern walruses in Miocene b iut in Pleistocene same size as this tusk. The males and female have tusks, with males usually bigger.  You find so little info on this walrus as usually only a few tusks are found in Pleistocene yearly . 

Geological strata:  Pleistocene 20-30,000 years old  

Period: Pleistocene 

Item location: Lawrence Island , Alaska 

Item rating and description: (1-10) *10* This is an Amazing Early Male  Walrus 23” long . The size and also the ridges indicate a male walrus . The colors show at least Pleistocene which means its a fossil and totally legal and sold . Any  tusks after 1950 has laws concerning import and obtaining but this is a fossil Polished Tusks of this rare animal highly desired as the ivory shows so well .  It is extremely rare with no restore or repai . I bought it because it’s 100% original except for being polished completely.  This is for a collector who wants a large tusk that has different dark  colors throughout which shows age . The darker the older so we anticipate this to be around 30,000 It was found years ago by the person who sold it to me so it reduces overhead so offering at super price. I never saw one from here .  The modern ones have adapted only to cold conditions in the poles now, but not in Miocene at warmer times. These walruses   This is an adult specimen.  Prices have skyrocketed in recent years on these due to the fact that full skulls are not really known so get the most important part – the tusk.  The price is so low it will go quickly because of the ivory of an early walrus. This is true ivory at a  low price.  This is a wholesale price due to original owner finding this piece years ago so save 

Price $3999 Firm  Comes with COA

Shipping: $129 with insurance