Saber-Tooth Cats

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Amazing Rare Sabertooth Metailurus Cat Skull w Alot of Skeleton 100% Original

Species : Metailurus

Species description: Smaller sabertooth cat belonging to tribe Metailurini . They hunted in groups and were carnivores from USA , Europe , Africa and Asia or then Eurasia. Some are found in Florida but these are very rare .

Geographical Area: 11 MYA-2 Million

Item location: Eastern France

Item description & rating: 1-10 10 Unbelieveable rare Metailurus saber-tooth cat skull with skeleton 100% original. The skull is 5.5 Inches long with matrix 10” x 8” with tons of bones . This cat is so rare few have this saber cat and to get one 100% n restore with much of the skeleton is amazing at a great price at a rare location. This was purchased 25 years ago at least in USA from a French dealer. These cats were in a wide area all over the world but little is found especially a skull with a skeleton. This matrix has bones all over inside as you can tell from the ends of the matrix. One tooth has been repaired but all natural. The bone is super light color and matrix has penetrant sealant on it to make sure matrix is sturdy. Values have grown a lot. These just don’t come around .Its time someone else had it. I’m charging under what a skull would cost, however, none exist now so it’s one of a kind.

Price: $9,999 Firm May be available

Shipping $290 with insurance

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Beautiful Ultra Rare Adult Homotherium Saber Cat Lower Jaw Section w 2 Incisors-1 Canine


Species description : This cat evolved from Machairodus and appeared at Miocene –Pliocene border about 5 MYA and lived in Africa as well as Euroasia and died out lastly in Asia and North America about 10,000 years ago so it was highly successful. It was a scimitar cat built like a modern lion that had about a 13” skull but much longer teeth called sabers. It was larger than average saber-tooth cat that was very successful yet hardly ever found in fossil records. Complete skeletons have only been found in Texas and of this animal complete skeletons in Asia have never been found and only a few skulls .The sabers per head size are smaller than other the big cats. It preyed on wooly mammoths as found out in Texas. IT looks like a megantereon however much shorter sabers and less sized lower saber guard and sabers reached to end of lower jaw as this one does. It reached 1.1 meters at shoulder . As said compared to megantereon, smilodon, and machairodotus its sabers were relatively short but still they are nice sized sabers. It provided a great puncturing and gripping force . The skull was longer than smilodon. This jaw had down-turned forward flanges to protect the scimitars . It large canine teeth were crenulated and designed for slashing rather than purely stabbing . Some of the physical appearances were unusual for a big cat as it had limbs that gave the homotherium a hyena like appearance. The forelegs were elongated while hind legs were rather squat with feet planti-grade causing back to slope down towards a short tail. It had a large nasal square nasal opening like a cheetah which allowed quicker oxygen intake with brain visual cortex large and allowed it to hunt during the day instead of night like many cats. It lived 5 million years longer than megatereon. It hunted in packs and not only killed mammoths but also rhinoceros juveniles.

Geographical Area: Possible Early Pleistocene

Location: Origin France Item description & rating: 1-10 10 X- Ultra RARE Beautiful Adult Homotherium Scimitar Saber-Tooth Cat Canine Incisor 1.25” Long Plus another reg incisor . It is 100 %original bone and 100 % Teeth original with one smaller incisor plus a large1.25” Canine larger incisor with partial front of jaw.(Per a noted authority ). Both incisors look great with also a root of another in jaw . I have wanted a whole one for years and the opportunity was afforded from a friend who is also the top expert on these creatures , and this will be admired by me & ones who read this. Only a small number found in Texas cave and 2 in Florida and a handful in China and Europe. The great thing about this species it is a form of crenatidens but a different unclassified species that needs researched even more so we can safely say only a few of this exist . AS someone who knows a little on cats said the species is close to be Xenosmulus but different so no species has been classified as of this date so hopefully a book could come from this at later date. Anyway so rare it is not a labeled known species as of yet so under crenatidans for now . This just doesn’t come along so for true collectors of sabercats this section is a must . The canine saber has wear on tip probably natural but unknown . You’ll love this one as I do if you know cats. These from these cats just aren’t available

Price : 1999

Shipping : 45

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Species: Adelphailurus kansensis

Species Description: This is rarest of all sabertooth cats in USA that lived from early Miocene 6-8 MYA and were the size of a modern cougar or puma . Its body also had the same shape as a puma also, and had long compressed upper canine-sabers that hunted small birds and mammals in ambush . This cat is a false saber-tooth cat and had retained a second upper premolar, which is unusual for a cat . It was the second largest of the late Miocene cats and was an Eurasian immigrant. It was a metailurus cat, which besides this species and one other was only found in Asia and a few in Europe. It is not one of the top 6 saber-cats found and has only been found with partials with top of skull never found in USA according to reading all documents . It was identified by Hilbert in 1934 with only a few skull pieces and a few partial bones ever found so this skull is the most complete skull known to exist. A partial humerus, radius, ulna first phalanx and was named after the first skull jaw section found in Kansas. Most of bones found in Arizona in this small area, and one found in Bone Valley, Florida also.

Geological formation: Milk Creek Formation

Geological period: 8-6 MYA Miocene Early Hempghilian Tribe-Metailuri Genus: metailurus

Item Location: Congress Junction, Arizona

Item rating and description: (1-10) 10 AMAZING 11” Long x 7” wide agape Adelpharilurus kansensis saber-tooth cat SKULL-The Most complete ever found . This is an amazing piece as this is the most in one skull of its species ever found as only a few skull fragments exist . While it does have a large amount of restore much of lowers are real bone with teeth plus one upper maxilla with teeth are original to one animal. IN other words with 3 jaws 3 of 4 molar teeth pairings are original and the back of cat is original plus one original saber plus part of side of upper. The rest is filled in so % is still about 40% original-estimate. This cat is so amazing and so well prepped it’s a treat to look at. Again while not highly original it’s the best ever found so this is for people who want a one of a kind this is it. For your perfectionists which I know some- do not even try to buy this. I want someone who appreciates this large cat eventually but really do not intend to sell ever Again this is the most complete one of its species ever found so no perfect ones exist and probably never will . This is the most complete ever skull so one of a kind

Price : $38,000

Final Price reduced : $34,000 only one in the world $28,000

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One Of Kind -  Super Rare Eusmilus US Saber-tooth Cat with Saber

Species: Eusmilus olsontau

Species description: The Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of smaller ones)with razor –sharp sabers and after Dinictis and Hoplophoneus on geological chart which is believed to evolve from one line of hoplophoneus saber cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period for only a few million years from 30-27.7 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar to Hoplophoneus Sicarius except for size , as Eusmilus was the genus for that animal until a short time ago . All these are small saber cats only 5-6 inches long with large sabers and flanges for the size which makes it look like a barbourfelis and a hoplo except for much smaller size .It had only 26 teeth compared to 44 for most saber cats and it was lacking molar 1 talonoid and premolar 2 on the bottom jaw . It was bobcat sized with lynx sized head and was built like Barbourfelis for size (Of course Barbourfelis is much larger ). Long bodied and short legged compared to others, and they ate grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. They could open their jaws at a 90% angle . Most of the info on internet is incorrect as below is correct . It did not live 8 million years, just over 2 and did not have a large species in America (only this small one)at least and one in Europe was bigger .

Geological strata: Upper Whitneyan and Early Arikareean Age

Geological Time frame: 30-27.7 MYA

Item location: Pennington County , SD

Item rating and description:1-10 10 Gorgeous Small Ultra Rare Eusmilus Saber-tooth Cat 5.5” . This cat is so special I still can’t hardly believe I have one. Only a few in the entire world exist with a few museums in USA and Europe , and only 2 private collections exist as known and I’m one of them . Due to a friend I was able to obtain a dream and this is one of few which actually have a saber anywhere . It has one complete side with some bone missing on top but a beautiful back , and the other side is there –just need to prep it . It has excellent bone quality, and is one of the true Eusmilus Cats . I’ve been reading about this cat for years, and by the way now that Hoplophoneus Sicarius has been reclassified no large ones exist as the web says in America . Too many awesome words can’t fully describe this cat. This may be the only one with this much of one saber These are found in rock nodules This is beyond words Its been in my collection for years This is only for cat collectors that will never have another chance to buy . The owner is so lucky Ive been so proud for years but its time for someone else This is 100% original and the one saber is only one of this species that may exist . My friend had 3 as he is top cat specialist in the world , and only person who has one known in USA besides this one . He has no sabers , and I have this one

Auction value $35,000 plus 23 % premium Will be gone soon

Price : $27,000 rarest cat in the world No one has this in the world with a true real saber Only a few exist without sabers

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The Rarest Cat on the Planet - SMILODON POPULATOR Back of SKULL 8 ½” Long –

Species: Smilodon Populator Saber-tooth Cat

Species description: The LARGEST Smilodon genus sabercat from South America with 12” canines . These animals looked like smildon fatalis but much bigger .It was 9 “ long and massive with height at least 4.5 FT . It was the largest of all machairdontants .These cats weigh 1000 lbs at least .

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 1 MYA -10,000yrs ago

Item location: COLON, URUGUAY

Item rating and description: 1-10 10 100 % All Natural Beyond Rare & Beautiful Smilodon POPULATOR BACK OF SKULL 8.5” LONG –the real king of beasts –the Smilodon .It is also 7 ½” H and 6” Long The rareness alone of any Smilodon material make this a top collector piece, but to have a Populator is just amazing. Populator material is not coming anymore but here a few are No restoration, beautiful color, and no repairs so totally natural .Almost all the the bone is there ,and most of you will never see another in a lifetime . One of a kind piece of history that IM so happy to own . While no teeth no one has this so 20,000 at auction will do fine unless 706-235-2694

Price: $12,999

Shipping: $89

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Amazing Quality Rare Sabercat Mach species from a Rare Country 14” long w 3.25” Sabers

Species : Machairodus kurteri

Species description : Largest Saber-tooth Cat of all time (Bigger than Smilodon ) with male members reaching 17-18” long and over 1 ½ times the size of a Bengal Tiger. They hunted in groups and were the most powerful killer of all time with large heads and 5 inch sabers from Europe , Africa and Asia or then Eurasia.

Geographical Area: 15-2 MYA Miocene –Pliocene Item

location: Kazakhstan

Item description & rating: 1-10 9.5 Unbelieveable OF HIGHEST QUALITY Rare SABER-TOOTH Asian Smilodon over 90% original including 100% of all teeth. This cat has Sabers 3.25“ Long and all teeth 100% original to this cat. And one of best saber-tooth cats you will ever find , and was found by a farmer many years ago and has in the USA for many many years. This is an adult and only this species is this size. They are so rare from this area but this was obtained so long ago, and was assured it was this species. The quality is amazing on this. The bone is super color with beige throughout and the teeth are so magnificent with all teeth original. Values a have grown a lot. Basically no restore except for small amount on sagittal crest and back of one lower jaw. Prep was done by the best prepper in the world. Pictures do not do this cat justice at all .This piece will be displayed at many events for true appreciation. If you want to talk about it please call 706-235-2694. Available for museums. Bone quality is so good it makes me cry on this one. Great ones are so hard to get anymore. I have sold many of these this year as IM known for them and this will go fast.

Price: Call 706-235-2694

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Open Mouth Mounted Dark-Colored Pretty Large 8.25” Dinictis Saber-tooth Cat Skull- Auction Bound

Species: Dinictis squalidens Saber- Cat Skull

Species description: The long –legged dinictis with razor –sharp sabers was the smallest and the earliest saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Eocene Period 45 MYA -23 MYA . They stood at least 2 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet, and were solidary predators hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological period: 40MYA-23 MYA

Item location: Shannon County , S Dakota

Item rating and description:1-10 9 X –Fine Large Adult Dinictis Saber-Tooth Cat Skull with two original sabers. This skull is so unusual as the dark color in Shannon County is not normal but the matrix it was found in made it a grey. The right saber is totally original, and the left mostly original with some repair and restoration. All the molars and premolars on top skull and bottom are original . All incisors except two on bottom are restored which is normal. Some of skull has restoration and repair, however it is mostly original and looks great. While you can find better ones, the price makes this very attractive per quality . It’s so pleasing to see this cat skull. This was the first saber-tooth cat of all time but just did get 5 of them after a long layoff. This skull is a treat and very pleasing in color, form , quality, and size

Price : $ $7995 firm Sven hold 6500 299 shipping



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Largest Ever Found 10.5” NIMRAVUS Saber-Tooth SKULL AND PARTIAL 50%  SKELETON

Species: Nimravus brachyops

Species description: One of rarest of all sabercats . that lined in middle to late Oligocene , few in Miocene . They were up to 4 ft long and they were hunting csmall birds , and small mammals in ambush . The claws were sharp and thin and could be retracked. and these were ancestors to the modern caracal but larger looking more like a leopard with sabers . It competed with Eusmilus for habitat . It had smaller sabers than hoplophoneus and dinictis like the pogonodon

Geological formation: Whitneyan or Upper Sharps

Geological period: 31-24 MYA

Item Location : Shannon County, S Dakota

Item location: Description : 1-10 10 The Rarest of Rare Nice Open-Mouth Nimravus Saber-tooth Cat Skull with Skeleton .Specimen that few will ever see , let alone own . IT is the largest Nimravus ever 10.5” as most of these are never more than 8 inches. It is a real treat at 5.5” wide also . The slight upper distortion does not detract from this monster. The teeth are really good as both sabers are original and about 1 ¾ “ which does not sound like a lot but for this species its long. The sabers are 100 % original and one saber has a pathology –wider than other due to some abnormality unknown . The teeth original incude all moars and premolars and all the bigger incisors on the ends on top and bottom . These are rarely found . It’s a beautiful cat and it will display proudly close to by 10.5” Pogo which is also the biggest pogo known . The sabers are more conical than the dinictis saber cat which lived at that time also . It was expertly prepared and has many nice qualities . Most of lower jaw including teeth are original except the back of the jaws , and upper real bone approaches about 75% .It has nice lines and nice color . The size is so extreme it merits a paper about it , and hope to do one some day. With this skeleton and skull am amazing price . NO one has this

Price: $28,000

Shipment Matrix Heavy in crate on pallet $750

Call 706-235-2694 for payment

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Nice Hoplophoneus Saber-Tooth Cat 7 3/4 ” Skull w Amazing Originality of Teeth Inc Sabers

Species: Hoplophoneus primaveus

Species description: The long –legged Nimravid saber-tooth cat (one of larger one)with razor –sharp sabers and the second earliest saber-tooth cat that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene Period 35 MYA -23 MYA . These animals had a lot of physical characteristics similar and exact to Smilodon including famous saber-guards and similar sabers while smaller . They stood at over 2 ft tall the size of a large bobcat, and were more of a group predator with a close knit families as evidenced by some hoplos found together in death while overall very rare species hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oreodonts. Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack.

Geological strata: White River Formation

Geological Timeframe: 30-23 MYA

Item location : Pennington County, SD

Item rating and description:1-10 8.5 10 for teeth Hoplophoneus Saber-Cat Skull 7 ¾” long with 2.25” Sabers. This skull also has the first 2 neck verts atlas and axis , which I have never had .The most important part of any skull is how are the Teeth . The teeth are all original except for one small incisor This never happens especially the incisors as they are always molded. The sabers both are huge and part of cat. Also 2 real sabers are just amazing. The skull itself as has some restoration in the front of the nasal area , zygos, little at very top of saggital crest, backs of lowers. It displays well in all regards . It was found by a hunter this year. While the upper has had work you will love this cat It can be mailed safely also. This was so welcome to get this cat. This is for someone who wants a cat for a reasonable price. These go now for 12,000 all the time. The light color is very appealing .This cat is the most highly desired vertebrate fossil in the world due to its resemblance to Smilodon and old age. There is a slight distortion at front but the teeth more than make up for any imperfection .Prices to get these have risen as few are found anymore. It has a great open mouth display for you also. With this great of teeth including sabers the price is

Price :Call 706-235-2694 for payment instructions Sold David

Shipping: $238

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