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Amazing Beautiful MASSIVE 8.75”  OVIRAPTOR EGG Almost all Original Egg Shell

Beautiful  Huge Massive  8.75 ”Egg Citipati (8.75” x 4” egg)  Giant Oviraptor  Almost all Shell 95% Plus Original 

Species : Oviraptor citipati  Largest ever so may be another unknown species

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: EuroAsia

Item Rating 1-10  10 Top Premium Monster Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell 8.5”Oviraptor  Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see . You will never see a better egg and is  almost twice the size of normal oviraptor eggs.   95% Original with hardly any but spot fills  on shell or rest of Egg. Again no one has ever seen such a splendid egg. This by far are the largest oviraptor egg I ever saw in my lifetime as before they were normally 5-6 inches .These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person. You won’t get another chance.  Very High Quality egg .   This one is for a high perfectionist. You can’t get these eggs anymore . This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago and in someone’s collection for years) and recently prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and  ,then the rest is restored. This one is over 95% egg shell with just a few  small spots of restore natural so its spectacular.   This is the most supreme egg you will ever see. Its so heavy and way wider and longer than any egg r. I’ve never seen any this size   except a Tyrannosaur egg , which are now not available . This oviraptor may even be a new species as I’ve seen Citipati years ago, and these are so huge they appear to be much bigger.   Look at these pics of this egg and one as a whole . WOW WOW 


Price  $2999      Call 706-235-2694    wire or check only 

Shipping : $89 -International $155 

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Top Premium Great Grade A Quality Large Raptor 2.75” KIlling Claw

Top Premium Great Grade A Plus Quality Large Raptor 2.75” Killing Hand Claw( At auction )

Species:  Deltadromaeosaurus  

Species description: Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus 

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION 

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period  98-93 MYA

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz  Morrocan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10  9.0    While most don’t know names for these foreign Raptors this is A fine quality large hand killing claw 2 ¾’” around the curve. It has a great curve so typical of killing claws. The  entire claw is amazing with maybe one break close to tip glued back .It’s also ¾” inches wide at base also.  The color is beautiful tan brown . No resto and no anything except real killing claw . These raptor claws never showed up until this year with a batch of them and this is from that collection . Definitely a therapod raptor killing hand claws. WE know there was only 3 raptors in Africa at this time from different shaped claws . These claws like this don’t come around often so grab these fast .  Its my only one .Hand claws are so desirable and ones this size just don’t exist anywhere including  in America. Remember Cretaceous Raptors in USA where much smaller Troodons and dromaeosaurs as only true raptors. I had only one USA Dromaeosaurus killing claw claw 3.35 inches and it sold for $8000 years ago. I have more calls for raptor claws an than anything so here it is .  And you can get it at 1/4 the price and much  bigger than USA claws , if you can ever get one . This is a top claw and no one else has these anywhere. All the claw is real bone with great red-brown color from this dinosaur so ypical in this area. You can tell from a velociraptor these are killing claws with a picture at end also which makes them extremely valuable. No one has these for sale in any way and this big for this cost is unheard of .  A small velociraptor claw goes for $7000 only 2.5 inches. It has pretty good grooves also so detail is stunning . Just look at size in my hand.  Wow.   These are from 1 of only 2 reputable firms still hunting in Africa as some are artificially put together. Not this one. I see no breaks in this claws but it may have one. This claw is extremely valuable. You will never find a great killing raptor claw this size except here for this low price. This claw should be way higher than listed . So here is the chance to get one except here.   Great Price at …

Price:  $1999

Reduced $1499 Shipping: 69w insurance 

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Almost NOn existent 2 Neanderthal Large Femurs (One 12”) from Area cave known for Neanderthal Finds with COA from Owner in 1978-Found 1975

Almost Non-existent 2 Neanderthal Large Femurs( one 12”) From Known Area for Only Neanderthals w COA from Owner of Original finder over 50 years ago   

 Found Almost 50 Years ago  & at least 30,000 years old -Ultra Rare Amazing Early Man  -

Species :  Homo Neanderthalensis

Description-  Extinct Species of humans who lived in Eurasia until about 30,000  years ago . They originated generally thought about 500,000 years ago. Society was quite sophisticated  with fire making abilities  , building cave hearths, and making of stone tools.  They could make clothes  and ate a  wide variety of food mainly hoofed mammals , plants, birds and some aquatic  animals. They could make use of medicinal plants and were apex predators but competed with  cave bears, cave lions  and hyenas , and sabercats .

Time frame Dated Pleistocene est. 50,000-35,000 years ago 

Area Found :  Cave in region of Austurias 

Item rating and description 10  10 : These are so rare everyone can only dream of having a piece of our history. One femur has one end  that is worn  12 inches long and other has neither end . Normally these are real ,real expensive from my European contacts because only a few dozen exist in the world in private hands but here they are so reasonable  These are 100% Original and not only come with COA  about finders before  any caves became public .  These were probably found in 1975 and purchased in 1978 when it was purchased from finders in Europe. These were adult.   A map where found also comes with each piece and they were found deep inside the cave.  Few people ever have anything even if you want one  ,and due to amount of pieces known , IM offering these very cheap. Even small pieces way smaller than this would sell for this price.  This cave only Neanderthal have been found, and it’s famous. It’s was the best area for Neanderthal bones and these were found 1n 1975. All were found by paleontologists and collectors. Last chance to ever see one let alone purchase it. Neanderthal sections to my knowledge don’t exist in USA, and Europe probably a few museums but that is it. But something this rare period are amazing pieces . I had a femur with one end many years ago for 30 years and it sold for $6000   Not these.  Always I have a soft spot for our lineage so able to obtain after years of trying. To my knowledge no one has this in private hands in USA and few in Europe anymore.   No carbon dating has been done but is at least 35,000 years old and suspect older. In fact in 1994 13 individuals were found, and they were older and cannibalized in this same cave. IM not sure these were cannibalized or not. . This cave is extensive and people allowed in until late 1990s COA from owner about finder and location in cave  provided  So you get 2 for price of one .

 Price  $5999 Close out 

Closeout $4999  Neanderthal is so rare its a chance of a lifetime and you will never see this again  

Shipping    $149 w Insurance  International 199 

Been in personal collection for years  Call 706-235-2694  Only paid by check or wire email paleoman@dinolandplus.com This is the deal of the century . IN Europe just one teeth a whole museum is built around so you understand .

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Excellent Special 6.25” SPINOSAURUS POINT TOOTH w Root (At Scollard Auctions)phil@scollardauctions.com

Excellent Special  6 “  Spinosaurus POINT TOOTH( 1)w Root 

Species : Spinosaurus aegytiacus

 Species description: Largest Ever Therapod Meat-Eating Dinosaur from North Africa up to 60 ft long     large teeth instead of curved like many meat-eaters and larger than TREX which ate fish often and had a key sail on its back for temperature regulation. Some of spines were more than 6 ft high.


 Geologic strata: Tegana Formation

Geologic timeframe: Mid-Cretaceous 100 MYA

Item location:  Item location:  Kem-Kem Basin (sandstone deposits) close to Erfound and Rossani South of Taouz,  Morocco . North Africa


Item Description : 1-10 9.0 Special Huge  Quality Spinosaurus 6  Point Tooth with Root. This is a fine  example of a Huge Spino tooth with excellent enamel and huge size. This size tooth have all but disappeared as digs are only turning up but small teeth. The patina, root , color are just great  with a little work spotted on tooth itself , however , it has fine quality overall. This is a large one . None of these are perfect but this was best I saw this year at Tucson , AZ .Few this size and quality are ever found. Most of large ones have been manufactured but this appears all from one spino. This is a special tooth and mammoth  They have doubled in price due to rarity and now only mostly old collections they are found. I only saw a few big ones this year and bought them all . It has quality also and this is your last chance to get a big one so chose from ones I have .Quality  African items of any type are not being found and  has been on the downswing for years now as the huge teeth come around so rarely. For those of you want a large tooth at a great price from a Therapod bigger than REX, this is yours. So come here for only big ones anywhere sold at great prices. I have many in this lineup. This is lower than the last 6 incher I sold since I got a great price.


 Price :    $799 At Auction Not for Sale now 

Shipping :39 

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Beautiful (Killer) Ultra Rare 98% Complete NO Reso DEINONYCHUS 3.15” “Terrible Claw ” 120-105 MYA -

BEAUTIFUL(Killer) Ultra Rare Complete 99% DEINONYCHUS 3.15” “TERRIBLE CLAW” CLAW -120 -105 MILLION YEARS OLD -SIMPLY THE RAREST & MOST OUTSTANDING DINOSAUR ITEM YOU WILL EVER SEE– Species : DEINONYCHUS Antirrhopus Species description: The most fearsome raptor under dromaeosaurid and a close relative of the veliciraptor but found millions of years before in present day Montana and Wyoming . This rare animal was so fearsome any nonmeat eater was on the menu like Tetontosaurus. It was 30 million years before other raptors , and had large eyes, long legs was over 11 feet long with tail , had famous claws with 3 fingered hands like Allosaurus , and clawed feet with 5 inch long sickle –shaped retractable claw on second toe called the killer claw , for which it is noted. It had a bite force greater than any living animal today. It shared its life with Saurpelta, Zephrosaurus, and therapod Acrocanthosaurus . Yes these are so rare none of you know of these. These animals lived in subtropical climate like Louisiana today . Geological formation: Cloverly Formation Geological period Late Aptian or Albian Stage Geographic Timeframe : 122 MYA -108 MYA Early Cretaceous Item Location: Near Shell ,Wyoming (One area on Earth all Geographical Eras are on display) Item rating and description : 1-10 10 Unbelievably RARE and Beautiful HIGHLY DETAILED DEINONYCHUS Huge 3.15” (Around the Curve ) Killer Claw . Simply no one-no private collector and few museums have this rarity in the world. It is 99% Original 2 spot fills and just a mm of proximal end missing with a millimeter restore on tip. However it was missing it in life due to stress so these were never found sharp as a tac so it’s by all respects 100% original .I’ve only had a few in 20 years ago. Wha tnature sometimes allows us to see is truly a marvel . The proximal end shows the characteristic projections and size color and quality is just so magnificent . The quality is amazing with blood grooves and fine detail everywhere. The color is medium gray which is typical of this area-tad lighter. These claws are almost never found so it’s a treat . Few museums have complete ones. It’s my specialty to bring you ultra rare items. The pictures tell the story . This is a COA as I verify this is accurate . It was found by a finder on private land on leased land directly tome. The owner leases the land for yearly fee and by all rights the lessor is owner of all fossil rights. THis is from decades old collection only recently prepped from matrix as others I had They sell so fast THis one has amazing detail The grooves are so good just amazing IT looks like animal just died yesterday . Price : This claw is so awesome This has to be wired only call 706-235-2694 Alan Call for wire or check possible Shipping $149 w insurance Lee

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5” TREX  Point Tooth  For Educational Purposes Expertly Prepped -Not for Sale 

Species : Tyrannosaurus rex 

Species description : One of Largest carnivores during the dinosaur age with 12” Corner teeth with roots and up to 49ft long and USA own species in western USA . Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed prey with surprise attacks through use of the jaws 

Geographical strata found : Hell Creek Formation 

Area Found : Powder River, Montana

Item description  Rating1-10 7.5 RATING: MASSIVE 5” About 75% Original T-REX(King of Beasts) FRONT  POINT TOOTH. IT has some worn serrations on upper curved side .  The amazing dark brown color is just beautiful . One side is almost all tooth and other side only back 2 inches is restore  even though it a few pieces from different TREXes for fill .  Also some stain had to be used in reconstruction . It has a great tip but mainly used for teaching purposes and show . IM fortunate to have a large tooth as at auction these are going if highly original over 100,000.The shape, color and story it tells is so awesome. One side is totally original  Other side at base only so 4"  of tooth is original.  If 90-95% Original $70,000  100,000 at auction  Here for 15% less originality  Chance of lifetime 75% originality  save $58,000.   This is not for a perfectionist but someone with limited budget who wants something close in originality  but within their budget  THis is my first ever at this amazing price .

Price : If 90-95% $70,000  Here $12,500 for 15% less originality  More  wire only or  check  call 706-235-2694  doug 9

Shipping  $225 overnite with insurance 

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Nice Starter 3.50 plus TREX Maxillary Tooth about 65% original -one side fantastic for low Cost

Starter Nice  Est 65% -70%Original Max Tooth 3 ¼””(Around the Curve ) Straightline2.80”     



Species: Tyrannosaurus rex


Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.


Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA


Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation


Geologic location: Powder River , Montana          



Description and rating:1-10     8   3.5”Plus inch TREX tooth .This is mostly original including a few worn serrations on each side . One side is all original other side only tip is original. However its for someone without a lot of funds who wants to show off an extremely pretty tooth as prep work was so well done no resto  can be seen . If this was 95% Id sell for 6500-7000 now  easy as TREX teeth are going for unreal high prices now . I do have others a little bigger and a lot bigger with a little higher % much higher than this one . Can be used by a teacher for instructional or display  reasons or someone who wants to get their son or daughter something  a real beaut for little finds really nice  This is the one you want for a first tooth unless you want to pay 7 times more for an extra 30% originality . Most teeth have at least 15% resto so priced for quick sale 



Price :  $1899  Good aestetic tooth for someone to show -very handsome tooth    





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Unbelievably Rare 100%  Jurassic COELURUS Therapod Tooth 9/16” 100% Original for Top Collectors That Want Everything

 Unbelievably Rare100%  COELURUS Therapod  Tooth 9/16” for top Collectors That want Everything 

Species: Coelurus fragilis

Species description: Small slender Therapod meat eating Largest Therapod Meat Eating  Jurassic dinosaur and was 30-44 lbs only but a real dynamic carnivore . The height at hip was 2.3 meters . It had a long neck and torso relatively speaking  due to long verts and long slender hindlimb  and probably a small slender skull . We know very little about this as no skulls have been found but this is an adult 

Strata :Morrison Formation 

Geological period: Late Jurassic 156-144 MYA 

Item location:  Albany County , Wyoming  

Item Rating and Description  :1-10  *10 *For Rareness and Quality collectors can’t beat this find a Coelurus Therapod Tooth . Its only 9/16:” long but has been confirmed by top paleontologists .Its in matrix for display . remember that only one partial skeleton has been found of this dinosaur . It is late Jurassic .the ultimate adult hunter. No resto at all . perfect tooth with nice serrations . The patent Black color from this area is so pretty, and this tooth has exceptional serrations and color.  Ill let pics do talking .This is a treat for a fan of anything extremely rare .I doubt you would find another one except here and I never did or even saw one before Many people want all therapod teeth well here is one you don’t have . 

Price  :  $999 

Shipping: $39

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Species Description : Therapod Carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus

Geological Timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location: Morocco, South Africa-South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara

Item rating and description :1-10  9.9 While most don’t know names for these foreign raptors this is definitely a huge  Deltadromaeosaurus top notch killing hand claw 4.13 “ . This was provided by the top expert in the field , who only carries the top quality pieces a that are found whole . IT has a great curve so typical of killing claws. The entire claw is so amazing with no restore or repairs I or him can see . IT is by far the best raptor claw I’ve ever had from this location. People are so skeptical on these but the lines, color, and deep grooves put this in a class by itself . They show you a whole claw not redone in anyway as well as pictures will.  It’s the same color throughout with lines symmetrical  and untouched deep grooves to show no wear . Last year it was best one found according to the founding company  and the person owed me a favor so I got it at lower price and can offer it much lower also.For a hand claw of a therapod  a few of better ones were going for $20,000  and American claws were nonexistent this year  at the show . An USA claw of a Dromaeosaurus  this large and  type quality would have sold for at least 10,000 for a raptor . However very few American claws this size exist because the 2 raptor were both smaller Troodon, and Dromaeosaurus  both only 3.5 ft high and 6 ft long . . This claw is as big as a TREX Hand claw which would also sell for close to 20,000 now, but did not see one of those entire show . These raptor claws haven’t shown up in years as I have had a few 

But years ago. The price though is the same I’ve always sold them for . This is the only claw available this year this quality. I’ve never had one this size  ever and sold one 1 inch lower for $8000  years ago

Also a velociraptor claw goes for now $9000 for a 2.5 inch claw 

BY buying this location you can get one for half the price at least  The red brown color is typical of this area  , but not the quality which ranges from poor to this exceptional claw . Great Price for 


This can only be bought by check or wire only so call 706-235-2694 for instructions to complete payment 

Shipping $99 with full insurance 

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Great 100% Natural NanoRex Tooth 1 3/8” w Super Serrations and Patina

Beautiful Light Brown 100% Original Nano-Rex Tooth 1 3/8”      

Species:  Nano Tyrannosaurus rex   

Species description:  Smaller species of one  of largest carnivores during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitiary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.   

Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA   

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation   

Geologic location: Brussett, Montana Northern Montana                          

Description and rating:  1-10  9.6 This Nanorex Tooth 1 3/8”is Superb with Most all of the Serrations on One side and many on the other . The enamel is so great throughout. Its never been broken so no restore.  They don’t get much better than this . The serrations, color and enamel are all very good or great, and a great price. The tooth was really found at a place I rarely get items- Northern Montana. Due to quality and rareness here it is at great price.  My last one at this size sold at 600 dollars .   

Price :   $349      

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Amazingf First One Triassic Coelophysis Therapod Early DInosaur Shown in Jurassic Park-Vicious little Guy

Amazing Rarest of Rare  First One Triassic Coelophysis Tibia 8” -Never had any of these- Early Therapod in Jurassic Park 1st Movie 


Species name :  Coelurus bauri

Description of dinosaur: Therapod carnivore deadly lived 222-196 Million years ago so one of easrly dinosaurs  It was a small slenderly built ground dwelling bipedal carnivore  that got to 9 ft long with tail  Hunted any animals that  the groups could take down like in the Jurassic Park Movie Parts found in USA southwest 

Period  Triassic 

Timeframe  221-196 Million years ago 

Location of Item :  Chinle AZ found on private ranch owner and finder 


Destscription of item1-10  Rating 10  This 8 “ Tibia is so rare in 20 years I never saw one bone of this amazing dinosaur.  It is 100 original , has a little compression on one end but I just had to have this gray piece . These are smaller therapods that started the dinosaur revolution . Comes with metal display  This is a must for true dino collectors  I talked to person I got it from and this animal just isn't found normally 



Price: $799 

Shipping $19 

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Amazing find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus (CarnivoreTherapod) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8” w Great Serrations and Patina -Just before Rex

Amazing Find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus(Carnivore) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8  ” with Great Serrations & Enamel -Cretaceous Meat Eater Before Rex


Species :  Gorgosaurus libratus


escription : Large  Tyrannosaur Therapod before TREXs that lived only about1.5 Million years ago in Montana and Canada. It was a bipedal predator that was huge weighing up to 2 metric tons and close to Albertosaurus only differing by differences in teeth and skull. It was at top of food chain just as TREX was during its time. It lived in a lush floodplain.  It was 30 ft. long and fierce. It was about as large as Albertosaurus.




Geologic time:  Late Cretaceous  (75 -70) MYA Normally 


Geologic Strata:  Judith River  


Item Location: Mc Cone County, Montana (Upper)



Item rating and description: 1-10 * 10*Fantastic  Especially Rare Large 2 5/8” Maxilla Tooth from a Large Carnivore like Rex -Gorgosaurus , which is highly collectable . First its rare - Next as you can see it has not even 1% repair or resto  One picture shows few  mm maybe . These are found so sparingly in a Formation that is harder to find fossils. It never was broken in 75 Million years also. This is an amazing find at this quality/ Just look at the patina  and serrations are amazing and complete . It holds it’s own on value not like many earlier tyrannosaur. It was ided by a top paleontologist, however I knew it also well as Ive had a few through 20 years . They are a little thinner than rex teeth with finer serrations. This tooth is almost perfect. It’s color is so beautiful as dark brown and the serrations on both sides are outstanding with almost all seen.   Once more it’s perfect and large for a maxilla.  First the enamel is perfect only a couple spot fills.  When I saw the quality of this tooth I had to have it. It has great serrations and enamel.  It is a beauty and you never will find a better tooth, and one this size is unheard of, and this is only my third Gorgosaurus tooth ever, and beautiful in all ways. This is for top collectors who can’t find one anywhere. It’s close to a perfect tooth. So anyone who wants a tyrannosaur tooth to fill a collection of Tyrannosaur this is a must if you seek close to perfection. You may never find another one this good.  It is a great nice representation of the largest Tyrannosaur of its time before TREx. I will not get another this good for low price as TREX teeth now are ridiculous . This tooth would go for $7000 for a REX and also at auction for 20,000. It’s a  tooth from10- 5 million years before Rex. This is only for someone who appreciates rareness, gifts of nature in usual ways , and beauty to thousands of degrees .I will not reduce price on such perfection. It’s the largest and best I ever had .I will only sell this to a knowledgeable collector who wants greatness. Everyone I ever saw had more resto.   My last one I sold for more than this many years ago and prices have gone way up but not this one . 


Price :   $2999 firm Call 706-235-2694    wire or check only 


Shipping $89 with insurance  actual shipping is more than this so a gift on shipping 



Shipping with insurance $69 

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