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Great 100% Natural NanoRex Tooth 1 3/8” w Super Serrations and Patina

Beautiful Light Brown 100% Original Nano-Rex Tooth 1 3/8”      

Species:  Nano Tyrannosaurus rex   

Species description:  Smaller species of one  of largest carnivores during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitiary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.   

Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA   

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation   

Geologic location: Brussett, Montana Northern Montana                          

Description and rating:  1-10  9.6 This Nanorex Tooth 1 3/8”is Superb with Most all of the Serrations on One side and many on the other . The enamel is so great throughout. Its never been broken so no restore.  They don’t get much better than this . The serrations, color and enamel are all very good or great, and a great price. The tooth was really found at a place I rarely get items- Northern Montana. Due to quality and rareness here it is at great price.  My last one at this size sold at 600 dollars .   

Price :   $349      

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SALE Spectacular 23” x 13 ” Complete Triceratops   HUMERUS Arm Bone(Thick and Heavy)

Spectacular 23” x 13”Triceratops Gorgeous HUMERUS Arm Bone (Thick and Heavy ). 

Species: Triceratops Horridus Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill. It ate plants and grew to over 25 ft . 

Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA 

Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation 

Location: Powder River, Powderville, Montana

Item description and rating:1-10 9.8 Amazing piece from a Top Area in Montana for Bone Quality a 23” x 13” Triceratops Humerus. It was found this year by a rancher whole and I brought it home to prep it . To pieces did fall off quickly repaired with some wear also corrected with pieces of this triceratops I had .I’d say maybe 99% original . After prepping the bone quality was spectacular in all regards. The great shape, bone quality , smoothness makes this an almost perfect piece . I just love this bone. It is such a super find for this trophy bone. I’ve only had a few and now have two Triceratops Humeruses. While it was whole some repair on ends had to occur from a few pieces but never broken all the way thru. It has many crack fills but came out beautifully . It is dark brown so typical of this area that has best quality bone anywhere . It appears it just died. It is heavy, and it has the right price , way less than value. It is gorgeous bone, and top quality. The distal non-paddle bulbous side had wear but outer bone was repaired by putting back on in some areas right at end . My other Triceratops humerus was eaten by a REX but did not add for this . I’ve had one 31 inches before as largest so this is huge -probably a male. I saw a small juvenile Triceratops Humerus only 15 inches in Denver sell for 3700. This is way bigger. Bone quality is so great. It probably needs a crate due to size but if I can find a heavy duty box I’ll try to send cheaper. It is so well-prepped , IM very proud of finished product . Now it’s so stable and a prize. It is complete in it’s entirety. The finder is a dear rancher friend. It had hard rock to remove and was quite a task but inner bone wasn’t much mineralized which happens alot. The bones in this area all sell over retail but not this one . It was a complete underground find and exhibits all the qualities you want in a bone from a ceratopsian. What a piece. IT is so large it’s not easy to pick up but can be done . It is a piece for a trike nut as it really is so beautiful. This large bone of a Trike is huge and worth $6000 I’m selling at half price and way under cost 

Price : $4999 Final Price: $3999 This is way underpriced  IT at cost   THis is an amazing piece   Its JOhn 

Shipping Crate $500 Shipping : With crate , foam, and pallet $500 I will try to find a box also to send cheaper USPS International 1500 

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Beautiful Huge Massive 8” Raptor Egg(8” x 3.75”) Giant Oviraptor Almost all Shell on Egg & 95% Plus Original

Beautiful  Huge Massive  10 Egg Citipati (8” x 3.75” eggs)  Giant Oviraptor  Almost all Shell on Each Egg 95% Plus Original

Species : Oviraptor citipati Largest ever so may be another unknown species

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: EuroAsia

Item Rating 1-10  10 Top Premium Monster Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell 8”Oviraptor  Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see . You will never see a better egg and is  almost twice the size of normal oviraptor eggs at 8”plusx 3.5”wide .  95% Original with no restoration at all on shell or rest of Egg. Again no one has ever seen such a splendid nest. This by far are the largest oviraptor egg I ever saw in my lifetime as before they were normally 5-6 inches .These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person. You won’t get another chance.   Just one egg- 2 inches shorter than this one are now selling for 2500 each    Eggs normally go for way higher per egg by double than 1 single egg but this one is lower per egg with much higher quality eggs. This nest is worth $40,000.  This one is for a high perfectionist. You can’t get these eggs anymore . This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago and in someones collection for years) and recently prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and  ,then the rest is restored. This one is over 95% egg shell  with just 2 small  spots of restore natural so its spectacular.   This is the most supreme egg  you will ever see.  Its so heavy and way wider and longer than any egg r. I’ve never seen any this size   except a Tyrannosaur egg , which are now not available . This oviraptor may even be a new species as I’ve seen Citipati years ago, and these are so huge they appear to be much bigger.   Look at these pics of this egg and one as a whole . WOW WOW 


Price  $1999  

Shipping : $89 -International $155 

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Amazingf First One Triassic Coelophysis Therapod Early DInosaur Shown in Jurassic Park-Vicious little Guy

Amazing Rarest of Rare  First One Triassic Coelophysis Tibia 8” -Never had any of these- Early Therapod in Jurassic Park 1st Movie 


Species name :  Coelurus bauri

Description of dinosaur: Therapod carnivore deadly lived 222-196 Million years ago so one of easrly dinosaurs  It was a small slenderly built ground dwelling bipedal carnivore  that got to 9 ft long with tail  Hunted any animals that  the groups could take down like in the Jurassic Park Movie Parts found in USA southwest 

Period  Triassic 

Timeframe  221-196 Million years ago 

Location of Item :  Chinle AZ found on private ranch owner and finder 


Destscription of item1-10  Rating 10  This 8 “ Tibia is so rare in 20 years I never saw one bone of this amazing dinosaur.  It is 100 original , has a little compression on one end but I just had to have this gray piece . These are smaller therapods that started the dinosaur revolution . Comes with metal display  This is a must for true dino collectors  I talked to person I got it from and this animal just isn't found normally 



Price: $799 

Shipping $19 

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Pterodactyl Flying Reptile Set (9)w 1-2 Claws over 1 ” Grade A Tooth(Top claw possible fish)

Species: Pterodactyl(Winged-finger) Species description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 Million years ago that had wingspans from a ft to 40 ft long, which had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground . They ate small retiles, mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa, and Austrailia . They had claws of feet on wings to secure prey also which is unique among all animals ever. Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara. Item rating and description: 1-10 9.5 Unbelieveable Pterodactyl Set with 1or -2 Claws and 1 grade A Tooth. The top one is possibly a African fish tooth but it appears to be a small unknown small ptero wing claw .The claws appear to be e wing claws . The claws alone are worth alot as in USA these claws go for 1000 each . These items are fantastic. These are quality claws with a top premium tooth .You just don’t find claws anymore though teeth are found. Wing claws are highly desireable. Id say the detail on these claws is very good at least . They look amazing in color also . If large wing claws , USA wing claws smaller go for $1000 apiece so what a deal . The tooth is nice as well . Remember claws are smaller even though the reptile was big. It’s a chance to own history at a fraction of what an American set would cost you .Pteradactyl lovers can step to the plate here . Moroccan items can be nice and these are authentic in every way with no restore-offered just as they were found .I have requests for this flying reptile more than any other fossil . Some people say they still see them in remote parts of the world. What a way to own Nature’s Sweet Beauty . This is from an old collection so again these are not found anymore except teeth –no claws and you have two for super low price .. If these were found in USA these two claws are worth 2000 plus. Wow what a deal . By buying a package you also save money . I haven’t had any in awhile until this old collection surfaced. The price is so good for 2 claws plus a Grade A tooth worth a lot also. There is so little known on smaller species of ptero sometimes its hard but tooth in middle and claw at bottom are 100% ptero Price: $699 Reduced :$499 Final Price: $249 under cost Final $199  Shipping : $39 Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified check •Money Order , •Personnel Check ,Payable to: Dinolandplus.com ​ ​ ​ ​

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Fish Jaw 6.5 inches 200- 100 Million years Old in Middle East

Species: Unknown Species of Fish Description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 million years ago that had wingspans from 1 ft to 40 ft long. They had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground. They ate small reptiles, mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa and Australia. They had claws on their feet and wings to secure prey. This is very unique compared to any animal that ever existed. This was a carnivore fish from what I can see . Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA Item Location: Morocco, North Africa – South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara. Item Rating and Description: (1-10) * 9 Its an almost complete Jaw from fish lovers totally unknown I cant find anything about it either so for fish lovers Ill sell at my cost $200 It was ided as fish from an expert May be Hybodus shark Price : $199 Final Price : $99 no other discounts under cost Final Final Price under cost $79 Shipping : $9 Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified check •Money Order , •Personnel Check , Payable to: Dinolandplus.com ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Huge Pterodactyl Flying reptile Bone Set w Complete Shoulder Blade . Rib Phalange & More

Huge Pterodactyl Flying Reptile Bones w Complete possible Shoulder Blade , Huge Rib Phalange & More 

Species: Pterodactyl(Winged-finger) Phosphatodraco species 

Species description: Flying reptiles from 251 million to 65.5 Million years ago that had wingspans from a ft to 40 ft long, which had great eyesight to spot and catch prey on the ground . They ate small reptiles,mammals and anything smaller that moved so it’s a meat eater which lived in America, Africa, and Austrailia . They had claws of feet on wings to secure prey also which is unique among all animals ever

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION 

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA 

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara. 

Item rating and description: 1-10 9.5 This set is amazing as it contains a Rare Large Pterodactyl Whole Shoulder Blade 5” Long Plus a whole large rib phalange. Plus some other wing bones and leg Bone partials . No restore ,no breaks just 100 % Original . What makes this is the possible shoulder Blade -we believe its pterosaur but possible turtle- I have not seen turtle of pterosaur on this bone before .This is the first whole one I ever saw .This is a prize either way . The phalange shows the size of this species also . I do have some other whole wing bones that will cost more , but here is a set to give you a sampling of ptero bones. This shoulder blade is one of best finds of Ptero African ever found. I can’t say enough so here are the pictures for you .This was found last year . This is priced to sell fast . 

Price: $699 Final Price $349 Under cost 

Shipping $ 39 with insurance 

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Framed COA Picture Of HIgh Image Shell Structure Plus 3 Different Dinosaur Egg Fragments-Only 1exist

Species : Triceratops egg shell, Hadrosaur egg shell, and Therapod Egg Shell Description :Triceratops Horned wonder, Therapod unknown, and Hadrosaur like edmontodaurus large but east target of REX Formation: Hell Creek Geological timeframe : Cretaceous 70-65.5MYA Location : Glendive, Montana Description: 1-10 10 This is a framed Letter of COA by a Noted Palentologists Findings of multiple egg shells form different dinosaurs including Therapod egg shell., Hadrosaur egg shell and Triceratops Egg Shell . No one has this anywhere as these are first discovered egg shell outside of Northern Montana close to Canadian border owned by the government where Maisauria Hadrosaur Full Eggs were found. So these are only known egg shell available for sale, and verified by a paleontologist that they are egg shell. It has a nice write up by the paleontologist as a nice display piece which includes shell electron microscope picture results. It can be hung on a wall or displayed. Price : $599 One –of- Kind Lowest Price : $399 this below cost These just aren’t found Final Price : $299 Way below cost Shipping : $49 Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified Check , •Money , •Personnel Check , Payable to: Dinolandplus.com ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Jack H

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Amazing find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus (CarnivoreTherapod) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8” w Great Serrations and Patina -Just before Rex

Amazing Find-Fantastic Rare Gorgosaurus(Carnivore) Maxillary Tooth 2 5/8  ” with Great Serrations & Enamel -Cretaceous Meat Eater Before Rex


Species :  Gorgosaurus libratus


escription : Large  Tyrannosaur Therapod before TREXs that lived only about1.5 Million years ago in Montana and Canada. It was a bipedal predator that was huge weighing up to 2 metric tons and close to Albertosaurus only differing by differences in teeth and skull. It was at top of food chain just as TREX was during its time. It lived in a lush floodplain.  It was 30 ft. long and fierce. It was about as large as Albertosaurus.




Geologic time:  Late Cretaceous  (75 -70) MYA Normally 


Geologic Strata:  Judith River  


Item Location: Mc Cone County, Montana (Upper)



Item rating and description: 1-10 * 10*Fantastic  Especially Rare Large 2 5/8” Maxilla Tooth from a Large Carnivore like Rex -Gorgosaurus , which is highly collectable . First its rare - Next as you can see it has not even 1% repair or resto  One picture shows few  mm maybe . These are found so sparingly in a Formation that is harder to find fossils. It never was broken in 75 Million years also. This is an amazing find at this quality/ Just look at the patina  and serrations are amazing and complete . It holds it’s own on value not like many earlier tyrannosaur. It was ided by a top paleontologist, however I knew it also well as Ive had a few through 20 years . They are a little thinner than rex teeth with finer serrations. This tooth is almost perfect. It’s color is so beautiful as dark brown and the serrations on both sides are outstanding with almost all seen.   Once more it’s perfect and large for a maxilla.  First the enamel is perfect only a couple spot fills.  When I saw the quality of this tooth I had to have it. It has great serrations and enamel.  It is a beauty and you never will find a better tooth, and one this size is unheard of, and this is only my third Gorgosaurus tooth ever, and beautiful in all ways. This is for top collectors who can’t find one anywhere. It’s close to a perfect tooth. So anyone who wants a tyrannosaur tooth to fill a collection of Tyrannosaur this is a must if you seek close to perfection. You may never find another one this good.  It is a great nice representation of the largest Tyrannosaur of its time before TREx. I will not get another this good for low price as TREX teeth now are ridiculous . This tooth would go for $7000 for a REX and also at auction for 20,000. It’s a  tooth from10- 5 million years before Rex. This is only for someone who appreciates rareness, gifts of nature in usual ways , and beauty to thousands of degrees .I will not reduce price on such perfection. It’s the largest and best I ever had .I will only sell this to a knowledgeable collector who wants greatness. Everyone I ever saw had more resto.   My last one I sold for more than this many years ago and prices have gone way up but not this one . 


Price :   $2999 firm Call 706-235-2694    wire or check only 


Shipping $89 with insurance  actual shipping is more than this so a gift on shipping 



Shipping with insurance $69 

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Gorgeous Huge 4 7/8” Almost Perfect Deltadromaesaurus Hand Claw

Species:  Deltadromaeosaurusraptor

Species Description:  Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lived with Spinosaurus.

Geologic Strata:  KEM KEM FORMATION

Geologic Timeframe:  Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location:  Morocco, North Africa – South of Taouz, Moroccan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10        9 – This Huge Deltadromaeosaurus Hand Claw almost 5 inches is the largest and best Hand claw I ever had. Normally these claws are around 3 inches but this is amazing. There were 2 species of deltadromaesaurs in Africa and this was the big rare one. I only see a few spot fills. This is the best claw you will ever find  Many African claws do have resto but this was from an old collection as these aren’t found in many years . Only 2 reputiable companies sell great items and this was one . It comes with certificate of authenticity as I stand behind this claw . It shows a huge American replica of a huge Chirostenotes claw that comes with it in a display case . That American real claw that the replica was made from would sell for an easy 10,000 now in the condition of my claw. Claws are hot now and seeing this was exciting as you can get a massive huge claw at least ½ the price.  Not only that but a hand claw is much more valuable id classify this as at least 97% original maybe 99 %m as repairs don’t count .This claw was never broken .It’s rare to see a whole claw hard touched by human hands. The detail of this claw including tip, grooves and the outside has no wear as edges are pristine. The reddish color is so typical . Raptor claws are the most highly desired dinosaur part available and Hand claws are so desirable over foot. It has a great shape w nice tip , articulation point ,and middle . There were few in Tucson this year except this one I immediately had to buy. I saw only 4 raptor claws in whole show and no American ones. This is a way for you claw nuts to get one real reasonable . So a top quality claw all from same raptor with a species that little is written about. US claws are nonexistent anymore.  I was there at start of show also. These have increased in price but not like American claws so here it is.   These are adults as claws don’t get that big normally for this species.  The completeness is awesome.  A USA claw of a dromaeosaur this size would sell for double to triple this if you could find one . It comes with a nice display also. This is so cheap it’s a giveaway You don’t get raptor claws for this price ever no matter what size so here they are at 

Price:  $4999 Only wires and checks accepted here call 706-235-2694  or paleoman@dinolandplus.com  email  sold Todd

Shipping    $159 w insurance

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Beautiful TREX Large 8” x 13” x11” Highly Original Complete CAUDAL Vert w Processess and Canal

Beautiful TREX Large Original Complete CAUDAL VERT with Great Processes and Canal Species: Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus Rex was15 ft high that lived in western USA - largest in the United States that ever lived and killed and scavenged prey Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation Geologic location: Baker, Montana Description and rating: 1-10 10 Beautiful Rare Flying or Butterfly Caudal (Larger than other one listed)Complete 8” x 13” x11” High Early in Tail at Top Huge VERTEBRAE. This caudal I call one of the The flying caudals because processes are shaped similar to a plane ( I never had this one) The processes were off the vert centrum but whole completely so just prepped them and put back on. The cleaned out a canal AS FAR AS I COULD GO each way. Its so original only spot and crack fills and one repair on one side of vert were a few pieces fell out and were glued back in . It was cleaned well and has darker and lighter areas of bone which is normal as this piece was found with about 15% -20% of a TREX in 2008 . The femur , tibia and pelvic bones unprepped plus many other TREX bones found here at site all from same animal . The centrums are compressed(flatter than normal-normally round ) due to millions of years like my other caudal . This caudal is bigger and better quality and all the processes -what more can you ask for a great TREX bone that is complete over 65 Million years ago. The processes have 4 large zygophyses and the wings all symmetrical . This is an amazing piece for all your TREX lovers. It has all the process which is quite large at 13 inches by 8 inches. This natural process is so nice, and with size and also quality with all processes makes this very valuable. Just a small one I have goes for over 2000. This was verified by a dinosaur expert so this is amazing and accurate. It was from a rancher and dinosaur hunter who has connections with the paleontological experts in the field. It was found with many paleontologists digging it out of the ground . Not only is it a complete high quality compressed centrum with little wear. TREX the centrums curves inwards is one of ways you tell it’s tyrannosaur . I have never even seen this caudal ever . Most verts(if your lucky enough to get a REX are missing 20% and restored but not this one-maybe 1 % restored at most. It is a way to get a fine example of the World’s Most Feared Predator of all time without spending a fortune. It is guaranteed one of past middle tail verts closer to upper end. I love Rex and you never find anything Rex at this price which is amazing. I sell whole neck and dorsal verts at $8000 .Remember TREX bones are naturally shiny . The indentation of the centrum and the butterfly look show it’s TREX no doubt . Ided by some of best paleontologists in USA. It doesn’t get more natural than this one. Perfectionist need not apply as no one has this vert -not even me . I have one similar but closer to middle almost same price . The last 2 of 3 pictures show a metal display you can have even though it wasn’t for this it will work if you want it upright by putting centrum on table or shelf . Price : $4495 Its big can only pay thru wire so call 706-235-2694 Lee Shipping : $179 2 boxes one for stand and one for caudal with insurance
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Spectacular Beautiful High Quality HUGE EDMO ANATOTITAN 42’’ TIBIA Leg w Display

SPECIAL SALE Going to Auction Spectacular BeautifulHigh Quality HUGE Edmontosaurus 42” Tibia Leg Bone Species: Edmontosaurus anatotitan or gigantic annectus Species description: Large 30-35 ft Herbivore that was a favorite target of TREX 18’ tall with flat-head and a toothless beak but behind beak many rows of teeth with a long tail like an Iquanodon and was a herbivore. Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation Geologic timeframe: 70-66.5 MYA Item Location- Powder River , Powderville SE Montana Item rating and description:1-10 9.7 Simply-the Best, The Largest 42” x 13” x 13” Edmontosaurus Tibia The bone quality is simply amazing. I believe due to due size this is anatotitan species .The Monster Tibia( my largest ever -largest before was 39”) was broken in 2 areas with some repair on a 2 of knobs, however it is complete with all bone little to no restoration, and prep came out beautiful. IT has some dark brown, almost black spots . The pics show a lighter brown due to light but its darker brown so typical of this area . This area produces some of best bones and this is no exception. I get very few tibias this quality as it has all the right parts including 3 pronged end and two projections on other side. While not perfect it is a keeper for anyone who wants a large bone. This Edmontosaurus was a monster in every way. Normally 32 inches is about it on these. This is so wide, so long, and so high. I CAN’T HARDLY Believe I’VE I GOT A TIBIA THIS LARGE AND GREAT Quality . Usually certain parts are worn heavily like 3 pronged end but on this they were present plus all other outcroppings. Yes it has crack fills and spot fills with repair. Also some wear on end but it’s normal on that . These go for huge money , and Ill never get a bigger one, but this is reasonable priced for quick sale . It is very transportable in foam as I pack well in foam and a crate so it’s safe to ship, and guarantee delivery with no breaks. The shape of both ends is simply remarkable. It is just a beautiful specimen. Tibias are hard to find this good . Anyway it is so special it’s a site to behold so let the pictures do more talking. This should be $5000, and in Tucson AZ one this good goes for $7500 so this is cheap for quality. Thsis a top quality museum piece I do have a large metal metal display but you have to adjust it to fit yours It was from another large bone Price : $4999 pay by wire only not here at w site call 706-235-2694 or email paleoman@dinolandplus.com please Shipping : $779 with foam and crate on pallet International $1500
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