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Beautiful Large 6.25” Straightline (8” ) Around the Curve each Egg -HADROSAUR NEST100% Original Complete on 3 sides Rest in Matrix

Beautiful Large 6.25” Straightline (8”) Around the Curve HADROSAUR 2 EGG Nest  100% Original with All Topside shell 

Species :  Hadrosaur Species  

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: Euroasia

Item Rating 1-10   9.6  Top Premium Large 6.25” Straightline measurement for each of 2 huge eggs . Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell Present with no repair or restoration. Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see.  You can’t find these anymore so pricing has risen but I kept it at only a 20% margin . You will never see a better eggs anywhere except the nest I have.  This is the first Hadrosaur nest I’ve seen in 8 years  This egg is larger than anmy I saw before of this species maybe because it is a new species unknown .  100% Original with no restoration at all on shell or rest of Egg. One side it’s all shell which never occurs  and the sides Other side is in matrix . Again no one has ever seen any eggs better. This by far are the largest Hadrosaur eggs I ever saw as before they were normally 5 inches straight-line . These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person . You won’t get another chance.   This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago) and recently found and prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and then rest is restored. This one is over 99% egg shell on one side on both eggs so its so  natural - its spectacular.  few spots no egg shell nothing has been done.   This is two of the most supreme eggs  you will ever see except my nest .    Im selling way  less than even small  oviraptor eggs What a deal     WOW WOW  I sold one Oviraptor Egg for way more than this so discounted alot for you 


Price  :2899    

Shipping : $159 Very Heavy  

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Species Description : Therapod Carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus

Geological Timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period 98-93 MYA

Item Location: Morocco, South Africa-South of Taouz Morrocan Sahara

Item rating and description :1-10  9.9 While most don’t know names for these foreign raptors this is definitely a huge  Deltadromaeosaurus top notch killing hand claw 4.13 “ . This was provided by the top expert in the field , who only carries the top quality pieces a that are found whole . IT has a great curve so typical of killing claws. The entire claw is so amazing with no restore or repairs I or him can see . IT is by far the best raptor claw I’ve ever had from this location. People are so skeptical on these but the lines, color, and deep grooves put this in a class by itself . They show you a whole claw not redone in anyway as well as pictures will.  It’s the same color throughout with lines symmetrical  and untouched deep grooves to show no wear . Last year it was best one found according to the founding company  and the person owed me a favor so I got it at lower price and can offer it much lower also.For a hand claw of a therapod  a few of better ones were going for $20,000  and American claws were nonexistent this year  at the show . An USA claw of a Dromaeosaurus  this large and  type quality would have sold for at least 10,000 for a raptor . However very few American claws this size exist because the 2 raptor were both smaller Troodon, and Dromaeosaurus  both only 3.5 ft high and 6 ft long . . This claw is as big as a TREX Hand claw which would also sell for close to 20,000 now, but did not see one of those entire show . These raptor claws haven’t shown up in years as I have had a few 

But years ago. The price though is the same I’ve always sold them for . This is the only claw available this year this quality. I’ve never had one this size  ever and sold one 1 inch lower for $8000  years ago

Also a velociraptor claw goes for now $9000 for a 2.5 inch claw 

BY buying this location you can get one for half the price at least  The red brown color is typical of this area  , but not the quality which ranges from poor to this exceptional claw . Great Price for 

Price: $4999  cant ever lower  $4800 total Sven 

This can only be bought by check or wire only so call 706-235-2694 for instructions to complete payment 

Shipping $99 with full insurance 

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Amazing Fat Long 6” SPINOSAURUS TOOTH High QUality

Huge Massive Special X-Nice 6   Spinosaurus  POINT TOOTH( 1)w Root 

Species : Spinosaurus aegytiacus

 Species description: Largest Ever Therapod Meat-Eating Dinosaur from North Africa up to 60 ft long     large teeth instead of curved like many meat-eaters and larger than TREX which ate fish often and had a key sail on its back for temperature regulation. Some of spines were more than 6 ft high.


 Geologic strata: Tegana Formation

Geologic timeframe: Mid-Cretaceous 100 MYA

Item location:  Item location:  Kem-Kem Basin (sandstone deposits) close to Erfound and Rossani South of Taouz,  Morocco . North Africa


Item Description : 1-10 9.0 Special Huge  Quality Spinosaurus 6  Point Tooth with Root. This is a fine  example of a Huge Spino tooth with excellent enamel and huge size. This size tooth have all but disappeared as digs are only turning up but small teeth. The patina, root , color are just great  with a little work spotted on tooth itself , however , it has fine quality overall. This is the biggest one I saw this year at the fossil show in Tucson , AZ .Few this size and quality are ever found. Most of large ones have been manufactured but this appears all from one spino. This is a special tooth and mammoth  They have doubled in price due to rarity and now only mostly old collections they are found. I only saw a few big ones this year and bought them all .It has quality also and this is your last chance to get a big one so chose from ones I have .Quality  African items of any type are not being found and  has been on the downswing for years now as the huge teeth come around so rarely. For those of you want a large tooth at a great price from a Therapod bigger than REX, this is yours. So come here for only big ones anywhere sold at great prices. I have many in this lineup. This is lower than the last 6 incher I sold since I got a great price .


 Price :    $799

Shipping :39 

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Top Premium Great Grade A Quality Large Raptor 2.75” KIlling Claw( At Scollard Auction phil@scollardauctions.com)

Top Premium Great Grade A Plus Quality Large Raptor 2.75” Killing Hand Claw( At auction )

Species:  Deltadromaeosaurus  

Species description: Therapod carnivore that ate meat and lives with Spinosaurus and Carchodontosaurus 

Geologic strata: KEM KEM FORMATION 

Geologic timeframe: Middle Cretaceous Period  98-93 MYA

Item location: Morocco, South Africa -South of Taouz  Morrocan Sahara.

Item rating and description: 1-10  9.0    While most don’t know names for these foreign Raptors this is A fine quality large hand killing claw 2 ¾’” around the curve. It has a great curve so typical of killing claws. The  entire claw is amazing with maybe one break close to tip glued back .It’s also ¾” inches wide at base also.  The color is beautiful tan brown . No resto and no anything except real killing claw . These raptor claws never showed up until this year with a batch of them and this is from that collection . Definitely a therapod raptor killing hand claws. WE know there was only 3 raptors in Africa at this time from different shaped claws . These claws like this don’t come around often so grab these fast .  Its my only one .Hand claws are so desirable and ones this size just don’t exist anywhere including  in America. Remember Cretaceous Raptors in USA where much smaller Troodons and dromaeosaurs as only true raptors. I had only one USA Dromaeosaurus killing claw claw 3.35 inches and it sold for $8000 years ago. I have more calls for raptor claws an than anything so here it is .  And you can get it at 1/4 the price and much  bigger than USA claws , if you can ever get one . This is a top claw and no one else has these anywhere. All the claw is real bone with great red-brown color from this dinosaur so ypical in this area. You can tell from a velociraptor these are killing claws with a picture at end also which makes them extremely valuable. No one has these for sale in any way and this big for this cost is unheard of .  A small velociraptor claw goes for $7000 only 2.5 inches. It has pretty good grooves also so detail is stunning . Just look at size in my hand.  Wow.   These are from 1 of only 2 reputable firms still hunting in Africa as some are artificially put together. Not this one. I see no breaks in this claws but it may have one. This claw is extremely valuable. You will never find a great killing raptor claw this size except here for this low price. This claw should be way higher than listed . So here is the chance to get one except here.   Great Price at …

Price:  $1999

Reduced $1499 ( At Auction Not for Sale Now)

Shipping: 69w insurance 

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100% Natural High Quality w Super Detail w All Inc Tip 20.5” TRICERATOPS BROW HORN w Display

Almost 100% Natural High Quality w  Super Detail & Tip  20.5 “   TRICERATOPS BROW HORN with Display

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description:  Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.


Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA


Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation


Item Location:  Lusk , Wyoming   from Internationally Known Fossil Hunter from Privately Contracted Lands 

Item description & rating: 1-10      9.9 Beautiful Detailed Complete Female Triceratops Brow Horn 20.5 “ Long. This was a well preserved specimen with very defined grooved lines. IT has repair on 3 breaks but they were flush so no resto just glued back. It’s color is a gorgeous light reddish  brown  w little extra cinnamon color which adds so much to this great horn . It was found on private land contracted by a top Fossil hunter and obtained with owners permission with reimbursement to owner through a contract. A COA comes with it .  It’s an amazing piece of history  . The full  metal base display really shows this horn well.  It’s a horn all from same animal as you can tell with normal great tip with small amount of wear which is what you want . These are so rare to find now as it used to be not a problem to get these.  This is one of few anywhere you can buy . What a pleasant color.  It has a perfect shape which most do not, and detail of outer bark is phenominal .  Horns are much more expensive for us to buy now , and very very valuable. At auctions this horn could go for 20,000 now and regular would be well over 10,000  and seen many higher lately so this is a deal . It is a fine representation of one of the most fascinating of the dinosaurs who could beat TREX. This one probably killed a few TREXes in its time.  These are now the highest item in demand .of any dinosaur . Wholesale and retail are so high now but not this one  This has been appraised at over $8000 due to originality 


Price : $ 7999 Firm  Only paid by wire or check  call 706-235-2694 please 

Final Price $6999    


Shipping : $299 UPS

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Beautiful Huge 8.75” x 4 Inch GIANT OVIRATOR CITIPATI 99% Orginal w Almost all Shell

Beautiful  Huge 8.75” x 4” Egg Giant Oviraptor Citipati 100% Original Almost all Shell 

Species : Oviraptor citipati 

Description : Over 7 ft Tall Omnivore Dinosaur eating small animals and plants in various parts of Asia 

Geological Period : Cretaceous 100MYA-66 MYA

Location: EuroAsia

Item Rating 1-10  10 Top Premium Monster Huge 8.75” x 4”wide . Beyond Museum Quality with Almost all Egg Shell Present99%  with little to none resto or repair . These egsg are so rare now  and this may be a new species. Its huge and bigger than only a few Ive ever had  . Only had a few last 10 years . It’s from an old collection. Only a few spots which are shown have no shell . This could be a new species of oviraptor due to the size . Shell Covering is absolutely amazing as you can see. You will never see a better single egg anywhere. These eggs are almost twice the size of normal oviraptor eggs.  100% Original with no restoration at all on shell or rest of Egg.  This by far are the largest oviraptor eggs I ever saw as before they were normally 5 inch long . These are so impossible to get now but here it is for one lucky person. You won’t get another chance.   Just one egg 2 inches shorter than this one are now selling for 2500 so you get a massive egg for around the same price as a smaller one and close to perfect . Who knows maybe an skeleton inside as it hasn’t been checked buy but no guarantees This one is for a high perfectionist. This one has been in USA for 30 years(Purchased 30 years ago) and recently found in a warehouse  and prepped . Most single or nest eggs aren’t even half covered in real shell and then rest is restored. his one is over 98% egg shell natural so its spectacular.    Its so heavy and way wider and longer than any egg , I’ve ever seen except a Tyrannosaur.    WOW WOW  Last pic shows 2 which I have the other a little smaller at 8" and its 2599 


Price  :2799    

Shipping : $89 

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Massive Top Premium Beautiful TRICERATOPS SHOULDER BLADE 40” Long

MASSIVE Top Premium Beautiful TRICERATOPS 40” x 11” SHOULDER BLADE (Scapula) Species: Triceratops horridus Species description : Large many ton dinosaur with 2 brow horns reaching 40” long and a nose horn and quite capable of defending off TREX . Period: Cretaceous Period 70-66.5MYA Geologic strata: Hell Creek Formation Location: Glendive ,Montana Item description and rating: 1-10 MONSTER 40” Straight-line Gorgeous Triceratops Scapula(Shoulder Blade) . My Favorite Dinosaur just got greater in my mind. This is one of largest –width and length - & most massive bones in Cretaceous I ever had. Its very heavy but one person can pick it up , but not easily It’s just amazing It had repairs mostly crack fills with one break completely thru and some circumference breaks so restoration is minimal. These are impossible to find anymore, and it’s only my third Trike Scapula ever. This is long 40”, and 11” wide at widest part. Also it is complete. For a bone this heavy it’s amazing it survived so well and the size, color(dark Hell Creek Brown and shape is phenominal. It came out so great as I’m very proud of it as I prepped it . The bone quality is excellent in all regards. It’s a real treat and displays well . IT is also an underground find with a beautiful color and thick-thin depth depending on where. It was dug out quite a while ago in Montana and I finally prepped it out . Well it was worth the wait as you can see from the pictures. I decided to make one of you very happy with this price as these are so rare. You will not find another for sale so don’t waste time or it will be gone except another one here. This is worth at least 6000 plus. I saw a 14 inch juvenile one go for $3000 at a recent show. It’s an unreal deal. It’s one of best deals at site. It can be shipped in a crate . It’s a great price. The last picture is another one to show you how good the shape and color is . Price : $6999 It has to go by pallet due to weight and natural curvatures on bone Must pay by wire so call 706-235-2694 for instructions Blowout Price $4999 may be available after auction in December if not sold Shipping: Crate cost and foam and shipping on pallet. $699 International $1295 

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Beautiful (Killer) Ultra Rare 98% Complete NO Reso DEINONYCHUS 3.15” “Terrible Claw ” 120-105 MYA -

BEAUTIFUL(Killer) Ultra Rare Complete 99% DEINONYCHUS 3.15” “TERRIBLE CLAW” CLAW -120 -105 MILLION YEARS OLD -SIMPLY THE RAREST & MOST OUTSTANDING DINOSAUR ITEM YOU WILL EVER SEE– Species : DEINONYCHUS Antirrhopus Species description: The most fearsome raptor under dromaeosaurid and a close relative of the veliciraptor but found millions of years before in present day Montana and Wyoming . This rare animal was so fearsome any nonmeat eater was on the menu like Tetontosaurus. It was 30 million years before other raptors , and had large eyes, long legs was over 11 feet long with tail , had famous claws with 3 fingered hands like Allosaurus , and clawed feet with 5 inch long sickle –shaped retractable claw on second toe called the killer claw , for which it is noted. It had a bite force greater than any living animal today. It shared its life with Saurpelta, Zephrosaurus, and therapod Acrocanthosaurus . Yes these are so rare none of you know of these. These animals lived in subtropical climate like Louisiana today . Geological formation: Cloverly Formation Geological period Late Aptian or Albian Stage Geographic Timeframe : 122 MYA -108 MYA Early Cretaceous Item Location: Near Shell ,Wyoming (One area on Earth all Geographical Eras are on display) Item rating and description : 1-10 10 Unbelievably RARE and Beautiful HIGHLY DETAILED DEINONYCHUS Huge 3.15” (Around the Curve ) Killer Claw . Simply no one-no private collector and few museums have this rarity in the world. It is 99% Original 2 spot fills and just a mm of proximal end missing with a millimeter restore on tip. However it was missing it in life due to stress so these were never found sharp as a tac so it’s by all respects 100% original .I’ve only had a few in 20 years ago. Wha tnature sometimes allows us to see is truly a marvel . The proximal end shows the characteristic projections and size color and quality is just so magnificent . The quality is amazing with blood grooves and fine detail everywhere. The color is medium gray which is typical of this area-tad lighter. These claws are almost never found so it’s a treat . Few museums have complete ones. It’s my specialty to bring you ultra rare items. The pictures tell the story . This is a COA as I verify this is accurate . It was found by a finder on private land on leased land directly tome. The owner leases the land for yearly fee and by all rights the lessor is owner of all fossil rights. THis is from decades old collection only recently prepped from matrix as others I had They sell so fast THis one has amazing detail The grooves are so good just amazing IT looks like animal just died yesterday . Price : This claw is so awesome This has to be wired only call 706-235-2694 Alan Call for wire or check possible Shipping $149 w insurance Lee

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Gorgeous Huge Rare Jurassic Allosaurus 4 3/4” Foot Claw 90% Original

Gorgeous Huge Rare Jurassic Allosaurus 4 3/4”(4.05” Straight line) Foot Claw 90% Original Species: Allosaurus fragilis Species description: Largest Therapod Meat Eating Jurassic dinosaur ever often reaching up to 35 ft long - aslong as a bus . Its large skull with movable joints in the skull allowed it to bite huge bites to devour its prey which included the largest of sauropods often reaching over 70 ft long .It did hunt in groups and was probably the greatest predator that ever lived even greater than TREX. It had a S-shaped bulldog neck and each powerful arm having 3 clawed fingers and one large one only . These did not rejuvenate as teeth did . It weighed 2 tons at least . Allosaurus hands were way bigger than TREX . Geological strata: Morrison Formation Geological period: Late Jurassic 172-140MYA Item Location : Dinosaur , Colorado Item description and rating:1- 10 10 Unbelieveable Huge 4 3/4” Beautiful Highly Original Allosaurus Foot Claw. This is the largest foot claw I ever had , and its beautiful dark Black Color so typical of this area . Its solid, heavy and amazing original at 90% original . The patina, shape, tip and grooves are fantastic . This tip is totally original . The entire claw is so beautiful. The area of work is top of proximal end. It has deep grooves and is as big as my hand. The connection area is really great . It’s so beautiful and words really can truly explain this claw. Its way larger than average size and excellent on quality. No one really has these for sale just like the allo hand claws. I have had allo hand claws through the years but lately they go for over 20,000. Its a beauty you can appreciate . This is for collectors who want something really not attainable now on size . Hand claws haven’t been found in a long time. These this size don’t come along much . This is a once in lifetime claw - once in a lifetime for you. It truly is so nice it is a dream come true for me and now for you. This was sold and found by a person who owns his own Quarry, and this one was found quite awhile ago and recently prepped . Price : $ plus shipping with insurance call 706-235-2694 only by wire Lee  Shipping $229 overseas 389 

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Famous Unbelievable From One Publication 10 years ago TREX STOMACH Contents w Raptor Jaw, Mammal etc

Famous Unbelieveable FromOne Publication(Only Place-One Rex) TREX STOMACH CONTENTS 26” x 10” Heavy Fullof Bones w Raptor jaw and mammal skull . 

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex 

Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12” corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks. 

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA 

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation 

Geologic location: Glendive, Montana 

Description and rating:1-10 10 

This is the main piece that is famous -written by palentologists and research experts in 2009 . It is huge at 26” long by 10 inches high . IT is one of a kind . It has a raptor jaw and mammal skull with thousands of bone chunks . The partial lower jaw and has a 2 cusped-like molar tooth on anterior border(Pics enclosed) .This is one of a kind piece that only occurred under ribs of one dinosaur in ne location . On skull it has a palate, incisive foramen, 2 auditory  bullae, many teeth you can see . I also have a closeup picture taken with paper . I had 5 other pieces that all sold as I was there 10 years ago. This is the biggest most famous and had had electronic microscope pictures of this and many others. IT comes with a book of 21 pages with writeups and proof of what it is .This is so valuable as one paper on this specimen from one animal is only 1 been found to date . IT comes with the paper describing this amazing part of TREX . So many questions enter your mind on this but it comes from the rancher in the paper who has many jaws in his piece. It was covered quickly so bacteria could not work on it and it died just after a meal of course so thousands of things had to go right to obtain this massive great find. Research also shows the TREX died by drowning and it ate a small mammal just before death. You need to read this publication of CPSQ 2013 Article which comes with purchase Since none exists for sale, and I kept one piece this is priceless. The rancher is a friend and sold only to me these pieces. I also gave a small piece to a dear hunter friend. This is the second largest piece found as I sold one many years ago before conclusive paper was done so that piece is worth lots more now. It was a surface find so layering was so great even with on the surface. The details this is so great. The piece is absolutely outstanding and a must for a collector who wants everything found of a TREX .It is heavy and some bone material are seen throughout in all different directions. Certain spots due to elements created holes throughout which allows you to see the inner items. The value on this is so hard on this as it’s one of a kind again. The owner kept the largest piece and will never sell. NO discounts apply to this piece. It can be shipped safely. Talk about DNA-this is better and can be yours .Some of papers and electronic microscope pics are included . It is hard to see but can be seen in this contents. The main items are under 1 and 2 and also closeups are shown from publication . This will attract buyers for years to come as this is a dinosaur center piece. Value is limitless to me just to see it for years . email me call at 706-235-2694 NO one in world has this There is tons of documentation and a treat for anyone who is lucky enough to own it You can see bone throughout. This is a very heavy item Very famous- one- of- kind piece. Its amazing For sale recently due to  Museum negiotator un able to gain access 

Price: $Traded  

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Large Top Premium 100% Original Maxillary 3 1/8” w Great Patina and Serrations

Large Top Premium 100% Original Max Tooth 3 1/8”(Around the Curve ) Straightline2.93 ” with (GreatPatina and Very Good Serrations ) Species: Tyrannosaurus rex Species description: One of largest carnivore during dinosaurs age with 12” corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks. Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation Geologic location: Garfield County, Montana on Private Land Description and rating:1-10 10 This is one tooth you would want as it is 100% Original . Nothing has been done to it except cleaning NO breaks no repair no resto Extra Special Super 3 1/8 ” Around the Curve TREX Tooth (Maxillary makes this one of most splendid teeth available anywhere. It’s pretty color dies show natural marks with excellent patina . NO buts on this one .. Serrations on smaller side are splendid and other side around half are visible . The brown color is so attractive from Hell Creek .It actually is a fairly smooth tooth which a few pics may not show but its better in person . The enamel is solid. Its really a great tooth and 100% natural . No resto of any type. It shows how the tooth wore due to indentations naturally. The size for a maxillary tooth is extreme .with big base also Where can you find a tooth this nice and all natural Most TREX teeth have much work done stain fill not this one .It was a huge OLD TREX with Huge Maxillary Tooth that ate its share of dinosaurs . You don’t find all natural teeth much. It appears never broken also with a Unique Hell Creek Beautiful Brown . Serrations on one side are spectacular.. It represents a huge opportunity for someone. It really doesn’t have any negatives in my opinion as it shows a natural tooth without fixing it up . There was no need to even fill cracks even. The pics show much beauty. Prices have gone up so much that great teeth are now exploding and you won’t find many better even though I do have a huge perfect pathology one that is even better . I’ve had over 150 TREX teeth and 95% had restoration of some type . But not here –you have an all original tooth .This tooth is fabulous quality in every way. A tooth rare also in anterior dentary just should not be this great after 65.5 Million years. It’s just a wonder of nature. This is a keeper and a top tooth for anyone’s collection. Close-up pictures show how super this is. This was found by a dinosaur hunter on totally leased private land who has the best teeth anywhere in world . A tooth like this would go for 30,000 plus at Sothebys auction plus premium You have a limited time frame Any offer close to this will be considered . So buy at auction and pay more or pay around above amount call 706-235-2694 Wire only or check Price : $Shipping : $99 w insurance  Jacob

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Great 100% Natural NanoRex Tooth 1 3/8” w Super Serrations and Patina

Beautiful Light Brown 100% Original Nano-Rex Tooth 1 3/8”      

Species:  Nano Tyrannosaurus rex   

Species description:  Smaller species of one  of largest carnivores during dinosaurs age with 12" corner teeth with roots and up to 49 ft long and USA own species found in western USA. Very powerful and massively built dinosaur which hunted solitiary . It easily downed its prey with quick surprise attacks.   

Period: Late Cretaceous Period  70-66.5 MYA   

Geographic strata found: Hell Creek Formation   

Geologic location: Brussett, Montana Northern Montana                          

Description and rating:  1-10  9.6 This Nanorex Tooth 1 3/8”is Superb with Most all of the Serrations on One side and many on the other . The enamel is so great throughout. Its never been broken so no restore.  They don’t get much better than this . The serrations, color and enamel are all very good or great, and a great price. The tooth was really found at a place I rarely get items- Northern Montana. Due to quality and rareness here it is at great price.  My last one at this size sold at 600 dollars .   

Price :   $349      

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