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Species : Panthera leo fossilis Early Lion Species- possible early Panthera leo spelea -

Species Description : 1-10 *10* The cave lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis which is believed to be the best specimen ever found of an earlier species. It was believed to be 500,000 years ago and maybe this animal was most complete of the earlier one ever found. The first species was actually larger even though you would think it was smaller according to the internet as this is 15-17 inches and later ones were slightly smaller or same at 15-17. Also DNA shows this to be identical to American Lion which just came here from Europe at 300,000 years ago but none are found that OLD. This is the largest Lion that ever lived much larger than African Lions with skulls up to 16-17 inches long. It roamed in Romania, Russia Siberia, Austria and a few specimens in Poland .None until now have ever been found in Yugoslavia now renamed. It was massive with a large sturdy body with a shoulder height greater than 5 ft high and a body length of more than 9 feet, even this was smaller as an earlier species. This species was enhanced by glaciation thru various ice ages. If females were smaller this cat may have been a female but old

Geographic Period : Middle Pleistocene Epoch

Geographic time: 400,000 -200,000 years ago

Item Location : Karst, Yugoslavia close to Austria Border Cave Found 35 Years ago

Item rating and description : 1-10 *10* WOW Unbelieveable Entire Upper One-of-A-Kind Earliest Known European Lion Upper Skull 15.25” Long. This is so special not only because it may the be oldest full upper of the earliest lion ever , but it also has huge teeth bite injuries in the head with both showing a healing so the animal survived an attack probably from one of its on species or a large saber cat years earlier . This lion was a survivor . Now an adult from this timeframe was supposed to be bigger. These lions are 10% bigger than the modern lion of Africa This animal has all teeth and they were worn but the skull is so good it has zygos, condyles, and everything. This is so amazing as only fragments of an early lion up to 450,000 years old have ever been found. Not only is this upper complete but due to dark brown color, and found in a cave in past Yugoslavia, it’s known to be at least 250,000 years old and possibly much older. No one in the universe has this as it’s the best and most complete of this species leo fossilis ever found. Also no known lion has ever been found in Yugoslavia, even though it was close to Austria. Back in the 70s you could find and hunt in caves everywhere but nothing was found this good. It was within 200 kilometer area of Austria. This was from a private collection found 35 years ago. You will never see a better lion skull and rarer than this. Now days if you find a cave lion more than 30,000 years old in pieces you are lucky. Of course the American lion and the cave lion are one in the same just some genius wanted to put another species classification as soon as it crossed into Alaska 300,000 years ago from the Bering Strait . Again I can’t emphasize enough about this being older than any other lion ever found this complete even though partials are found, but usually pieces. What preservation. I also have a whole American Lion with skeleton from Alaska that is about 60,000 years old from the lighter color but still darker than normal European lions, but not this one. Darker color indicates age or location found so this is amazing and there is no difference than an American Lion. No restore, not even touched or doctored or repaired in any way as though it died yesterday but may be the most complete older lion ever found especially in this condition. I’m really speechless on this animal, and will be in my collection forever. You can’t even put a price on this as its priceless, but everything is for sale maybe if 100,000 is offered at later date like years down the road. I tried to put words on this but this is undescribeable so look at pics. Simply Awesome. Going to auction soon for a lot more as people want to pay way more for some reason K

Price $43,000 This is the oldest Lion ever found so one of a kind $34,000 Will be sold in January

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