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Amazing Huge Entire Lower Jaw of an Extinct Lion 11.75” Long

Species: Extinct Panthera leo spelaea(Panthera speclaea) Eurasian Cave Lion

Species description: Extinct Large Species of Lion from 370,000 to 10,000 years ago <. It was one the largest carnivores at that time except the Giant short –faced bear which are virtually nonexistent in the fossil records . It was much larger than the Smilodon Saber-tooth cat or the modern Lion , It had rounded protruding ears , tufted tail, and perhaps faint tiger-like stripes .They lived at same time of Neanderthals (250,000-30,000 ) and Cro-Magnon man( 40,000-10,000) They were featured in Paleolithic religious rituals and they were hunted by a form of human . Mostly found in Europe but this one and some are found in Russia , Siberia and Alaska .This was up to 20% larger than the largest lion today .

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: 45,000 Years ago

Item Location: Cave in the Carpathian Mountains , Romania

Item description:1-10 10 These are not available anymore as all areas are closed to hunting so this is once in a lifetime item . It is from a mammoth 20 inch upper Lion skull almost 100% Original Cave Lion Lower with 2 great canines and all teeth except a few complete incisors . Some have roots of the incisors. These are so amazing it defies the normal finds in fossils. People who have these don’t sell them at all . This is actually the same as the American Lion with same DNA . However you can get it for same price of a single jaw of an American Lion. The canines are 3 inches with root . Repair is all there is on this jaw no resto .This is super quality bone and 45,000 years old .Wow ILL let pics do talking Canines alone on these are worth 1500-2000 each they are so rare Yu will never have a chance to get this again for this low Full skulls go for 50,000 and getting higher My American lion skull is worth 100,000 alone

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Species: Equus complicatus

Species description: Horses evolved from earlier horses to be large and this horse evolved into one of the modern species so this is extinct at end of last ice age. They were long –legged compared to earlier horses and long necked with a long tail. They are adapted to open terrain, from plains to savannahs. These had slender legs ending in a single hoof. These were herbivores that lived from grazing on tough fibrous food such as leaves, bark, but are normally grazers. They went extinct at the end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. It is from USA.

Geological strata:

Geological period: Pleistocene 10,000 years old

Item Location: Salt River Valley, Nebraska

Item rating and description: (1-10) **9** - Beautiful Large 24” American Complete Upper Skull of an Extinct Complicatus Species. This is a spectacular later extinct horse species that evolved into today’s modern horse .It died out 10,000 years ago in USA e and this is first whole one I ever saw. While pieces of skull you can buy a whole upper skull with no restore are extremely rare to find due to fragile nature of the skull . It’s so exceptional with no restoration I can find anywhere so virtually 100% original. I can’t say enough about this piece so just admire it for now. The skull is really amazing with almost 100 % original including all teeth on the upper. No restore amywhere can be seen so exceptional quality on this upper skull . The beauty and bone quality of this animal is simply fantastic. It is so outstanding. Little if no prep work was done except stabilizing so it’s very secure now. Simply great extinct Pleistocene specimen at a low price. Beautiful dark brown Color is so appealing for you collectors.

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The One-the Only Great 1st GIANT SHORT-FACED BEAR

Species: Arctodus pristinus(earlier than simus)Lesser Shortfaced bear

Species description: The largest Bear of all time that stood up to 6 ft Tall at shoulder and 8 ft tall and 9 ft long , and weighed 1800 lbs much larger than grizzlies . In fact at one time the largest mammalian terrestrial carnivore known as tremarctine bears or running bears endemic to North America and Europe . This was a complete carnivore not like bears today as evidenced by high nitrogen bone concentrations so was a killer of its time and lasted for 2.8 million years. More info is listed here . Largest of all Bears

Geological Timeframe : 1.8Million Years-1.5M years agoBlancan/Irvingtonian

Geological Period : Early Pleistocene 1.8MYA

Item Location: Columbia County, Florida

Item rating and description: 1-10 9.5 Maybe the only True Pristinus Short-Faced Bear 12.25 inches by 8 “ wide and 7” Tall Skull in the World. This is so unbelieveable as no one has this anywhere in this condition. This time I outdid myself on rareness as this ranks as the hardest animal to find in fossil records even greater than LaBrea Smilodon. Only scant pieces are ever found normally but here you have from sections a Complete Skull with little restoration. Most is on backs of lowers but I challenge you to find more. Even the zygos are short-faced bear. It is a perfect match on all defining characteristics of pristinus also with a written booklet with documents prepared for you showing each shortface bear and the differences. This is rarer than Simus. Try to find one anywhere as you won’t. I don’t know of any except partial one at Florida Museum. It’s so hard to find many paleontoligists can’t hardly tell but by this notebook you can tell easy. This took lots of work and time so you bear lovers better come see this one. All teeth are real shortface bear also so to have all teeth 100% real is amazing. Many crack fills occurred on this specimen. Your looking at history here and maybe the only 95% short-faced bone one anywhere. This grew into Simus-the larger one . I still can’t believe it. Look at this shortfaced bear. It is large. Simus evolved from this totally. You will not find this animal anywhere but at this site forever as it is not currently for sale. I figure the value is somewhere around $50,000 but you may call me and try to convince me you love it. It probably will end up at auction for much more than above quoted. If you love to follow bear history this is so great. This was prepped by one of top bear experts in the world also . This skull is going to auction soon so people can pay more a lot more This is one of kind with a complete info on originality Plus so off to auction unless Call me to talk 706-235-2694

Price $32000 was personal item

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Rarest Species of Cave Lion(Beringia) Lower Canine3.5” from Altai MT Kazakhstan

Species: Extinct Panthera leo beringia Eurasian Cave Lion

Species description: Extinct Large Species of Lion from 370,000 to 14,000 years ago. It was one the largest carnivores at that time but this species was smaller than other Eurasia Lions and the rarest .and are virtually nonexistent in the fossil records . It was still larger than Smilodon Saber-tooth cat. , It had rounded protruding ears , tufted tail, and perhaps faint tiger-like stripes .They lived at same time of Neanderthals (250,000-30,000 ) and Cro-Magnon man( 40,000-14,000) They were featured in Paleolithic religious rituals and they were hunted by a form of human . Mostly found in Europe but this one and some are found in Siberian Russia, now Kazakhstan and Alaska . This speciesis rarest of all extinct lion species by far even though recently 2 lion cubs with skin and hair were found complete with DNA in Russia in 2015 . This species is of great scientific value as due to color these may have been the original cave lion.

Geological strata: Pleistocene Epoch

Geological period: up to 300,000 -100,000 estimated

Item Location: Cave in the Altai Moutains in Eastern Kazakhstan

Item description: 1-10 9.8 Amazing Lower canine of the rarest extinct lion 3.5 “ Lowers are smaller . There is wear on tip a lot but it isn’t broken. NO work has been done on this as it’s 100% natural . This is my first of this species. Just a short time ago this species was only thought to be in Russia Siberia, and high in Alaska close to Bering Straight. However for first time they are finding in Kazakhstan on private lands in caves. This no one has as I know everything on lions, and never before this year saw this species. IM getting a whole skull soon but it’s from Russia. How I know they are same it’s the smallest species of lion due to coldness as Eurasia Lion went in 2 forks –one American Lion once it hit Alaska, and these Beringia lions. I’ve only seen 1 Bering1a Lion skull ever and I bought it. It’s of exceptional quality .Total natural makes this piece a must for a collector or even a beginner as it so reasonable on price. This is from an animal that is hardly found in the fossil record. These are rarer than Smilodon bones by far as I had many Smilodon. Keep in mind no one has anything of this lion species except me.

Price: $1000 Firm

Shipping : $59

Use the following methods of payment

. •Online

, •Certified check

•Money Order

, •Personnel Check

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