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Partial Big Horn Sheep Horns found in Dinosaur Country

Big Horn Sheep Horns Partial Skull From S Dakota Species : Ovis canadensis Description : A pair of Horns might weigh 30lbs These are in West of of USA as far as Mexico BY 1900 they pummeled to only a few thousanddue to disease and overhunting . Not many are around anymore especially in area found Geographic timeframe Holocene probably few hundred years old Area found: Buffalo , S Dakota Item decription: 2 partial Horns with partial skull of Big Horn Sheep . One side 15" -other side 13" These are so rare especially in this area Only a few thousand live ones exist and in this area none seen in many years . It’s a nice specimen found in dinosaur country 

Price : $199 

Shipping $89 

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Gorgeous Reddish Brown Rarest of Rare Extinct Highest Quality & Originality 12.5” CAVE HYENA Skull

Gorgeous  Reddish Brown RAREST- of- RARE  EXTINCT Highest Quality& Original 12.5” CAVE HYENA  Skull 

Species:  Crocuta crocuta spelaea


Species description:  These hyenas were known as the Ice Age Spotted Hyena and was a subspecies the second largest Hyenas of all time and was a carnivore who stalked and killed animals in packs it was about 6 ft long and looked similar to a modern hyena except much bigger including the head was much wider and different shaped possessing a long body and short legs. This species once ranged from Iberian Peninsula to Russia .This hyena was a highly specialized animal.  These weighed over 250 lbs .They ate wild horses , steppe bison, and wooly rhinoceros that was so ruthless it could kill almost anything with its progressive and regressive features being more developed than the modern African species.  Its extinction was earlier than other Ice age mammals with last one dated 11,000 years ago with most gone 14,000 years ago. This helps explain the only few specimens like this one in Middle Asia . Its extinction was due to climate change, and an inability to compete with lions and humans, and loss of grasslands which they hunted. These though did likely kill wolves which roamed with them due to being more powerful.


Geological strata: Pleistocene epoch


 Geological period:  2 million -10,000  years old closer to first due to color 


Item location: Europe    


Item rating and description: 1-10    9.8 Look at the Color and Quality of this 12.5 Long Cave Hyena  “ long with Super Teeth . On right side you can even see the root of the cannines with all teeth  100% original to this skull , which in itself for such a rare animal . This is probably the last great one Ill ever see . IT even has the back of the lowers real . In fact the entire lowers are 100%  original and the pnly restore is on the under palate a piece and front of upper which is normal . I would call this 97% original with all the skull compartments present and even the zygos are all original .You wont see a  better one  in the future . I did have two great ones  perfect that both sold for $16,000 about the same size and   . I checked with all European dealers and only 2 ever sold a skull, and those 2 were only 80%. No other dealer has even seen one. Pieces and parts but no full skulls. And what a skull. . This is the Rarest find in Europe and with my other 2  the best ever found from searching all literature in history . This was cleaned off only sealant to protect and those 2  small areas . I have only seen a few good whole skulls just partials , and I’ve owned them all. IM very blessed  . It was sitting in a cave protected from many thousands of years . The the color Id say its at least 50,000 years old . The red color is amazing .These caves were only recently discovered so not even Europe knows about these. So few people in the world know of these they don’t even know how to price –that’s how rare they are . All animals in this area are dark . but whole skull are rarely found . The ones in Europe are light.  This could be the areas of first ones due to color 500,000 years old. Darker the color the older they are. Next to Bonecrusher hyena this was one of 5 top carnivores at its time including sabercats, lions, bonecrusher hyena and this. This is perfection to top degree. IT attracted huge animals like wooly rhinos, horses, wooly mammoth etc.  Its huge 12.5 inches and 9 inches wide so no compression. It doesn’t need a stand -just fits together like cave bears . Where can you get a top predator this good. It’s amazing .This specimen displays so well with total originality This is worth a fortune.  People in Europe are different from USA –they like totally natural 100% but will take partial animals more than prepped animals but this is so good it can be owned by anyone who wants to premium bone . While nothing is perfect this will sell so fast to Europeans or Americans . One tooth repaired. These go for way more than I want especially from an area few have been found .If no one buys this that’s fine it will stay with me as find another. It’s for someone collection who has most everything but they don’t have this. Even poor ones in Europe go for more than I’m asking Call on this one.  Keep in mind only 2 dealer has even seen one in Europe and Asia until now . Only accept wires or Cashiers Check . This reddish color is so beautiful I decided to keep this in my collection 

 Not For SALE  Collection piece


Price:   Call 706-235-2694 


Shipping: USA $229 overnite International $450 



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100% Original Pleistocene Fossil Walrus IVORY 23” Long

100% Original Pleistocene Fossil  WALRUS IVORY TUSK 23” Long

Species: Trichechus rosmarus names 1766 

Species description:  Early Walrus in Pleistocene   times that looked similar to Walruses today, except for size including tusk size. The Walrus is a large flippered marine mammal that lived at that time in many temperate zones in the Artic.  It’s noted for its prominent tusks, whiskers, and bulkiness.  It was  a contemporary with the woolly mammoth but also before in Miocene 8-10 million years ago . It could weigh many lbs but was half the size of modern walruses in Miocene b iut in Pleistocene same size as this tusk. The males and female have tusks, with males usually bigger.  You find so little info on this walrus as usually only a few tusks are found in Pleistocene yearly . 

Geological strata:  Pleistocene 20-30,000 years old  

Period: Pleistocene 

Item location: Lawrence Island , Alaska 

Item rating and description: (1-10) *10* This is an Amazing Early Male  Walrus 23” long . The size and also the ridges indicate a male walrus . The colors show at least Pleistocene which means its a fossil and totally legal and sold . Any  tusks after 1950 has laws concerning import and obtaining but this is a fossil Polished Tusks of this rare animal highly desired as the ivory shows so well .  It is extremely rare with no restore or repai . I bought it because it’s 100% original except for being polished completely.  This is for a collector who wants a large tusk that has different dark  colors throughout which shows age . The darker the older so we anticipate this to be around 30,000 It was found years ago by the person who sold it to me so it reduces overhead so offering at super price. I never saw one from here .  The modern ones have adapted only to cold conditions in the poles now, but not in Miocene at warmer times. These walruses   This is an adult specimen.  Prices have skyrocketed in recent years on these due to the fact that full skulls are not really known so get the most important part – the tusk.  The price is so low it will go quickly because of the ivory of an early walrus. This is true ivory at a  low price.  This is a wholesale price due to original owner finding this piece years ago so save 

Price $3999 Firm  Comes with COA

Shipping: $129 with insurance

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Amazing Remarkable 10 Year Project -Complete American Lion 17 ” Long -History

Many More pics for your viewing pleasure The History of Lions originates with African Lions at least 2 million years ago & European Cave Lion(Panthera Leo fossilis in France ) in Eastern Europe then Panthera Spelae with dates ranging from 3.4 Million -500,000 years ago for the beginning with end only 10,000 years ago . All lions are decendants of this first lion including American Lion. All Lions are named for their location due to mutations . Due to fossils being so rare all literature published has very few fossils to base anything on . It is believed to come across the Bering Strait 250,000 years ago to Alaska and down through Alaska along the coast and thru western Canada namely Yukon thru British Columbia all the way to LA , California ,South to Mexico , and then Florida with pieces in S Carolina. Since it came to Alaska almost all people believe its called American lion including me . A few papers after 2009 put Alaskan items separate but those papers can’t see the forest thru the trees. American lion is from Alaska  then to Canada,  and California , then Mexico(Northern end only) and  Florida and the most desired fossil in the world . Florida and LA lions  are same . (Cave lions and African lions were living at same time but different species than today with Ivory Coast Barbiary Lions(different Species of African Lion) only extinct for the last few hundred years , and African lions which still exists but different from earlier African Lions . Russian lions also came from Panthera European Cave lion which are much smaller . and a different species IDed years ago. I have had every extinct lion(not including subspecies) in the universe which no one on the planet can say . As I said researched have partial elements and small samples and conclusions are based on little . Almost all of these lions have very similar features and only differ by size and small DNA differences . In fact American Lion and European lions have  identical DNA . This one was tested 20 years ago by Larry Martin in Kansas at University so it showed similarities with European Lion so he did research way before others on this cat . While those are similar American lion La Brea is almost identical to Alaskan Lions  with only slight mutations on its way there  some. Still due to location in Alaska all people should call it American Lion. Mine was purchased when all people considered it American Lion and 90% still do of course as I do. .DNA with other lions also is very similar including Lions from LA. . Everywhere on earth lions are called by where they ended up including American lions. Canada lions right next door miles away were considered American Lions by all as they said they mutated. Now it really hasn’t changed any other persons dealing in Lions as Alaskan lions are American Lions. Atrox is same size of many earlier lions -huge . Only a few writers said the glacier advance was a dividing line on Atrox & Alaskan lions with is not correct so ridiculous as glaciers came as far south as Tennessee in east and California is West . In fact the last million years we have had 9 advances of glaciers every 100,000 years (80,000 ice age glaciers and 20,000 years warm) . In 10,000 more years we will be in another ice age. I’ve had American lion and Florida items and bones and skulls are no different than Alaska lions in any way. I have probably been the receiver of more lion material than anyone on earth as all lions are similar . You don’t call African Lions even though some came from Europe- European Lions . Modern African lions are much smaller but still basically the same . The Route these lions took was down thru Alaska into Washington the route to California and Florida . I’ve had 5 European lions and sold them all and partial American lion material(This is only 1 whole l known in world-even museums outside La Brea) and they all look alike. That shows my qualifications on lions. People who deal in limited fossil material are basing any judgments on minimal sources as Lion is so scarce in Alaska and anywhere else . A few individual fossils does not make a compelling argument compared to seeing these items and mutations always occur to some degree due to environment. Since they exist in Americas they are American Lions . I was in Yukon and they had a pelt from an American Lion at a museum and it was labeled American lion, not spelae. La Brea lions from California are the same as Alaskan Lions as I’ve talked to them. I can get you smilodon material but rarely lion so lion is much rarer . This lion size is truly a King of Beasts . I’ve studied lions for years and all people involved in lions call Alaskan Lions, American Lions . I have lots of knowledge on earth on lions because I’ve studied them and sabercats for years .My friend is a writer of sabercat books, and I have actually had a number of American Lions partial jaws but that’s all with a few bones. Anyway almost all of mine is from Alaska and Florida except the feet and some inner bones from Europe and the only one in private hands known . No skulls in Florida exist in private collections except mine(I have an upper also) as well as La Brae Tar Pits -all owned by government .This lion is one -of -a -kind as someone can’t get another anywhere . . I‘ve seen so many times google does not have correct info on dinosaurs and mammals so hope this puts to rest any researchers of google .I also know the top lion expert in the world in Africa and Middle East, and he agrees wholeheartedly. All lions have minor differences even in same countries like Africa but all are closely related -Again all from same lion from Europe -spelea(fossils in France) . Even European spealea now is impossible to find as some were on market a last 10 years but now government controlled areas means no more . These European lions go over $350,000 , and American Lions are not sold(N One exists in private hands except this one , but worth 1/2 million and will rise a lot next 20 years so ones in private hands will never be for sale due to investment . This cat no one has anywhere on earth. Someday maybe you get the chance to buy but not now . Its worth at least 500,000 as one- of- a -kind. The only place on earth they find American Lion was Alaska but not nothing for at least 10 years so how can you price one-of-a kind. No one has an American Lion for sale anywhere at any time La Brae Tar pits even said their lions are from many different animals -all of them 5 displayed. When I told them I had only 4 lions in one they were amazed. This maybe the only one ever for sale . Yes the feet and some inner bones  are cave lion because no American lion parts exists and its the same DNA . One amazing find 

. Price: $489,333 alan stout


Reduced  $385,000  Its time after many years . No mailing  

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No Where Else on Earth-Almost Totally Original Beautiful American Lion Skeleton(few lions )

Species : Panthera ATROX Lion Species Description : The American lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis, which I have from Europe, and this skull is believed to be the best specimen ever found of an American Lion. It was believed to be 250,000 years ago when it first came to Alaska over Bering Strait with earlier lions as old as 500,000 years old even though only bits and pieces up to 350,000 years have been found. Also DNA shows this to be almost identical to Cave Lion so they are identical species just like Smilodon has 3 species all the same animal . There is Smilodon fatalis, Smilodon californicus , and Smilodon floridius all named by location nothing else as animal is the exact same. Its the same animal just like the main 2 species of prehistoric lion. This is the largest Lion with spealea that ever lived much larger than African Lions- with skulls up to 16-20 inches over 10-15% larger. It roamed in Alaska, California at La Brea, Canada, Mexico and Florida with traces in S Carolina. It is the largest carnivore ever except Short-face Bear which I also have a skull. All extinct lions now are not found except in Russia. In 2010 Alaskan Lions a few people believe were reclassified into spelaea, but almost know its American Lion. This one was found most probable in Yukon upon further examination which to all is American Lion. All Lions are identified by locations with Gir Forest Lions, African Lions, Extinct- Ivory Coast Barbiary Lions(1960), Russian Lions , and European Cave lions, and American Lions . I have had all of these-one of few people on earth to have had all species of Lion . From all fossils we know American Lion was much rarer than Smilodon when they lived and smarter . At La Brea only 5 lion skeletons exist , and hundreds of Smilodon skeletons found by government so no private collections exist except this lion. They have found atrox tracks in Missouri but no fossils found . WE do know Lion fossils first showed up in Africa 1.7 -1.4 million years ago then UK and Germany 680,000 (Spelae), and then they went to Asia much later to Beringa Lions in Russia then over Bering Strait to form American lions from Alaska to Mexico to Florida and S Carolina . So only ones left are ancestors much smaller than original African Lions. Those now probably migrated from Spelea in Europe much later 100,000 years ago to form lions of today. Some info is just not correct on lions as many other animals in google. Some people say American lions arose from one population in Canada Beringa Lions in Pleistocene from Russia, but these lions are the smallest lion ever so how did the largest Lion in America come from smallest when it’s right next door . American Lions were in Alaska were huge as you see this one here. There is no difference between American Lion and Spealea except American Lions was in North America which Alaska is a member USA. All who work with lions knows how valuable and rare this American Lion is. Geographic Period : Late Pleistocene Epoch 60,000- 10,000 Geographic time: 30,000 years ago Item Location : Gold Mine(Cave) Close to Border in Alaska next to Yukon and also FLORIDA a different species . This was very close to border either way and many more Gold Mines in Yukon . Northwest Of Skagway -Yukon border. No established towns there just mining camps according to original owner . 2 Alaska Lions are combined and 2 Florida Lions . Keep in mind La Brea specimens are hundreds of bones from different animals all put together as I confirmed that with them . Only 1 in a Wyoming museum is all one lion in the entire world This is next best in the world . Item rating and description : 1-10 *11 Words really don’t match how great, wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent this American Lion is. It’s 11 ft 9 inches long and if tale wasn’t up it would be over 12 ft long. Its amazing 56 ” high also with 28” at widest . It is original bone from 4 Lion individuals almost all of which was in the Americas. Only the ribs, verts and 7-10 major larger bones were from Florida with most of the Feet being spelaea species. You see no feet have been found in the Americas for American Lion except La Brea from all known knowledge. After speaking to original owner of skull it appears the skull and many inner bones are from Alaska and close to Yukon Border .So few of these animals exist. Alaska, as American Lion was the original known species for many years until 2009 for all , since then some papers called it Europe Panthera Spelea species only in Alaska from a few specimens so it’s not set in stone according to another a lion expert as with myself know these as American LIons . To me even the notion American lion starts at border of Alaska and Yukon is ridiculous . It’s in the Americas its American Lion real simple. No one can say 1 mile separates it when all lions came 1 lion from Europe over Bering Strait anyway. Again to me and most others in the business it’s all American Lion anyway whether Alaska or not. Anyway keep in mind no more than maybe 6 skeletons exist in the world known with all but one from La Brea, and this is one of best and one-of-kind anyway. In Alaska and Yukon no known complete skeletons exist. I was in the Yukon and asked experts and no one knew of even one -skeleton. If they were there Miners are more interested in Gold than getting bones. These North American Bones were collected 25 years ago from a Gold miner .La Brea Tar pits have 5 but not one is from one animal but many put together from many lion bones. Mine all the verts and ribs are one animal, as well as 7-10 inner bones . The 17” skull is from one, and most of inner major bones except maybe 7-10 inner bones also from Florida are all from same lion also. Anyway the feet are from another lion(cave), which is the same DNA. So this is by far one of best American Lions in the world by far. The skull is 98 % original bone and according to many many top people in the field It’s maybe the best anywhere. The American Lion to be is the absolute height of the fossil world as I’d rather have that as it’s rarer than Smilodon material and I love saber-tooth cats. No one has this, not even the American natural History Museum as they have a half- skull only. I feel like the luckiest person in the world as I’ll enjoy for years. Skulls are unheard of and bones also. My best friend -a cat expert who does books, has all the sabercats, had only 1 skull from Alaska. The American lion skeleton is the most prized fossil in the world . Even the claws are huge modern lion as no American lion exists since it’s organic and this took a long time to get huge claws as well as some foot bones cave lion . Almost all the sheaths are all original sheaths from prehistoric lions with some some repaired with other lion species ( few modern)sheaths to make them whole. .It took me 10 years to gather 4 main animals to do this. A few substitutions had to be made due to availability, but almost all prehistoric lion. This one appears to be at least at least 30,000 years old on skull with others less . NO museum, no private collector known has a better complete skull as this is almost perfect . The teeth canines are all original teeth . A few were repaired. I searched the entire country for years to get the right skeleton with many wasted bones that didn’t work from American Lion . The measurements of all the bones matches a 17 “ female skull. The teeth were repaired and just 2 from other same size American Lion but all teeth are present. I don’t want to even find fault with this skull and skeleton because there is so little not original . It should be looked at whole as its so good. To my knowledge no other American Lion Complete Skeleton exists in private hands. The only ones known are 1 from a Wyoming Trapped Pit in a museum and 5 at LaBrea Tar Pits . This is 97% original bone least . Basically only the shoulder blades has any amount of restore at all with a little on the ribs & was done by the nation’s best prepper. He knows everything on skulls of cats also. Even a perfectionist can’t find fault with this. You would have to be an unhappy person to even try to find something wrong here. I only see beauty and you will too I’m sure. To me it’s the best ever found or best known. The originality is spectacular as you will never find more lion bone on any skeleton anywhere. I can’t believe it . Its too amazing I can’t describe the emotional feeling of ownership of this cat. It doesn’t get any better. IM so lucky. What preservation this cat shows. Darker color indicates age or location found so this is amazing as this is darker than cave lions. However what is normal as nothing compares to this anywhere .It will be in my collection for a long time even though I have many people would pay a fortune for this. Money is not important on an animal like this to be viewed over and over. You can’t even put a price on this as it’s priceless, but everything is for sale sometime maybe if a huge amount is offered in later years Ill relent. But that is years away. I tried to put words on this but this is undescribeable so look at pics. Simply Awesome. The pics are amazing. Its mine forever to look at. NO trying to buy it please You cant assign a value . Nothing was spared including huge costs to me to make this all Lion. In fact it costs me 15,000 for claws and Lion sheaths alone until right ones found for this animal -extremely rare due to huge size of claws just like an American lion-some partial lion claws were inside sheaths so those were kept intact also . So this is One-of-a Kind . It’s being stored at a warehouse in Maryland .There are again only a few in the World outside of LaBrea Tarpits and they are also from a variety of American Lions Displayed in jumping attacking position .  Plan on keeping many years as if your a fossil lover nothing beats this. This is the only Known American Lion in private hands -only a few skulls have been found outside La Brea (maybe 5 there also) Price: $489,333 

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Species : Panthera ATROX Lion (American LION) Species Description : The American lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis, which I have from Europe, and this skull is believed to be the best specimen ever found that old. It was believed to be 250,000 years ago when it first came to Alaska over Bering Strait with earlier lions as old as 500,000 years old even though only bits and pieces up to 350,000 years have been found. Also DNA shows this to be identical to Cave Lion so they are identical species in my opinion. This is the largest Lion that ever lived much larger than African Lions with skulls up to 16-18 inches over 15% larger. It is roamed in Alaska, YUKON , California at La Brea and Florida with traces in S Carolina. It is the largest carnivore ever except Short-face Bear Geographic Period : Late Pleistocene Epoch 60,000- 10,000 Geographic time: 50,000-20,000 years ago Item Location : Gold Mine. Alaska (IT was purchased from a Dealer in Southern Alaska Northwest of Skagway, Alaska close to Yukon Item rating and description : 1-10 *10* Words really don’t match how great, wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent this American Lion . It comes with a skeleton w a large % of this lion was In the Americas. The skull was purchased in the USA from a dealer friend from Alaska 25 years ago when all Alaskan lions were considered American Lions-most still do of course as this is . Now almost all people still consider it American lion if found in Alaska , but some research papers consider it spelaea species. Spealea is Europe so actually you cant believe all you read . Many items in google are so wrong . They still haven’t provided an American name yet so a top specialist said call it still Alaska lion or American Lion . After talking to Original owner the Alaskan dealer said American Lion , and whether found in Yukon or Alaska it is still American lion . One of my cat expert friends expert says only maybe 10 skulls at most have been found in Canada, Yukon and Alaska, and Florida combined with maybe 3 in private collections(mine and his included so maybe one more somewhere ) as tAlaska is only place for private collections they were found. No more in years have been found . American lions are from Alaska ,Yukon to Mexico to Florida to California. This skull is from 25 years ago so exact location is impossible to know except Alaska-line-Yukon border is known for sure. Its 17” Long the skull as measured around the upper curve from back of incisors to back tip of sagittal crest. The skull is so complete bone is at least 97% original. The American Lion to be is the absolute height of the fossil world as I’d rather have that as its rarer than Smilodon material, and I love saber-tooth cats. The American lion and the Cave Lion are one in the same even though some people call this spelaea because no other name can be agreed on by the scientific world. Until 2009 there was no doubt of classification of Alaskan lion but recently they are trying to distinquish this from Canada just miles away with items which is impossible to know . It crossed the Bering Strait 340,000 years ago -one lion and did mutate at certain areas. Some ridilous papers say one small number of bones found in Canada indicate Beringa Lions from Russia made it to Canada and went to American Lion . American Lion was largest species ever Beringa Lions of Russia were the smallest ever even smaller than lions today. Spelea we know made it to Alaska but I believe Alaska is America -isn’t it as many call it this which is also ridiculous as these are in North America and American Lions in Alaska are American Lions also as known by anyone who works with these There is no difference than ones in La Brea in charateristics . In fact they were the same size in most cases and most even bigger in Spelea However rarely are they ever found over 30,000 years old . This one appears to be around that from the color No museum, no private collector known has a better complete skull as this is almost perfect . If you have one send pics.The teeth were repaired and some from other same size American Lion but all teeth are present and real . I don’t want to even find fault with this skull as it was done by the nation’s best prepper, my dear friend who is the smartest man in the world who knows everything on skulls of cats. Even a perfectionist can’t find fault with this and who even has partials of this. You would have to be an unhappy person to even try to find something wrong here. I only see beauty and you will too I’m sure. To be it’s the best ever found. The originality is spectacular as you will never find more lion bone on any skull anywhere. Only crack fills and even parts were American Lion. This skull makes so happy as I can’t describe the emotional feeling of ownership of this cat. It doesn’t get any better, not even the first best original lion I have the upper that is fantastic also. IM so lucky. What preservation this cat shows. It was highly original from one cat but more American lion skull parts plus some modern lion used so no resin . You can’t even tell of crack fills which makes this so amazing . I venture to say this is the best American lion skull anywhere . It gets better –the skeleton was done by the same person and is virtually complete American lion from a couple animals the same size. It took years to get this assembled and 6 years to get this skull. Darker color indicates age or location found so this is amazing as this is darker than normal .Minimal restore and repair is all that has happened here. It will be in my collection for a long time even though I have many people would pay a fortune for this. Money is not important on an animal like this to be viewed over and over. You can’t even put a price on this as it’s priceless, but everything is for sale sometime maybe if a huge amount is offered in later years Ill relent. But that is years away. I tried to put words on this but this is undescribeable so look at pics. Simply Awesome. The pics are amazing. Part Of Skeleton Not for sale separately. If sold this must be picked up . No shipping. See pics afterward. Whole skeleton $$489,333 ​

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Top Carnivore of its Time - Juvenile (Approx Pig years 8 yrs old) “TERRIBLE PIG” (Archaeotherium)16”

Species: ARCHAEOTHERIUM Ingens or MORTONI Species description: Largest Species of Entelodont and Largest Carivore Pig of all time. It was a relative of the ungulates and a cow - sized predator with large canines. They ate camels, oreodonts, brontotheres, and horses on the Oligocene fields. It could also dig for roots and tubers. It had an elongated skull with long bony knobs beneath the eyes and on the lower jaws. It also had long spines on its thoracic vertebrae over the shoulders and often obtained lengths over 8’. Its jaw could snap shut quickly and kill any animal during its time and was highly successful. It hunted in packs and could run off a huge hyaenodon. One unnamed species lived during early Miocene. Geological strata: White River Formation White River Badlands Geological period: Oligocene Period 34-23 MYA This one at top of layer about 25 Million years old Item location: Badlands of Shann0n County, South Dakota Item rating and description: (1-10) *8.5* Rarest of Archaeotherium - Juvenile Nature’s Finest Entelodont Archaeotherium “Terrible Pig” Skull 16 ” with Adult Teeth Starting to be pushed out .It was found afew years ago in South Dakota. These small juveniles are hardly ever found and the person who knows the most over a 25 year career hunting these has only seen 3 other juveniles ever. What a nice specimen at 16” long, which is not large but large if you consider it was only a 8-9 year old carnivore. It is open mouth with metal display This is the most sought after mammal now after all the BBC Prehistoric Beast immortalized publication tape, which comes with this beautiful creature. This is probably a female as it showed sexual dimorphism and cheeks of females and young were smaller in size. This was the most feared creature of the Oligocene Period with hyaenodons. It has all original teeth and lower jaws and it even shows new tusks coming in behind the baby tusks which are worn but still present. All the teeth are to this pig so combined with quality of bone makes this pig very good!! One zygomatic arch is partly original and the other restored with 98% original behind the ears on the top of this carnivore baby also with one cheek flap original and some of the top before the nose restored and sides all top quality bone. Any restoration its hard to see and its about 75% with most teeth original but not all you can’t see so it is spectacular. There are a fair amount of resto on the top The beautiful color of skull with black and brown spots is so appealing also as are the teeth color being all visible and shiny as to protect them. Most are in matrix due to strong possibility of breakage in prepping and this was safest for this specimen. The morphology is simply amazing for this animal. I saw one a little better quality and same size in Denver last year and it sold no questions asked for $16,000. These animals made mince meat of the saber cats of the time. This is your chance to get a quality beautiful specimen for less money than you will ever find for same quality!!!! Price: US $9,999 Reduced: $8,999 Final Price at Cost $8659 This is my cost on this carnivore Hold Ron Shipping: $93 Use the following methods of payment… 

  • Online,
  • Certified Check,
  • Money Order,
  • Personnel Check,
  • Payable to:
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Beyond Fantastic- LaBrea Dire Wolf 12.5 From an Old Collection Highly Original

BEYOND FANTASTIC - Most Desired Fossil on The Planet -LARGE LABREA TAR PITS DIRE WOLF 12.5” Skull with Tar pit Ooze and Bones Direct From California Species : Dire wolf (Canis dirus) Description : It was closely related to Gray wolf in many features but it is not direct ancestor of any species today . IT became extinct 10,000 years ago with wooly mammoth . IT was larger than Gray Wolf averaging 5 ft in length and weighing 150-175 lbs . Legs of Dire Wolf was shorter and sturdier than those of gray wolf and the brain case was smaller to than the gray wolf .These were mainly found in California and Florida. Geological timeframe : Pleistocene 2 MYA -10,000 Location : La Brea Tar Pits , LA California USA Description : SPECTACULAR AMAZING LA BREA TAR PITS HIGHLY ORIGINAL DIRE WOLF 12.5” Skull with Tar with an assemblage of Dire Wolf Bones . This is one-of-a-kind and now own this masterpiece. I haven’t seen a La Brea Dire Wolf in 10 years and never saw one this good. This is so wonderful I can’t find the words to express my amazement at the quality of this specimen, so it goes into my personal collection. It is highly original and would estimate 90% with all teeth real teeth, and a few from other Dire Wolf La Brea parts. The skull is amazing. It has only restore at thin section at middle of the skull , and part of back above the condyle area., little on back of lower jaws , and that’s it . The condyles are real. The teeth are amazing and 90% from this animal including incisors except 3 upper. Words just can’t describe this piece. It was so difficult to prep because normal air compression work would have caused caused the color to change as it was so fragile and the most difficult prep job a top prepper ever did . It does have stain .It took one year to complete . The assemblage of bones is original with toe bones, verts and others full and partial in the matrix which was a part of the unprepped animal . It is just spectacular . Even the zygos are original on this animal. It has repair but teeth were full, and little need repair on these. They are wonderful . Imagine even real incisors in the front. This was of course from an old collection and was laying around for probably over 50 years before the government took over ownership of laBrea . I’m so pleased to own this and regard it as in a league of its own. LaBrea just isn’t available anymore , and if anyone does have one they don’t sell it . Notice the patented dark brown color. This is the original color in an area of high concentration of oil as some are lighter. Well I can’t say more on this as words are not adequate to do this justice so maybe the pictures will. This skull with dire wolf bones is valued at $45,000-60,000 ,and would sell at auction for this amount .Get your dream and save lots now for 1 month only Price: $ Value 43,000 email call 706-235-2694 Final Low Price Call 706-235-2694 May decide to keep this .Only a few are in private hands and went at auctions for over 40-60,000

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Almost Non-Existent Prehistoric Oligocene First True Peccary Perchoerus

AUCTION ITEM Species: Perchoerus Platyops Species description: Hardly no record of this animal exists except it looks like a large peccary and belongs to Artactyla. This is so rare hardly anything has been written about it but it was named by Cope of the famous Cope- Marsh duo. It is smaller than later Platygonius compresses but looks a lot like it. It was a browsing animal and very few bones have been found, At All!! Read about this animal here and you will know more than 99% of the population. You can look this up and get so little it is amazing!!!! Geological strata: White River Formation Geological Epoch: Upper Oligocene Geological Timeframe: 28-23 Million Years ago Item location: Shannon County, S Dakota Item rating and description: (1-10) *9.5* RAREST AND OLDEST of ALL PECCARIES – ULTRA RARE PERCHOERUS. Beautiful Large 10.5” SKULL. Wow this is so rare little is known about it. My friend from whom I purchased has hunted 30 years and this is only the third one he ever found. I’ve only seen 2 other ones in 20 years ever. My prepper said this is the most complete one he ever saw even better than the other one I sold. It’s over 90% original and these, if found, are usually very partial. While this is compressed, it’s complete and does not take away the beauty of this piece on a stand. Also, the entire back including the sagittal crest with condyles is original and one of the zygos. The teeth are very fine with all original except 3 of 4 of tusks, 4 of 6 uppers, and one premolar. The value of this is extreme and they sell immediately for those people who know how rare these are. Restore is only on one zygo of the peccary plus some spots to fill holes on the top and bottom. You just don’t find these never in this condition!!!! The upper skull is extraordinarily great for any skull let alone this rare animal. The prep was so well done that it is difficult to ascertain exact original of restore. But look at it as a whole and you will be so pleased. I was so happy to get this find, and only a true collector will appreciate this one as actual value is priceless!! You will never find a better one for the money. The pictures will show you how original this is. I will gladly keep this as I appreciate it so much. Anyway, here it is at the same price I sold the last one which was two inches smaller so this is a big one and highly original!!!! Its almost at cost   
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Very Old (Possibly 100,000 Yr Old-Plus Old Specimen) Large 17” Extinct Barbary Lion

AUCTION-Bound or Less if Bought now below FULL EARLY SPECIES EXTINCT BARBARY LION –Possible 100,000 Years old (One of a Kind Fossil) Species : Panthera leo leo early Species- Area: Barbiary Coast Northern Africa Species Description: The Barbary lion of North Africa evolved around 100,000 years ago from the African Species of Lion . There was single population of lions across North Africa Middle EAST . Western and Southern Asia ad this species most similarly is more like the Asian Lion . It is the most magnificent of all lions in history as these majestic cats were a massive size bigger than any other lion ,and same size as the American Lion(except not as tall at 3.5 ft) and had the best and biggest mane ever that covered over half the body. It roamed over Northern Africa ranging from Atlas Mountain where the later species only dies out in 1921 and in the west Morocco to Nubia. Or Sudan now .The species I have is yet to be found as it was an earlier one but later species were above .It weighed 550-600 average lbs on males, way bigger in length on today’s lion. The manes were on the belly and all around and darker than lions sub-Sahara, which gave it a regal look. These were the ones who fought in the Rome Coliseum with a great mane and the best specimen ever found of an earlier species. It was believed to be 100,000 years ago when first formed due to simple auditory bulba in the ear stated by American Natural History Museum .I believe this animal is one of the most complete skull if not the most complete of one of earlier lions ever found. These had heads 17 inches long like American Lion and this one is no exception at 17”. It differed as having a grayer shaggier coat, plus the skull and facial was unique. Plus inner ear was different. It says it possessed a higher occiput in back of skull plus more rounded cheek bones. These for thousands of years roamed undisturbed in woodlands and mountains plus desert over a vast territory of now days Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan today. Their decline started during Roman Empire due to massive use at game. I’m a lion man and I’ve never seen even 1 of this species. which means there are very few and this is 100% Original Geographic Period : Pleistocene Epoch Geographic time: 100,000 -50,000 years ago Item Location : Northern Africa Item rating and description: 1-10 *10* WOW Unbelievable Entire Barbary Coast Early Unknown Extinct Lion Huge Skull 17” Long x 9.5” wide. This was thought to be an American Lion, and sent to American Natural History Museum to a paleontologist and due to size and simplier inner ear it was determined to be one of the only known full skull of an Earliest Known Barbary Coast Lions . No other complete skull like this has been found to all knowledge and google checks. Due to dark brown color it may be the oldest species of when it first arrived believed to be found in a cave as the skull is almost perfect. The specimen was bought in Mass. USA in a flea market many years ago so it is so close to an American lion as it wasn’t Ided until sent to museum. It looks so close to me to the American Lion except for slight shape difference as I have one. It is even rarer than the American Lion which I thought was impossible, if it’s a Barbary Coast early species from Pleistocene. This skull is amazing. It was an old animal so old its teeth are worn down in natural life but present. No resto on the skull and complete except for some upper incisors and two lower incisors that I prepped on from a cave lion but even those are real. 4 Bottom incisors are restored. The one side of the upper and lower is missinga back molar but you can tell they fell out in life probably due to fights or dental problems. Remember canines are all there natural just highly worn .The skull is so good it has zygos, condyles, and everything. Also a paleontologist said this was a man-eater or should I say hominid partial apelike creature(possible homo sapiens as they were around at this time ) walking upright due to age of this specimen. Remember Africa had early man way before USA by millions of years. Not only is this upper complete but due to dark brown color it is extremely old. Even American lions aren’t this color unless found in Florida, as Alaska ones never get this dark. No one in the universe has this as it’s the best and most complete of an unknown unnamed species of Barbary Lions if correct .It is worth far more than this as its Pleistocene for sure. No restore, not even touched or doctored or repaired in any way except some incisor teeth added. I’m really speechless on this animal. You can’t even put a price on this as its priceless, but everything is for sale. Simply Awesome and a hominid eater at 99% probablity as once teeth are worn they can’t kill game ,only humans to survive. Anyway it’s once in a lifetime as I have now one of oldest lions of Africa plus one from Europe which is even older. Great Price for a once-in-a lifetime find. An American lion and maybe it is would be at least 80,000 this good. Remember the entire skull except only a few teeth are all 100% natural . At auction I’d have to get more for this specimen. This specimen was never even broken in 100,000 years possibly.I may have it carbon dated. Price : $19,000 Shipping : overnite UPS with insurance $478 Use the following methods of payment . •Online , •Certified Check , •Money Order , •Personnel Check , •Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) Payable to: PO Box 3090 Rome, GA 30164-3090 ​ ​ ​
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More American Lion Skeleton Pics

​Listed info on other parts on this page of Lions One of a kind American Lion for sale Price: $489,333   The skull I was told alone is worth a fortune as its the only full one for sale and at 98% original I have been told by all dealers the best ever 

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FLORIDA 100% Original Beautiful AMERICAN LION UPPER SKULL (WOW)-No Where Else on Earth than Here

FLORIDA HIGHLY ORIGINAL BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN LION UPPER SKULL-ONLY 1 IN USA Species : Panthera ATROX Lion Species Description : The American lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis, which I have from Europe, and this skull is believed to be the best specimen ever found an American Lion. It was believed to be 250,000 years ago when it first cameto Alaska over Bering Strait with earlier lions as old as 500,000 years old even though only bits and pieces up to 350,000 years have been found. Also DNA shows this to be identical to Cave Lion so they are identical species in my opinion. This is the largest Lion that ever lived much larger than African Lions with skulls up to 16-18 inches over 15% larger. It is roamed in Alaska, California at La rea and Florida with traces in S Carolina, Mississippi. It is the largest carnivore ever except Short-face Bear which I also have a skull. Geographic Period : Late Pleistocene Epoch 60,000- 15,000 Geographic time: 60,000-30,000 years ago Item Location : Found in a Crevasse 35 years ago on public lands in Columbia County, Florida Item rating and description : 1-10- 10 Words really don’t match how great, wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent this Florida American Lion Upper is . Its 16” Long. The upper skull is so complete with all teeth but one canine that was placed from another one in that area. It was found 35 years ago. The originality is just amazing at 100% . Only 1 Florida whole lion skull exists from Florida(no skeletons) and this is the next most complete and only 1 from Florida in private hands .I have done nothing and no one else has touched it either so this upper is 100 % natural with addition of 1 canine only . IT is so majestic of a skull. This was owned by a finder for 15 years then sold to another collector for 20 years, so I’m the third owner of this magnificent king of beasts. As you know I have an Alaskan American Lion Skull with skeleton also and only 6-7 skulls exist and no skeletons exist in the world so I have unbelievable lions that can’t be found anywhere. The American Lion to be is the absolute height of the fossil world as I’d rather have that than any fossil- its rarer than Smilodon material by far. The American lion and the Cave Lion are actually one in the same just where found the dividing line for ones in Alaska. This is a true American Lion skull due to location as only 1 in Florida except 1 in a museum. The classification for Alaskan lions as soon as it crossed into Alaska 300,000 years ago from the Bering Strait should be for everyone an American Lion .Since geographical DNA was same for both some don’t classify it as American Lion even though all other lions are by location. I do personally have as much knowledge of these cats of anyone as I’ve had all extinct lions at one time through the years.This one appears to be at least 15,000 years old like the other one found close to same area. If someone does have one please notify me please one send pics. The teeth were all original with only left canine missing original since placed in from another lion in same area, and no repairs of any kind. The other canine was split but whole. I don’t want to even find fault with this great skull as few exist ever in USA. Again this is only 1 known in Florida in private hands . About 80 have been found at LaBrea Tar Pits and that’s it – except for one in Florida in a museum only and I have the other . So I have the only 1 in a private collection in the world . Some partial material shows up across Southeast as far a Mississippi River in east . The originality is spectacular as it is so close to complete I can’t describe the emotional feeling of ownership of this cat as I’m a true Lion lover. It doesn’t get any better. I’M so lucky. What preservation this cat shows. The dark color is typical of older lions in any area. You will not see one like this anywhere . This is the only one from Florida that exists in private hands and only 1 of 2 that exists from Florida. Money is not important on an animal like this to be viewed over and over. It’s so hard to put a price on a priceless item. Simply Awesome. The pics are amazing. I’M a collector and lions are my favorite fossil. This is one of my all time greatest finds helped by a dear friend. I would only sell if I received $47,445 No Mailing -only a pickup Too valuable  Kern hold 

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