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Rarest of Rare 100% Original Bone From MEGALOCEROS ( Irish Elk )w Right & Left Antlers w Skull10 ft Large Rarest of Rare

100% ORIGINAL MEGALOCEROS Entire Antlers with Skull (Giant Deer ) with 10 ft Antler Wide and Long Spans (Irish Elk ) (2 Skulls ) I really don't want to sell this Its too great   

Species: Megaloceros giganteus 

Species description: Known as The Irish Elk -They came 400,000 years ago, and last were found in Russia 5,000 years ago in Siberia but almost all died out at end of last ice age 10,000 years ago. Males had wing spans up to 12 ft long with large antlers in the middle and are the largest deer of all time . It died out due to habitat change and man mostly at end of last ice age .These are one of prized pieces anywhere in the fossil world. These just don't exist whole hardly ever. These have been found in Irish bogs hence the name Irish Elk, but they are not elk at all . They are deer totally  Antlers are just amazing up to 12 ft long This one is a 10 ft long male .

Geological strata: Pleistocene 

Geological period: 400,000 -7,000 Years ago 

Item location: Mannheim , SW Germany Gravel Pit

Rating and description1- 10 9.9  IM happy to keep this forever  ,If you actually put this on a wall 10ft Long and Very Wide Would Amaze You .I don't have the room . You would never in million years have an opportunity to get this 

Exceptional Beautiful 100% Original Megaloceros Deer Antlers with Skull . The skull is from Ukraine and the antlers Manheim Germany . The antlers had one real large section over 4 ft  (Each org. section org close to 5 ft)with many spikes and with a few  parts that fitted perfectly at end - all others added in prepping. They are amazing and total length around the curve of both over 10 ft . Nothing in the world except my American Lion is more special than these piece. This is a male 22" Long x 10" wide as females had no horns or antlers as deer today. These are highly prized and so rare you can’t get a whole one anymore WOW I’ve wanted one for many years. It has new teeth repaired and side zygos and under eye repaired with a small amount of restoration . These skulls are very expensive and antlers. One of rarest fossils in the world. What a rack . Unbelievable as IM a collector and love this piece . It is 100% original bone as I can’t stress that enough but repaired from end parts thru gluing .I can’t get any more . IN 30 years this is only my second one and best one by far  so feast your eyes on this .  The last picture shows the one under the top one which is the right antler by itself . ALL spikes are on these as it was. The ones close to skull is called the tines. One side has little horns other the the 2 horns as one which looks like a sunflower. The width is an amazing 43 inches straight line These antlers are just awesome . What a display this makes and so proud of it .  The skull is complete now . I've always wanted a great one and this is it -a dream come true  An original picture of 2 females and one male is on the wall behind it with great scenery so admire this .  I have two skulls but lighter colored one goes with this antlers for my viewing pleasure  and other one is amazing from Ukraine. Ukraine God Bless you and survive and come out stronger after your bout with a monster.  . This was purchased in USA and was an old old collection .Decades ago as most everything is as nothing found in decades . The skull alone is worth at least 12,000 . It has all real teeth and has some restore only on front extensions . This is a chance of a lifetime as you wont find these anywhere . I do have another great skull that if available can be switched but its a dark color.

Price: Decided to sell (personal collection )- $39,500   This includes skull , and all antlers . Most I've seen start at 50,000  Both antlers have one piece whole for  over ¾ of piece and rest  repaired from  this Irish elk sections 

all in place where it was with a only 2 small pieces from another irish elk so its all Irish elk bone.  Prepped well .   

Shipping  with supplies : In a huge pallet with head mailed separately with insurance $2900   UPS has raised rates and this is my discounted rate  International $3900 


Must call 706-235-2694 or email me at   Only wire excepted 

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ONE-OF-A KIND Astonishing REPENOMAMUS Skeleton -Largest Mammal in Dinosaur Ages Which ATE DINOSAURS 125 MYA-3 ft

Astonishing REPENOMAMUS SKELETON-High originality -Famous Killer of Baby Dinosaurs -Largest Mammal during the Age of Dinosaurs

Species: Repenmamus giganteus 

Description : Badger-sized mammal -only one known to eat dinosaurs  . Recently on TV as having one with stomach contents of 2 baby dinosaurs . This was the largest mammal known throughout all dinosaur period as dinosaurs kept them at bay the entire time, and almost all others were size of mice . It was larger than several known adult dinosaurs also .It was a carnivore -one of few mammals that were that also ate other vertebrates like reptiles and birds . Only 2 known and this the only one in private hands . A non-placental mammal which means it laid eggs that hatched like modern marsupials . It’s a member of the triconodonts an early mammal even though they started about 230 MYA. IT came from reptiles as we all did . Its teeth are very sharp and between a dog and a cat . That's why I put in cats and dogs.  More a cat and may be one of forerunners of Sabertooths even though Miacis -like a weasel is given that honor  

Time: Early Cretaceous 125-123 MYA 

Area : Euroasia  There is video about this mammal  Repenomamus the Mammal that Ate Dinosaurs  


Description : Rating 10 of 10 . To me this is the find of the entire dinosaur period.  Rarer than any dinosaur it is one of my most exciting specimens. Most people only think of dinosaurs but to get a whole specimen with only ribs and part of shoulder blades restored is so amazing . The head has all real teeth to this animal and is 6” Long with the whole animal 36 “ long exactly 3 feet . I do have ribs but they are in pieces so unable to mount but could put some on eventually on top of others.   Expertly mounted  and just a sight to behold . Mammals are my thing now and wanted one for quite awhile. It was found in prep shop in matrix with contents unknown for decades and recently prepped.   One of a kind - IM keeping this  . If I did sell it would take a lot and will take names for the distant future with health permits  I cant say enough about this. IT leaves me speechless almost ,which you know is hard to do on my website. This is so great when you consider almost all mammals were size of today's mouse all just trying to stay alive and not get crushed by dinosaurs . This one could handle small adult dinos and babies .   Its teeth are so sharp thats why I believe its a forerunner to sabercats -they say Miacis is the forerunner which is a  weasel type animal . Miacis was later so Miacis probably came from this mammal . The teeth are so sharp.   A Baby pssitacosaur is under it as we know it ate this due to one specimen in the belly   THis specimen is better  

Call 706-235-2694 or 706-802-7894 Not for sale Its my favorite piece except my Fox 53,000 years old 

  thanks  You may give me your name if interested some day or Ill just enjoy it  while IM  healthy. I don't know the true value since no one has this.  To me it has tremendous value . Amount I paid is well worth it. 

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Only -One -Known Huge 32” Around the Curve ADULT JAVAN RHINOCEROS Extinct Subspecies Upper SKULL 99% Original w All Teeth Present & from This Rhino

 Only one Known Huge 32”  Around the Curve  ADULT  Javan  RHINOCEROS Extinct Subspecies  Upper Skull 99% Original  WITH  ALL Real  Amazing  TEETH 1-1.5MYA  

Species:  Rhinoceros sondaicus annamiticus   Javan Rhinoceros subspecies extinct 

Species description: An adult wooly rhinoceros was 10 ft in length -this one I have was a male huge one but this species is the smallest of all rhinos.  It does belong to the Indian rhinoceros. It averages 5 ft in height. Its horn is only 9.8 inches at most and only adult males have these horns. Females lack all horns which has saved them until now . Only 50 exist in the world but this. It eats vegetation . It did survive the last glaciation period unlike most all other mammals of its time as it was hardy and could withstand most anything but man .

Geological strata: Pleistocene  Fauna

Geological period: 1.5MYA -1MYA Javan rhino species still exists but not this one 

Item location:    Sangiran Archaeological Site by Sangiran River close to Kalijambe -in Regency: SRAGEN 

In Central Java about 15 miles N of Surakarta in Solo River Valley. 

Rating and item description : 1-10 10   MONSTEROUS HUGE 32”Long 15” Wide  Upper Javan Rhino Skull from Rare digging site w /All Natural  Teeth with  Beautiful Brown Color.  This area produces such a rare amount of species including Java man, , Hippos, and in this case a Rhino Upper Skull . I cant say enough about this and this area. This skull due to color and weight which weighs over 100 lbs due to total mineralization indicates a million years old or more just like my Hippo . This I never heard of any being found and hope someday to get a lower / It’s just an amazing find . It was found decades ago and in USA for also decades in a private collection .   The teeth are so amazing on this creature as it has total detail and all are here with hardly any or no wear . To me it ranks as one of most miraculous finds I have been fortunate enough to own. This skull is so heavy it takes for an upper only 2 plus people as it weighs over 125 lbs estimated.  It comes on a oak display unmatched with rigid stands to support this monstraousity.   I just can’t say enough how valuable this is. This area has been dated with almost all items 1-1.5MYA items. While this was not carbon dated ,the physical weight and color, and amount of mineralization tells you it’s between this number. My wooly rhino palls in weight to this skull.  THis is 1 MIllion years older . The Javan rhino has 2 prongs in front skull , while wooly has a one continous frontal large lobe . Also the back pof a wooly is 12 inches higher than the back of the Javan . Two distinct specimens almost a million years apart . Evolution at its best . Darwin sure knew what he was talking about. 

   The Upper is 99% Natural with all  teeth from same animal and only a small amount of repair It ionly broke one side of zygos . This was bought in USA as it was here for many years.  NO horns have ever been found of this species from all research and it looks different that the Siberian wooly rhinos . This is a male rhino for sure.  This species was the smallest of rhino species that exist today and a million years ago. Only a few of today’s species exist in western part of Java . I have to look at this for awhile before selling but if I did below is minimum amount . I just had to share this with fossil lovers .

Price :   May sell  but years later  .   NO discount . May discuss 706-235-2694 just details of skull.

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No Where Else on Earth-Almost Totally Original Beautiful American Lion Skeleton(few lions )

Species : Panthera ATROX Lion Species Description : The American lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis, which I have from Europe, and this skull is believed to be the best specimen ever found of an American Lion. It was believed to be 250,000 years ago when it first came to Alaska over Bering Strait with earlier lions as old as 500,000 years old even though only bits and pieces up to 350,000 years have been found. Also DNA shows this to be almost identical to Cave Lion so they are identical species just like Smilodon has 3 species all the same animal . There is Smilodon fatalis, Smilodon californicus , and Smilodon floridius all named by location nothing else as animal is the exact same. Its the same animal just like the main 2 species of prehistoric lion. This is the largest Lion with spealea that ever lived much larger than African Lions- with skulls up to 16-20 inches over 10-15% larger. It roamed in Alaska, California at La Brea, Canada, Mexico and Florida with traces in S Carolina. It is the largest carnivore ever except Short-face Bear which I also have a skull. All extinct lions now are not found except in Russia. In 2010 Alaskan Lions a few people believe were reclassified into spelaea, but almost know its American Lion. This one was found most probable in Yukon upon further examination which to all is American Lion. All Lions are identified by locations with Gir Forest Lions, African Lions, Extinct- Ivory Coast Barbiary Lions(1960), Russian Lions , and European Cave lions, and American Lions . I have had all of these-one of few people on earth to have had all species of Lion . From all fossils we know American Lion was much rarer than Smilodon when they lived and smarter . At La Brea only 5 lion skeletons exist , and hundreds of Smilodon skeletons found by government so no private collections exist except this lion. They have found atrox tracks in Missouri but no fossils found . WE do know Lion fossils first showed up in Africa 1.7 -1.4 million years ago then UK and Germany 680,000 (Spelae), and then they went to Asia much later to Beringa Lions in Russia then over Bering Strait to form American lions from Alaska to Mexico to Florida and S Carolina . So only ones left are ancestors much smaller than original African Lions. Those now probably migrated from Spelea in Europe much later 100,000 years ago to form lions of today. Some info is just not correct on lions as many other animals in google. Some people say American lions arose from one population in Canada Beringa Lions in Pleistocene from Russia, but these lions are the smallest lion ever so how did the largest Lion in America come from smallest when it’s right next door . American Lions were in Alaska were huge as you see this one here. There is no difference between American Lion and Spealea except American Lions was in North America which Alaska is a member USA. All who work with lions knows how valuable and rare this American Lion is. Geographic Period : Late Pleistocene Epoch 60,000- 10,000 Geographic time: 30,000 years ago Item Location : Gold Mine(Cave) Close to Border in Alaska next to Yukon and also FLORIDA a different species . This was very close to border either way and many more Gold Mines in Yukon . Northwest Of Skagway -Yukon border. No established towns there just mining camps according to original owner . 2 Alaska Lions are combined and 2 Florida Lions . Keep in mind La Brea specimens are hundreds of bones from different animals all put together as I confirmed that with them . Only 1 in a Wyoming museum is all one lion in the entire world This is next best in the world . Item rating and description : 1-10 *11 Words really don’t match how great, wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent this American Lion is. It’s 11 ft 9 inches long and if tale wasn’t up it would be over 12 ft long. Its amazing 56 ” high also with 28” at widest . It is original bone from 4 Lion individuals almost all of which was in the Americas. Only the ribs, verts and 7-10 major larger bones were from Florida with most of the Feet being spelaea species. You see no feet have been found in the Americas for American Lion except La Brea from all known knowledge. After speaking to original owner of skull it appears the skull and many inner bones are from Alaska and close to Yukon Border .So few of these animals exist. Alaska, as American Lion was the original known species for many years until 2009 for all , since then some papers called it Europe Panthera Spelea species only in Alaska from a few specimens so it’s not set in stone according to another a lion expert as with myself know these as American LIons . To me even the notion American lion starts at border of Alaska and Yukon is ridiculous . It’s in the Americas its American Lion real simple. No one can say 1 mile separates it when all lions came 1 lion from Europe over Bering Strait anyway. Again to me and most others in the business it’s all American Lion anyway whether Alaska or not. Anyway keep in mind no more than maybe 6 skeletons exist in the world known with all but one from La Brea, and this is one of best and one-of-kind anyway. In Alaska and Yukon no known complete skeletons exist. I was in the Yukon and asked experts and no one knew of even one -skeleton. If they were there Miners are more interested in Gold than getting bones. These North American Bones were collected 25 years ago from a Gold miner .La Brea Tar pits have 5 but not one is from one animal but many put together from many lion bones. Mine all the verts and ribs are one animal, as well as 7-10 inner bones . The 17” skull is from one, and most of inner major bones except maybe 7-10 inner bones also from Florida are all from same lion also. Anyway the feet are from another lion(cave), which is the same DNA. So this is by far one of best American Lions in the world by far. The skull is 98 % original bone and according to many many top people in the field It’s maybe the best anywhere. The American Lion to be is the absolute height of the fossil world as I’d rather have that as it’s rarer than Smilodon material and I love saber-tooth cats. No one has this, not even the American natural History Museum as they have a half- skull only. I feel like the luckiest person in the world as I’ll enjoy for years. Skulls are unheard of and bones also. My best friend -a cat expert who does books, has all the sabercats, had only 1 skull from Alaska. The American lion skeleton is the most prized fossil in the world . Even the claws are huge modern lion as no American lion exists since it’s organic and this took a long time to get huge claws as well as some foot bones cave lion . Almost all the sheaths are all original sheaths from prehistoric lions with some some repaired with other lion species ( few modern)sheaths to make them whole. .It took me 10 years to gather 4 main animals to do this. A few substitutions had to be made due to availability, but almost all prehistoric lion. This one appears to be at least at least 30,000 years old on skull with others less . NO museum, no private collector known has a better complete skull as this is almost perfect . The teeth canines are all original teeth . A few were repaired. I searched the entire country for years to get the right skeleton with many wasted bones that didn’t work from American Lion . The measurements of all the bones matches a 17 “ female skull. The teeth were repaired and just 2 from other same size American Lion but all teeth are present. I don’t want to even find fault with this skull and skeleton because there is so little not original . It should be looked at whole as its so good. To my knowledge no other American Lion Complete Skeleton exists in private hands. The only ones known are 1 from a Wyoming Trapped Pit in a museum and 5 at LaBrea Tar Pits . This is 97% original bone least . Basically only the shoulder blades has any amount of restore at all with a little on the ribs & was done by the nation’s best prepper. He knows everything on skulls of cats also. Even a perfectionist can’t find fault with this. You would have to be an unhappy person to even try to find something wrong here. I only see beauty and you will too I’m sure. To me it’s the best ever found or best known. The originality is spectacular as you will never find more lion bone on any skeleton anywhere. I can’t believe it . Its too amazing I can’t describe the emotional feeling of ownership of this cat. It doesn’t get any better. IM so lucky. What preservation this cat shows. Darker color indicates age or location found so this is amazing as this is darker than cave lions. However what is normal as nothing compares to this anywhere .It will be in my collection for a long time even though I have many people would pay a fortune for this. Money is not important on an animal like this to be viewed over and over. You can’t even put a price on this as it’s priceless, but everything is for sale sometime maybe if a huge amount is offered in later years Ill relent. But that is years away. I tried to put words on this but this is undescribeable so look at pics. Simply Awesome. The pics are amazing. Its mine forever to look at. NO trying to buy it please You cant assign a value . Nothing was spared including huge costs to me to make this all Lion. In fact it costs me 15,000 for claws and Lion sheaths alone until right ones found for this animal -extremely rare due to huge size of claws just like an American lion-some partial lion claws were inside sheaths so those were kept intact also . So this is One-of-a Kind . It’s being stored at a warehouse in Maryland .There are again only a few in the World outside of LaBrea Tarpits and they are also from a variety of American Lions Displayed in jumping attacking position .  Plan on keeping many years as if your a fossil lover nothing beats this. This is the only Known American Lion in private hands -only a few skulls have been found outside La Brea (maybe 5 there also) So its understood no complete American lion skeletons have ever been sold  They do not exist  . The last totally Cave lion skeleton and only know of maybe 6 from same person sold for 280,000 . THis is american lion and the best skull ever known of an American LIon ever . The skull alone is worth as American Lion (Alaska) skull which a few around are from alaska and one I have -an upper from Florida not in museums is no more than 1 from Iowa, one from Memphis area and counting mine 6 from Alaska as its researched so the price with mounting is only . A company in Russia wanted this for a museum b ut I declined of course . I would like an  American or European  museum or private collector  to purchase and pick it up and do transport as I cant do that on this beauty .  

Price :499,999 

 Price Reduced : $429,333 

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Amazing Remarkable 10 Year Project -Complete American Lion 17 ” Long -History

Many More pics for your viewing pleasure The History of Lions originates with African Lions at least 2 million years ago & European Cave Lion(Panthera Leo fossilis in France ) in Eastern Europe then Panthera Spelae with dates ranging from 3.4 Million -500,000 years ago for the beginning with end only 10,000 years ago . All lions are decendants of this first lion including American Lion. All Lions are named for their location due to mutations . Due to fossils being so rare all literature published has very few fossils to base anything on . It is believed to come across the Bering Strait 250,000 years ago to Alaska and down through Alaska along the coast and thru western Canada namely Yukon thru British Columbia all the way to LA , California ,South to Mexico , and then Florida with pieces in S Carolina. Since it came to Alaska almost all people believe its called American lion including me . A few papers after 2009 put Alaskan items separate but those papers can’t see the forest thru the trees. American lion is from Alaska  then to Canada,  and California , then Mexico(Northern end only) and  Florida and the most desired fossil in the world . Florida and LA lions  are same . (Cave lions and African lions were living at same time but different species than today with Ivory Coast Barbiary Lions(different Species of African Lion) only extinct for the last few hundred years , and African lions which still exists but different from earlier African Lions . Russian lions also came from Panthera European Cave lion which are much smaller . and a different species IDed years ago. I have had every extinct lion(not including subspecies) in the universe which no one on the planet can say . As I said researched have partial elements and small samples and conclusions are based on little . Almost all of these lions have very similar features and only differ by size and small DNA differences . In fact American Lion and European lions have  identical DNA . This one was tested 20 years ago by Larry Martin in Kansas at University so it showed similarities with European Lion so he did research way before others on this cat . While those are similar American lion La Brea is almost identical to Alaskan Lions  with only slight mutations on its way there  some. Still due to location in Alaska all people should call it American Lion. Mine was purchased when all people considered it American Lion and 90% still do of course as I do. .DNA with other lions also is very similar including Lions from LA. . Everywhere on earth lions are called by where they ended up including American lions. Canada lions right next door miles away were considered American Lions by all as they said they mutated. Now it really hasn’t changed any other persons dealing in Lions as Alaskan lions are American Lions. Atrox is same size of many earlier lions -huge . Only a few writers said the glacier advance was a dividing line on Atrox & Alaskan lions with is not correct so ridiculous as glaciers came as far south as Tennessee in east and California is West . In fact the last million years we have had 9 advances of glaciers every 100,000 years (80,000 ice age glaciers and 20,000 years warm) . In 10,000 more years we will be in another ice age. I’ve had American lion and Florida items and bones and skulls are no different than Alaska lions in any way. I have probably been the receiver of more lion material than anyone on earth as all lions are similar . You don’t call African Lions even though some came from Europe- European Lions . Modern African lions are much smaller but still basically the same . The Route these lions took was down thru Alaska into Washington the route to California and Florida . I’ve had 5 European lions and sold them all and partial American lion material(This is only 1 whole l known in world-even museums outside La Brea) and they all look alike. That shows my qualifications on lions. People who deal in limited fossil material are basing any judgments on minimal sources as Lion is so scarce in Alaska and anywhere else . A few individual fossils does not make a compelling argument compared to seeing these items and mutations always occur to some degree due to environment. Since they exist in Americas they are American Lions . I was in Yukon and they had a pelt from an American Lion at a museum and it was labeled American lion, not spelae. La Brea lions from California are the same as Alaskan Lions as I’ve talked to them. I can get you smilodon material but rarely lion so lion is much rarer . This lion size is truly a King of Beasts . I’ve studied lions for years and all people involved in lions call Alaskan Lions, American Lions . I have lots of knowledge on earth on lions because I’ve studied them and sabercats for years .My friend is a writer of sabercat books, and I have actually had a number of American Lions partial jaws but that’s all with a few bones. Anyway almost all of mine is from Alaska and Florida except the feet and some inner bones from Europe and the only one in private hands known . No skulls in Florida exist in private collections except mine(I have an upper also) as well as La Brae Tar Pits -all owned by government .This lion is one -of -a -kind as someone can’t get another anywhere . . I‘ve seen so many times google does not have correct info on dinosaurs and mammals so hope this puts to rest any researchers of google .I also know the top lion expert in the world in Africa and Middle East, and he agrees wholeheartedly. All lions have minor differences even in same countries like Africa but all are closely related -Again all from same lion from Europe -spelea(fossils in France) . Even European spealea now is impossible to find as some were on market a last 10 years but now government controlled areas means no more . These European lions go over $350,000 , and American Lions are not sold(N One exists in private hands except this one , but worth 1/2 million and will rise a lot next 20 years so ones in private hands will never be for sale due to investment . This cat no one has anywhere on earth. Someday maybe you get the chance to buy but not now . Its worth at least 500,000 as one- of- a -kind. The only place on earth they find American Lion was Alaska but not nothing for at least 10 years so how can you price one-of-a kind. No one has an American Lion for sale anywhere at any time La Brae Tar pits even said their lions are from many different animals -all of them 5 displayed. When I told them I had only 4 lions in one they were amazed. This maybe the only one ever for sale . Yes the feet and some inner bones  are cave lion because no American lion parts exists and its the same DNA . One amazing find 

. Price: $489,333 alan stout

Would lower some but too valauble  THis takes a special person 



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Amazing Large One -of- Kind Extinct Javan Hippopotamus Est 1-1.5 MYA 

Species : Believed to be Hippopotamus sivalensis  sivajavanicus However one of a kind 


Description : These originally had ancestors 55 Million years ago which evolved to similar hippos of today 35 million  years ago originally in Europe and then Africa  then ASia  . The earliest known of this species found (only parts and sections-this is only know complete skull  ) was 1.5 Million years ago in same area Javan man is discovered which is 1 million years old . Aside from elephants and rhinos , hippos are the largest land mammal IT is also the largest extant land artidactyl. Deespite their physical resemblance to pigs and other even-toed ungulates they are closely related to cetaceans like whales and diverged on land 55 million years ago.  Hippos have barrel shaped torsos, wide opening mouths with large canine Tusks with almost complete hairless bodies  and weigh about 3300 lbs  IT is capable of running 19 miles per hour over short distances and are the most deadly animal in wild -responsible for more deaths of humans than crocodiles or tigers  in Africa . ON modern hippos called H. amphibius only 67 survive in Java with some in W, E,  Congo and Cape  Africa . Close to extinction in Java . These were smaller species so approximately 2000 lbs (1 ton) so still huge 

Geological Age : Early Pleistocene Fauna) found with Trinil Tiger and  Stegodon that has this age also 

Item  area found : Area known for Java Man Trinil on Banks of Solo River in East Java (This species also found a few partials in West Java . This one was earliest known species with man as all other areas earliest known like Europe and Africa is at least  160,000 years ago . This probably is a million year old Hippo  

Only a few parts like a palate with incisors and a few other pieces and one upper found before this 

Description and Rating 10  This is a find of a lifetime . The probability of this being at least 1 Million years old is high . It’s the only known entire skull of an extinct Javan Hippo of this species that exists. The Skull is 23 inches long with incisors and 21 inches without and the width is almost 14 inches. The upper had lots of iron embedded in bone and on bone and it was cleaned off with a resulting reddish dark brown color .This is the only known complete set.   Also look at the dark color and amount of iron was massive so highly mineralized which means 1 MYA .As I said these actually have cetacean relatives(whales) but went to land 55 million into off shoots of current hippos so they are older than all large mammals except with exception of rhinos . This is so amazing and is the oldest species known as well as only skull of that species   . NO one has this and it’s in great condition.  IT has some wear as due to age and a hard mineral formed in skull mostly iron and had to be removed just like a Jurassic dinosaur. While highly mineralized on outside which shows age alot  time. It would be great to have a skull of Java man as a lifelong dream but just not available .  4 Canine Tusks are present, with all side teeth plus many of incisors. Only 1 incisor restored. There is a little resto around the nasal area, inside one zygo for an inch and a few spots with repair on crack fills but it’s at least 97% complete.   Upper and lower skull is amazing . Anyway I had to show you this nonexistent but here piece .  Only a few pieces of hippo have been discovered in Java over 1 MYA so this is more likely ½ million years old 

Orginal  Price: $29, 999       One of A Kind   Valueless Todays estimated $35,000 -40,000 call with questions 706-235-2694 Only one known anywhere 

Reduced Price : $24,900 this creature has uppers and lowers , which means it may be the only 1 in existence 

Only wire accepted  call 706-235-2694    Check could be also but wire less risky in todays world ASk for Alan  or write 

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HUge 32” ADULT WOOLY RHINOCEROS ENTIRE SKULL Highly Original w All Real Teeth


Species:  Coelodontia antiquitatis (Wooly Rhinoceros)

Species description: An adult wooly rhinoceros was 14 ft in length  and 12 ft high and 2 horns on the skull are made of keratin with the anterior horn larger than 3 ft long horn between its eyes. It had thick long fur, small ears , short ,thick legs and a stocky body. It used its horns to sweep away snow from vegetation so it could eat in the winter and defensive purposes. It did survive the last glaciation period unlike most all other mammals of its time as it was hardy and could withstand most anything but man 


Geological strata: Pleistocene  Fauna


Geological period: 1.8MYA -10,000 yrs ago


Item location:    SIBERA , RUSSIA 


Rating and item description : 1-10 9.5   MONSTEROUS HUGE 32”  WOOLY  RHINOCERAS Whole SKULL  w /All Natural  Teeth with  Beautiful Brown Color. IT is very High and also 14 Inches Wide.  The Upper is 100% Natural with all  teeth from same animal. The lower had all teeth in place naturally with only a few ones reglued after they fell out . The lower is whole which is very rare.  The colors match well on lowers even though I believe it’s from another rhino which is almost universal on these but color makes it a great piece. I’ve seen many hundreds with horrible color differences but not this one. IT may be from same rhino but it is great with only backs repaired and small amount of restoration  . The backs of lowers are almost never present and few ever even repair or restore. I did this one on both sides with parts with pieces of this animal and others  . The fit at articulation point is fantastic and unheard of .  Now no one will be getting any more as only first of year Russia has laws now of items leaving country as of 2 years ago. I got this in USA , not from Russia .  This was bought in USA as it was here for many years. This is from an old collection for decades in a warehouse, and never prepped. These are found only in Russia now, but used to be Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, and a number of Eastern Europe Countries, as none in Europe have been found in years due to most areas including home caves being now controlled by governments.  While this has no large horns, I do have one great  juvenile horn you can get. If it was a large horn one the price would be over $50,000 so it’s a way to get one very cheap. I saw one with a horn in Tucson this year for $80,000. Only a few ever have the smaller horn real as only a handful have ever been found. All 4 molars on each side are present. It’s a great representation of the species. The lines and attributes are fine and the top, back, and front are perfect with all bone original on the upper. The top upper in front have little projectiles called protuberances which are so detailed and not worn and many don’t have near the detail as this one.    . I will not send this to Europe only USA . IT displays well on its molars and I’ve seen these on ebay for $20,000-$30,000  with fake horns so step up to the plate and hit a home run and buy this. It is heavy but can be carried or mailed on a skid   . I see huge upside investment in this piece for any of you and hope you see it too as you won’t be seeing these ever in future. Due to color this one looks old. This is a male rhino for sure and largest one I ever saw Even one on my collection for years is 36 inches 


Price :   $14,999  NO discount 

Shipping on pallet air 1750  

Must call 706-235-2694  on details and payment only thru wire or check  THanks 

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AMAZING 100% Original with 2 Molars MAMMOTH 34” Around the Curve Lower Wooly Mammoth Jaw w 2 Huge 8” Molars


Species:   Wolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) 


Species description:   The largest of the mammoths here in North America in Alaska and Asia .  It had size of up to 15-17 ft at shoulder and had tusks up to 16 ft .They weighed about 20,000 lbs. Hairy elephant-like creatures who prospered in the Ice Ages. It was a favorite target of Smilodon and we also know cave men ate them .They were the largest elephants that ever lived during very cold times 


Geological strata:  Pleistocene


Geological period: Pleistocene  150,000-10,000 This one approx. 60,000 years 


Item location:   SIBERIA, RUSSIA 


Item rating and description:1-10  9.9   Amazing Entire Wooly Mammoth Jaw of a HUGE MAMMOTH  34” Around Curve  and 18” At Widest Point . These are the most desirable mammoth items at the from the place to get quality items . The color is so amazing with a pattern so unique. Russia has huge Mammoths there. This has been in the USA for many years from an old collection . What is amazing is it’s all original with only repair to connect them . Both sides are same animal just in middle it had to be repaired . Nothing done to restore anything. The backs of these lowers are all original and those has not much wear at all.  This is the best of only 2 I ever had. Its complete and so so big . I sold my other one for $5900 10 years ago, and this is better . By  far this is best one and biggest one I ever saw.  Collectors just dream about his but here it is It weighs about 90 lbs Id estimate. I saw one in Tucson way smaller sell for what I’m asking. This is one 30 years old in a private collection. This is as original as it gets . It does not even have a coating.  I’m selling as much as I did my last one 10 years ago and fossils have risen 300 % since then.

The two molars are  8 " Across with roots and everything 


Price :  $ 5879 You can only pay by check or wire so call 706-235-2694 for instructions please 


Shipping Skid $700 UPS International $1500 

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FLORIDA 100% Original Beautiful AMERICAN LION UPPER SKULL (WOW)-No Where Else on Earth than Here


Species : Panthera ATROX Lion 

Species Description : The American lion evolved from the earlier Panthera leo fossilis, which I have from Europe, and this skull is believed to be the best specimen ever found an American Lion. It was believed to be 250,000 years ago when it first cameto Alaska over Bering Strait with earlier lions as old as 500,000 years old even though only bits and pieces up to 350,000 years have been found. Also DNA shows this to be identical to Cave Lion so they are identical species in my opinion. This is the largest Lion that ever lived much larger than African Lions with skulls up to 16-18 inches over 15% larger. It is roamed in Alaska, California at La rea and Florida with traces in S Carolina, Mississippi. It is the largest carnivore ever except Short-face Bear which I also have a skull. 

Geographic Period : Late Pleistocene Epoch 60,000- 15,000 Geographic time: 60,000-30,000 years ago

 Item Location : Found in a Crevasse 35 years ago on public lands in Columbia County, Florida

 Item rating and description : 1-10- 10 Words really don’t match how great, wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent this Florida American Lion Upper is . Its 16” Long. The upper skull is so complete with all teeth but one canine that was placed from another one in that area. It was found 35 years ago. The originality is just amazing at 100% . Only 1 Florida whole lion skull exists from Florida(no skeletons) and this is the next most complete and only 1 from Florida in private hands .I have done nothing and no one else has touched it either so this upper is 100 % natural with addition of 1 canine only . IT is so majestic of a skull. This was owned by a finder for 15 years then sold to another collector for 20 years, so I’m the third owner of this magnificent king of beasts. As you know I have an Alaskan American Lion Skull with skeleton also and only 6-7 skulls exist and no skeletons exist in the world so I have unbelievable lions that can’t be found anywhere. The American Lion to be is the absolute height of the fossil world as I’d rather have that than any fossil- its rarer than Smilodon material by far. The American lion and the Cave Lion are actually one in the same just where found the dividing line for ones in Alaska. This is a true American Lion skull due to location as only 1 in Florida except 1 in a museum. The classification for Alaskan lions as soon as it crossed into Alaska 300,000 years ago from the Bering Strait should be for everyone an American Lion .Since geographical DNA was same for both some don’t classify it as American Lion even though all other lions are by location. I do personally have as much knowledge of these cats of anyone as I’ve had all extinct lions at one time through the years.This one appears to be at least 15,000 years old like the other one found close to same area. If someone does have one please notify me please one send pics. The teeth were all original with only left canine missing original since placed in from another lion in same area, and no repairs of any kind. The other canine was split but whole. I don’t want to even find fault with this great skull as few exist ever in USA. Again this is only 1 known in Florida in private hands . About 80 have been found at LaBrea Tar Pits and that’s it – except for one in Florida in a museum only and I have the other . So I have the only 1 in a private collection in the world . Some partial material shows up across Southeast as far a Mississippi River in east . The originality is spectacular as it is so close to complete I can’t describe the emotional feeling of ownership of this cat as I’m a true Lion lover. It doesn’t get any better. I’M so lucky. What preservation this cat shows. The dark color is typical of older lions in any area. You will not see one like this anywhere . This is the only one from Florida that exists in private hands and only 1 of 2 that exists from Florida. Money is not important on an animal like this to be viewed over and over. It’s so hard to put a price on a priceless item. Simply Awesome. The pics are amazing. I’M a collector and lions are my favorite fossil. This is one of my all time greatest finds helped by a dear friend.

I saw cave lions from europe selling for 75-100,000 if you can find any  THis is an American lion  only two ever found . 

 Price  I would only sell if I received $57,445 Priced to sell  THis is worth right now 80,000 for an upper  YOu can get lowers 2 single jaws over time from Florida so this is what you need .

Call 706-235-2694  AMAZING  ONLY 1 in Private Hands 

 No Mailing -only a pickup Too valuable YOu know cave lion skulls are selling for 90,000  -100,000 last few years Chance of a lifetime 

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Beautiful Unbelieveable Rarest-Of Rare Large 10” x6” Pogonodon Saber Cat Skull HIgh Originality with Real Saber

  Beautiful Unbelieveable Rarest -of Rare 10" x6"  Monster Pogonodon  cismontamus(Platycopis) Saber- Cat Skull 75-80% with  Real Saber 


Species Pogonodon cisontamus(platycopis)

Species description: One of earliest Nimravidae endemic to North America and Eurasia .A Nimravid   

saber-tooth ca  that roamed North America beginning in the Oligocene  Period 30.8MYA -7.2MYA . They stood at least 2 ft tall with cheetah-like habits and diet , and were solidary predators  hunting an abundant food supply of grazing ungulates including camels and oredonts . Using their highly developed saber-teeth they would likely sever the blood supply in the neck of their prey in the initial attack. Their sabers are smaller than a Dinictis normally but not this specimen as shown with this specimen  and estimated weight was around 70 lbs . This fossil is so rare it has little written about it .It lived at least 23.6 Million years 

This specimen is so big the sabers are much bigger than a Dincitis , and one of rarest fossils on earth 


Geological strata:   Uppermost  Brule Formation Just below uppermost nodules in the White Zone

Just at bottom of Sharps Formation


Geological period:  32-24 MYA This one 32-30 MYA –Top of Layers so a later more advanced one -


Item location:   White River Badlands -Shannon County , S Dakota 


Item Rating & Details :1-10   9.5  For People who want USA This is one of most greatest finds in America on Sabercat world . These are so rare only a few people in USA has seen them -a few truly great collectors and finders . They are only on a few ranches out west mostly owned by cat lovers. It’s a large early cat just a little short of a Smilodon (10.5”) at  fraction of the price, even though its rarer . It’s a  POGONODON  HIGHLY ORIGINAL SABER-TOOTH CAT A rare specimen at this originality % at 75-80 % is like a 90% unrare cat even though now cats are so hard to find - I Haven't seen one in Tucson show in years . I love these so much I have 3 of them and dont really care if I sell them  Try to get another one anywhere and you will see I have sold many cats but only had 4 total including my perosnal collection piece.  In the past whereas many Hoplos and Dinictis . One saber real -one casted, actually skull is around 80% with one side on upper and lower original and others casted or repaired .  Restored are incisors and one saber and some of premolars and molars with great skull . This is a Highly original Extremely Rare saber -cat. It has been IDed by a knowledgeable authority as I am also known for that . The prep work was fantastic as it is exceptionally done . Most of zygos are real to the animal . The lowers are amazing even with some of back real bone which is rare . Color , shape and rareness is just unmatched and have only seen a few of these my entire life . I have one in my collection but this I hate to sell but will if price is right.  WHAT A Great cat. Few of these exist in museums . I only know of 2 people who find them on certain parts of their land or another . These are believed to be developed from the Dinictis genus which is the smallest of the American cats but just look at this one  The sabers are 2.5" long  Any usa cat 80% is all you get almost always but these are so rare  .I decided to discount at below.  One real saber on this cat is like 2 on a dinictis or hoplo and rarely do you find more than 1 or ½ one maybe .Since I have 3 is only reason  IM offering this .  The 1 I did sell years ago went more than this and they have escalated alot since 10 years ago 


Price  : $34,500     Reduced undervalued at $29,999    

Final Price $26,999 

 Only by wire  call 706-235-2694 for info 

Shipping overnite $345 

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Magnificient One-of-Kind Early Miocene Unknown Male Species Beardog Skeleton

One-of-Kind EARLY MIOCENE Unknown Male BEAR-DOG Skeleton


Species Description: Unknown MORE THAN RARE (NON-EXISTENT except this one) Extinct Species of Bear- Dog of Miocene existing for a few million years from 23-19 MILLION years ago . It was assigned to amphicyonids. While initially related to bears it is now found they may be basal caniforms . This is one of the most unusual carnivore . They were as tall as a black bear , and moved here from Eurasia in early Miocene . It weighed 150 kg and combines features of canine and feline predators . It resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body . These bear-dogs with long limbs and specialized in chasing down prey on the open plains. Only two partial mandibles have been found in Nebraska , and a part of a lower jaw in Florida . This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value . It was described in 2008 only so very recent partial finds. 

Geological strata: Early Hemingfordian 

Geological period: Early Miocene 19 MILLION YEAR OLD STRATA 

Item location: Dixie County , Florida 

Item rating and description:1-10 10 Large Early Miocene All Original Male Beardog Family :Daphoendon Genus :Borocyon Unnamed Unknown Species of BEAR DOG Highly Original . NO one on earth has anything of this animal and I have the whole skeleton with skull. Over 90% of skull is original bone and the skeleton is almost all bone with only a few smaller upper foot bone casts from a relative . Keep in mind this is one of a kind . No casts have ever been made so all inner bones and almost all foot bones are original beardog bones from 2 animals - male and female in a cave of the inner main bones all are from one beardog . Only one fibula had some restore . bula. The head and inner main bones with feet are beardog from this cave . This was a 2 year project and of extreme value to museums or someone who wants something unknown at super price . The quality, shape color is remarkable The ribs and verts were not found, and are bear, however ,we found from a similar species at American Natural History Museum that all ribs are just like beardog . Generally all items at top look like bear and all feet and lower plus tail are like dog hence Beardog . Resemble bear so much its an accurate portrayal . Since no casts exist its better to have bone that is almost exact to represent . Remember most skeletons anywhere including dinosaur rarely approach 70% . I estimate this over that .It has stain to match colors especially on bear ribs and verts, which match exactly rest of the beardog . The head and inner main bones are all one beardog with feet some of that beardog and others from it’s mate The bulk of it is one beardog. The skull is 14” and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. It comes in sections like each leg, pelvis and tail, head and verts as well as ribs and screwed in into an almost invisible frame that makes it so appealing . This is an amazing find as no one has this anywhere, no head no skeleton and shows the size . It was prepped well to show the creature in a highly original way. This has no papers describing it but we know it’s close to robustus which was only described from only a few pieces of skull-2 in Nebraska. This is of extreme scientific value and highly original. This has all teeth –some placed in from another animal the same species. Of course this is so rare this should not matter as you can’t get this anywhere .The teeth are fantastic and not even worn. Who has even another species of this? NO one is the answer. It was gotten from a friend, and it’s a treasure. It was professionally prepped with bone quality simply outstanding, and color great. You really can’t value THIS ITEM since not one exists. Beyond a museum piece, in my private collection. I’m so proud of this piece .I really can’t say anymore than here because nothing is known of this animal. You won’t find anything under this in google so here is your info. So you understand this species is unknown and its one of a kind No skeleton is complete and at most -most skeletons are 60-70% with casted parts. All but 3 bones are original on this so what you have here is a very complete almost all beardog which in unknown and its huge .The skull alone is worth $45,000 minimum 

It cost me a fortune over $60,000 in costs to mount , prep and pay for item. One auction house it was valued at 110-120,000 . Will deliver free in eastern part of USA $84,000 either thru driving or UPS pallet what a deal email me at call 706-235-2694 This is an amazing find. Any museum it would be the highlight of its mammal collections Most beardogs were size of dog and only 1 named is bigger than this species. It died out 18 million years ago .This is being sold just above cost and was years of work. I THis is not rare-it doesn't exist anywhere on earth . 
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Wonderful Top Quality Early Horse Mesohippus Horse Skull Large at 8.25” long

Wonderful Top Quality Early Horse Mesohippus Horse SKULL 8.25 “  Highly Original  


Species:  Mesohippus bairdi  (Oligocene Horse )


Species description: Horses  were small about size of a greyhound  with a body 4 ft long , 2 ft high at shoulder and Larger than its predecessor Eohippus . They were short-legged, herbivores that lived from grazing  This animal is very rare compared to other Oligocene animals. They lived in the American West 35-23MYA. They were food for saber-tooth cats and hyaenodons for millions of years. They had 3 toes front and back. IT looked like a modern horse except a lot smaller.


Geological strata: White River Formation


Geological period: Oligocene Period 38-32 MYA


Item Location:  Pennington County  , S Dakota  


Item rating and description: 1-10  9.4 Beautiful Original  Large  Oligocene Mesohippus Skull 8”  on Nice Metal Display  Natural Matrix.  It’s at least 85% plus original which is amazing for Oligocene animals. The color of Gray is just gorgeous. The skull is really amazing with very little restore mainly front upper with incisors  and skull , little in one back , and spots on zygos . IT was done so well it’s very hard to see . If you look at a whole it’s so nice to look at here AS I said its gorgeous. Some of incisors are restored and rest of teeth all original. They don’t get better than this and a gray color is simply awesome . I’ve had some but this one of best  ever .  Its been awhile. My last one went for 4500 years ago .  The quality you just can’t get this good. Bone quality is amazing.  Its such a pretty darker color for this area. It was found close to Indian land but on private property of a rancher . I’ve been to this location before and amazing quality is what you get.    . All other teeth on both sides are not only complete but amazing quality . All horses were small at this time but this is a big one.  Just one glance I had to have it as it is so outstanding.  I priced it to sell quickly as this will sell so fast my head will spin. This is an adult horse and second in line after Eohippus . I’ve only seen a few last 3 years . These are hard to get now as you mainly get partials when one found .  I will not take less for this as I will gladly keep it.  These all  go for over 4000 now wholesale as demand has grown and supply limited . I bought the only  I saw at Tucson show this year 2024.  Here are the pics and Great deal at  


Price :   $3399 One needs to call to find details  of a wire or check purchase only Thanks 706-235-2694   or email 

Reduced Price $2999 

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